Wealthy Affiliate Review: My Updated 2023 Review

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If you’ve been on my blog at all, you’ve seen me mention My #1 Recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a website building training course and community that I joined in 2013. Since I’ve joined I’ve created several successful websites and last month I made over $13,000 with the information I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re on this page, I have news for you, you’ve officially stopped wasting your time trying to make money online. You’ve finally found a legitimate way to make REAL money online.

So before I get started, here’s what you won’t be doing:

  • Taking Surveys Only To Be Told You Do Not Qualify
  • Visiting Websites, Watching Videos, Completing Tasks to only earn $.005
  • Searching For High Paying Jobs That Either Don’t Exist or Won’t Hire You
  • Watching a Loser on a Convertible That He Rented Telling You He Found The Next New System To Earn Hundreds of Thousands Online

Below I’ll show you a proven way to make a Real income online. It’s not easy, but if you follow the training and put in the work. You will see results!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewSite: Wealthy Affiliate

Type: Website Building

Score: 98 out of 100

Verdict: Legitimate!


Proof Wealthy Affiliate Works!

Before I dive into the details of what Wealthy Affiliate teaches and the memberships, I’d like to show you proof that if you join Wealthy Affiliate, work through the training, and apply what you learn you will make money!

Below are some screenshots of some of my affiliate incomes:

payment proof

payment proof

payment proof

payment proof

payment proof

You’re probably wondering how I make commissions like this. I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free and worked through the training. I then went premium and worked through all of the available training. If I had questions, I asked for help inside the community. I applied what I learned to my website and put in the work to make it happen.

Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free To Start Your Journey To Huge Commissions!

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach?

Wealthy Affiliate is a blogging and website building training course that teaches you how to create a website, how to get traffic, and how to make money. Below is the process Wealthy Affiliate will teach you:

wealthy affiliate making money process

Step 1: Choose an Interest

The first step is to choose an interest. You can pick any interest and build a profitable website about it. Find something you’re passionate about and move on to step two.

Step 2: Build a Website

Once you choose an interest you’re passionate about, it’s time to build a website, but don’t worry it’s as easy as four steps if you use the Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder.

Step 3: Attract Visitors

Once you have a website, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to create content to drive free traffic to your website. The key to income is traffic, and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you several ways to drive traffic to your website.

Step 4: Earn Revenue

There’re several ways to earn money with a website, but Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to find, join, and make money with affiliate programs.

Get Started For Free

Wealthy Affiliate Main Benefits


Wealthy Affiliate has two training courses, Certification Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp. Below I’ll cover the training in detail and why the training at Wealthy Affiliate is top notch!

wealthy affiliate training

Level 1 Getting Started

The Getting Started level includes 10 lessons. It includes the process of building and making money with a website, so you have an understanding of the entire process. In this section, you’ll learn about niches, how to build your website for free at Wealthy Affiliate, how to find keywords, and how to start creating you first content.

Level 2 Buiding Traffic Producing Website

Level 2 is probably the most important training that teaches you how to drive traffic to your website. In this section, you’ll learn about creating more content and how to drive free traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing to your website.

Level 3 Making Money

Of course, this is everyone’s favorite section. This section covers the process of making money with a website in great detail. You’ll learn about making money with affiliate programs and ad revenue.

Level 4 Mastering Social Engagement

So far the training has focused on driving free traffic to your website through Search Engines. In level four you’ll learn how to drive free traffic to your website with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and Pinterest!

Level 5 Maximum Success

Level 5 is all about scaling your business. At this point you have a great understanding of the process and what it takes to get traffic and earn money. In this section, you’ll learn essential information on how to continue your success, drive more traffic to your site, and earn more money!

Why Is The Training Great?

Video and Text Lessons

wealthy affiliate review

Every lesson inside the Wealthy Affiliate training contains a step by step text and video explanation. If you’re a visual learner, you can follow along with the video to complete steps, if you’d rather read you have the option to follow along with step by step text explanation.

Complete Exact Tasks

wealthy affiliate

Each lesson inside the Wealthy Affiliate training has 3-5 exact steps you need to complete to move on to the next lesson. This helps you stay on track and achieve exactly what you need to know or do before you move on.

Easy To Follow and Keep Up

wealthyaffiliate review

As mentioned, the Wealthy Affiliate training has tasks in every lesson. The training is incredibly easy to follow, and the built in task system can help you stay on track and up to date on what training you’ve completed and what’s next!

Start The Training Now For Free



Besides the training, Wealthy Affiliate has a community of 1,000s of members that are eager to help. If you’ve ever purchased a make money online product, you’ve probably needed help with some portion of the training. Some products have Facebook groups or maybe just email support. With Wealthy Affiliate, you have a support community built in.

Along with other members, you also have direct access to Kyle & Carson (the owners of Wealthy Affiliate,) plus direct support from me!

If you ever have a question about the training just ask it. You’ll get several responses from members with advice or a solution.

Here’s an example of a question I asked when I first joined that received 32 responses!

wealthy affiliate reveiws

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The Wealthy Affiliate community is here to help you succeed. With Wealthy Affiliate you’ll never get stuck waiting to hear back from support, you’ll have the answer within minutes from the community!

Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free

Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free!

One of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate is they let you join for completely free with no credit card. They know that the training and community are so good they’ll give you access and let you decide that yourself!

Below I’ll explain exactly what you get as a free member and the benefits of joining.

Access To Level 1 Training

As a free starter member, you get to “test drive” the Wealthy Affiliate training. You’ll have access to the level 1 training of the certification course and the Affiliate Bootcamp where you’ll learn the process of creating a website, driving traffic to your site, and how to make money with your website. Inside this training, you’ll learn how to start your very first website too!

Access To The Community (7 Days)

As a free starter member, you’ll have complete unlimited access to the Wealthy Affiliate community for seven days, including Kyle and Carson (the owners of wealthy affiliate,) plus direct access to me. If you have any questions about the process or training, you can get immediate feedback from all of us in the Wealthy Affiliate community.


Gain access to the powerful Wealthy Affiliate SiteBuilder that lets you create a website in 4 easy steps in under one minute. You’ll use this tool to start your very own website.

2 Free Websites

As a starter member, you’ll get two free websites and free website hosting. Use your free sites to work through the training and apply what you learn. Soon you’ll be driving traffic to your site and making money!

Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free

I highly recommend anyone that’s interested in creating a website and making money online to try the free membership. I know it’s well worth it and I think you’ll find it’s the perfect place to learn. If not, you’re not out any money!

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

I’ve covered the Free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate, which I highly recommend, but I’d also like to cover all the advantages of the Premium Membership.

Of course, the paid membership includes all of the great features of the free membership, but also some useful tools. Here’s what you get:

Unlimited Access To Training

As a premium member, you’ll gain access to all levels of training in the Certification Course and Affiliate Bootcamp. Use the Certification Course to build a niche website that you’re passionate about or use the Affiliate Bootcamp to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Each course targets a specific type of website, but either one teaches you everything you need to know to build a website, drive traffic, and make money!

wealthy affiliate training

wealthy affiliate review

Pick which course is right for you and work through all the training. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to build a profitable online business!

Unlimited Community Access

One of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate is the helpful community. I’ve already covered the power of the community, but here’re some things you can do when you have full access to the community!

Ask Questions About Training

Not sure exactly what the training means? Ask a question directly below the training and get answers from members and the owners Kyle and Carson!

wealthy affiliate review 2017

Write Posts Sharing Ideas/Questions/or Success

You don’t have to be asking questions to take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate community. Feel free share your ideas and even your success by writing blog posts. Let other Wealthy Affiliate members give you feedback and bounce ideas off each other!

wealthy affiliate review wealthy affiliate review

Don’t be shy; the community is more than just asking questions. Build a relationship with other website owners and share your success with them!

