Is HeatlhyWage A Scam? Paid To Lose Weight YA RIGHT!

Make sure to check out my updated HealthyWage Review

I know what you’re all thinking, there is no way someone is going to pay me to lose weight. Well, that statement isn’t entirely true, but I do know of a company that will pay you if you bet some money and meet your goals!

The site is called HealthyWage.

You’re probably wondering is HealthyWage A Scam? The answer is no this site is completely legit, and if you stick with your fitness plan, you can earn money, just for losing weight.

In this post, I will be showing you exactly how HeatlhyWage works, why this site is not a scam, and how you can get paid for losing weight!

Make sure to check out my updated HealthyWage Review

How Does Healthy Wage Work?

Choose A Challenge

There are two types of challenges. Most of usis healthywage a scam will choose the first option, so that is what I’m covering in the rest of this review.  The first option is making a bet on how many pounds you would like to lose in a certain time frame.

You’re given the option of how many pounds you would want to lose (10-150), you get to pick how much you would like to bet each month ($20-$500), and how many months it will take you (6-12 months.)

Once you choose your challenge, you’ll need to pay for your first months bet with a credit card or by PayPal, and then you’re ready to continue to your first day of verifying your weight!

The second type of challenge is a team challenge. I will not be covering this as much because it seems that most people who do this do it inside of a company where you will have a team leader, and all of the information will be given to you from them. If you’re interested in this option, continue to read on because most of the rules are the same!

Verify You Weight (First Day)healthywage scam

Once you choose a challenge and have paid your first month’s bet, you will need to verify your starting weight.

There are two options here. The first option which is the easiest is making a short 30 second or less video of you stepping onto your scale and taking you weight.

This is by far the easiest option and can be completed in the comfort of you own home.

The second option is going to one of the certified weighing centers listed on their websites. Most of these are located in gyms with a particular trainer. This will require you to go out in public and do some mingling so some people may shy away from this option and plus it’s much more work than just jumping on the scale at home.

Either way, your weight will be submitted, and it’s time to start knocking off the pounds!

Tools For Success

During your challenge, you will have access to a great community within Healthy Wage where you can share your success and connect with others.

You will also be given access to some great work out and diet plans along with some support from trainers.

There is plenty of information given to you for free to keep you down the right path towards meeting your goals.

Final Weigh In (Last Day)

On the last day of the challenge, you will be required to do a final weigh in. This process is the same as the first day weigh in. Take a short 30-second video of you weighing yourself and upload on the computer or by using the app.

If you didn’t meet your goal, you can join a new challenge and try again.

If you meet your goal, you will be getting paid shortly!


After you completed your challenge and met your goal, you will receive your payment within two days of the challenge being complete. Payments are made via PayPal instantly, or you can request a check that takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.

How HealthyWage Can Pay You

I wanted to cover this quickly before moving on because some might not know. HealthyWage can pay you more than what you invested because not everyone makes their goal. Which means they don’t receive any money back.

With the people who failed to reach their goal, HealthyWage can split the earnings among people who have met the goals they set!

Proof HealthyWage Pays!

I didn’t complete a weight loss challenge but I did just get paid for a step challenge at HeatlhyWage. Here’s proof of payment via PayPal!

healthywage payment proof

HealthyWage Positives

Money Is Motivation

No matter how much you don’t want to admit it, money is motivation for most people, not all, but putting your money on the line can keep you motivated.

Depending on how much you bet each month, you can accumulate a good chunk of change on the line by the end of your challenge. If money is tight or you value your money you’re going to want to meet your goals so you can get your investment back plus some winnings!

Social Aspect

Within HealthyWage they have a community or what some would consider a social network. You can interact with all of the people within your challenge and anyone within the community.

This can help you stay motivated by posting success stories and also offers a feature to find people near you to connect with and if you would like to meet up and share your weight loss goals.

Easy Payments

The payment system of HealthyWage is very simple. Once you meet your goals, it requires them a two day period to confirm your weight. After they have confirmed your success you have the option to get paid via check, usually takes a week, or you can receive payment via PayPal instantly.

