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Do You Want To Work At Home?

What’s Up? My name is Brok, and only two short years ago I was in your position. I wasn’t happy with the job I currently held and went online to find a way to make money without clocking in every single day!

I tried everything, I joined MLM Scams, applied for WAH jobs, tried to make money with surveys, and even the turn $5 into $500 in a week crap.

Nothing seemed to work. If I wasn’t scammed then I sure as heck didn’t make any good money.

But eventually, I did find something that worked. Did I turn $50 into $5,000 overnight? No Way, but I did join a completely free site that has changed my life completely and enabled me to work at home and have the freedom to be my own boss today!

On this page, I’m going to show you exactly how I make money online. I’ll also show you a site called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the same site I joined for free in 2012 that lead to my online success. Keep reading to learn exactly how you can work at home as your own boss.

What You Won’t See At Wealthy Affiliate

Before I cover exactly how I make money online and why Wealthy Affiliate is the site that helped me get to where I am today, here’s exactly what you won’t find at Wealthy Affiliate.

what wealthy affiliate is notGet Rich Quick Scheme

The biggest misconception about making money online is that it’s easy and quick. We’ve all seen the people saying that they turned a $100 investment into $50,000 in a month. The truth is, just like having a job making money online requires you to work and doesn’t just happen overnight.

I won’t BS you, if you’re looking to get rich quick this isn’t for you, and you’ll never make money online with the quick and easy method!

MLM Scams

I’m sure you’ve been hit up for one of those Multi Level Marketing Systems right? If so you’ve heard the word downline about a billion times.

You’re not going to find that here. With Wealthy Affiliate you control your income, you’ll never not make money because someone in your downline didn’t meet there requirements! That’s just crazy…

WAH Jobs

Yes, you will be working from home if you want, but you’ve to be tired of meeting company requirements, reporting to a virtual boss, and never building anything for self.

If you’ve held a Work At Home Job, you already have a jump start on the lifestyle and freedom I have every single day!

Survey Sites

Tired of giving out personal information for pennies? Tired of getting kicked out of surveys after completing 15 minutes of it?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll never need to fill out another survey in your life!

I Hate Those Scams.. Sign Me Up!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Now that you know exactly what BS you’ll be avoiding at Wealthy Affiliate let’s talk about what you’re going to see at Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate is an internet marketing training COMMUNITY, it’s not just a site with some training, but a site that has active members that are successful online and will help you through the whole learning process. Here’s what you’ll find:

Step By Step Training

Making money online isn’t easy, the process can be confusing to newer members, but don’t worry. At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll find step by step instructions on how the whole process works.

Instructional Videos

Sometimes being told what to do doesn’t stick, if you’re like me you need to be shown exactly what to do! At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll find videos inside the step by step training that shows you exactly what, why, and how to do something!

24/7 Online Support

Needs Help, Sends An Email, Waits 48 Hours……. You’ve probably had this experience before. At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have 24/7 support from the owners and over 1,000 community members. You can ask questions about the training, general advice, and become part of a family of successful internet marketers and newbies just like you.

Tons Of Freebies

I told you that I joined Wealthy Affiliate For Completely Free, and so can you! Along with a free membership, you get tons of freebies such as websites, keyword tools, and everything you need to make money online as your own boss.

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate

What Will I Be Doing?

Now I’m going to show you exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches and how I make money online with what I’ve learned. The best part is you can do the same thing!

Step 1: Pick A Hobby or Interest

Do you have a hobby or interest you’re passionate about? Perfect, because that’s the first step to working at home as your own boss!

Personally, I was tired of not making money online, so once I did, I decided to become passionate about helping others make money online, but that shouldn’t be your hobby.

Anything you’re interested in can make you money online, whether it’s cooking, bird houses, sports, gambling, or even ugly sweaters!

Pick something you’re passionate about and move on to step 2!

Step 2: Build A Website Around That Hobby/Interest

Once you’ve picked your hobby all you need to do is build a website. Don’t worry Wealthy Affiliate lets you build a website for completely free and it takes under a minute to do so!

Once you’ve got your website it’s time to start making money, so move on to step 3!

wealthy affiliate traffic proof


After you create your website, you’ll start to see traffic numbers like these! Which leads me to the next step..making money!

Step 3: How To Earn Money

Once you’ve built your free website, it’s time to start making money! With a website there are hundreds of ways to make money, but here are some ways Wealthy Affiliate teaches and I use!


