ShopKick Rewards App Review: Scam Or Easy Way To Earn?

ShopKick App Review

Review Summary

ShopKick App is a legitimate way to earn money by visiting stores, scanning items, and making purchases. If you earn enough “Kicks” you will get paid your gift card.

Please understand that this is just an Extra Income site that can make you a few bucks each month.

If you’re okay with that, ShopKick is a legitimate app to use to earn gift cards for shopping.

  • Ease of Joining and Setup
  • Ways To Earn
  • Easy To Earn
  • Income Potential
  • Reward Options Available
  • Minimum Cashout Amount
  • Payout Timeframe
  • My Overall Impression
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  • Multiple Ways To Earn
  • Earn Without Making Purchases
  • Gift Cards Start at $2
  • Plenty of Gift Card Rewards
  • Referral Program


  • PayPal Payments Cost More
  • Location-Based App
  • Small Income
  • No Passive Income

Shopkick app review scam or legitiamte cheatsShopKick is a rewards app that pays you to visit stores, scan barcodes, and shop in-store or online. ShopKick has been around since 2009 and has paid out over $85 million in gift cards to its members, and is a legitimate cashback shopping app.

One thing that sets ShopKick apart is that you don’t have to buy anything to earn points. You can earn points just by visiting stores and scanning products in the store.

With that being said, ShopKick is by no means a way to get rich or earn a large monthly income. It’s what I consider an extra income site with a monthly income potential of $5-$20 a month, depending on how much you use it and your shopping habits.

If you’re not happy with a small extra income each month, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 one month.

In this ShopKick App Review, we will cover how to earn, how to get paid, the complaints I have with this app, and if it’s a scam or legitimate way to earn!

ShopKick App Review

App: ShopKick

Type: Cashback & Receipt Scanning

Verdict: Legitimate

In this ShopKick Review, I marked them legitimate and will show you proof that they pay later on. With that being said, you need to understand that this is going to be a small income. You can expect to earn $5-$20 a month if you use this app often and shop at participating stores.

I like that you don’t have to make purchases to earn and that they have gift card options starting at just $2, so it doesn’t take forever to reach the cashout amount.

By no means is this the best cashback rewards app that I’ve seen, but overall it’s a pretty good app with easy ways to earn and get paid.

How To Earn With ShopKick

Download the app and sign-up for Free

The first step to earning with ShopKick is signing up for a completely free account. You can do so by visiting You’ll be eligible for 250 bonus kicks, which means you’re already halfway to a $2 gift card after you earn 10 kicks (Kicks are the currency you earn at ShopKicks that you can exchange for gift cards.)


Visit Stores, Scan Items, Make Purchases

Once you’re signed up, you can start earning Kicks. The main way to earn kicks through ShopKick is by visiting stores, scanning items inside the store, and making purchases. I’ve explained each below.

Visiting Stores: By far, the easiest way to earn is just by checking in at stores. If you visit a participating store and open your app, you’ll earn 10 kicks. Some participating stores include CVS, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, Ulta, and many more. Note that if you allow push notifications from the app, it will notify you when you walk into a participating store so you can easily claim your kicks.

Is the ShopKick App a ScamScanning Items: The next easiest way to earn is by scanning bar codes of participating products while in-store. Again, you can earn just by visiting the store and scanning barcodes; you do not have to purchase products to reach the cashout amount. Once you’re inside the store, open the app and click on the scan portion of the store you’re in. This will show you all the products that they will pay you to scan. Most scanned items pay 20-40 kicks.

Making Purchases: The last way to earn in-store is by purchasing eligible products. Visit the store you’d like to shop at in the app and click on Receipt. This will show you all the products you’ll earn kicks for buying and uploading a picture of the receipt. These usually pay 250-3,000 kicks based on the price of the item.

shopkick app review paid to buy products


shopkick app review paid to shop onlineShop Online

A new feature of ShopKicks is automatic cashback for online purchases when you link a debit/credit card. At this time, you can only link a Visa or Mastercard. Once you link a card, you can earn kicks per dollar spent at most stores, but some stores require you to purchase specific products. Some of the participating stores that pay per dollar spent include Sephora, Walmart, GameStop, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Nike, Petco, and many more.


Shopkick app review is it a scam or legitimateWatch Videos

Occasionally under the discover tab of the app, you can watch short 15-30 second ads and earn 1 kick per ad.


Shopkick app review get paid to refer friendsRefer Friends

The last way to earn with ShopKick is by referring your friends. You can easily share your referral link and code inside the app via text, social media, or email. If your friend joins through your link and earns 10 kicks within their first 7 days, you’ll both earn 250 Kicks. The referral program does have a limit of 100 paid referrals.

How Does ShopKick Pay?

Shopkick app review how do they pay gift card rewardsShopKick offers several payment options, including PayPal for cash payments and several gift cards. A few gift cards start at $2, but most start at $5. PayPal payments start at $10.

Starting at $2 for 500 kicks, you can get gift cards to Walmart, Target, TJ-Maxx, and make donations to Feeding America and American Red Cross.

Starting at $5 for 1,250 kicks, you can get gift cards to The Cheesecake Factory, Lowe’s, Xbox, Ulta, Carters, Starbucks, GameStop, eBay, Kohl’s, and Best Buy.

