Is Screenwise Trends Panel A Scam? Can They Be Trusted?

Learn How You Can Get Paid Up To $6 A Week By Installing Screenwise Trends on your computer, phone, and tablet!

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Screenwise Trends now goes by Cross Media Panel. I wrote a new review here.

Screenwise Trends Panel is a company that does internet research for Google. The Screenwise Trends Panel pays members to conduct research on their search and use the internet on your computer and mobile devices. Some privacy issues get raised with this program, but if you don’t mind handing over your internet searches this program is for you.

In this Screenwise Trends Panel Review, I’ll cover how it works, how much you’ll earn, how to get paid, and the complaints I have with this site!

Do You Qualify For Screenwise Trends Panel

what is the screenwise trends panelThe qualifications for this program are quite simple:

  • Own A Computer
  • Own A Smartphone
  • Have Internet Access
  • Be at least 13 years of age
  • Use Google Chrome On Your Desktop
  • Be able to install Google apps on your phone (I don’t know of any smartphones that don’t)

How the Screenwise System Works

screeOnce you join the Screenwise Trends Panel you will then need to install a few apps and an extension to your browser. Don’t worry the program walks you through how to do this, but first off you will need to install chrome on your computer. Once you have Google Chrome you need to install the screenwise trends extension, which will track you usage. On your mobile device or tablet add  the required apps and your all set.

Once the extension and apps are installed, the Screenwise Trends Panel will start tracking your searching and visits on the internet. This is where some people have concerns, but I will address this later in the review. Now we will move on to how much you can get paid!

Show Me The Money With The Screenwise Trends Panel

Let me start off by saying this program is not going to get you rich or make you enough to live on, but it can add to your online income each year! There are three different payment structures with this system and I will show you those below. Amounts are based on how many devices you have connected to the system.

Option 1) 1 Computer Connected: With this option you have installed chrome on your computer and downloaded the screen wise extension. After your first week, you will get paid $4 and $1 a week after that. Giving you a total of $55 a year!

Option 2) 1 Computer & 1 Mobile Device: Like option one you have your computer connected to the panel and you also have your mobile phone or tablet connected. The Screenwise Panel will pay you $6 your first week and a $1.50 each week after. Giving you a total of $82.50 a Year!

Option 3) 1 Computer & 2 Mobile Devices: With this option you have your computer, smart phone, and tablet all set up with the system. Obviously you get paid more for this, $8 you first week and $2 a week after that, with a year income of $110Screenwise payments

Like I said before even if you have all of your devices hooked up this system won’t make you rich, but will add 100 bucks to your online income!

How to Get Paid With Screenwise Trends Panel

how to get paid with screenwise trendsWhen I first signed up for this program I thought you would get paid in cash either by check or PayPal, but that is not the case. You have two options, either gift cards or give to charity. The list of gift cards is quite limited, but Amazon is an option and I think that is what most people will choose anyways.

You can cash out at anytime once you reach the $25 minimum amount.

Do I Recommend Using Screenwise Trends Panel

First off, I do use this program and have for about 6 months now. It is 100% scam free. They do pay you like they should and I have had no problems with getting my account credits.

But, the big thing is the privacy issue. Let me say that using this system is going to give them access to you’re searching history and what you do on the internet. That is what they’re paying you for! If you’re not comfortable with that, this program is probably not for you.

I will say that you do not have to worry about getting scammed out of money or getting a virus on your computer due to installing the needed extensions. Everything about this program is safe and legitimate. But if privacy is an issue, you may want to check out my review on a program that pays more and does not have a privacy issue.

My Closing Thoughts On Screenwise Trends

Website: Screenwise Trends Panel

Price: Free

Rating: 70 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

As you can see above I have used the Screenwise Panel and have found no issues with it. I believe this system is completely legit and will recommend it with a cautionary note. If your worried about privacy, skip this program and move on to another.

There is actually a program I recommend over this that does the same thing, pays a bit better and avoids the privacy issue. You can learn more here.

I gave this program a 70 out of 100 because of the privacy issue and another site I think is better. But if privacy is not an issue for you sign up for Screenwise and get paid for what your already doing!

If you would like to see my #1 recommendation visit Start your Own Online Business. 

I hope you enjoyed my Is Screenwise Trends Panel A Scam post. We have taken a look at this program and they are not a scam, but there is a privacy issue that is a concern to me. If you have dealt with this company before please let me know how it went in the comments section below!

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8 thoughts on “Is Screenwise Trends Panel A Scam? Can They Be Trusted?”

