MySurvey Review: Is It A Scam Or Legitimate Survey Site?

Is MySurvey A Legitimate Paid Survey Site or Is It Scamming Its Members? You can find out in my reviewWebsite:

Price: Free

Score: 80 Out Of 100

Verdict: Legit

Welcome to my MySurvey Review. In this review we will take a closer look at MySurvey, show you how it works, what I do and don’t like about the company, and decide if MySurvey is a scam.

My Survey is a survey site that pays you for giving your opinion. It’s a relatively new site, but does have a decent track record for the length of its life. It has a very similar design to a few other survey sites I have reviewed and it basically works the same as Global Test Market. Both of these companies have similar scores and are legit, but are not the sites I recommend joining and I will tell you exactly why in this MySurvey Review.

How MySurvey Works?

1) Join MySurveymy survey review

2) Complete Your Profile

3) Wait For Surveys To Your Email

4) Complete Surveys (also can earn by taking polls)

5) Earn Points

6) Cash Out Points For Cash

MySurvey Review

I gave My Survey an 80 Out Of 100 and marked it legit, but honestly I do not recommend joining this survey site as your first, not even third option. This company will pay you, but I feel like there are too many other great survey sites out there that you can join before you should join My survey.

If you are already a member of My Survey don’t worry the program is legit, but you may want to take a look at my Top Survey Site List, because these sites really are better than My Survey. Continue reading on to learn why I don’t recommend joining My Survey and why other sites are better.

What I Liked

Mobile Ready

One thing that I really like about My Survey is they have a great mobile app. More and more companies are coming out with apps because people are starting to use their smart phones for everything and it’s the only way to keep up with the times. The My Survey app is pretty good. It lets you easily take surveys and almost all the features on the website are accessible through the app.

Cash Options & Payments

Although My Survey only offers gift cards they do offer PayPal gift cards which is the only cash option. This basically the same thing as getting paid by PayPal so this is a major advantage. The minimum cash out amount is $10.00, and all $10 gift cards are different point values which I cover in the next section.

What I Don’t Like

Point System

I hate survey sites that use point systems, especially ones that have weird amounts for points. You would think they could make it easy, 1 point equals 1 cent. But not My Survey, $10 gift cards range from 1100-1200 points. I guess they use a point system to get away with making you pay more than $10 in points for a $10 gift card.

Sweep Stakes

My Survey has monthly sweep stakes which is fine, but I don’t like how that some surveys only pay you in sweep stakes entries. If you are really lucky you might like this, but I am not so I want to get paid in points/cash for taking surveys. Also the only other way to earn with My Survey is with Polls. These polls only pay in Sweep Stakes entries.

Refer A Friend

My Survey does offer a referral program. It is great they offer the program, but I am not a huge fan of how it’s set up. Instead of earning a percentage of the points your referrals earn, you earn 150 points per each referral you have that confirms their email and takes a survey.

Luckily it does pay a good amount of points for referring others and if you refer 10 friends you could have enough points for a $10 gift card.

Final Verdict

My Survey is completely legit and will pay you for your earnings, but I do not recommend joining My Survey first. I feel like there are other survey sites out there that are just better than my survey. Some of the best surveys sites are Paid Viewpoint, Cash Crate, and Inbox Dollars.

With survey sites you usually need to combine a few different opportunities to make a good income online anyways so check out all my scam free survey sites.

What To Do Now

Thank you for reading my My Survey Review. As I said before I do not recommend joining My Survey first, I think there are better survey sites out there for you to try first. I have put together a few lists of survey sites I recommend, these can be seen at Companies That Paid Me Recently and All Scam Free Jobs.

Survey sites are supplementary income opportunities which means they need to be combined with other sites to make a good deal of money online. If you would like to learn how you can make more money with Affiliate Marketing, take a look at Start Your Own Online Business.

Thank you again for reading this My Survey review. Hopefully you let me help you make money online by taking advantage of the links above.

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