See My Income Reports Here

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is how most members make the bulk of their income. Have you ever seen a review of a product then a link to buy the product on another website? Well, that’s affiliate marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you exactly how to make money with it.

Leave links to products based on your hobby and interest on your website. When people visit and buy a product through your link, you’ll earn a commission!

Wondering if Affiliate Marketing is legit? Amazon has one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world!

Google Ads

Yes, I said Google, you know one of the biggest and successful online companies. Google has a program that you can make money with. Just place ads on your website, and Google pays you every time someone clicks on them.

You don’t only make money by people buying products; you can earn a living as your own boss, just by people click on ads and getting paid by Google!

Pay Per Lead

Another great way to make money with your website and not a single person has to buy anything! It’s similar to affiliate marketing where you leave links for to products and services related to your hobby, but you get paid just for people signing up for free!

Start Making Money With Google & Amazon!

Proofs Of Income!

Here’re some screenshots of payments from my favorite affiliate programs!

payment proofpayment proofpayment proofpayment proof

Start Making Affiliate Income Like This!

But Why Wealthy Affiliate

You might be thinking this sounds easy, why do I need Wealthy Affiliate? First off, this isn’t going to be easy; it takes hard work and a lot of learning. Here’s why you need to learn and put in the work at Wealthy Affiliate


The Training at Wealthy Affiliate is the best online. You’ve probably seen other “training systems” where you pay a 1-time fee and get access to a series of videos or maybe an e-book. The truth is there’s much more to it then a 40-page e-book or 8 part video series can cover!

At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have access to over 500 modules of training, 12 step by step course, 100’s of step by step videos and what you need to learn to work at home as your own boss.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of systems here at Full-Time Job From Home, and there’s no other training that even compares.


If you’ve purchased a video course, you’ve probably had a few questions. You probably sent an email to support or posted in an inactive Facebook Group.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you have 24/7 support where you can ask questions about specific parts of training and even learn from successful members by contacting them directly with questions!

I’m tired of people not getting the help they need with other systems. At Wealthy Affiliate, all questions are answered and usually by a successful member that already makes money with this process!

Get The Best Training And Support Now

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Wealthy Affiliate Must Cost A Fortune” orientation=”center”]

I know what you thought. This has to be some guru selling this secret system for thousands of dollars a pop. But, that’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll be surprised to learn that you can try Wealthy Affiliate for completely FREE! You don’t even need a credit card to get started!

With the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership you get:

  • A Full Module of 10 free lessons
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Access to 10 Classrooms
  • Access To The Community
  • Free Tools for Keyword Research
  • Plus 1 on 1 training from me and the owners!

Everything you need to get started working at home as your own boss is at your fingertips for Free at Wealthy Affiliate!


Proof Wealthy Affiliate Actually Works

You might be thinking that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, and honestly, you should be! After getting scammed and losing money, nothing should sound legit to you! But it’s not just me working at home and making money online after joining Wealthy Affiliate. Here are just a few members that have made money recently!

Wealthy affiliate income proofwealthy affiliate incomewa income proof

It’s not just me, and it’s not just other Wealthy Affiliate Members! People who have read my website joined Wealthy Affiliate, and have put in the work are making money too! Here’s one of my good friends that I referred to Wealthy Affiliate that made money!

wealthy affiliate legit

It’s not just me, and other Wealthy Affiliate Members. People just like you that read this page, commit, and put in the work have found success and made money online!

Join Me And Others Like You At WA For Free

Avoid Scams Join Wealthy Affiliate!

Building Website and making money with Affiliate Marketing and Google isn’t something new! But if you don’t get started now you’ll be left behind on this awesome lifestyle and income opportunity.

The training and 24/7 support will be the key to your success. If you want to work at home as your own boss, this is a very good time to start for free and see if this is something you’d like to try.

I’ve given you all the information and proof that I can on this page; it’s now time for you to make a decision.

Do You Want To Make Money Online? 

Are You Tired Of Scams? 

Do You Want To Live the Work At Home Lifestyle? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, get started with a free Wealthy Affiliate Account below!


Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate for Completely Free!


P.S. I’ll see you inside, shortly after creating your free account I’ll contact you with some steps to get started out on the right foot! I’m here to help you work at home as your own boss if you have any questions or concerns make sure to contact me!

I would not recommend Wealthy Affiliate if I didn’t know it worked. Get started with a Free Account, and I’ll help you make money with this process in hopes that soon you’ll be working at home!

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102 thoughts on “Start Your Own Online Business”

  1. Hi brok,
    Your post seemed very helpful and honest. I really appreciate you helping people . My question is can i join in as a free member bcoz meaning that i am from Pakistan and really want to make money online.