  1. Brok,

    I wasn’t able to get more devices to work on my account either. I tried both a mobile and a tablet. I was able to install the apps/extensions and they told me I was done. I got a page telling me I had done everything I needed to do and could now go about my normal routine. I thought I had it set up. Five days after installing everything I get a message telling me I am in violation of my end of the agreement because I wasn’t using the Screenwise Trends software. I contacted customer service and was told the problem wasn’t at their end and that I needed to make sure I had the mobile and tablet information included in my account, which I did. Rather than risk losing my entire account I took the mobile devices out of my account and uninstalled ST on them.

    I truly do hope they put smaller denomination cards into the redemption section. I’m going to keep my account active until I see what they do there.

    This is actually quite disappointing as I loved having ST where I didn’t really have to spend a lot of time working on it to earn $50 a year. I could spend more time working on sites like Swagbucks, Fusion Cash and InstaGC. lol

    Take care and thanks for the blog! It’s great having all the information about these sites in one place! 🙂

    • Jennifer,

      Thanks for the kind words and I am sorry your having the issues. Keep me in mind once you get everything worked out and let me know how it’s going. Like you said was not able to get the mobile to connect correctly, but everything else has been working fine for me.

      Let me know how it goes!


  2. Brok,

    I finally received a reply. The customer service agent told me that the $1.00 per week amount was for the first year of being with the program only. After that, reward amounts go down. Since I’ve been with the program over a year now, $0.50 a week is the standard reward for just a PC for a week.

    She also said they were “restructuring” the rewards catalog. She didn’t elaborate anymore on that. I’m hoping that means they will be getting amazon cards lower than $25 as since I just have my PC on the program, it will take me almost a full year to get 1 amazon card.

    • Jennifer,

      Thank you for getting back with me and I guess it’s been less then a year that I have been on the program then because I’m still receiving the $1 for having the program on my PC.

      I do really hope they offer a smaller gift card as well, because it would not be worth it if you have to wait all year, unless you were to connect more devices, which I was not able to get to work.

      Hopefully they will implement the new rewards program soon and we can see a $10 amazon gift card in there.

      Thanks again,


  3. I just found your blog today while trying to find other users of Screenwise Trends.

    I’ve been with ST since pretty much the start of the program and everything seemed to be going fine until the past week. I opened Chrome to start a browsing session and the ST icon had changed from the circle with the arrow on it (so you know it’s working) to a red box with four dots on it. I received no emails from ST stating there would be a change so I emailed them asking if this was a new icon or if something was wrong. I received a reply stating “I do apologize for the issue. I just want to let you know that there is no issue at our end. But we will be able to tell the status of your device within 5-6 days, till we would request to kindly wait to get an update.” With the new icon, every browser session you must now choose how you wish to be monitored, which I do. You don’t automatically know the extension is running and working properly as before.

    Today, I open Chrome, choose my monitoring (my registered ST email) and then log into ST to check my account to make sure everything is running smoothly. I learn that I am now being credited with only $0.50 a week instead of the full $1.00 a week I used to receive for having just my desktop on the program. (I tried adding a phone to the program but the app never would work and I had serious issues with it.) Again, no emails stating there would be a compensation change I just see I’m now receiving less. I have emailed support about this and am waiting to hear back.

    Until today I was generally pleased with Screenwise Trends. It was a nice way to make a little extra and I didn’t have to go out of my way to do anything major. I have received two $25 amazon cards from the program (the first took about three months to receive and the second one month).

    I understand programs change and accept that. However, it surely would be nice to be made aware of these changes even just as little as a week before they go into effect so I am expecting it.

    Brok, I am wondering if you are still with the program if you have noticed these changes. I can find no Facebook or Twitter page for Screenwise Trends and no other way to interact with other users of this program than here and would love to hear some feedback from other users regarding this.

    • Jennifer,

      I am currently still with this program. They did change the icon and like you said it no longer shows that it’s working. I did receive my email today (every monday) as usual and I just checked and I was credited $1 as usual for having my desktop hooked up.

      I am not sure why you would be getting a pay cut other then maybe when the switch happen you were not logged in for a few days which made you get paid less this week.

      I would wait until you hear back from support, but everything on my end is operating correctly except the change of the browser extension logo.

      Keep me updated on what you hear back!


  4. They seem to be having issues and just before being able to cash out now I can’t login… seems fishy if you ask me??? before last week I have been able to track my earnings just fine but now I think that they deleted my account and stole what money I had owed to me 🙁

    • John,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. That will make you mad! I have been paid once by them, so hopefully it’s just an error and it will all be fixed. If not then I think they screwed you over. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.



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