Unlimited Access To Classrooms

Apart from the Wealthy Affiliate training, they have classrooms that focus on specific areas of building a website, driving traffic, and making money.

You can use these classrooms to find member created training, share ideas, and ask questions.

wealthy affiliate reviews classrooms

Use the Wealthy Affiliate classrooms to find and ask specific questions about parts of your online business!

Wealthy Affiliate SiteBuilder

One of the biggest issues for beginners is starting and building a website. At Wealthy Affiliate, they have an easy SiteBuilder that lets you create a website in 4 steps in under a minute.

wealthy affiliate review sitebuilder

When you build your website using the SiteBuilder, it comes pre-installed with WordPress and some essential tools you’ll need to succeed!

Free Unlimted Website Hosting!

Before your website is visible in the online world, you need hosting. The cheaper hosting providers offer plans from $5-$10 a month per website. With Wealthy Affiliate, hosting is included in your monthly membership. Not only do you get free hosting, but you get free hosting for an unlimited amount of websites.

wealthy affiliate review hosting

When you host your website for free at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have easy access to your website plus some of the best hosting available.

Keyword Research Tool

What’s the key to ranking in search engines and receiving tons of free traffic? The answer is keyword research. Wealthy Affiliate has an easy to use keyword research tool you can use to find the best keywords for you to target.

Don’t worry, Wealthy Affiliate has several lessons and a classroom devoted to keyword research!

wealthy affiliate review keyword tool

Use the Free Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool to find great keywords to target and see traffic flood your site!

Content Builder

Sometimes creating content in WordPress is difficult for new members, but don’t worry, Wealthy Affiliate has an easy to use Content Builder that lets you create content from scratch or from a template and directly upload it to your website!

wealthy affiliate review content builder

The Content Builder is an easy way to publish content. They even let you choose goals that can help you stay motivated while creating content for your website!

Site Comments

Are you struggling to get visitors to leave comments on your site? With the Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments tool, you can solve your no comments issue.

The truth is search engines love to see content with tons of user engagement (comments, shares, etc.) You can use the site comments tool to jump start your search rankings driving more traffic and earning you more money!

the wealthy affiliate review sitecomments

Use the Site Comments tools to receive comments on any post or page on your website and watch your ranking improve!

Site Feedback

If you ever want to know what other members think of your site, it’s easy with Wealthy Affiliate Site Feedback.

wealthy affiliate review sitefeedback

You can easily type in any URL of your website and get instant feedback on content, design, layout, media, or anything you want. Finding out how others feel about your website is a very powerful tool that can help improve conversions and help you earn more!

How Much Does Premium Cost?

Anyone can join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member to test drive the training and community, to unlock all of the amazing features you can join or upgrade to premium.

Here’re the premium membership options:

1st Month of Premium: $19

Monthly Premium Membership: $49

Yearly Premium Membership: $359 (Save $200) 

The premium membership has so many great benefits and tools; it’s a no-brainer to upgrade if you really want to build a profitable website. Wealthy Affiliate offers a few different payment options and offers a discount for the first month!

Go Premium For $19!

Join Wealthy Affiliate!

Now that you know all about Wealthy Affiliate and all of its amazing features, It’s time to join. Of course, you can join for completely free and test drive the training and community, or you can join as a premium member and unlock all of the amazing training and features. Here’s a comparison of the two membership levels to help you decide:

Free Starter Membership

  • Access to level 1 Certification Course
  • Access to Level 1 Affiliate Bootcamp
  • 7 Days of Community Access
  • Wealthy Affiliate SiteBuilder
  • Two Free Websites

Join As A Free Member!

Premium Membership

  • Access To All 5 Levels of Certification Course
  • Access To All 7 Levels of the Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Unlimited Community Access
  • Wealthy Affiliate SiteBuilder
  • Unlimited Free Website Hosting
  • Keyword Tool
  • Rapid Writer
  • Site Content
  • Site Comments
  • Site Feedback

Join As Premium For $19!


As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. You have direct access to me at any time inside the Wealthy Affiliate community. If you have ANY questions, please reach out to me inside the community. I’m here to help you make money online, so don’t be shy!

Within a few minutes of joining I’ll send you a welcome message with some key tips to get started off on the right foot!



Do you have questions about this Wealthy Affiliate review? Feel free to ask them or share your experience in the comments below!

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156 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review: My Updated 2023 Review”

    • Hi Hamzah,

      Yes, you can join for free and go premium if you choose to. WA will teach you how to join affiliate programs, and you can join ones that make sense to where you live and how you can get paid. At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to build your own website, drive traffic to your site, and make money through other affiliate programs.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  1. Hello,
    I tried signing up for wealthy affiliate from Nigeria but I was rejected due to my location.
    What can I do to be part?

  2. Hi Brok,

    I have read and love this review. I am a Ugandan and working with an organization that requires 8 full hours of my daily time. Aside from this, I would love to make some extra money on the side, however, looking at the time at my disposal vs the number of days given for the free trial, how best would you advise I go about with the certificate courses and do you think I can accomplish all these courses given my schedule?

    • Hey Jonathan,

      You will still have access to the free training after the free trial, you just don’t have access to the community to answer questions, but you can always jump here to my site and ask.

      With that being said I feel like the most important step is just getting started, I’d sign up for free and work through as much training as you can so you can atleast get a feel for how it all works.

      Look forward to seeing you inside WA.


  3. Hi Brok
    This whole thing sounds too good to be true. I believe in hard work instead of easy money. I’m crazy about bartending, cooking, homemade cosmetic product and traveling. Recently I came up with the idea of blogging about them. And I actually saw your ad on Pinterest while I was searching for ideas. I’m new to this whole thing and I really wish to have a great start and eventually can live a quality life doing what I love. Any suggestions for me ? Anything would be great help.

    • Thanks for reading Marcus.

      If you believe in hard work instead of easy money, Wealthy Affiliate is 100% for you. This is not an easy thing to do.

      It requires learning how it all works and then creating content which takes time.

      This is also not a method that will give you income overnight so you’ll have to be patient and work on your site when no money is coming in.

      All of your interests would make great niche ideas. As long as you’re passionate about it, it’s a good niche.

      Hope to see you inside WA!


  4. Hello Brok,

    This program sounds great, but I am not clear what happens after the first two free weeks. Do you put up your card information when you start the schooling for the first free two weeks. After the first two weeks do you get a bill for the next month membership? Is there a contract? If a person does not get it together and starts making money, or gets ill and can’t do the work it takes, how does the person stop the payment obligation? How are the payments made and collected.

    As I understand, this will take lots of work and time to build sites and drive customers to the sites, while paying a monthly or a discounted yearly fee, until my business evolves and I start making money. When you drive customers to one of my sites what service or information would they be paying for?

    The main thing I am hesitant about is picking out a subject I am passionate about. I read where the first free education helps you figure this out, but that brings such a blank on what I would be posting, writing, or selling? Is there something being sold on the sites?

    I am just trying to understand what happens and how.

    Thank you for reading my inquiries.


    • Hey Marjorie,

      All great questions. So you can join WA for free without putting in your card information. You can stay a free member for as long as you like, all without putting in your card information or getting billed.

      If you decide to go premium, that is when you would enter your payment information, so if you decide to stay a free member, you’ve never given your payment information and will never be billed.

      Once you go premium, billing all depends on what you pay for originally. If you pay the monthly fee, you’ll get billed monthly with the option to “go yearly” for a discount at anytime.

      If you pay for a year originally you’ll get billed annually. In your account settings you can delay payments or cancel payments at anytime, without deleting your account.

