Global Test Market Review: Is It A Survey Scam?

Learn How you can get paid to take surveys at global test market. It's even available in most countries outside the US

Price: Free

Score: 75 Out Of 100

Verdict: Legit

Global Test Market is one of the leading survey sites on the internet they offer great surveys to their members and they are completely free to join. After coming across this opportunity I knew I had to do a review on it because there are a lot of people who use this company.

In this Global Test Market Review we will take a look at how the company works, what I do and don’t like about the company, and other great alternatives to Global Test Market.

How Does Global Test Market Work?

Global Test Market works just like every other pure survey site out there, but for the sake of this review I have broken it down below.Global Test Market Review

1) Join Global Test Market

2) Fill Out Your Profile

3) Wait For Surveys

4) Complete Surveys

5)  Earn Points

6) Exchange Points For Prizes

Global Test Market Review

I gave Global Test Market a 75 Out Of 100, although this company is completely legit I feel like there are much better survey sites out there. I will go over what I did and didn’t like about the company next, but there is a lot of things about Global Test Market that are disadvantages to me so I think your time is better spent on other survey sites.

What I Like

Mobile Ready

One awesome thing about Global Test Market is that they do have a mobile app. The app is a bit limited meaning you can’t do everything you do on the website through it, but it gets the job done for taking surveys on your phone. I think that most people will start taking more surveys on their phone so them having a mobile app is a major plus!

Referral Program

Like most survey sites Global Test Market does offer a Referral Program. This one is a bit different from the norm because instead of earning a percentage of your referrals earnings you just get 20 market points (will cover this in disadvantages) when your referral joins through your link and they complete their profile survey. Honestly I don’t really like this kind of referral program. Id rather it be on a percentage of their earnings for life.

What I Didn’t Like

Stupid Point System

Why do companies do this! The way Global Test Market pays you is in points. You can then exchange these points for gift cards to stores. I have never been a fan of point systems and Global Test Market has one of the worst ones. Usually sites try to make it as easy as possible. Such as 100 points equals $1, but not here. You will find that $5 gift cards range from 210-260 points.

This is a major disadvantage for me because it makes it more confusing than it needs to be. I like to see that I have earned $4.50 not 167 points. It just makes it so much more difficult especially when the point system isn’t set up by 10s or 100s.


Global Test Market offers a lot of different prizes via gift card and they do offer my favorite payment which is PayPal. I am still a little confused on the point system and why some gift cards are more points even though they are the same amount. But I guess you just find what you want and claim that prize every time.

Not Approved For Every Survey

Other than Paid Viewpoint, you are going to have this problem with every survey site. Sometimes you will start a survey fill out a few pages and then be rejected. This is just a waste of time which sucks if you have a limited amount of time to take surveys each day.

Wait For Surveys

Personally this is not a disadvantage, but some people want to be able to log into their account and take as many surveys as they can. Well with Global Test Market this is usually not possible because surveys are sent to you and usually close within 24 hours. Meaning if you don’t take them quickly then you will miss out.

Final Verdict

Global Test Market is 100% legit, but I don’t recommend it because I feel like there are much better survey sites out there. Honestly the best pure survey site out there is Paid Viewpoint without question. I am also more of a fan of sites that offer other ways to make money other than surveys, such as completing offers and tasks. Some examples of these sites are Cash Crate, Swag Bucks, Inbox Dollars.

I am not saying that Global Test Market is a scam or should not be joined, but I do think that the sites listed above are better. You can decide for yourself though because some people really like Global Test Market.

What To Do Now?

Thank you for reading my Global Test Market Review. If  you would like to join and learn more about Global Test Market you can do so through the link below.

Like I said in this review, I think there are a lot of better survey sites out there that I get paid by each and every month. To see these visit Companies That Paid Me Recently or All Scam Free Jobs 

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Thanks again for reading my Global Test Market Review, hopefully you let me help you find the best online job for you by using the links above!

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