    • Hey Sam,

      You’ll create your first free website by lesson 4 of the free training, so within a few hours you can have a free website “built.” Next there’s a lot to learn about creating website content and getting free traffic from Google and other search engines.

      If you see money coming in within the first 3 months you’re doing really good. As you gain more trust you’ll receive more traffic which means most of the time, more money.

      In my case, I made cents from ads within the first two months, then affiliate sales started in month 3.

      Everyone is different and it really depends on how much time you have to spend and how quickly you learn.

      My general rule is if you put in about 5 hours a week you have a really good chance of an income coming in by month 3.


  2. I was a member at Wealthy Affiliates. A Premium Member. I didn’t make any money but that was my fault. I left but forgot to remove my profile. I was in the Top 100 because I was helping people & writing in my WA blog (page).
    The reason I left wasn’t only because of the monthly subscription (fixed income makes it hard to commit). I really left because somehow I inadvertently got involved in a brutal showdown with another top member. Except I didn’t know I was in a fight with this guy until a couple good friends messaged me (private message came in handy) to let me know this guy was putting me down, insulting, etc on his WA blog. A lot of the people there were either on my side or his side. Basically a he said/she said scenario. He was going off on me because I had used my pets & cooking in my WA blog. But, if he had paid attention, I was using them as examples on how to have patience & work hard for what you have. The owners did not ban or ask me to remove any of it.
    Then, while this was going on, as I was helping others, got pretty good at it, a WA newbie started leaving comments on my posts saying that I was giving the wrong information out. They started giving information out on my posts & in the Chat area. This is where this lady (I use this term loosely) really started telling others that my info was incorrect, even though I had done a lot of research before posting my blogs and answered in Chat.
    While WA is good for some, others get verbally abused and ran off.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Just like any other forum or place to share information online some members won’t be helpful and can be a pain in the ass, to be honest.

      It is a community of 1,000s of members, so you know there are some people that don’t appreciate the knowledge at their fingertips.

      I can’t comment on if you’re information was correct, but I’m sure that was extremely frustrating hearing someone say it’s not, but you can’t let someone typing on the other side of a screen get in the way of your success! Even though one person was bad mouthing you, I guarantee there were tons of people commenting on how helpful you were to them.

      Does everyone that comes to my blog enjoy/agree with what I say, NOO. But the majority of people do, so you forget about the nasty comment and keep on going.

      I’m not telling you to rejoin WA, I do feel likes it’s the best option if you decide to get back into it, but I would not let what other people say get in your way of making money online.

      Thanks again for sharing and I hope you get back to working on a website and making money online!


  3. Hi Brok,
    I do not know what I am going to “sell” online at this time. I do not have a home computer at this time either. Are you smiling? I do my have a computer at work! Anyway, to my question! Since I do not have a computer yet or what exactly I intend to sell should I still create my site? I have ideas, but I do not have anything solid. I want to get started, but I don’t want to make any mistakes. Got any advice?

    • Vita,

      First, you really don’t need to sell your own product. It’s something you might want to do eventually but you can get started and make a huge online income selling other people’s products through affiliate marketing.

      My advice is to join Wealthy Affiliate for free and go through the training. In the second lesson, you’ll learn about choosing a niche, which I think will really help you find something that works for you. You might as well start learning about how to create a website and make money online. You do not have to have an idea set in stone at this point.

      Hope this helps and hope to see you inside WA!


  4. hi Brok!

    I’m from Indonesia, is it possible form me to join WA?

    I also struggle finding an online job this time.

    thank you in advance.

    • Hi Puspita,

      The free membership is not available in all countries. The best thing to do is to try to join for free here.

      A lot of times it will let you join as a free member. If not the premium membership is available in all countries.

      The premium membership is 100% worth it but I understand if it’s not something you’re interested in right away.

      I recommend checking out my full WA review to see all of the benefits and features of the premium membership.

      Hope this helps,


  5. Hi brok,
    When I started a free website in WA with a subdomain of them, can i do the affiliate marketing for Amazon and earn something.
    Or i need a website of domain of my own?

    • Hey Shabeer thanks for reading!

      Every affiliate program is different. There’re affiliate programs that you can join with a free subdomain. Amazon is not one of those though.

      You’ll need your own domain with several pages of content to join Amazon. Also, Amazon will kick you out of their program if you don’t have a sale in your first 90 days so I really don’t recommend joining until you have traffic coming in. That way you have a really good chance of making sales in your first 90 days within the program.