      Finding your niche is something that we can 100% work through. The first question I like to start off with is what are your hobbies and interest? Even if nothing comes to mind when you think of things you’re passionate about, it’s easier to start with what are some things you like and enjoy and then you should quickly weed out things you know you wouldn’t want your site about.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and hope to see you inside WA.


  5. Hi Brok,
    I missed one question.

    How much will it cost me to be a full member of WA?

    Any monthly subscription?

    Thank you.

    • Hey Favour,

      The first month is $19. $49 after that and can pay yearly for a large discount.

      It’s a monthly fee because it has website hosting along with other tools included.


  6. Hi Brok,

    I am a novice living in nigeria. Can i be a member of WA from nigeria?

    I do not have a website, i don’t know how to design yet. Must i have one before i join WA?
    How do i choose a niche?

    Thank you.

    • Sometimes it won’t let you sign up for a free account, but most of the time it will!

      The free training covers how to build a website and choose a niche. That’s actually all covered in the first 4 free lessons.


  7. Hi, Brok,

    Thank you so much for the concise review of WA…and thank you for the article/suggestions on side hustles. My student loans have increased (again), and I am really working towards making enough from home to keep up with the payments. I’m already doing surveys, and passive income, as well as small tasks/gigs online. I’d really love to be able to start a blog, and join WA, but I can’t think of anything that hasn’t already been done! I’m crafty, but there are literally thousands of craft blogs…I’m a professional chef, but there are even more food blogs out there…I’m a parent, but again, tons of blogs out there for parents. So my questions (if you’ve read this far, I thank you) are these: #1 -Will WA help me refine my blog ideas down to offer something unique? And #2 -Does my success as a blogger rely upon me recruiting others to WA; is WA an MLM, or does my success rest on my own efforts?


    • Thanks for reading Teresa and glad you enjoyed the review. Great questions by the way!

      1) If you can find something new to blog about congrats, but as soon as you have any success, there will be 10, 20, 50 other blogs about the same topic. Making money with a blog isn’t about finding a new idea it’s about finding something you’re passionate about and making a blog that represents you. There are enough people online that there can be thousands of successful blogs in each niche, so I wouldn’t worry about finding a niche that is new, only something that you’re passionate about.

      The first few lessons at WA (which you can access for free) are all about choosing a niche and specifically finding a very narrow specific niche (helps you rank well and drive free traffic from Google.)

      I will say you have 1 on 1 support from me and thousands of other WA members that are happy to help.

      To give you an idea, instead of your niche being about food or about parenting, let’s get more specific. Just off the top of my head, there probably isn’t a ton of “professional” chefs out there looking for blogs about cooking for their kids. But there are a ton of “inspiring” chefs that are looking for information about cooking and more specifically cooking as a busy parent for their kids.

      This type of thinking is what we are trying to do to come up with a very narrow specific niche that is perfect for you.

      2) WA has its own affiliate program. If you decided to promote WA you can earn commissions if readers join. So WA is a blogging training course, community, and does have it’s own “affiliate program.”

      When I and when most people think of MLMs it’s where you earn for referring someone and then you also earn for everyone that they refer, which is not the case with WA. I earn a commission on the people I refer and if you choose to promote WA you earn commissions and I don’t earn a cent other than from you being a member. The reason MLMs have a bad name is that the whole key to the business is getting more people to join under you and the products that were created for the MLM in the first place become irrelevant because that’s not where the money is.

      As mentioned WA is not a MLM.

      Hope this helps and hope to see you inside WA.


  8. I just started my blog – But I am overwhelmed with all internet info about the way I should be driving traffic to my website. Is there a source which tells me what to do next. And while you are at it, is there any way for you to check my website and give me some feedback? Thank you. Definitely appreciate all the info on this blog.

    • Hey there Smitha,

      Thanks for reading, so based on your niche you’re key to traffic is going to be Pinterest. I see that you do not have a link to your Pinterest account on your site so I’m assuming you’re not promoting your content there, which you need to start right away.

      With that being said some SEO to get organic search traffic coming in is also a great option in your niche. Most people in the cooking niche just focus on Pinterest and don’t have the skills to rank well in search engines for recipes.

      I highly recommend signing up for Wealthy Affiliate because it will give you the skills you need to rank well on Google, and drive free traffic to your site in your niche.

      When you join you get 1 on 1 support from me. I happen to have a lot of experience with Pinterest and get a few thousand visitors a day from it. I can give you an action plan to start driving free traffic to your site via Pinterest.

      Overall site looks great so far, now it’s time to get some visitors so you can start making money!

      Once you join let me know that you’d like to learn more about Pinterest and I’ll get you started.

      Talk soon,


    • Thanks for reading Vis, and no I’m not fake (I wish I was because I’m currently stranded in an airport and have been here for 12 hours :(, and Wealthy Affiliate is real opportunity, but please understand that it’s not easy.

      WA is going to teach you exactly how to drive traffic to your website and how to make money with affiliate marketing.

      In no way is it too good to be true other than that WA doesn’t promise any huge hype (make $1,000 a day starting today and BS like that.) If you follow the training and apply what you learn it will work but it’s not going to be an instant income.

      If you decide to join WA I will welcome you shortly, once you join you have 1 on 1 support from me. You can ask me questions at any time along with 1,000s of others that make money with their own website.

      Hope to see you inside!


      • Hi Broke! It’s me Mario
        Thanks for being honest with me,I appreciate your suggestions I believe they I will achieve something,if I joined wealthy affiliate program courses.I need time to create website,but no I want to earn from small tasks only.

  9. Hi Brok, your review was thorough. I have never heard of WA but with your review I’m hoping to give it a try. Hoping for the best. One quick question, how many hours do you recommend especially if one has a full time job?


    • Hey Veronica,

      Thanks for reading and I know you’ll enjoy WA and learn a lot.

      At the beginning, you’ll be learning and applying what you learn to your free website. If you currently have a full-time job do my advice is to do as much as you can, but don’t over do it.

      When you first join, it’s extremely exciting and you’ll be all about learning, which is great so spend as much time learning as you can.

      In general I recommend an hour a day if you can make that happen, while in the learning stage.

      If you find that you have more time, by all means spend as much time learning as possible.

      Once you get through the training, most of your time should be spent creating content. At that point based on how much time you have you can decide how frequently you’re going to publish content. But that’s a ways away. Once you’re inside WA I’ll contact you right away and we can discuss a content publishing schedule once you get to that point.

      Don’t be afraid to reach out inside WA, I’m here to help!


  10. Hi Brok, I really enjoyed reading your website, very clear, concise and held my attention. You provided thorough detail of the business plan step by step with examples and screenshots. You let the online world know this a very real and lucrative online business and not one those get rich quick schemes. Anybody and everybody can start for free, now who doesn’t like free with no strings attached. Thank you for sharing .


    • Thanks for reading Virginia! Hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate to see if it’s right for you. 

      I’ll send you a welcome message a few minutes after joining and if you need anything feel free to reach out to me inside the community!


  11. Hi Brok! Lovely WA review! WA is indeed the right stuff online. There are many pros related to Wa. It is not a get-quick-rich-scheme! it is a real online marketing and affiliate marketing university and program! But, you know that already! I am a premium member and have learned a lot so far about many topics you need to start and build online authority and your own online business! I hope I will be able in the future to reach your level. Congrats on your success and thanks for sharing it!Best regards. Igor Stay well, market better, convert best!

  12. Thanks for making a genuine review on wealthy affiliate I for one wouldn’t have believed all what you have said if I wasn’t on wealthy affiliate myself the only site I had doubts about and ended up loving it not only did they encourage me to make money from things I love they also gave me financial freedom.

