65 Sites To Help You Earn An Extra Income From Home

65 Ways That You Can Make Extra Income Online Today! All Sites Are Scam Free and Legitimate, but I happen to recommend a few over others. Check out my huge list of extra income sites to learn more!If you’re looking to make some extra money from home I have some great sites for you to check out, 65 different sites in fact.

In today’s world everyone is looking to grab a few extra bucks to help pay the bills or to stash away for a later date. With our busy lifestyles it’s hard to find time to make extra money in our day to day lives, which is why more and more people look online to earn an extra income from home.

In this post you will find survey sites, paid to shop, paid to watch videos, and even paid to share on social media sites that can help you build a secondary online income.

I do want you to understand that these sites are what I call “extra income”. They won’t make you rich, but if you combine a few sites that you like you can build a solid income online each month.

I’ve divided the sites by category and gave you some information about each. If one sparks your interest click the name to learn more.

Let’s get started and learn more about these 65 ways to earn some extra cash from home.

65 Ways To Earn An Extra Income At Home

* Sites I Highly Recommend

Paid To Do


A site that has a $5 sign up bonus. They pay you to complete offers, take surveys, watch videos, visit websites, and more. Personally this is my favorite site to take surveys on because I get approved for most surveys and they pay you $.01 if you don’t get approved.

They pay monthly by Check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit. The minimum cash out amount is $25.


One of the most popular paid to do sites out there. Swagbucks probably offers the most ways to earn out of any site on this list. Get paid to take surveys, watch videos, search the internet, complete offers, refer your friends, and much more.

SwagBucks offers gift cards as rewards. Almost every store or restaurant you can think of is available. Amazon and PayPal gift cards are available as well!


Another pretty darn good paid to do site that I do recommend right behind the ones highlighted in this post. They will pay you to take surveys, complete offers, search, visit websites, shop, and much more.

They do have a few options for payments. Check, PayPal, and Direct Deposit are all options, but they also have gift cards starting at $1.


A paid to do site that’s most popular way to earn is by visiting websites. They also offer surveys, tasks, refer your friends, and offers.

The minimum cash out amount is $8. The first payment must be made by check, after PayPal payments become available.

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel pays you to take surveys, complete offers, complete tasks, watch videos, and refer your friends. They use a point system, which I’m not to fond of, but they do make it easy.

They offer gift cards for payments, and also offer PayPal payments starting at $5.

Inbox Dollars

A site that pays you to open emails. They also pay you to take surveys, complete tasks, offers, refer your friends, and more.

They have a high $30 cash out amount and pay by Check only.

Send Earnings – No Longer Available 

Is the sister site to Inbox Dollars. It’s basically the exact same site with a different name, but Inbox Dollars has more ways to earn and is better in my opinion.


Pays you to shop, take surveys, complete offers and tasks, watch videos, and much more. They use a hard to determine point system that breaks down to $.072 per point.

Gift cards to major retailers are available starting at $5.


Get paid for shopping, coupons, games, surveys, and more. Uses a point system. Gift Cards start at $10. Seems like the more popular store’s gift cards are more points, which is unfortunate.


Earn by completing surveys, tasks, and offers. Also pays for watching videos, radio, and games. Have gift cards starting at $3 to Amazon and have PayPal payments starting at $5.

Points 2 Shop

You can earn by taking surveys, completing offers and tasks, watching videos, and much more. You can exchange points for gift cards, but also exchange points for any item off of Amazon, which is pretty neat.

Rewarding Ways

Get paid to take surveys, complete offers, and visiting websites. You can get paid by Amazon Gift Card $5, PayPal $1, Skrill $1, and Payza $1.50.

Treasure Trooper

A castaway themed paid to do site, that is pretty confusing. You can get paid to take surveys, complete offers, complete tasks, and much more. They do have a few different ways to get paid, but the most popular is through gift cards.

