Make Money With The StockUp App Entering Prices

stockup appI recently ran across a super cool app called StockUp. It’s a unique app that will pay you for entering prices for items that you see in store on sale.

I was pretty surprised to see how easily the app worked and how much they pay for this, so I decided to write this StockUp review to let you all know about it.

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Let’s get started and see how you can make money with StockUp entering prices for items.

How StockUp App Works

The Stock Up app is very easy to use, basically once you download the app you open it in any store. Go to the scanning portion of the app and scan the bar code of an item. You will then be prompted to enter the regular price and sales prices of the item.

Next, you will enter in the store that you’re at. From what I can see most major stores are included inside the app, but it does allow you manual enter a store.

What Type Of Items Can You Scan?

When using StockUp you can scan any item in the store, but they are primarily focused on the categories of groceries, alcoholic beverages, health, beauty, baby, and pet products.

From what I can see you can scan other types of products, but most of the products you scan should be in one of those main categories.

They make it clear in their TOS that they can deny payment for any reason, one being the items you’re scanning aren’t in the main categories.

How Does StockUp Pay?

StockUp pays you for almost every item that you scan. For each price and sales price of an item within their main categories, you will receive 20 points.

For items outside the main categories, you will most likely receive 1 point per price you enter.

Up until April 2015, you could redeem your points for PayPal payments, now they have changed to redeeming points for sweepstakes entries for $100 PayPal gift cards each month.

I wish PayPal payments were available, but if you do choose to use this app, you will have to be content with entries into a sweepstakes you may never win.

Where is StockUp Available?

StockUp is now available for Apple and Android mobile devices. It’s only available within the United States, and city areas have more stores available than rural areas.

From what I understand you can still get paid for entering prices at major retail stores even if you don’t live in a major US city.

StockUp Complaints and Concerns

New Payment System

As I mentioned above, StockUp now only allows points redeemable for sweepstakes entries instead of cash PayPal payments.

A lot of the old members were pretty pissed off about this, and I understand why.  Instead of a guarantee of being paid now your giving out information on prices just for the off chance you may win one of these sweepstakes.

Waiting On Payments

I’ve seen a few complaints about this that sparked my attention. When payments by PayPal were still available, they said that payments could take up to two weeks.

There have been many reports of people saying that it took a month or longer to get paid.

With that being said I’ve not seen any complaints from members saying that it took longer to get their sweepstakes winnings, but I’ve not heard of anyone winning the sweepstakes either.

Check out the comments for more payment complaints

StockUp Legit Or A Scam?

In my opinion StockUp is legit and not a scam, but I don’t recommend you using this app. There have been a lot of complaints about payments taking longer then expected and since they changed their payment system to sweepstakes I don’t feel it’s worth messing with.

To me changing from cash payments to sweepstakes is the first step to a company going out of business in the “making money online” industry. I’ve searched and not seen any real proof of them paying or people winning the sweepstakes, so you may be just wasting your time completely.

I’d say stay away from this app and checking out some of the different shopping apps I recommend.

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Used the StockUp app? Pissed Off About the New Payment System? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

Learn how you can save money using the stock up app! But is it really the best app to use to save money while you shop?

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2 thoughts on “Make Money With The StockUp App Entering Prices”

  1. I was the Sweepstakes winner on StockUp a few times. I have been paid only once. The company never ever responds to an email.

    I recently sent a letter to them & once again have heard nothing.

    The company is a disgrace.

    Don’t bother wasting your time with the app.

    • I’m very sorry to hear that you had issues getting paid.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with the app and hopefully you find another option.

      Let me know if I can help in any way.



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