  13. hello Brok,

    Q1-Does any one can have the free access to wealthy affiliate? and get the 61%  discount for first month?

    Q2-so what is capacity of the free website for the starter? does free website accept comments or not? 

    Q3-How long you get this earning and how much time you spend every day working?

    thanks for your honest review.

    • Thanks for reading and great questions. 

      Q1: The free membership is available to anyone (except for a few countries) but pretty much anyone can join and work through the free training and start two free websites. 

      Q2: The free website is just like any wordpress site. You can change the theme, post content, include images/videos, get comments, install plugins, and do everything you can on WordPress. The free theme URL is the only difference. It’s a site, which is perfect while you learn how to create websites, content, etc. Also if you decide blogging is right for you, you can easily transfer this site to your own URL without losing anything that you’ve done in the past. 

      Q3: I’m assuming your asking about my earnings. I started this blog in 2013 so 5 years ago and made over $83,000 this year but it takes time to build up. I was able to earn money within the first three months and was making around $100 a month in the first year. There was a bit of growth in year two, but in year 3 is when I started to take it serious and really put in the work. In year three went from making $500 a month to over $3,000. I’ve continued to work and grow from there. 

      It’s not easy but WA will give you the skills you need, you just have to keep working to make it happen. 


        • Hi Dora,

          The screenshots/income talked about in this post are from several different affiliate programs. It’s completely up to you what products you promote and affiliate programs you join. Depending on your niche, you might have several options or just a few.

          Thanks for reading

  14. This is very good review of Wealthy affiliate and I can attest  to you that this is one place you are guaranteed of making money if you work hard. You have provided us with very  good information on how we can join this great platform.  Having seen by my self that this works i would recommend that everyone should join wealthy affiliate. 

  15. I will say it again and again. I still haven’t found another platform that is so fully featured like WA by offering hosting, training, community, support and writing tools all in one package and for a spectacular price. But WA is just the necessary tools for success. It’s the user that has to put the time and dedication in order to succeed. WA provides everything needed. It is up to us to take advantage of it.

    • Thanks for reading Stratos and you’re completely right. WA is handing you the information and tools you need to make money online, it’s up to you to make it happen. 

      The community will be there if you ever need help, but if you don’t do the work you’ll never succeed. This is a big problem when it comes to making money online, because people are looking for a way to earn a huge income without any work, and that’s how you end up getting scammed!

      Earning a huge online income with a flexible schedule is 100% possible, but it’s going to take months if not years of hard work to get to that point. 


  16. I am 100% your idea and your Blog. I love WA and it is the first time it is actually really really easy to comment on someone blog saying how well written and true it is. The program is simply fantastic and I have never felt so much backed up and push to do well in my life as I have felt since I joined WA. Thank you very much for sharing and promoting this great program!

  17. This article is very inspiring to me. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2014 but just recently started taking it seriously.  I now have a really nice website built that I am currently adding quality content. Since taking this training serious my income has grown substantially.  Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best training I’ve seen online to date. 

  18. Made over $13,000 last month? That’s epic. I can’t wait until I get to that point. How long did it take you to get through the training? As a new stay at home mom I went through it quickly while my baby was napping and holding her. But I imagine it takes longer when working full time. The training available to free members I got through in a day and a half. The rest of it took longer, but I was done in under a month.

    • Hey Nicole, 

      I followed the training word for word pretty much and made sure to complete all of the action steps at the end of each lesson. Which includes creating content and reviews as you work through the training. 

      So it took me about two months to work through the main training. I still go back and find new training made my other community members all the time, which is what I recommend to anyone that’s still new but has completed the main training. 

      Glad to hear you’re already at WA and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me inside WA!


  19. I recently quit my internet marketing training as I was paying through the nose for my monthly membership, and their tutorials were very confusing and jargon-filled. 

    I see that this Wealthy Affiliate option actually has a free starter system where I can learn the basics of marketing online – how effective would you say this free training is?

    • Hey Chris, 

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate lets you try for free and work through the first 10 lessons and have access to the community in that time frame. 

      The free training is super effective. First you’ll learn how the money making process works and what you’ll need to do to make money online with a website and affiliate marketing. 

      The rest of the free training will take you through creating your first website, getting it set up, and how to create content for your website, which really is the key to the whole money making process. Because content is what brings in traffic, which you’ll need to make any money.

      Wealthy Affiliate focuses on bringing in free traffic from Google, which is one of the best ways to get traffic for your website. 

      Hopefully that answers your question and if you have any other questions please let me know. 

      Hope to see you inside WA. 


  20. Hello Brok,

    I have enjoyed reading your WA review and I want to be able to learn how to create a blog and how this blog can help me make an extra income…
    I am looking for a way to make an income anywhere and everywhere with my own pace!!!
    I will definitely look into the Free membership first and see how it got for me..

    Thanks for the inspiring information!!


    • Thanks for reading Veronica!

      WA sounds like a perfect option for you. It won’t be an instant income and there’s a lot to learn and hard work to put in but if you do it the training at WA WORKS!

      Can’t wait to connect inside.


  21. Hey Brok!
    Jus wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading your posts. Your articles are very well written. This one especially. I even read through most of the comments! (Which I rarely do on any website!)
    I’ve been a member of WA for quite some time now but I’ve not really spent much time on the platform. I’ve been meaning to get more involved but for one reason or another I haven’t yet. Now thanks to this post I’m convinced that WA is where I need to devote my time so I can finally get my business started! Thank you for writing this!
    Keep up the great work! You’re very inspiring!

    Amanda S.

    • Thank you for reading and for the kind words Amanda!

      Glad you enjoyed the post and yes get back at it. If you put in the hard work the training at WA will work.

      It won’t be easy but if you need any help don’t be afraid to reach out to me or the community, we are here to help!


  22. Hi Brok,

    I have read your reviews on WA and it certainly has a lot of useful and in-depth information. However, I have a few questions. First, I am from Malaysia. Does the free membership apply here? Second, you mentioned that for a free membership, a free member can only access to level 1 of the certification course and that is ‘Getting Started’. If a free member not able to proceed to learn the rest of the levels, how are we gonna know how to build traffic? Thanks

    • Thanks for reading Rosemary.

      Unfortunately, some countries don’t have access to the free membership but occasionally it will work. The best thing to do is try to sign up for free, it just takes a few seconds.

      That’s correct you’ll have access to the level 1 course, which takes you through how the whole process works, has you create a website, has you create your first content, and gives you the skills you need to do keyword research for your content. Which really is the key to building traffic.

      Yes there’s much more to learn and future lessons will dive deeper into all of the topics covered in the free training, but the free training will give you a ton of useful information about the basics of how making money with a website works.


  23. Thanks for your your review, you have great suggestions. I’ve been to this page twice before thinking and considering the idea. I finally made up my mind to join today with your link but was told that I cannot join because my country isn’t listed. Is there any way around this?

    I joined two survey sites using your link but I’m having issues with one. Could you send me a mail? I’d like to talk to you

  24. You say you have been doing it for some year’s, but the logo of the wealthy affiliate show registeration year as 2017. You people are all liar’s and scamsters.

    • Hey Amir,

      Thanks for reading and commenting but the claims you’re making are not true. Here’s a screenshot of my WA account. (Links to an image will open in new tab)

      As you can see I’ve been a member since November 2013. I started FullTimeJobFromHome in December of 2013. There’s also a screenshot on this page where it says my website was created December 6th 2017, but I switched to a different hosting (HostGator, Not Recommended) in January of 2015 and came back to the free hosting at WA in December of 2015.

      The screenshots from this review were taken when I wrote this review, not when I joined, so if there are any other dates that don’t add up just let me know and I’d be happy to explain why.

      Thanks again for reading, if you have any questions please let me know!