Starting at $10 for 2,500 kicks, you can get gift cards to  Footlocker, Apple, Playstation Store, AMC, Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Sephora.

PayPal payments start at $10 for 2,550 kicks, 50 kicks more than the other $10 payment options.

Their FAQs state that gift cards will be available for redemption immediately once you cash out in the “My Rewards” section of the app, but it could take up to a few hours. In my experience, it’s available within 10 minutes.

ShopKick App Payment Proof

I recently cashed out a $5 Starbucks gift card; you can see proof below:

shopkick app review scam or legitimate payment proof

is the shopkick app a scam proof of payment

Join ShopKick Here

ShopKick App Complaints

ShopKick Pros

  • Multiple Ways To Earn
  • Can Earn Without Making Purchases
  • Gift Cards Start at $2
  • Referral Program

ShopKick Complaints

  • PayPal Payments Cost More
  • Location-Based App
  • Small Income
  • Only Passive Income is Linking a Card

ShopKick App Cheats & Tips

I would not consider these gaming the system, more of a few cheats and tips that can help you earn more with ShopKick.

First, if you have your location turned on at all times and allow the app to send you push notifications, you might find that you don’t have to enter a store to get credit for visiting it. Near my local CVS, there’s a stoplight that I’m stuck at frequently. Every day I earn 10 kicks by claiming the points even though I’m not actually visiting the store. I’ve had this happen at a few others stores just by being near the parking lot. Of course, I could just be getting lucky, but this could be an easy way to earn points each day.

The next tip is linking a card for online purchases. If you have a Visa or Mastercard, I would go ahead and link it. If you purchase at a participating store, you’ll automatically get Kicks for your purchase. I linked my card the first day and have made two online purchases without even knowing that I’d get cashback on it.

Is the ShopKick App A Scam?

The ShopKick app is not a scam; it’s a legitimate app that will pay you your reward after you cash out. With that being said, you need to understand that this is just an Extra Income Site that can make you $5-$20 a month based on your shopping habits. This app won’t let you quit your day job.

I really like that you have an option to earn by visiting stores and scanning items, even though you won’t earn a ton. I wish that PayPal payments were the same price as other rewards, but it’s good that they have gift card options starting at just $2.

Overall, ShopKick is a decent cashback rewards app that I plan on using in the future. I don’t think it’s my favorite, but it’s a legitimate option, especially if you don’t purchase many products that earn you cashback on other sites.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit Once you sign up and earn 10 kicks, you’ll earn a 250 kick bonus and be more than halfway to a gift card just for using my link.


Earning Cashback with apps isn’t the only way I make money online. Make sure to check out these links to other legitimate ways to earn:

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Thank you for reading my ShopKick Review. Do you have any tips or cheats for earning more with ShopKick? Think the ShopKick App is a Scam? Let me know in the comments below.


Learn How You Can Earn $5 Gift Cards visiting stores and scanning products with in this ShopKick App Review. I'll even show you proof that they pay!

9 thoughts on “ShopKick Rewards App Review: Scam Or Easy Way To Earn?”

  1. Thank you for reviewing Shopkick’s Reward System. Yes, it is legit but gives only an ample amount of money. This type of reward system for an extra income, I heard from a our Marketing VP, back then, is one of their strategies for customers to keep coming back for more purchases. 

    It can never serve as a full time job, knowing as a mother who is fully in-charge of our monthly budget. Thanks for your enlightening post. And for testifying your last year’s income from your #1 Recommended site for real income.

    I am a member of your #1 Recommendation, I haven’t gone that far, but I am working out to be there. I se the training and task recommendation as the real system to get that full income any person would ever dream.

  2. So this is cool and I just signed up.  I think it’s a cool idea and I like the fact that if I keep my location on and link my card, it will automatically earn me some points!   I’m actually pretty excited about this because, hey, we all have to shop, right?  While it may not be much to earn, it also doesn’t seem like much of an effort either.  It’ll be nice to build up a little nest egg in my Paypal!

  3. ShopKick Rewards seems like a great little app, and even if you save, or make a little money each month, it is money for free, as you probably would have bought products anyway, but with no discount.

    I would look at this like a rewards system rather than a way to make money, as it is just that. If you want to make a serious income rather do some serious work like build yourself a website and sell or promote on it. Unfortunately, if you want to make good money you are going to have to work for it.

  4. I have never heard of ShopKick. Thanks for this thorough educational article. It’s great when you can make some money here and there in different places, using different programs. In the end, you have a nice amount in your pocket. However, everyone wants to earn more and have a better payment right? I saw your list of the legit programs. Since it’s from 2018, is it still valid? I would like to join some of the programs soon. Thanks

  5. This sounds good to me.  Right now I use Rakuten.  And they have serious decreased the number of stores that you can earn a percentage off of.  Amazon was my primary reason for joining.  I had to get a variety of items, and decided to do some shopping.  I found that they did not offer  anything for any of the items.  So this is worth looking into!

    • Thanks for reading Leahrae, and yes Rakuten is a legitimate online cashback portal. ShopKick would be a good supplement for when you’re shopping in-store. 

      You can also link a card and earn cashback online automatically when shopping at participating stores. 


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