      But to answer your question it is possible to promote some affiliate programs on a free subdomain, just not Amazon.

      Hope this helps,


  6. HI…Brok it just happened that I bumped into your website…and it all sounds interesting because I find it very logic that one cannot make money from day to night. But on the other hand I have an idea and I think I grasped the whole concept even though its still theory in my mind. Anyway my question is will it be possible for me to initiate simply because I live in Italy.


    • Hey Sharon,

      That’s the best part of an online business. This can be done anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. There’re several successful WA members that are from Italy so it’s completely doable. Once you have traffic you’ll have some from Italy but you’ll also get traffic from all over the world.

      I would recommend using a .com domain name since that’s the most recognized throughout the world, but other than that the process is exactly the same in any country.

      What is your niche idea?

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  7. hi Brok!

    I’m from the Philippines, is it possible form me to join WA or should I stick on answering surveys?

    I also struggle finding a job this time.

    thank you in advance.

    • Erlynn,

      It is possible to join WA but you might not have the free membership available to you.

      The premium membership is completely worth it but I understand if it’s not what you’re looking for at this time.

      Best thing to do is try to join for free here, occasionally it will work.


  8. Hey Brok,

    I have searched for jobs locally since April 18, 2018
    and I have had no luck on getting bites. Sure I have had two interviews but have gotten turned Down. About two weeks later, my friends mom told me to try taking surveys to make money, she also said, if that doesn’t work try working online job from home.

    Now I never would of thought about working online job from home. I have been looking for almost 4 months now since it’s almost August to find a site that was legit and yes you mentioned about about paying a certain amount to start making money. I didn’t like that. So I can understand. But what I would like to know is, is W.A. Legit Legit to the point of no return and can you teach a slow learner but doesn’t take long to catch on and understand what is being taught and learned in order to start making money or would that be most difficult?

    And thank you Brok for posting this review or I would of never found this. – Dan

    • Hey Dan thanks for reading and sorry to hear about the issues finding a job.

      Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legitimate and the training is geared towards a complete beginner with no experience creating websites or content so I don’t think you’ll have any issue following the training.

      It’s important to keep in mind that making money with a blog does not happen quickly. Anyone can make money with a blog but it does take a lot of time and hard work. Most of the time people start it as a side project and then build it into a business, so if you’re looking for an income right now (like a normal job would give you) blogging might not be the best fit at this time. With that being said, if you have any interest in blogging I highly recommend you start one right away.

      Down the road it can turn into the large income that you’re looking for.

      Hope this helps.


  9. Do you think I could make money if I live out of the USA? I know affiliate programs such as Amazon and other important companies do not work with foreigners. Also, do you know about someone making money with WA in the Latin American market? I will probably lunch sites in Spanish. Best regards friend.

    • Hey Ketim,

      If you’re outside the US it’s more difficult to find affiliate programs but there’s still a ton that you can work with.

      It’s not as easy as being in the US but it’s 100% doable and you can find plenty of companies to work with.

      If you do choose to promote WA, one thing to keep in mind is it’s an English speaking community and all the training is in English.


  10. Brok,

    Am I understanding correctly… If I join for free, and I give my website a name, I get the web space and a domain name, or is it going to be a Subdomain from the main WA website?

    Russ Wilson

    • Russ,

      When you create a “free website” it will be a subdomain. WA uses the domain .siterubix so if you want to build a site about basketball your free domain name could be

      But you can purchase your own .com, .org, etc. domain and host it WA for free once you’re a premium member.

      I recommend owning your own domain, but it’s nice to have a free site while you work through the training, that way you can apply what you learn without having to spend a dime!

      Hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions.


  11. Been there and done that at WA, when I joined I had all these people there wanted to be my friend. Then after a few days the owner kept sending me messages to cough up 49 dollars a month to join. Because I didn’t have the money, it seemed I couldn’t get access to all the stuff. WA is mostly a affiliate program for people like this young man to get people to join, so they can get a commission. They teach you how to promote them in a fabulous articles written about them, cause the more they get to join, the more commissions they make. Unless you pay the monthly fee, you will just be spun around in a never ending circle of hype which doesn’t amount to anything. These guys at WA have been round for eons, by now I assume they rack in bout 200k a month on the monthly fees from their users. Not to shabby.

    • Hey George, thanks for reading.

      Few things I’d like to clarify. If you use any of the links on this page, I do receive commissions for you joining and if or when you purchase a membership.