Pure Survey Sites

Paid Viewpoint*

Without a doubt my favorite pure survey site. They offer very short 10 question surveys that you’re always pre-approved for. Meaning no more starting a survey and then getting kicked out because you didn’t meet the criteria.

They have a $15 minimum cash out amount and pay via PayPal. You can cash out at anytime and funds will be in your account within 24 hours.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes*

A poll website that pays you to answer multiple choice 3 question polls. Now you won’t get paid cash for every answer, but you do get paid cash occasionally. You always get paid in tickets and coins that get you entered into the $50 daily drawing and $2 drawing every 4 hours.

The minimum cash out amount for cash is $2. They pay via PayPal. You can cash out at anytime and funds are usually in your account within 24 hours.

Sites That Are Scam Free, but not my favorite

Global Survey Group

A pure survey site that offers payments by PayPal starting at $20 or magazine subscriptions.


A pretty good survey site that has a list of surveys that you can complete. Most survey range from 15-25 minutes, payment varies based on length.

Payments are made via PayPal, and the minimum cash out amount is $8.

Vindale Research

A survey site that gives you some misleading information and wants you to sign up at other panels. It’s possible to make money here, but not really recommended.

Opinion Outpost

A survey site with a point system. 1 point is worth $1. Have a list of surveys that you can take at anytime. Time and pay ranges.

Pays by PayPal $10 minimum cash out amount.

Harris Poll

A survey site that has a point system. Unfortunately the points don’t have an exact value. For instances $5 gift cards range from 600-750 points based on the popularity of the store.

Zoom Panel

A survey site that has a point system. They have very limited rewards, gift cards start at $25 or 2,500 points.

My Survey

A Survey Site that sends surveys straight to your email. They do offer payments by PayPal starting at $10, but also have gift cards available.

Global Test Market

Sends Surveys straight to your email. Does have an option for PayPal gift cards. Unfortunately you’re paid in points and $5 gift cards range in amounts.

PineCone Research

Sends you surveys to your email. Won’t be approved for all surveys. Does offer payments by PayPal, extremely low cash out amount of $1.


A survey company built to take surveys on your mobile device. There have been some complaints of not getting credit for surveys.



My favorite get paid to shop site that you’ve probably heard of before. Ebates will pay you to shop at almost any online store. Their rates seem to be the best in the industry.

They pay quarterly so 3 months earnings will be combined and paid. You can get paid by Check or PayPal.

Checkout 51

An app that pays you for buying certain products each week. The qualifying products are all listed with the price they pay. Go to the store and purchase the product, then upload the receipt.

Minimum cash out amount is $20 and they pay by Check.

Receipt Hog

Similar to Checkout 51, but it does not matter what items you buy. Receipt Hog pays you based on how much money you spend in your shopping trip.

Go shopping normally, upload your receipt, and get paid.

Receipt Pal

Similar to Receipt Hog where the products you buy doesn’t matter. But along with accepting grocery store receipts, Receipt Pal will accept monthly bills such as utilities, and even doctor bills.

Smart Phone Apps

Snap By Groupon*

Gives you a list of products they give cash back on. Go to any store and purchase the item. Upload a picture of the receipt to get paid!

$20 minimum cash out with payments made by Check.


Just like Snap By Groupon, where you can buy a list of items at any store and get cashback.

But Ibotta pays by PayPal and only has a $5 cash out amount!

Jing It

Similar to both Ibotta and Snap. Visit your favorite stores to see what items you can get cash back on. They also have generic items like coffee filters that can be bought from any store, and you can get paid a small amount just for visiting a store.

Payments can be made through direct deposit or gift cards.


Pays you for downloading apps on your mobile device. TapBooty shows you the list of apps they pay you to download and the amount. Install the app, open the app (usually will receive credit within a few seconds), and get paid.

Payments can be made by PayPal or gift cards. Minimum cash out amount is $1.

Stock Up App

With this app you can get paid for scanning items in store that are on sale or have a promotional rate. Scan the items bar code and enter the regular and sales price to get paid.