  25. Hi Brok

    Thank you for sharing this great opportunity with us.

    Don’t have enough money now, if I start as a free member now will I be able to make money that will help me upgrade to premium membership and how long?

    • Hey Amaka!

      No worries on not having the money to go premium at this time.

      You can join now as a free member and start two free websites. The free membership is for life so you can stay a free member forever and still have access to your websites and level one training.

      If you decide to go premium you unlock the rest of the training, tools, community, and free website hosting.

      If you have any questions let me know, once you join as a free member I’ll send you a welcome message and you can contact me directly inside WA.

      Talk soon,


  26. Hi Brok,

    Thanks for sharing this review, creating a business as definety been on my to do list and Wealthy Affiliate looks like a cracking platform to do that with.

    I like how you have shown your own income proofs however how long did it take you before you started making money and can I expect those kind of results if I start today with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Apart from that it does sound good and all of the features and tools you mentioned makes it sound even better and worth your money.

    Thanks again and I’ll try and check it out when I get the time,


    • Thanks for reading Josh. 

      So I started this blog back in 2013 and started making an income within a few months. 

      It’s possible to make money before than but I always say at least a month before any income comes in. 

      To make a full-time income at least 6 months to a year if you put a lot of time into it. If it’s just a side income/hobby it could take a few years to build up to a full-time income. 

      Hope this helps answer your questions. 


  27. Hi Brok,

    This is a real great Review of Wealthy Affiliate and I am behind it 100%

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 4 years and there is nothing I cannot confirm what you have written about it.

    In my case, and I know this may sound a bit silly, I actually have also increased my Offline business with more traffic.

    I am in the alternative Health/ Wellness business and due to clients knowing of my website and sharing it with their families and friends I also increased my workload,

    I couldn’t have done without Wealthy Affiliate and it’s courses and training and the awesome community!

    • Thanks for reading and sharing Sylvia and you’re 100% right. 

      Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to drive traffic to your website, which can be helpful in any many areas just not with your own blog. 

      As you said, driving traffic to an offline business website is a possibility and I know of several members who build websites for offline businesses to make an income. 

      What you learn at WA has a ton of ways you can earn an income. 

      Thanks again for sharing. 


  28. Hi Brok,
    Thanks so much for this in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate. I found your website so engaging, I’m going to print it out for reference! I’ve been a member for not quite a month and already see that the training is amazing and the support opportunities are phenomenal. Thank you for reminding of all the great features of WA and the encouragement to keep on with the training and followup.

    • Thanks for reading Sharon and awesome to hear you’re already a WA member! Keep on working and you’ll see results. If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask the community really is there to help!


  29. Hi Brok,

    This is an awesome post. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now, and while I’m going at my on pace, moving along steadily, every month has been better than the previous one. It has been an amazing educational experience so far. I eagerly look forward to my 6AM wake-up call when I can write content, do my research and effectively jump start my day. The way the training and support structures have been assembled could only have been done by people who sincerely care about what they do and the people it will affect, and not simply to make money. I find the Wealthy Affiliate program to be just so inspired. There are great emerging opportunities out there in the new economy, and Wealthy Affiliate is proof of that. 

    Thanks for sharing!


  30. Hi and thanks for your helpful review. I have had a good look at the information on there and I think it flows very nicely. You keep the visitors attention by keeping the points brief and concise. Do you feel that wealthy affiliate has changed much since you joined in 2013? Thanks, Kenny 

    • Thanks for reading Kenny and glad you enjoyed the review. Yes it’s changed a ton, they’ve added a lot of features and updated all the training since I joined in 2013. 

      When I first joined you could create websites but all the other tools that are now included in the premium membership were not available then. 

      It was still worth going premium then and even more worth it now!


  31. This is a great article, I’m looking for something, a platform or site to make money with, since I don’t like to work for somebody else, and to stay at home for the family is a dream. Now, I have some questions actually, how good is this platform, you say it is good, but can you give me more examples? Second, I really don’t have to known anything about it on forehand? And my last question, which kind of niche do you recommend? It seems to be a very good site, I will certainly check it out!

    • Thanks for reading Emmanuel here’s the answers to your questions. 

      1) The training at Wealthy Affiliate is great. It has videos and text in each lesson and it has action tasks you need to complete before moving on to the next lesson. With that being said, if you don’t actually do the work you won’t see results. It won’t happen quickly but if you work hard and apply what you learn you will see results. Once you join for free go to the home page and sort the newest blog posts by success stories, you’ll see plenty of proof there. 

      2) The training is set up for a complete beginner so you don’t need to know anything before you start. Really all you need to know is that you’ll be creating a website and the training will show you exactly how to do that and make money with your website. 

      3) Really only you can answer what niche is right for you, but my advice is it needs to be something that you’re passionate about. Think of a niche your passionate about, now think about writing about that topic 5 years from now. If you’re not excited about it, it’s probably not the right niche for you. 

      Hope that helps and hope to see you inside WA!


  32. Hi Brok,

    I joined the WA platform about a year ago,but after few months needed to put my activity on hold due to personal issues.But now I am back with full power!I read on your reply to one of the comments how much time you have putted each week to gain your current success and it is very encouraging me since I’m putting roughly the same amount so now I know that success is possible.

    I understand from your post that you have built several sites, each for different niche.I also assume (and correct me if I’m wrong) that you shouldn’t start few sites at the same time but rather build them one after the other.My question is – how much content (posts,etc.) you put in each site before you moved on to start another?Thank you in advance for your reply.

    And keep sharing your success, this is encouraging for newbies in the trenches 🙂

    • Thanks for reading and glad to hear you’re already a member of WA. 

      My main site is the one you’re on now Full-Time Job From Home and pretty much all of my time is spent on this website. 

      Over the years I have had small niche sites that have made money but  I’ve either given up or sold them (due to my main site being a much better investment of my time.)

      My recommendation is to only start one site and put 100% of your focus towards it. Once you’re making a full-time income you can branch out but at least for me I haven’t found that to be the best investment of my limited time. 

      Hope that helps,


      • Thanks for getting back to me.
        I thought that you need to build up several niche site before getting some real money.
        But I understand from your answer (correct me if I’m wrong) that you can start making some real money even with one site! this is encouraging! thanks for sharing!

  33. Hey Brok thanks for the great review on Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve always heard that their training is top notch and your post just solidifies this for me. I might start as a free member first since I am low on funds right now. How far do you reckon I can go if I start as a free member? Or is it recommeded to upgrade to premium?

    • Thanks for reading Lucas. 

      You can stay a free member forever. It’s not required to go premium but you will need to be premium to access everything. 

      With that being said you can learn a ton and start two free websites as a free member. 

      My recommendation is to join for free and if you find that it’s a good fit and your serious about making money with a blog, you can go premium when you’re ready. 

      There’s a ton to learn and a lot of hard work needed to make money with a blog so it’s important to make sure it’s right for you before investing in the premium membership. 

      Hope this helps,


  34. Damn. You make that much money in a month! Your first paragraph already attract my attention and want to learn more about the training that makes you rich in a month. Well, you’re already 2013 and you’re most likely learn a lot of things, right? But, doesn’t mean I can’t be like you. Okay, I need to work harder now!

    • Thanks for reading Amer. Just like you said I started in 2013 and then my income was $0. It takes a lot of hard work, but if you apply what you learn and keep working you can make over $13,000 in a month too. 

      I’m not doing anything special, I just keep working and applying what I learned at WA. 

      Hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 


  35. For anyone who wants to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place to start!
    I have honestly never seen anything like it, you get everything you could possibly need without breaking the bank!
    My favorite pet is the training by far. It is so interactive and it is step by step so you understand every bit of it!
    Thanks for sharing this review! Anyone who wants to start or grow an online business won’t have to look anywhere else!