      Wealthy Affiliate has the free membership that offers access to the community and the first module of the training for free. To access the rest of the features, you’ll need to be a premium member (which I laid out above when covering the difference between the two memberships.)

      And of course yes, the goals is to have paying members, there’s no way to deny that becuase it’s the same in any business. With that being said, most products/courses/sites that teach you how to build an online business send you to a sales page where they promise you a huge income within a few weeks and the normal sales pitch promises that are not realistic. Before you even know what the course teaches or what you’ll be doing they’ll be asking for your credit card and having you pay to access the product. After you pay they will most likely ask if you’d like to purchase another product to “guarantee” your success (what marketers consider and upsale.)

      With WA you can join for completely free and go through the basic training that covers exactly what will be covered in the course, what you’ll be doing, and how you’ll be earning money.

      At no time is it required to pay and become premium. You can stay and access your free account forever.

      In regards to the training. There’re two courses. The main course is considered the getting starting course and applies to any niche. Meaning at no time are you required to promote WA or even mention it ever. You can create a website about Basketball, fashion, literally, any hobby/topic that you’d like and the training will apply and you can make money.

      The other course is geared towards the “make money online” niche specifically promoting WA. I’ve taken both courses, have made money with several types of niche sites, and decided to pursue this site and the “make money online” niche.

      I wouldn’t be promoting WA unless I knew that it worked and I can guarantee if you put in the work and time to make it happen the Training at WA works in any niche.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and leaving a comment. Sorry that your first experience with WA wasn’t the best. If you have any comments/questions just let me know!


  12. Hi Brok,
    This is very smart of you!I’ve been around the internet in search of something that would be a guaranteed work from home income-generating job.Many have been after subscription fee and after they give materials not much comes out of that.

    I started some business but it couldn’t do much and in fact, the above domain name is just registered but was looking for knowledge to build my site.

    My question is, can I get the free registration in Kenya?

    • Glad you found my site and Wealthy Affiliate.

      Most of the time you can not join the free membership in Kenya.

      Unfortunately, they only allow premium members in some countries.


  13. Hey Brok,
    I joined WA a couple months ago but wasn’t sure what to do next. Like you, I have a passion for helping people make money and actually making money. I am an avid user of Field Agent, Easy Shift and Gigwalk apps. So, instead of online I guess mine would be making money using apps. My question is, how do I create a website and secondly how do you get the links that you add to your site?

    • Hey Karen,

      Thanks for reading. The training at WA will teach you how to build your website. I use their sitebuilder tool to build all of mine. It only takes a few seconds to get started and is extremely easy to do!

      You can 100% build a site about making money with apps. I actually have one that does that exact thing.

      Once you join the app you can usually find your referral link or code somewhere inside the app. You’d then just copy it and put in on your website. The training at WA will also cover how to add referral links to your site!

      Hope this helps, if you have additional questions feel free to ask or contact me inside WA.


  14. Hello Brok,
    I recently opened two blogs on blog Spot on my key interests. Can I use them? Or do I have to shut them down and open the free website? By the way i live in West Africa

    • Hey Enai,

      You will not be able to transfer your website to WA hosting but you can apply the training to websites that you’ve already created.

      With that being said I don’t recommend using a free blogging platform. If you really want to earn an income and build a business you’ll need your own domain.

      Hope this helps,


  15. Hi Brok ,
    I,’ve been reading everything and I wanted to know , can this be mobil?
    60 years old and want to start a job at home to generate money but travel at the same time. I told my husband if I found something that works I’d get him started so he could be like me. We want to enjoy our lives , but still have to make a living too.

    • Hey Jo Anne,

      The awesome thing about this is it can 100% be mobile. All you need is an internet connection to make it happen, which you can find pretty much anywhere even when traveling these days.

      I see that you’ve already joined so feel free to reach out to me inside WA if you have any questions.

      You and your husband can share account if you’d like to, once you find that it’s something you’d like to pursue.


  16. Hi Brok I’m interested in joining haven’t yet…my question is my laptop is briken and I can’t afford internet access where I live because I must have a satellite for the connection. Can I use my smartphone? Thanks a bunch J

    • Hey Judy,

      You can join WA for free on your phone and work through all of the training on your phone. Running a website can be done on your phone too, but it’s much easier on a computer. I would say go ahead and join, you can learn and at least get the feel for things on your phone, eventually, you’ll want access to a computer though.