Used to pay by PayPal, now get paid with entries into a sweepstakes for a $100 PayPal gift card.

ShopKick App

Pays you to visit stores, scan the price of items, and to buy items. Does not pay in cash, but you can exchange points for gift cards and physical items.

Diet Bet

Lets you earn money for losing weight. Can enter a 4 week or 6 month program, where you have to lose a percentage of your current body weight.

You can bet $10 or $100 on the game, if you meet the goal, you split the pot money with others who met the goal.

Healthy Wage

Get paid to lose weight. Choose how much you want to lose, how much you want to bet, and how many months it will take.

At the end of your challenge if you’ve met your goal you get paid!


Pays you to complete local tasks. These could be as easy as checking in at a local store, or checking a price of an item.

Payments are quick and easy with PayPal. Check is an option as well.

Gig Walk

Just like rewardable where you’ll be completing small tasks near you. Really need to be located in the city to make this worth while.

Payments are made by PayPal.

Field Agent

Complete local tasks near you. Most jobs pay from $3-$12 depending on difficulty.

Payments are made by PayPal or Dwolla. You can cash out at anytime.


An app that pays you to watch videos and listen to music. Rewards are pretty limited. They do have some gift cards along with some high end items that you can exchange points for.

App Trailers

Pays you to watch videos on your mobile device. As the name suggests you can watch movie trailers, but they also have short clips from popular TV programs.

They pay with gift cards or by PayPal.


Another workout app that’s a bit different then DietBet and Healthy Wage. With the Pact app you set a goal for how much healthy eating and workout time you’d like to get in each week. Set the amount you want to wager and work towards your goal.

If you meet your goals share some of the pot with other winning members.


Is an app that is only available on Android smartphones. This app lets you get paid to unlock your phone. A visual ad is shown to you every time you go to unlock your phone. You don’t have to interact with it to actually get paid.

They make payments with PayPal at anytime.

Social Media

My Likes

A site that gives you different social media posts to share. When your followers interact with the post you get paid.

Payments are made by PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or Direct Deposit, $1 minimum cash out.

Share Magnet

Similar to MyLikes, share posts on social media, when your followers interact with the post you get paid.

Payments are made by PayPal and the minimum cash out amount is $1.

Post Loop

PostLoop pays you to post on websites or forums. Start up Forums don’t have much activity, that’s why they pay you to participate in their forums.

Payments are made by PayPal and minimum cash out amount is $5.


Is a social networking site that pays you to be social. You can earn by creating posts, interacting on others posts, and answering peoples questions.

Payments are made by PayPal or by Amazon Gift Card starting at $5.

Free Stuff

These sites won’t actually make you any money, but you can get free full size items shipped straight to your door.


A review community that lets you interact with other consumers about products you buy. They also send out VoxBoxes each month, these boxes contain full size freebies for you to try.

Smiley 360

Another Free Stuff site that will require you to apply to receive a freebie. Your product will be mailed to you and you’ll need to answer a few short questions about the product. After answering the questions you’re free to keep the product.

Pinch Me

Releases new products each week on Tuesday. Find what you’re interested in and request a product, sometimes there’s special requirements. Wait to receive your product, answer a few question, and keep the product when you’re done.



One of my favorite ways to make some extra money each month. Qmee is a site that pays you to search. It’s a simple browser extension that shows search results on the side of the screen. If you click on the paid search result you get paid.

Qmee has no minimum cash out amount and makes payments by PayPal. When you cash out funds will be in your PayPal account within a few hours.

Bing Rewards

Another site that pays you to search. If you use the bing search engine you’re probably already taking advantage of this program. Bing rewards gives you 1 point for every two searches you do a day. There is a 10 point limit per day.

You can exchange points for gift cards. They always have Amazon gift cards and there’s usually a few other options available.

Slice The Pie

A site where you get paid to review music. Join and start listening to up and coming bands, leave a detailed review of what you heard and get paid based on your level.

