Is DietBet A Scam? Can You Really Get Paid To Lose Weight

is dietbet a scamDiet Bet is another site that you can use to bet on your weight loss to earn money. Similar to HealthyWage, Diet Bet is a legitimate way to stay motivated to lose weight.

You probably came to this post looking to learn more DietBet and to see if DietBet is a scam? DietBet is a completely legit website that will actually pay you to lose weight.

If you’re interested in learning more keep on reading I will show you exactly why DietBet is not a scam and how the process works!

How Diet Bet Works

how dietbet worksThe DietBet site works very simply. I’m going to give you a detailed overview of how this all works, but first there are two different types of challenges that you can choose from.

Choose Your DietBet Challenge

There are two types of challenges that DietBet offers the first is called the KickStarter. This is a short 4-week program where you need to lose 4% of your weight. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds at the beginning you need to lose eight pounds in 4 weeks to win this challenge.

dietbet kickstarter

The next type of challenge is the Transformer. This challenge is longer, 6 months and you need to lose 10% of your starting weight to win. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds at the beginning of the challenge you will need to lose 20 pounds in 6 months to win the challenge.

dietbet transformer challenge

Choose a DietBet Game

Within each type of challenge there are many different games to join. All are the same duration of time, but each one has a different wager amount. Anywhere from $10 to $100.

Another thing is that challenges start and end on different days. I recommend choosing one in a time period that you know you can focus on fitness and have time to post your pictures and weight on the required days.

Pay To Join Game

After you choose a game you will be required to pay your wager. Whether you choose a $10 or $100 game the option for payments are the same.

You may pay with any major credit card and there is also an option for PayPal.

Start Date

Whenever you choose your challenge and game you will be shown the day that the game starts. The first day you will be required to do a few things.

The main thing is to set your start weight. To do this you’re going to need to weigh yourself and take a photo either within the Dietbet app or it can be uploaded on the website.

They prefer that it’s a digital scale just to make it easier and they need the picture to be clear.

Along with the picture of your weight, they ask that you snap a few pictures of yourself. These pictures will not be shared, unless you would like to share them yourself.

The reasoning for this is just to compare your before and after pictures to make sure it looks like you lost weight or you will be required to make a video weigh in.

What To Do During Challenge

During the challenge you will be able to update your wait at anytime, to brag to the other people within the challenge. You can also connect with these members and get to know them on your weight loss journey.

You will be encouraged to be active in the community and share your results, but it’s not required.

Of course, the main thing you should be doing during this time is working out, eating correctly and losing weight so you can make your goal and win some cash!

Final Challenge Day

The last day of the challenge will be your final weigh-in day. Basically you repeat the process of the start day, but hopefully on the final day you have reached your goal and feel better about yourself.

You will be required to upload a photo of your weight along with photos of yourself.

Once you have submitted your final weight and photos it’s time to wait and get paid if you met your goal!

Your Winnings

If you did not meet your goal, nothing to wait for. You will not be receiving any money for your time.

If you did meet your goal then you need to wait a few days. Usually, two to let DietBet calculate how many people met the goal within your game.

The pot or all the money bet from members like yourself is then split between all the members that met the goal.

There will be a fee of course taken out for DietBet’s work, but reports show that most people who win will see 1.5 or 2.0 returns on their bet. Meaning if you bet $100 you can expect to win $150 to $200 on average. Some games could earn you more and some less.

Once your winning are calculated they will be available for cash out via PayPal at anytime. Payments usually take within 1 to 3 days, but are usually instant!

What I like about DietBet

Cool Motivation

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this review, I enjoy staying in shape so this website does interest me quite a bit.

You will see later in this post that I actually joined and tried a challenge. I found that it was pretty good motivation to lose weight because I did one of the larger wagers of $100.

For most I think money is a good motivating factor that can drive you to reach your goals, but some might not find this as motivating and I’d say this program isn’t for you.

Plenty Of Reminders

I cover the Smartphone app next, but if you don’t have a smart phone you will be getting email reminders letting you know that it’s time to take pictures and weigh yourself.

I think this is a pretty big deal, we are all busy and even if we have met our goals we sometimes forget about what’s going on. With the smart phone app and email reminders you will always remember to weigh in!

dietbet mobile appSmartPhone App

I know everyone doesn’t have smartphones, but if you do I recommend downloading the DietBet app available within the Apple App Store and Android Store.

This app has all the features you have on the website, but at the convenience of your mobile phone! This makes it a lot easier to upload photos and weight as well!

No Lose Guarantee 

I mentioned earlier in this review that the pot is split between all of the members who met the challenges goal, minus the cut from DietBet for hosting this contest.

But, what happens if everyone meets their goal. That means the pot would be split between everyone and you would actually lose money after DietBet’s cut.

Luckily for you DietBet will forfeit their commission if you’re going to lose money on the deal. This means if you meet the goal you will never walk away with less than your initial investment.

This situation is highly unlikely because most people give up, but it’s good to know that you will never be out money for winning!

My Concerns With DietBet


Of course the main concern with everyone is about people being honest and trying to beat the system. Luckily DietBet does a very good job of finding cheaters and keeping them off their site.

When you weigh in it requires you to take a picture of yourself (this photo is not published) and requires a picture of the scale weight.

All of this information is reviewed by DietBet and if they suspect fishy activity they will require you to make a video weigh in, which shows you getting on the scale and what the scale reads, before they will pay out your earnings.

Is DietBet A Scam?

DietBet is a completely legit scam free site. As long as you play by the rules they will play by the rules too. Of course this site isn’t for everyone, but I think it’s a pretty cool idea and if earning money is a motivation to lose weight then why not join this site.

How To Join DietBet

If you would to join DietBet, you can do so through the link below. DietBet is a very cool site that is completely legit, which you can see from my results above. I highly recommend this site to people because I know they are not going to scam you and it’s good motivation when your money is on the line. At least for people who like to keep their money.

Join Dietbet

Thank you for reading this post on DietBet. DietBet is not a scam and will actually pay you for losing weight. If you have any questions please let me know by leaving comments below and as always please share with your friends!

Please understand that if you don’t have weight to lose, DietBet won’t be for you, check out these other ways to make money from home:

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