  17. Hi Brok, which kind of blog is the best for beginner to begin their journey as earner from online? I would like to create a blog where i can introduce the PTC sites that i had been with for years. I had been doing PTC clicking for years and don’t earn much because of demographic problems. I lived in Malaysia and seems don’t have much good opportunity to earn good income from online sites. Care to give me some ideas to start a good earning from online site? Thanks

    • Hey laura,

      My recommendation is to blog about something that’s a hobby and you’re passionate about. If you’re interested in the PTC sites, I’d recommend making your site unique by finding and recommending sites that work well in your country or other countries that have limited opportunities when it comes to making money online.


    • Terry,

      As a free member, you can access 10 lessons of training and the community for 14 days. You can also host 2 websites for free.

      You can stay a free member forever and still access your account. For more information on the different memberships check out my full review of WA.


  18. I was about to register for castingwords when i saw your ad. I really enjoyed your description of wealthy affiliates to the extent that i became interested. I’m willing to join using my facebook account. But as i was trying to sign up i got the message that my country- Nigeria- isn’t supported. Now if this isn’t discrimination, tell me what is! And it’s one thing i hate. Perhaps you can talk to them to open it for african students. I am a student who has been in search of online job, something that I’ll be happy doing. Pls i need your urgent response. I’ve got nothing to hide. Thank you.

  19. Hey Brok, I’ve done these things before and I know you say it’s not a scam, but I’m still hesitant. I’m seeing others mention a premium account. Honestly, can I possibly gain any ground at all through the training provided (for free members) without buying premium at the start? Typically I’ve seen sites like this that offer free membership, but limit a lot of their free members on what they can do until they pay something. I am not one to spend any money until I’m completely sure I can get myself going by using a service’s free stuff first. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hey Morgan,

      Thank you for taking the time to read about WA.

      With the free membership, you’ll get the first level of training. That course teaches you how to build a website, how to create content/drive traffic, and how the whole process works with making money with a website. So you’ll learn an overview of the entire process and build your first website with the free membership.

      You’ll also have access to the community for seven days.

      With that being said, the free membership does have a ton of value and is beneficial to anyone that’s new to building a website or blogging.

      Of course, the premium membership has more benefits and features, but it’s not required to learn and make money.

      You can stay a free member forever if you don’t feel like the premium membership is worth the cost.

      Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review to see a side by side comparison of the two memberships.

      Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please let me know!


    • I saw that you went ahead and joined as a free member. Feel free to contact me directly inside the Wealthy Affiliate community if you have any questions!





    • Hey Christopher. This blog is mostly US readers so that’s why it says $19 for the first month. Wealthy Affiliate lets you become a premium member in India but does not allow the $19 special. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

      Wealthy Affiliate does have training you can apply to any niche and they have training if you’d like to promote their site called the affiliate bootcamp. You can learn more about WA affiliate program here.



    • Kish,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. My first sale was a golf niche site that I don’t have anymore. I created a list post of the best youth golf sets for under $200, I believe and linked to them on Amazon. That was my first ever sale. Of course, I followed the training at Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to create the website, create content, and drive traffic to that post.

      Hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions.


  21. I already have signed up but here’s what I see.. “Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member!”

    • Unfortunately, Some countries do not have access to starting a free account. You can join as a premium member though. If you’re not interested I’d recommend this e-book that’s available in any country.

      Hope this helps,


  22. Hello and thank you for all this info my question is are you going to earn money from my subscription and if i create my website and if i start earning money you will earn from that too (and obviously me too if i ask others to join this system), i’m not complaining i just want a clear image before starting because as a Muslim we don’t work in anything we have to be sure of every detail and thanks in advance.

    • Hey Morgan.

      You’re partially correct. If you join Wealthy Affiliate I will earn from you signing up and I’ll earn a commission if you decide to go premium.

      But, I will not earn anything from what you make. For example, if you start a site and promote products on Amazon you get 100% of the commission.

      I completely understand the concern, so if you have any other questions please let me know. The good thing is you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free. If you don’t think it’s for you then you can quit without spending any money.


  23. Hey Brok,

    I am very interested in starting my own online business and really want to try Wealthy Affiliate, however, I am currently living in Morocco and unfortunately the free account is not available in this country. I want to ask if you happen to know of any other useful free sites I could look into about starting your own online business? This is something I am really interested in but I have no idea where to begin so any advice would be really helpful!

    Thank you!

  24. I join wealthy affiliate in upgrade when I finish the 5 levels in certifidcation will I be getting traffic in making sales to my site

    • I can’t guarantee that you’ll be earning money by the time you finish the training, everyone is different. I can guarantee you’ll have the knowledge and access to all the tools you need to make it happen. If you follow the training and put in the work you’ll see results.


