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Have you ever wanted to get paid for sharing your opinion online. With a company called Harris Poll you can get paid for taking surveys and giving your opinion.

Harris Poll has been around for a while and is a very trusted company. But although they are trusted I am here to tell you that Harris Poll might not be the very best survey site for you. Harris Poll is completely legit, but I review making money products for a living and have reviewed almost every survey site out there. Although Harris Poll is trusted there are some things that concern me and make other survey sites flat-out better.

In this Harris Poll Review we will take a look at how it works, what concerns I have, and other great survey site alternatives.

Harris Poll Review

I gave Harris Poll an 80 out of 100 and marked it legit, because it is a scam free survey site. There are a few things I like about the company because they have been around for over ten years now, the site is run by Harris Interactive a trusted parent site, and they will pay you your rewards.

But once inside the members area I found a few things that I didn’t like about the company and feel like there are better survey sites for you to use. You can these scam free survey sites here.

There is not enough evidence to mark this company a scam or give them a bad score, I am just saying that if you’re going to join a survey site you might as well join one that is the best or at least top 3. Read on to learn why I think there are better survey sites out there.

Harris Poll Concerns

Point System

I still haven’t figured out why companies do this, but Harris Poll rewards you for taking surveys with points. These points can be exchanged for prizes and donations to charity. I guess the reason companies do this is to make it more confusing and to be able to overcharge you for gift cards, but hey what do I know.

Some companies that have point systems make it easy. 1 point equals 1 cent meaning if you want a $5 gift card you redeem 500 points, but with Harris Poll there really is no value to the point. $5 gift cards range from 600-750 points and $10 gift cards range 1,250 to 1,500. There is also some $20 gift cards that can be redeemed for 800 points.

To me this makes it extremely confusing and not worth your time. I’d rather see how many dollars and cents I have made, not how many points I have and what I can redeem them for.


The rewards within Harris Poll are okay. There is no cash option meaning no PayPal or Check, but there are a few major companies with gift cards available such as Wal-Mart and Amazon.

My favorite would be Amazon because I do a lot of online shopping, but the smallest amount they offer is a $20 amazon gift card. If you want to go after a cheaper $5 gift card you will have to settle for Starbucks or a magazine company.

One Way To Earn

A lot of pure survey sites or sites that only let you earn by taking surveys have changed recently to offering more ways to earn. With the growing popularity of “paid to do” sites or sites that pay you to do a lot of different things like SwagBucks, most Pure Survey sites have switched to this method.

Personally I like the “paid to do” format because it gives you endless ways to earn and you could earn all day and never run out of things to do.

Final Verdict

I gave Harris Poll a pretty good score and marked it legit, but I don’t recommend you joining this company. I think that Harris Poll is lacking to other survey sites because of the point system, lacking and screwy rewards system, and only offering surveys as a way to earn.

Don’t get me wrong I am not against paid survey sites or sites that offer surveys as the only way to earn. Actually my highest ranked survey site, Paid Viewpoint is a pure survey site and doesn’t offer any other ways to earn.

Harris Poll is a decent survey site to join, if you’re already a member don’t worry you joined a completely scam free site, but you may want to check out my highest ranking survey sites here. Like Paid Viewpoint, Cash Crate, and SwagBucks.

What To Do Now?

If you would like to learn more about Harris Poll visit I do not recommend joining this company, but please keep in mind I am not against survey sites in general. There are a few that I really like and get paid by each month. To see these great survey sites visit All Approves Survey Sites or Companies That Paid Me Recently.

Harris Poll and other survey sites are supplemental income opportunities, which means they can help you earn a few extra bucks each month. I earn anywhere from $100-$250 a month from these type of opportunities, but if you would like to see how I make 95% of my online income visit Start Your Own Online Business. It really is the best way to make a full-time income online.

Thank you for reading this Harris Poll Review. Hopefully you will let me help you start making money online by clicking the links above to other great survey sites.

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