Gomez Peer Zone* – No Longer Available

A computer tracking application that you install on any windows computer. Open worldwide and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. The software only tracks website performance and you get paid for every 15 minutes you have the application running in the background of your computer.

Screenwise Trends

Another website performance tracking site. Download the extension to your browser and get paid $1 every week you have it installed. You can get paid more by linking your phone and tablet as well. You can exchange the money earned for gift cards.

Start Up Lift

A site that pays you to review websites. Similar to website usability testing where you’ll take a look at the site and leave a detailed written review with suggestions for improvements. If you’re feedback is valuable you’ll be paid $5 for your time and information.


I’m not a huge fan of penny auction sites, but some people are into them. You buy bids up front and try to win auctions. It’s pretty tough to win, but I’ve won a few $50 gift cards for under $2.


A site that lets you shorten Links. When people click on your link they will be taken to an advertisement first. You get paid per view and a higher rate if they interact with the ad.

Link Bucks

Basically the same thing as Adfly, where you shorten links and get paid per view and CPA (cost per action).


A really cool poll site that sends multiple-choice polls directly to your phone. Reply with your answer and get paid $.25 via PayPal within the next minutes.


Similar to 1Q, where you can get paid to answer short polls, but instead of a text message polls, PollBuzzer is only available on the computer. Polls seem to be longer then 1q so I recommend them over PollBuzzer.

Hopefully you enjoyed this list of extra income sites. These are all great options for making some extra money at home. I tried my best to give you a short detailed description of every site and tell you exactly what sites I recommend the most. To be honest I don’t recommend all these sites. But they are all 100% SCAM FREE. You’ll notice that the sites I recommend are all on the list of companies that pay me every single month.

If you’re struggling finding the sites that I do recommend you can see a shorter list with just the sites I prefer on it. I know that you came here looking for extra income at home, but some of you may be interested in how I make a full-time income from home. To learn more visit my #1 recommendation. It’s how I get to work at home and provide you with information about work at home companies every day!

Thanks for checking out these extra income sites, Do You Have a site to add to this list? Made money with any of these extra income sites? I’d love to hear what you think about the companies on this list in the comments below!

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  1. Hey Brok 🙂

    Woah… thanks fo sharing these amazing sites, I like the way you outlined them and explained briefly.

    I got one question though – are all these sites legit? Don’t they have some kind of scmmy features?

    I have heard some complains in some of the sites from former users of sites like clixsense, swagbucks … feedback please… and how much can one earn from these sites?

    • Hey Nadeem,

      Thanks for checking out these extra income sites.

      All the sites on this list are completely legit, but there’s some that I recommend over others, I tried my best to mark these out for you!

      Some of these sites have a bad rep or you might hear negative feedback about them. The major reason for this is they are “EXTRA INCOME” sites.

      People complain that they’re scams because they didn’t get rich or didn’t earn enough money, but that’s not what these sites are desgined to do.

      As long as you know they’re extra income you should be satisfied with the sites I list above.

      Hope this clears it up,


  2. Hello!
    Thank you for the great post! I am looking for ways to make myself some extra cash and I had no idea that there were so many websites that let you do that! Unbelievable. Out of this big list I only knew swagbucks.
    I will take a better look at these and explore as many of these as possible. I hope they really help.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Katerina,

      No surprise there, Swagbucks is one of the bigger sites on this list. There’s a lot of similar sites out there, but they’ve done a great job of branding themselves and growing.

      If you’re into Swagbucks you might want to check out CashCrate and Fusion Cash. Personally I like both of these sites better since they pay in cash.

      Thanks for the comment and checking out this post.


  3. Thanks Brok,
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    The options that you reviewed are solidly based online companies
    And I specifically like that where known you included the earnings that can be made.

    Your site is a great starting point to investigate the various options that are offered in the making money online business


    • Hey Marcel thanks for the comment and checking out this list of extra income sites.

      You’re right! I tried my best to give you a diverse list of sites that could help people make some money online.

      Like I mentioned there’s some companies that I prefer in each category, but you can clearly see them above.

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