    • Brandon if you already own a domain name you can host it at Wealthy Affiliate, but if you don’t already own the domain name they have a seamless process of purchasing the domain and setting up your hosting.


  25. Hello

    I am thinking of creating an autobloging website.
    Basically the site will automatically search for content and will update my website on specifics topics. Do you recommend this approach as the main point when creating a website is to create content? Can you please give some recommendation please ?

    • I do not have any experience in that, but I wouldn’t recommend anything that’s automatically generating content. I’m not sure if you just mean taking content from other websites and promoting it but I doubt you’ll have any success getting organic search traffic. If you find interest articles you might be able to get some social media traffic by sharing but that’s about it.

      Hope this helps but the method I promote and recommend is creating your own content and getting free traffic from Google and other search engines.


  26. Hi Brok,

    Is it available to a Brit living in Cyprus? I wish that the sign up page had a list so I didn’t need to ask this question.

    By the way, you have a typo on your joining page:

    “Once you’ve SINGED up I’ll contact you with important information on getting started!”

    Should be “signed” up.

    • Glyn,

      This works in any country and you should be able to join for free in Cyprus. Just sign up for free and if there’s any issue let me know.

      Also thank you for pointing out the mistake.


  27. Hi. I would like to start a Bible relate site. How do you think that would work? So many I feel could use a little encouragement. Thank you much.

    Brenda Norton

    • Hey Brenda, it’s possible to do a bible related site, you can also review other religious books available on Amazon. Really any niche can be profitable once you build up traffic.


  28. I don’t understand. I thought it was going to be free to start a website/blog. You said it was free free free until we get down to the part where you want us to join wealthy affiliate which cost $49 a month. That is not free!!

    • Hey Jacelyn,

      It is free to join Wealthy Affiliate and start a website, but they do also offer a premium membership. I highly recommend starting with the free membership and working through the training and applying the training to your free website before making any financial investment.

      That way you can get a better understanding of how it all works and make sure it’s right for you before getting out your wallet.

      Sorry for the confusion, if you have any additional questions let me know.


  29. I still don’t know how you make money with wealthy affiliate. Sales, what are you selling. Commissions. How do you get paid? How much do you expect from sales, on your website? You build a website, then what?


    • Hey Poe, thanks for the comment and you have some good questions.

      Personally, I make money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate and several other programs; you can see my income reports here.

      But, what I’m selling is a course and community at Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn how to start a blog, create content, and make affiliate commissions.

      You do not have to promote Wealthy Affiliate; you can choose any niche and promote affiliate products in that niche. For example, if you like playing guitar, you could create a website, and earn by earning commission on guitar related products.

      After reading that, hopefully you understand the process more, but here’re the answers to your questions.

      How do you get paid?

      It depends on the affiliate program. Most pay monthly via Direct deposit, PayPal, or Mailed Check

      How much do you expect to make per sale?

      Again it depends on the affiliate program. Most of the products I promote pay a couple of dollars per sign up or around 25%-50% of the product sale price.

      You Build a Website, then what?

      After you create your website, you’ll begin to drive traffic to your site. You do this by creating content, for example, reviews of products in your niche. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to get your content ranked in Google, which drives free traffic to your website. Once you receive traffic, you’ll start to see affiliate income from people buying the products you promote on your site.

      I hope this helps. My recommendation is to join for free and go through the first ten free lessons. It will give you a much better understanding of how building a website, driving traffic, and how affiliate programs work.

      If you have any more questions, just let me know.


  30. Hello Brok,
    Do you recommend Wealthy Affiliate for a teen who wants to make money online or do you think it would be too overwhelming for them

    • Hey Brianna,

      I highly recommend teens join Wealthy Affiliate and start a website right away. The biggest reason I recommend it to teens is because it takes time to build traffic and income. The sooner you start a website the sooner you’ll earn money. By the time you go off to college you could have a solid income already!

      I also think teens have an advantage just because they’re already pretty tech savvy. Not to say all teens have experience building websites, but it seems to come quicker to the younger crowd.

      So to answer your question, I highly recommend teens join Wealthy Affiliate and I wish I would have started around 16 instead of 21. I can’t imagine how much larger my income would be today!

      Hope this helps if you have any other questions let me know!


  31. Hi Brok,

    I have signed up with Wealthy Affiliate but it say’s “Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member!” What to do?

    I am not a rich person to pay $357 for Premium Member.


    • Debasish, unfortunately the free membership is not available in all countries.

