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Do You Want To Work At Home?

What’s Up? My name is Brok, and only two short years ago I was in your position. I wasn’t happy with the job I currently held and went online to find a way to make money without clocking in every single day!

I tried everything, I joined MLM Scams, applied for WAH jobs, tried to make money with surveys, and even the turn $5 into $500 in a week crap.

Nothing seemed to work. If I wasn’t scammed then I sure as heck didn’t make any good money.

But eventually, I did find something that worked. Did I turn $50 into $5,000 overnight? No Way, but I did join a completely free site that has changed my life completely and enabled me to work at home and have the freedom to be my own boss today!

On this page, I’m going to show you exactly how I make money online. I’ll also show you a site called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the same site I joined for free in 2012 that lead to my online success. Keep reading to learn exactly how you can work at home as your own boss.

What You Won't See At Wealthy Affiliate

Before I cover exactly how I make money online and why Wealthy Affiliate is the site that helped me get to where I am today, here’s exactly what you won’t find at Wealthy Affiliate.

what wealthy affiliate is notGet Rich Quick Scheme

The biggest misconception about making money online is that it’s easy and quick. We’ve all seen the people saying that they turned a $100 investment into $50,000 in a month. The truth is, just like having a job making money online requires you to work and doesn’t just happen overnight.

I won’t BS you, if you’re looking to get rich quick this isn’t for you, and you’ll never make money online with the quick and easy method!

MLM Scams

I’m sure you’ve been hit up for one of those Multi Level Marketing Systems right? If so you’ve heard the word downline about a billion times.

You’re not going to find that here. With Wealthy Affiliate you control your income, you’ll never not make money because someone in your downline didn’t meet there requirements! That’s just crazy…

WAH Jobs

Yes, you will be working from home if you want, but you’ve to be tired of meeting company requirements, reporting to a virtual boss, and never building anything for self.

If you’ve held a Work At Home Job, you already have a jump start on the lifestyle and freedom I have every single day!

Survey Sites

Tired of giving out personal information for pennies? Tired of getting kicked out of surveys after completing 15 minutes of it?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll never need to fill out another survey in your life!

I Hate Those Scams.. Sign Me Up!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Now that you know exactly what BS you’ll be avoiding at Wealthy Affiliate let’s talk about what you’re going to see at Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate is an internet marketing training COMMUNITY, it’s not just a site with some training, but a site that has active members that are successful online and will help you through the whole learning process. Here’s what you’ll find:

Step By Step Training

Making money online isn’t easy, the process can be confusing to newer members, but don’t worry. At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll find step by step instructions on how the whole process works.

Instructional Videos

Sometimes being told what to do doesn’t stick, if you’re like me you need to be shown exactly what to do! At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll find videos inside the step by step training that shows you exactly what, why, and how to do something!

24/7 Online Support

Needs Help, Sends An Email, Waits 48 Hours……. You’ve probably had this experience before. At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have 24/7 support from the owners and over 1,000 community members. You can ask questions about the training, general advice, and become part of a family of successful internet marketers and newbies just like you.

Tons Of Freebies

I told you that I joined Wealthy Affiliate For Completely Free, and so can you! Along with a free membership, you get tons of freebies such as websites, keyword tools, and everything you need to make money online as your own boss.

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate

What Will I Be Doing?

Now I’m going to show you exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches and how I make money online with what I’ve learned. The best part is you can do the same thing!

Step 1: Pick A Hobby or Interest

Do you have a hobby or interest you’re passionate about? Perfect, because that’s the first step to working at home as your own boss!

Personally, I was tired of not making money online, so once I did, I decided to become passionate about helping others make money online, but that shouldn’t be your hobby.

Anything you’re interested in can make you money online, whether it’s cooking, bird houses, sports, gambling, or even ugly sweaters!

Pick something you’re passionate about and move on to step 2!

Step 2: Build A Website Around That Hobby/Interest

Once you’ve picked your hobby all you need to do is build a website. Don’t worry Wealthy Affiliate lets you build a website for completely free and it takes under a minute to do so!

Once you’ve got your website it’s time to start making money, so move on to step 3!

wealthy affiliate traffic proof


After you create your website, you’ll start to see traffic numbers like these! Which leads me to the next step..making money!

Step 3: How To Earn Money

Once you’ve built your free website, it’s time to start making money! With a website there are hundreds of ways to make money, but here are some ways Wealthy Affiliate teaches and I use!