    • Thanks for reading and sharing your experience Timm! I completely agree and when you throw in free hosting and all of the tools it really is a great deal. 


  36. Hi thanks for the the information.
    If I join and register as free member can I still earn?
    And after the free trial do I have to pay? Or is my membership will stay? But limited to some websites unlike premium.?
    Thank you so.much.

    • Hey Kristelle, thanks for reading.

      You can join WA as a free member and stay a free member forever and still have access to two free websites.

      You can 100% earn with a free membership but it will take some time to happen. Even if you decide to pay for a premium membership it can take a few months before any income comes in.

      Your membership is lifetime even as a free membership but you are restricted to only some training and free websites.

      Hope this helps if you have any interest I’d go ahead and join as a free member and at least learn what you can!


  37. Wow…I am so impressed with your income statements! I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015 too but did not really put in much effort to work on my site. Only last month I decided to really spend 1 year to really do full time on my blog. Regardless, WA is indeed a great platform to learn blogging. In fact, I never pay a single cent from my pocket subscribing for WA. All come from my commissions. I will definitely recommend my friends to join WA.

    • Awesome to hear that you’re already a member of WA and have enough commissions coming in to pay for your membership!

      If you take the time to learn and apply what you learn it really does work. As long as you put in the hard work anyone can make money with a blog!


  38. Thank you, Brok for sharing a great review of a wonderful program that I joined almost a year ago.

    I love that you show me proof of Wealthy Affiliate – because that keeps me motivated in my business.

    There are so many great features in WA that nobody can go wrong who is willing to put in lots and lots of time to make the business work.

    When somebody joins WA it seems overwhelming, especially if they have no idea what affiliate marketing is about. That is so much a description of me one year ago. I had never had a website, never heard about affiliate marketing. However, I was willing to take the plunge, and here I am.

    I have learned so much about it, and my business is still in the early stages, but it is starting to gain traction. I cannot wait for my 5 figure months.

    Everything you mention in this review is absolutely true! Tested and tried.

    Thanks again,

    • Thanks for reading Oscar and awesome to hear you’re starting to see some results and have been a member for awhile!

      If you need anything, feel free to reach out to me on my WA profile

      Best of luck and thanks again for reading!


  39. Wow, Brok! That is some review. Your writing style is clear, and the content is laid out for easy reading. I found this very informative, and I hope that not too far in the future, I will be able to emulate your success with Wealthy Affiliate.

    How long did it take you to get to the $200 and $500 per month stage, Brok?

    • Hey Paul, 

      Thanks for reading my review of Wealthy Affiliate! At the end of year one I was making in that range. I’d say you could much quicker but I really didn’t put a ton of work into my site at that stage just because of offline projects that were more profitable, at least at that time. 

      My general answer would be 6-12 months if you really work at it. 

      Hope this helps and hopefully see you inside WA!


  40. Brok,
    I am a stay at home mom. I really want to find a way to make money at home, but real money, not “extra”. I want to go into this with my eyes wide open and a realistic picture of what I would need to do, and the work that will be involved to be successful at this. Can you give me some real numbers, as well as months and years? In your opinion, if I wanted to make, lets say, $4000 a month, how many hours per day am I looking at, and how many years before I start seeing legit numbers? I realize It’s not going to happen overnight, but what is a realistic amount of time per day to be truly successful and earn full time money? I have small children. I have to actually carve out hours in my day to do this kind of thing…1 or 2 hours in the morning, nap time, bedtime…etc. I understand it all depends on what you put into it, but…what did you put into it? You said you worked your but off in another answer…what exactly did you mean by that? How many hours a day did you do it then? How many do you do it now? does the workload increase or decrease the longer you do it?-Or does it just get easier?
    Thanks. I appreciate your prompt reply.

    • Thanks for reading Jennifer. Your questions are difficult to answer because every case is different, but I’ll be as honest as possible and include some of my numbers to give you the most accurate answer possible.

      To start, if you’re looking to make real money, starting a blog is, in my opinion, the best way to do that mainly because of the passive income potential it has. Instead of selling a product to every single visitor that enters your store individually you do it all at one time with a single blog post. That can also make you money day after day year after year.

      Now let’s jump into your questions. I’m going to assume you have zero experience building websites and blogging. In that case, I’d say a $4,000 a month income is possible within 1 year, but that won’t be easy. I’d say that it takes 1-2 months to go through the training at WA and apply what you learn. Once you understand the process, it’s all about rinse and repeat and it becomes much easier over time to create more content more efficiently. In that time frame if you’re following the training, I usually think most people can begin to see some traffic and money coming in around the 3-month mark.

      Now let’s talk about time spent. In the beginning, I was probably spending 14 hours a week while I was going through the training. Which is what I’d recommend, at least 1-2 hours a day is a pretty good amount of time to learn everything you know and apply it to your site.

      Once you get through the training, I recommend spending as much time as you can creating content. I’d say in the first few months I was spending 10-20 a week on my site before I was making anything.

      Of course, once you see that first sale or income, you’ll have some extra motivation to pour more of your time into it. I have to be honest when saying I’m pretty much all or nothing at this point (not recommended) I either am working on my site 5-6 hours a day creating content for the future or just responding to emails and comments for just an hour a day. Of course, you can’t be successful doing that until you have passive traffic and income coming in from years of content.

      So to answer your question, once you get the training under your belt and a few months of creating content, everything becomes much easier, and you can get posts done much faster. So really the workload does decrease when it comes to just keeping your website up to date with new content. Now I’m starting to really work on email, creating courses, and conversions so I’m spending quite a lot of time to try to make my business more profitable but I’m pretty much doing this full-time and those things don’t have to be covered in bulk to keep making more money.

      I would like to address your question about having kids at home. I personally do not have any kids, but I’m currently at a blogging conference (1 of 6 or 7 men here) and I’ve heard a ton of great information about working at home on a blog when you have small children over the last few days. One of my mentors here is Rosemary from the Busy Budgeter.

      What she does is set up 25-minute blocks. Each block has a certain task that she must complete in that block. She hides her phone and after a few days has trained her kids that she can’t be bothered in those blocks. After each block, she follows it up with 30 minutes of all of her attention going to them.

      Again, I don’t have any experience with this type of working, I usually have zero distractions at home when working, but it seems to be working for her, she works 20 or less hours a week and makes over $100,000 a month…..

      Hopefully, this helped answer your questions. Everyones time frame is different, the key is to get started asap and pour as much time into it as you can. I always like to say no one fails at blogging, they just give up before they are successful.

      If you have any follow up questions feel free to reach out,


  41. Hi Brok,I very carefully read this article and ask me to answer my question-I from Russia, can I also receive training? Thanks!

    • Michael,

      You most likely will not be able to sign up for a free account, but you can try to do so here. It will occasionally work even if you live in a country that it’s not offered in.

      You can join as a premium member though. I understand it’s not ideal since other countries get to try for free but it’s the best training out there and if you would like to build a profitable online business I highly recommend trying at least a month as a premium member.

      If you have any other questions please let me know.


  42. I feel disappointed to see that my country Nigeria is not supported. pls can you recommend a simmilar programme that can support all countries?

    • Bolaji,

      Yes, but most of the time they won’t let you join as a free member.

      You’ll have to go premium, which is 100% worth it but I understand if that’s not what you’re looking for.

      You’ll need a prepaid card if you’d like to go premium.

      Hope this helps,


  43. Hi Brok,

    This is Sadhan from BlogLand. Your article is very nice and informative. I hope I will start wealthy affiliate program very soon. But I don’t know that I will be able to create great contents like you. Thank you so much for this awesome writing.