      If you do want to become a premium member you can pay $47 a month, you’re not required to pay for the yearly membership.

      Sorry the free membership isn’t available in your country!


  32. Hi Brok,

    Great post!

    I have been a wealthy affiliate member once before, but found ittoo overwhelming and confusing to do anything about it.

    Can you point a step-by-step method to a solid monthly income every month?

    Also, a website is completely free? What about domain and hosting?

    Thanks a ton.

    • Rebecca,

      I would give Wealthy Affiliate another shot. There’s a lot of information if you’re a beginner, but if you take your time and put in the effort the training does work.

      They do have a completely free website that includes hosting, it’s called a .siterubix website. If you decide premium is a good option for you, you can purchase a domain ($10-$12 a year) and then host it for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Hope this helps


  33. Hi Brok, I tried signing up for WA and I got a reply that my country is not yet accepted, can you help me in another way?

  34. Hi Brok!

    I’ve wanted to work from home in a “legit” way for a very long time but have tried and failed at everything online that you have too!

    I’m so glad that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t offer any of those BS opportunities because I’m so sick of them!!

    WOW! Everyhting Wealthy Affiliate offers is what I’ve been looking for on the web, and I can’t wait to get up and running as a new member.


    • Hey Neil,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had problems finding legitimate ways/training to make money online in the past. I was in the same boat and most of my readers were the same way at some point in time.

      Glad to hear WA sounds like what you’re looking for. I honestly would have never started this site and probably would still be trying, as you said “BS” systems and scams, if I would not have found WA.

      I’ll see you inside, contact me with any questions you may have!


  35. Hi Brok, I’m in the process of building a website already. Does your program teach monetizing an existing website?

    • Hey Charmaine,

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate’s training can be applied to an existing website. I recommend still going through all of the training though. You can learn a lot about building websites and creating content. Even if you already know how to do this, I bet you’ll learn some important information.

      Hope this helps,


  36. I have been the same in the past and have signed up with all types of programs which filled me with false promises.

    I got so tired of it all finally I gave it up. I know there has to be some good genuine offers out there but now i am too just scared to try.

    Saying that 🙂 I have just read what you have written about this Wealthy Affiliate. Joining for free is of course appealing as it allows me to see what it is all about before my Visa card takes a hammering.

    Appreciate the advice here and I will come back to you with questions if it is ok?



    • Hey Chris,

      I completely understand your concerns I’ve been scammed in the past as well and it’s honestly a good thing to be skeptical of online programs.

      You’re right that WA lets you try for free, it can really give you the comfort you need to open up and really give this training/community a shot.

      I know you won’t be disappointed! Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have


        • Hey Diana,

          Thanks for checking out my #1 recommendation.

          If you stay a free member and use a free website it cost $0 to keep everything going.

          If you decided to take advantage of the paid membership (premium membership) it’s $19 for your first month and $47 a month after that.

          They do have a big discount if you decide to pay for a year.

          Hope this helps,


      • i chose cheap baby clothes for my niche and now i’m on lesson four i need u to help me for suggestions on choosing a domain name and name of website.please give me some suggestionsActions Reply

  37. Hey Brok,
    Wow another great post by you! I love reading your articles man, you inspire me especially with your graph stats, they really motivate me to work harder on my site.

    I noticed that you had a spike on July 2015 and somewhere near the end there as well. Out of curiosity if you don’t mind me asking, how did you managed to get that? I would love to implement your techniques on my site too. Cheers!

    • Hey Riaz thanks for checking out how to start your own online business. Glad that you found some motivation looking at some the stats on this page!

      The few spikes I had consisted of more organic search traffic than usual and then some of content got extremely popular on Facebook and Pinterest.

      The screenshot is a bit outdated now, since the beginning of 2016 I’ve been averaging right around 1,000 organic search visitors a day and more direct and social traffic. I think my average visitors for January will be right around 1,300 or a bit more!

      Hopefully this helps motivate you a bit and if you have any additional questions about wealthy affiliate or the process I use, let me know!


  38. wonderful post, very informative. I’m wondering why the other experts of this sector don’t realize
    this. You must proceed your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

    • Hey Katlyn,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you liked my site and enjoyed what I have to say.

      Everything is going well and the company I talk about on this page, WA, can teach you how to get a huge reader base too!


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  40. If you would like to increase your knowledge just
    keep visiting this web site and be updated with the latest news posted here.

    • Thanks for the kind words Jim!

      Hopefully you find exactly what you’re looking for here and can use my recommendations to start making money online



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