See My Income Reports Here

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is how most members make the bulk of their income. Have you ever seen a review of a product then a link to buy the product on another website? Well, that’s affiliate marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you exactly how to make money with it.

Leave links to products based on your hobby and interest on your website. When people visit and buy a product through your link, you’ll earn a commission!

Wondering if Affiliate Marketing is legit? Amazon has one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world!

Google Ads

Yes, I said Google, you know one of the biggest and successful online companies. Google has a program that you can make money with. Just place ads on your website, and Google pays you every time someone clicks on them.

You don’t only make money by people buying products; you can earn a living as your own boss, just by people click on ads and getting paid by Google!

Pay Per Lead

Another great way to make money with your website and not a single person has to buy anything! It’s similar to affiliate marketing where you leave links for to products and services related to your hobby, but you get paid just for people signing up for free!

Start Making Money With Google & Amazon!

Proofs Of Income!

Here’re some screenshots of payments from my favorite affiliate programs!

payment proofpayment proofpayment proofpayment proof

Start Making Affiliate Income Like This!

But Why Wealthy Affiliate

You might be thinking this sounds easy, why do I need Wealthy Affiliate? First off, this isn’t going to be easy; it takes hard work and a lot of learning. Here’s why you need to learn and put in the work at Wealthy Affiliate


The Training at Wealthy Affiliate is the best online. You’ve probably seen other “training systems” where you pay a 1-time fee and get access to a series of videos or maybe an e-book. The truth is there’s much more to it then a 40-page e-book or 8 part video series can cover!

At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have access to over 500 modules of training, 12 step by step course, 100’s of step by step videos and what you need to learn to work at home as your own boss.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of systems here at Full-Time Job From Home, and there’s no other training that even compares.


If you’ve purchased a video course, you’ve probably had a few questions. You probably sent an email to support or posted in an inactive Facebook Group.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you have 24/7 support where you can ask questions about specific parts of training and even learn from successful members by contacting them directly with questions!

I’m tired of people not getting the help they need with other systems. At Wealthy Affiliate, all questions are answered and usually by a successful member that already makes money with this process!

Get The Best Training And Support Now

Wealthy Affiliate Must Cost A Fortune

I know what you thought. This has to be some guru selling this secret system for thousands of dollars a pop. But, that’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll be surprised to learn that you can try Wealthy Affiliate for completely FREE! You don’t even need a credit card to get started!

With the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership you get:

  • A Full Module of 10 free lessons
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Access to 10 Classrooms
  • Access To The Community
  • Free Tools for Keyword Research
  • Plus 1 on 1 training from me and the owners!

Everything you need to get started working at home as your own boss is at your fingertips for Free at Wealthy Affiliate!


Proof Wealthy Affiliate Actually Works

You might be thinking that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, and honestly, you should be! After getting scammed and losing money, nothing should sound legit to you! But it’s not just me working at home and making money online after joining Wealthy Affiliate. Here are just a few members that have made money recently!

Wealthy affiliate income proofwealthy affiliate incomewa income proof

It’s not just me, and it’s not just other Wealthy Affiliate Members! People who have read my website joined Wealthy Affiliate, and have put in the work are making money too! Here’s one of my good friends that I referred to Wealthy Affiliate that made money!

wealthy affiliate legit

It’s not just me, and other Wealthy Affiliate Members. People just like you that read this page, commit, and put in the work have found success and made money online!

Join Me And Others Like You At WA For Free

Avoid Scams Join Wealthy Affiliate!

Building Website and making money with Affiliate Marketing and Google isn’t something new! But if you don’t get started now you’ll be left behind on this awesome lifestyle and income opportunity.

The training and 24/7 support will be the key to your success. If you want to work at home as your own boss, this is a very good time to start for free and see if this is something you’d like to try.

I’ve given you all the information and proof that I can on this page; it’s now time for you to make a decision.

Do You Want To Make Money Online? 

Are You Tired Of Scams? 

Do You Want To Live the Work At Home Lifestyle? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, get started with a free Wealthy Affiliate Account below!

Yes I Want To Work At Home Click Here To Sign-Up For Free!

P.S. I’ll see you inside, shortly after creating your free account I’ll contact you with some steps to get started out on the right foot! I’m here to help you work at home as your own boss if you have any questions or concerns make sure to contact me!

I would not recommend Wealthy Affiliate if I didn’t know it worked. Get started with a Free Account, and I’ll help you make money with this process in hopes that soon you’ll be working at home!

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