    • Glad you enjoyed my review Sadhan.

      I’ll be the first to say that creating content at the beginning is not easy. It gets much easier the more you do it.

      Just stick with it and the process becomes much easier.


  44. Hi Brok,
    How long does the starter membership last? I’m asking because as you said earning is long-term, I want to know if the starter package last more than a month so that when ever you’re ready to purchase premium you can to unlock the rest of the lessons.
    Also please,if you have an existing website before joing WA, can you integrate it within the WA online site buider?

    • Hey Nelson,

      You can stay a free member forever and have access to the free training and 2 free websites.

      If you have an existing .com or other domain you won’t be able to transfer it to Wealthy Affiliate unless you’re a premium member.

      If you already have an existing website and don’t want to be premium just keep it with whoever you have it with now. You can still access the training and apply what you learn to any website.

      Hope this helps,


  45. Thank you for your review of WA! I am a WA Affiliate as well. Your review covers things I would have never thought to do. It is so nice to be able to look at other sites and see what they have to say. It’s nice to see someone real and making money from the process. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!

    • Thanks for reading Eden. Great to hear you’re already a WA member and glad you enjoyed my review.

      In a few days I’ll be publishing my January income report which was around $13,800.

      If you stick with it and work your butt off you can make a huge online income.

      Thanks again for reading and if you need anything feel free to contact me inside Wealthy Affiliate.


  46. Thanks for your infor Broke. Was just hooked up by some of these PTC sites. Now I wish to continue with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks once again for your encouraging support

    • Thanks for reading!

      Ya it’s best to stay away from most of those PTC sites. A lot of them are complete scams.

      Glad you found Wealthy Affiliate. Once you join, I’ll contact you with the steps you need to take to get started.

      Talk to you soon,


  47. Hi Brok! I’ve been interested in Wealthy Affiliate for awhile and I really liked your in-depth review. I still have a couple questions though. It may be a stupid question but can you make any money on the free program? I thought I read on another review that it was possible, it just pays lower commissions. Also, I currently have my own self-hosted blog, would I be able to use it for wealthy affiliate too? I’ve been blogging for over a year and have made a total of $75. I would love to find a way to make just a little monthly income to help cover some of my monthly expenses. I also am a little scattered on my current blog and would like to try starting from scratch to test the waters for what works. Would the free plan be good for this?

    • Hey Cheryl,

      It is possible to make money with just the free training, but if you already have a blog that’s making money I’d highly recommend investing in the premium membership.

      With that being, here’s the answer to your questions.

      If you want to promote wealthy affiliate. You can as a free member but as you said the commissions are about half of the normal amount.

      But WA is going to teach you how to promote any affiliate program. That means as a free member you’d still earn the same commission as you would on those programs.

      I would at least join for free and work through the free training. It should at least help you understand the process better and help you plan your website strategy and how to drive some traffic.

      If you do decide to join, I’ll send you welcome message and you can contact me inside WA.


  48. Many congrats on your success!

    I too joined WA and it’s hand down the best online resource for teaching you how to make money online. it will not work for anyone thinking they can get rich fast by posting ads or anything that involves shortcuts.

    They go above and beyond to provide one with ALL the tools required to succeed online plus first class customer and technical support.

    Their affiliate program is also fantastic not just from a payout perspective but the specialized training for it that helps you be successful with it; just like you have!

    This most definitely is a full time income from home but only for those prepared to follow the training, put in consistent effort and work and above all – never give up!

    • Thank you for reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review and glad to hear you’re a member. 

      You’re exactly right, this isn’t another scam site that promises you anything unrealistic. 

      If you stick to the training and put in the work, this really works. As you mentioned, it won’t make you rich overnight, but has a huge income potential if you keep at it. 

      Thanks again for reading and sharing your experience


  49. Hi Brok, Great article and website. You have explained everything about Wealthy Affiliate in so much detail. Congrats on your success and just shows that by keeping on the course and following the step by step instructions you’re sure the make it in the internet space.
    Thanks for a great review and I will certainly checking it out.
    Cheers John

    • Thanks for reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review John!

      As soon as you join I’ll send you a message about how to get started. Please let me know if you have any questions once you’re inside the community!


  50. Hello
    I read all your article, so much information about this Wealthy Affiliate, I just feel my head is going to explode, but I still want to know more, it makes me feel excited for the possibilities, I am sure I would love to ditch my current job and if I can do something I love, writing about the passion I have for this hobby and make money while doing it? It’s just awesome. I read about community support and looks great, what about site support? if I have some kind of weird technical and unknown to me type of problem with my website, what’s your experience with the site support system?
    Thanks for the great information.

    • Hey Tomas, 

      Thanks for reading my review and yes it’s 100% possible to write about your hobbies and make money!

      In regards to SiteSupport. I’ve always had great experiences with them. They have a contact form inside WA where you send your problem and they seem to always have it fixed within 15-30 minutes, which is extremely fast compared to a few other hosting providers I’ve worked with in the past. 


  51. Hello Brok!

    Your review is indeed very accurate. Wealthy affiliate is a very handy tool for both beginners and experts that want a supportive community. Especially for premium members, the tools that are provided are even more amazing. I use it for over a year now and I’m looking forward renewing my membership!

  52. Hello Brok,

    Your review of Wealthy Affiliate is spot on. I am a Premium member myself. I had joined it in 2015 but never completed the starter training. I returned in July of this year and have been making great progress since. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to start a money making site or blog. I liked that you spelled out what you get with the starter membership versus premium membership. I think Premium is well worth it. The amount of training and community support you get with it is the best.


    • Thanks for reading Dianne and awesome to hear you’re already a premium member. Like you said there’re tons of advantages to the premium membership, but I always tell me try it for free and you’ll see the value in the training and community right away!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. 


  53. I too am a Wealthy Affiliate member. I know that I looked and looked and looked for a very long time trying to find a way to make an income from home. I also paid good money and got scammed numerous times. I think I joined Wealthy Affiliate on three different occasions over the years. I finally decided to put all my efforts into it, because I didn’t have anything to lose. I was not paying anything to give them a try. Over a year later and I am still with them. They are truly a blessing!

    • Awesome to hear you’ve had great experiences with Wealthy Affiliate! I’ve been a member since 2013 and it was the best decision I’ve made. Now I’ve built a full-time income from the training that I learned several years ago!

      Feel free to contact me directly at WA if you have any questions, here’s my profile


  54. Your site is jam packed with awesome content. I love it and will be back for more. I love showing people how to make money online and you provided a lot of value for me to learn some new things. Nice to find someone that shares a passion for remote work. Thanks and keep bringing the awesome content!

    • Thank you for taking the time to check out my site and my Wealthy Affiliate review. Let me know if you have any questions about any site I recommend. 


  55. I joined Wealthy Affiliate just under a month ago. I can say without a doubt that it has been 100% worth it. After I worked through the lessons provided with the free membership I signed up for Premium. I’m still just getting my feat wet, but I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Even though I already somewhat know my way around Wealthy Affiliate, I still found some new things in within this article that I didn’t know and will be very helpful. Thank you!

  56. Wow, this is amazing knowing that creation of website and driving traffic to it has been made easy by a site like this. However, it seems like not all countries are eligible to sign up. I am from Nigeria and I was informed that my country is not eligible to participate in this program. What solution do you recommend, please?

  57. Hey man, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative review of wealthy affiliate.
    I joined wealthy affiliate a few months ago and the membership is really worth it. I have not made any sales yet, but nevertheless I am enjoying wealthy affiliate very much! Your earnings so far are very impressive!

