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Welcome to m Receipt Hog Review. Receipt Hog is a great new app that will actually pay you cash back for your grocery shopping. Now there are a few other apps like this. One of my favorites is Ibotta. Both apps work very similar, but Ibotta only offers cash back on selected items.

Receipt Hog works great and is extremely easy to use. I highly recommend taking advantage of this app, because who doesn’t want to get paid for something we all already do!

In this Receipt Hog review I will show you how it works and what I do and don’t like about the app.

How Does Receipt Hog Work?

1) Sign Up (download App)

2) Go Shopping!

All you need to do is go shopping at any grocery, super center, club store, dollar store, drug store, beauty supply, and pet store. It doesn’t matter what type of products you buy from these stores because all items qualify and you’re paid based on how much you spent, not what items you bought.

3) Upload A Picture Of Your Receipt

Once you’re done shopping get on your Receipt Hog app and take a picture of your receipt from top to bottom. You get paid based on the amount of money you spent. You can see the breakdown below!

  • Less than $10 = 5 coins
  • $10 to $50 = 10 coins
  • $50 to $100 = 15 coins
  • $100+ = 20 coins

4) Cash Out Your Points for Prizes

After you build up enough points you can cash out for great prizes. You can get paid by PayPal or exchange points for gift cards. The minimum cash out amount is $5 or 5000 points.

Receipt Hog Review

I gave Receipt Hog a 93 out of 100 because it really is a legit app that will pay you money. I really like the idea of not having to search for items to get cash back on and just getting paid based on how much you spend. It saves you a lot of time and makes it easier. I have used the app for the last few weeks and have found that it works great with no problems.

It does seem like it’s going to take a while to reach the cash out amount, but it’s cash back on what I already do so I can’t complain much. As long as you upload your receipts consistently you should have no problems reaching the cash out amount every couple of months.

What I Liked

Any Items

I mentioned Ibotta at the beginning of this review, but one of the disadvantages of Ibotta is you only get paid for selected items. Ibotta does pay more than Receipt Hog, but they make it really easy and accept all items.

Instead of having to look if any of your items are on the cash back list, all you have to do is shop normally and take a few minutes to take a quick picture of your receipt. Makes it a lot easier!

Other Ways To Earn

Another cool thin about Receipt Hog is they offer other ways to earn. Receipt Hog will offer surveys from time to time and they also let you spin a wheel to earn more points. This helps you reach the cash out amount faster so this is a major advantage.


I am a huge fan of companies that allow you to cash out via PayPal. They do offer gift cards as well, but I always choose a cash option if they have one. Payments are made quickly and you will always receive your payment.

What I didn’t

Going To Take Awhile

This isn’t going to be a super quick cash out app. The maximum amount of points you can earn with a receipt is 20 points and you already know the minimum cash out amount is 5000 points. It’s going to take some time to reach the cash out amount, unless you do a lot of shopping, but I guess if you wanted to really get aggressive you could break up your shopping trips into $100 transactions to maximize your points.

It’s Cash Back not a living

One thing you need to know is this app isn’t going to make you rich. You’re getting cash back for the shopping you do. You have to spend money to make money back and the money you make back is much less. But as long as you know this app is just going to earn you some extra money back for your shopping you will be very happy with it!

Final Verdict

I highly recommend downloading the Receipt Hog app. I have used this app for a few weeks now and everything is running smoothly. I really like the system they have where you get paid for all the items you buy. I really like that they offer a cash payment via PayPal and they offer other ways to earn more points.

There were a few things I didn’t like, but overall this app is a legit opportunity and I recommend it to anyone looking to earn some extra cash for their shopping.

What To Do Now?

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Thank you for reading this Receipt Hog Review. I think I covered a lot of things others missed in their Receipt Hog Reviews, so I hope you enjoyed it and let me help you make money online by using the links above.


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2 thoughts on “Receipt Hog Review: Reviews On Receipt Hog”

  1. Another drawback that I just found out this week is that you only get the points according to the payouts up to 100 points. After that it is only 5 points per receipt. I have yet to find this rule on their website. I had emailed to find out why I wasn’t getting my correct points and that is what I was told. They still haven’t answered me as to where this rule is listed.

    • Hey Valarie,

      Thank you for sharing the rules about Receipt Hog. Your the first person to bring this to my attention and it’s unfortunate that this is the case.

      Do you know of any similar apps that don’t have this rule?



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