What is Adfly Review: Make Money Shrinking Links

Learn How You Can Get Paid To Post Links On Your Website, Social Media, or Anywhere else with AdflyOne new way of making money online is by posting links on social media and blogs. One company that can help you do this is This company pays you to use their link shortening service. 

Personally I do not use adfly to make money online, but for the purpose of this review I decided to use it for a month to give it a try. Overall Adfly is a good company and I could not find anything wrong with the company.

The only thing that might hold you back from using adfly is if it doesn’t fit into your online plan, which is the case for me.

In this review I will cover what is adfly, how adfly works, advantages & disadvantages, and my experiences with adfly!

What is How Does it Work?

adfly reviewAdfly is actually an extremely easy process. First you type in the link you would like to shorten. Adfly shortens the link for you and you place it on your blog or anywhere you would like. When people click on your link they’re redirected to a short ad and then brought to your desired URL. O and of course you get paid for it.

Sometimes my explanations are not the best so it is easier just to show. Click the link below to see what I mean!

Click here for an example!

If you clicked the link above you will be brought to a page that looks something like this! The ad can be different, but you get the picture.

adfly review link

After you view the ad for 5 seconds in the top right hand corner you’re able to click skip ad and you will be brought back to this article. When you clicked on that ad I just made $.0005.

That is how works and as you can see it’s pretty simple.

Different Ad Types

There are two different types of ads that you can display through your links. One an interstitial ad that is like the picture above. This ad shows no signs of the URL your linking to until the visitor clicks on skip ad. The other ad option is banner ad. This option shows the URL of your link with the adfly banner across the top. You can see an example of this below.

example of adfly banner ad

As you can see the desired link still appears on the screen, but an adfly banner appears at the top until the visitor closes the advertisement.

How Much Will Adfly Pay You

There are two different rates of payment for the two different adfly banners. Of course the  interstitial ad pays the most because no sign of your link is visible and a full page advertisement is shown. The banner ad pays less and you can see the breakdown below.

Interstitial Ad: Pays up to $5.00 per 1000 views. or $.0005 a view

Banner Ad: I have seen these pay up to $3.00 per 1000 views or $.0003 a view

How To Get Paid By Adfly

One great thing about Adfly is they do offer some good ways to get paid. Adfly offers payments through PayPal, Payza, and Payoneer. Most of you will use PayPal which is my preference of the three

Adfly has a minimum cash out amount of $5.00 for Paypal and Payza. If you choose to use Payoneer the minimum cash out amount is $10.00.

Adfly Referral Program

Afly offers a great referral program. By referring publishers, or people who post links like you, you will receive 20% of all their earnings for life. You can also refer an advertiser or someone who pays for advertising with adfly. You will earn 5% of what those referrals spend on advertising.

As a member of Adfly you will have access to about 20 different banners to place on your blog of all different sizes you can see an example below.

Proof Of Payment From Adfly

Recently I was paid from Adfly by PayPal. Payment came on the 1st of the month and was for the full amount. Adfly will reward you your earnings and pay you on time!


adfly payment

My Adfly Review

Company Information:


Cost: Free

Score: 90 out of 100

Verdict: LEGIT

I feel that Adfly is a completely legit company. In my month-long review I found nothing wrong with the company at all. The system always worked, I seemed to always get credit for clicks, and support was good. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this company.

I gave adfly a 90 out of 100 just because I have not personally seen money from this company so I am not 100% sure they pay, but I am 99%. Also it will be extremely hard to reach the minimum cash out amount if you don’t have tons of traffic.

Now I will say I don’t recommend using Adfly for everyone. I feel that it really doesn’t make sense for most internet marketers to use this company, but I will touch on this at the end of the review.

Adfly referral programAdvantages:

  • Proof of payments being made on the internet
  • Two different ad options to suit you better
  • Can be paid by PayPal
  • Low cash-out amount
  • Referral program to maximize earningsadfly forum
  • Great support & Forums


  • Will be hard to reach cash out amount
  • Not right for all internet marketers

My thoughts on Adfly

Once again I have found nothing wrong with the Adfly company, I think they are great. But here my few concerns about the link shortening idea in general.

Will it be possible to reach the cash-out amount:

I believe that there is and it’s possible for people to reach the minimum cash out amount in just a couple of days or each month. But the thing is this is not realistic for a small blog owner or someone posting links on social media.

Unless you have a website with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of visitors each day I don’t think making a lot of money through adfly is possible.

Now I don’t think Adfly is screwing us all over with these rates per click. I think they are fair rates for just showing an ad while being redirected somewhere else, because although companies paying for the advertising are getting their name out there. No one who clicks on the link has any interest in the advertisement.

Does it fit you website plan:

I have brought this up multiple times throughout the review and now I am actually going to fully explain. Adfly just doesn’t make sense for me to use on my website or social media accounts. As some of you may know I am an internet marketer that makes 95% of my money online through affiliate marketing. Why would I want my visitors being bombarded by ads that will earn me $.0005 a pop when they could lead to a $50 probably even more sale. Doesn’t make much sense does it.

I find that most of you will probably agree that I would be wasting my time trying to make money with Adfly because my main goal is what lies on the other side of that adfly ad.

Even with social media I do post affiliate links and links to my website, but why would I want someone not visiting my site because they were interrupted by an ad.

Maybe I am just crazy, and maybe your situation is different. If it is by all means use adfly because it is a great company.

What To Do Now

If you have decided that Adfly will work for what you’re doing on the internet you can join by clicking here or the red bold letters below. I have no doubt that you have signed up with a great company.

If you don’t think link shortening is right for you and would like to learn more about affiliate marketing or how I make 95% of my money online click here.

Join Now!

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12 thoughts on “What is Adfly Review: Make Money Shrinking Links”

  1. Trying to make money on adfly is a waste of time. It does not matter what kind of strategy you use in posting links either, because you will only make $5 a month if you are lucky.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience’s Adam. You’re right Adfly is not anywhere close to the best way to make money online but is a site that pays.


  2. Finally I’ve satisfied my inquisition. Thanks for your detailed information on adfly. I actually used it on my site but my problem is that people were complaining about it so I had to stop. This is 2017, is there any other way to use it?

    • Hey John,

      Really you can use it anywhere, but I think you’ll get complaints anywhere that you use it. I would never use it on a website that I own, but if you can generate clicks via social media I guess you could use it there. From my experiences, you’ll earn a lot more promoting affiliate products on the page you send them compared to how much you’ll earn from them clicking on your link.



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