  58. Wealthy affiliate is an awesome network to get involved with. The value from the community alone more than covers what the membership is worth, added to that you get all kinda of training and tools that just really thrust you ahead of anyone not using it. This is a great review.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate, Chris! Let me know if you have any questions about building a website and making money!


  59. A very informative and well laid out review. I absolute love your website in its entirety. It really has some cool ideas on earning extra income. The review on wealthy affiliates is very thorough and having looked at them I highly recommend them they are a great platform to start and to earn while you learn

    • Thank you for checking out my review and other ways to earn Helen! Glad to hear you’re a Wealthy Affiliate member and have had success there!


  60. Hey Brok,
    I too joined Wealthy Affiliate last year to learn how accomplish building a website around my passion and earn an online income through affiliate marketing.

    Mightily impressed with your monthly incomes this last year – well done you!

    You are right, affiliate marketing does takes time to build up trust with the search engines before a sustainable income can be made. Only writing regular articles will accomplish high rankings with the search engines which is Wealthy Affiliate’s top agenda as this is where the majority of people are searching and about to purchase. Once you start hitting Google’s first page of Search Results which is obtainable for everyone is where conversions start to come your way.

    WA’s training and community platform is first rate and up to date. Making your website secure and mobile friendly with excellent download speeds, critical for today’s environment describes how Wealthy Affiliate are at the forefront regarding attracting visitors.
    How long have you been a member of Wealthy Affiliate’s platform?
    Your informative review has spurred me on, thanks,

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate, Simon, and thank you for the kind words about my review. 

      I’ve been a member since 2013 and have been applying what I learned ever since. 

      As you mentioned it won’t make you rich quick, but if you continue to write content your income will increase over time and eventually into a full-time income!

      Thanks again for sharing!


  61. hi,
    just visited your site and I was amazed to see the list of different legit programs from which you can make money.
    I also read your review about wealthy affiliate.I myself am a premium member of wealthy affiliate and found it very useful to build a successful online business.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate, Amit! There’re several legitimate ways to make money that I recommend. Glad you enjoyed the lists. 


  62. Hello,

    Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent program, and after reading your very well written article, have more faith that ever! I started with Wealthy Affiliate is 2015 and haven’t turned back since. It such a great program packed with all the training, tools, and support you’ll ever need to be successful.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Awesome to hear you’re already a Wealthy Affiliate member Brooke! I agree it’s the best place to learn how to build a website and learn the whole process of driving traffic and making money with a blog!

      If you ever need anything please let me know. 

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. 


  63. Good in-depth review of what you get for your money there. The training and support are what sets it apart from anything else.

    Like Christine (and I’m just starting to run again) I never knew there was a way to earn money with your Fitbit, so that’s brill info. Pity the running app is only for Apple ‘fanboys’ lol

  64. Amazing review.

    I like the review above, very simple yet language and easy to digest.

    Often time I will be very cautious with these type of products when coming make money online products.

    I have bought few but seems like most of the products didn’t work well and just over promising. Worse case I lost too much money already.

    Great to know Wealthy Affiliate as solution and thanks for letting me know. Excited to giving it a try.

    I hope more and more people able to read this before wasting their hard earned money.

    How long does it take to succeed in this?


    • Hey Maxx, thank you for taking the time to read my review and like you said it can be very frustrating when searching for a make money online product because so many people give false information on what you actually get. 

      To answer your question, it all depends on how quickly you can work through the training and apply what you learn. I’d say most members can make money within 6 months if they spend at least an hour a day on their site. 

      With me, it took right around 3 months to make my first affiliate sale but was earning cents with ad revenue after a month. 

      It really depends on the person and how much time you can devote, but if you work through the training and put in the work, the training will work!

      Hope this helps,


  65. Hi Brok! Really interesting review and your own testiomonials of WA! I really agree with you because I have been a member of WA and hence I know what’s it like there.
    Although I am a new member and have not earned much money, I believe in the trainings and that it can one day help me to earn a full time income.
    Really looking forward to when I reach your destination and is there any advice for me as a novice?


    • Hey, thanks for reading my review and great to hear you’re already a member. 

      My advice to all new members is work through the whole training and then devote most of your time to creating new content. Content is what gets ranked and drives traffic to your site. Create as much great content in the beginning as you can. That will lead to results fast and money in your pocket. 


  66. Hi,

    firstly I want to thank you for your awesome website. Some great ideas there and all clearly explained. I’m desperate to make a living online but I find there are just too many schemes out there. What would you say is the number one way of generating an income online month after month?

    Thank you

    • Hey, Kristy! Thank you for reading my review. About 90% of my online income is made through blogging. Whether it be Affiliate commissions or ad revenue I make most of my money creating content, driving traffic to my site, and making money with affiliate sales. 

      Which is why I highly recommend wealthy affiliate, and it’s where I learned to blog.

      Hope this helps,


  67. Your review was so thorough and helpful. It is a nice overview of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I just started working through the certification courses, but I wish I would have read your post before I started because it gives such a great overview. The training classes on WA are so amazing and incredibly helpful. High quality help there.

    I appreciate that you shared your income snippets. That is so encouraging for someone very new to this. I look forward to being at the same place in my income in a year.

    • Thank you for reading Teresa and glad to hear you decided to join Wealthy Affiliate. 

      If you work through all the training and apply what you learn, you can be receiving affiliate payments like this in a year!

      Good luck and let me know if you need any help.


  68. WOW! You covered so many ways to earn money from home. Several got my attention. I have started blogging and your information about Wealthy Affiliates was right on. Their Premium membership is really helping me get off the ground running. Speaking of running, I have been thinking about getting a Fit Bit but was not sure I really wanted to spend the money on one. Now that I see how it can pay for itself and help me earn some extra money and am definitely getting one.
    Thanks for so much useful information!

  69. Hey Broke,

    Was reading your blog and am interested in signing up and be a part of this wonderful community. I am an Indian and stay in India. Does that matter because I am not a resident of US. How will I get payments. I want to build an ecommerce website and have decided to keep a name as Health & Wealth. Please suggest me I not computer Davy but know the basics.



    • Hey Rohit,

      The great thing about blogging is you can make money in any country. At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn about affiliate programs which will be the companies paying you. All programs are different, but you can find ones that work in your country, some will pay by check, direct deposit, PayPal, etc. You would just need to find ones that work for you.

      The Healthy & Wellness niche is a good one that can be very profitable. I recommend trying WA as a free member as seeing if it’s worth going premium so you can take advantage of all the awesome training and features.

      let me know if you have any other questions,


  70. Great review of WA. I have been a member for just over a month and so far I’ve really enjoyed it. The support from everyone at WA is great, and you can always count on someone who’s experienced the problem you’re experiencing to help you. The training is brilliant – nowhere else can you get so much valuable information in one place that will help you get an online business off the ground.

    • Awesome to hear you’re a Wealthy Affiliate member, Jack! Thanks for sharing your experiences with the training and community. If you ever need any help here’s my WA profile . Feel free to reach out!


  71. Really like to read about WA Review and yours is one of the best I have read so far. With all the details given and I have the better understanding now the pros of joining WA. As well as the money and efforts I put into it is worth.

    I like the income report and I spent quite sometimes reading all the post results. Amazing and tempting.

    I am glad that I am one of the members of WA.

    • Hey, Maxx! Thanks for taking the time to read my Wealthy Affiliate review. If you ever have any questions feel free to reach out!


  72. I have been a WA member and I can agree to whatever you have mentioned here. It did take me some time to start making money but I eventually did and I am aiming to make a full-time income.
    WA is a great community since everyone out there helps each other and that way most of our questions and queries get answered!

    • Thank you for reading Shrey! Great to hear you’re already a WA member and are making money. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the site and community! Keep on going and you’ll reach a full-time income soon!



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