Personally, I choose PayPal for all my online payments, but if you don’t have an account you can still get paid another way!

Mobile App

HealthyWage offers a mobile app available within the apple and android app store. This is a very good app that basically gives you all the features that you have when visiting the website.

The best thing about the app is it lets you do your weight checks within the app. Eliminating the process of recording the video and uploading it on the website.

This makes the whole process much easier to complete and can save you a lot of time!

HealthyWage Concerns


Of course, the main concern with HealthyWage is people cheating, but this is not a big concern for you because with HeatlhyWage it really only depends on your goals and if you meet what you set for yourself. If you have read my review of DietBet, you will know that your winnings depend more on what other people do.

But with HeatlhyWage as long as you meet your goals you’re going to get paid!

Is HealthyWage A Scam?

No, HealthyWage is not a scam. It’s a completely legit way to make money while losing weight. As long as you meet your goals and play by the rules, you will get paid by Healthy Wage.

I recommend this site to anyone who is looking to lose some weight and may need some extra motivation to make it happen. Sometimes are personal interests and wants aren’t enough so throw some money on the line and see how that helps you!

If you would like to join HealthyWage, you can do so here.

If HealthyWage isn’t what you’re looking for check out a similar site called DietBet or some of my scam free ways to make money online. 

Some of you may also be interested in how I make money online. To learn more visit Start Your Own Online Business. 

Thank you for reading this post. Hopefully, I’ve answered your question, is HealthyWage A Scam? If you have any questions, please give comments below and make sure to share this unique opportunity with your friends!

Learn how you can get paid to lose weight! I'll even show you proof that they pay!

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8 thoughts on “Is HeatlhyWage A Scam? Paid To Lose Weight YA RIGHT!”

  1. Hello!

    Math question for you! Let’s say my bet is 500/Mo over 6 months = $3000 dollars that I invested, and my calculated prize is let’s say, $5000.
    Do I get all of the money I invested back AND the prize ($8000)? or do I only receive the prize dollar amount (a net profit of $2000)?


    • Hey Violet, thanks for reading.

      The calculated prize includes your investment amount. So the $5,000 prize includes the $3,000 you invested.

      Keep in mind it’s just an estimate so you could win more or less depending on the outcome of other challengers.


  2. Am in the UK, and have noticed that the sums offered are all in US Dollars. Do you know if it’s possible for me to join up, given that I’m not US-based? (Obv I would be paying in British pounds)

    • Hey Matt great questions. I copy and pasted this right of HealthyWage’s FAQ Page:

      “Can I participate if I am located outside of the U.S?
      HealthyWage is available to residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico & throughout Latin America, Australia, and most of Europe and Asia. If you are participating through an employer, such as Halliburton, you are generally allowed to participate regardless of your location in the world. Unless you are participating through your employer, you may not participate if you are a resident of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan and others.”

      Looks like you can participate!


  3. Hi Brok
    I was curious about HealthyWage…so, how do I determine what my winnings will be if I’m successful at my weight loss goals? If I’m understanding correctly, I’d ‘bet’ $50 a month on my ability to lose 50pounds in a year, which would mean paying out $600 over the year, right? (50×12) Is that what I get BACK? or how much would I get back, and how is it determined?

    • Hey Barb, great questions.

      Your math is correct. If you met your goal you’d earn the $600 back for sure. You would also split the total winnings of the challenge with other members that met their goals.

      You can use the calculator here.

      Looks like it’s a wide range but you could almost triple your money!


  4. I have participated in their “HealthyWager” and earned $3360 for reach my goal of losing 75 pounds in a year. I’ve referred friends to HealthyWage, and they’ve also been successful in losing weight. When you are betting $100/month on your weight loss (you can bet however much you want per month, though), I think it really provides great motivation. 🙂 My husband are going to travel to Cali to tour wineries with the money… and the leftover cash is going towards our kitchen reno! If you’d like to join, use my referral link for $40 to be added to your winnings pot 🙂


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