Receipt Pal Review: Get Paid To Shop With This App

Learn How You Can Make Extra Cash Each Month Just By Taking Pictures Of Your Shopping Receipts Inside the Receipt Pal App! Recently I’ve reviewed a lot of apps that pay you to shop. Receipt Pal is an app I came across after writing my review of ReceiptHog. From what I can see both of these apps are pretty similar, but from comments and feedback a lot of people prefer Receipt Pal.

It seems that Receipt Hog has a few hidden policies that hinder how much you can earn, while Receipt Pal has more lucrative policies. Still Receipt Pal won’t make you rich, but can give you some extra spending money every month.

In this Receipt Pal review I will show you have this app works, why I like this app, and how you can get paid to shop!

Receipt Pal Review: Paid To Shop App

receipt pal reviewWebsite:

Price: FREE

Score: 93 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit

In this Receipt Pal Review I gave them a good score and marked it legit. From what I’ve found this is a pretty good app. It let’s you easily upload receipts and gives you points to be redeemed for Gift Cards.

Receipt Pal seems to accept a wide variety of receipts such as utility bills, grocery shopping, and even doctor office bills.

There are a few things I’m not to fond of, but overall this app is worth a download and an easy way to make some extra money each month.

How Does Receipt Pal Work?

1) Download the App

The app is available on Apple and Android devices in the app store. The app is completely free and easy to find and install!

2) Shop and Pay Your Bills

Receipt Pal takes all kinds of receipts. All you need to do is go shopping and pay your monthly bills, but make sure to get a receipt so you can get paid!

3) Take A Photo Of the Receipt With Your Phone

The app allows you to easily take pictures of printed receipts. Make sure to include date, store, and items purchased and you should have no problems getting credit.

4) Earn Points For Your Purchase

Every 4 receipts you upload, no matter the amount, earns you 100 points.

5) Cash Out Points For Prizes and Sweepstakes Entries

Once you’ve uploaded some receipts you will earn enough points to exchange for gift cards to Amazon and other stores or choose a sweepstakes entry!

What Type Of Receipts Does Receipt Pal Accept?

I was extremely surprised to see how many different receipts they accepted. Basically any receipt that you have can be uploaded for points, but here is a screenshot of what they do accept!

receipt pal accepted receipts

As you can see not only shopping trips, but monthly bills such as car payments and utility bills are accepted!

Earning Points With Receipt Pal

Receipt Pal differs from a few apps that I’ve reviewed in the past. Other apps give you points based on how much you spend on each purchase. But with Receipt Pal it takes 4 uploaded receipts to earn 100 points, no matter the amount spent.

When you first join you will have the ability to upload 20 receipts, which is a total of 500 points. After you’re first week you will receive 2 new cards or the ability to upload 8 receipts every Monday. This means you can earn 200 points each week after your first week.

It kind of sucks that they limit your earnings, but in the next section we will cover rewards and you will see that you could be cashing out a few bucks every couple of weeks.

How Does Receipt Pal Pay?

After you earn some points for your receipts you will have a few options for cashing out. The options are Amazon and The Amazon gift cards start at $1, $3, and $5 with the restaurant gift cards starting at $25. There are $25, $50, and $100 options for both sites as well.

The $1 Amazon gift card is 350 points, this means if you complete you first 20 receipts you can already cash out a reward.

I struggled finding information on what happens when you redeem your points, but I’m assuming gift cards are emailed to you within a few days of cashing out.

Receipt Pal Advantages and Concerns


  • Upload a receipt from almost anything
  • Take a photo or submit email receipts easily
  • Amount spent doesn’t matter
  • App super easy to use


  • Limited to 20 receipts your first week and 8 every week after that.
  • Limited rewards program
  • Privacy Concern for some
  • Points Expire after 90 days if not redeemed

Is Receipt Pal Legit Or A Scam?

There is no doubt that Receipt Pal is legit and scam free. They’re a newer company, but  so far members have nothing but good things to say about them. The app is very easy to use and I really like the idea of submit receipts from almost anywhere and it doesn’t matter how much you spend.

Some people might have a concern with privacy, but in there FAQ’s they explain how they handle receipts which seems to be legit. Overall a really good app that can earn you some extra spending money for a night out or an online shopping trip on Amazon.

If you’d like to learn more you can visit their website here. Or just download the app on your smartphone!

If this app doesn’t sound like your thing, I highly recommend checking out some of the other ways to make an extra online income here. For you people like me looking to ditch your day job and make a full-time online income visit My #1 recommendation!

Have you used Receipt Pal? Maybe another shopping app? I love hearing your feedback and stories. Drop me a comment below with your thoughts on this Receipt Pal Review!

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11 thoughts on “Receipt Pal Review: Get Paid To Shop With This App”

  1. Hi Brok, I have to say this review on Receipt Pay has gotten my attention. I had done something similar to this way back when but it was nothing as easy as this sounds. I am a bit confused though. Several times you mentioned that Receipt Pay allows not only grocery bills, but utility bills and doctor bills. Under the heading “What kind of receipts do you accept”? It reads that they do not accept bills like car payments, utility bills, doctor bill, mortgages or insurance. Could you clarify that for me? The things I do like there is no set $ amount for the receipts submitted and the restaurant gift cards that are rewarded. I don’t shop online very often but the Amazon gift cards would come in handy for Christmas shopping. Thank you for this review. I will certainly be downloading it on my smartphone. Who wouldn’t want to save money?

    • Hey Suzette,

      Looks like I made a mistake and didn’t catch it when proof reading. It should say they do accept those types of receipts. Sorry for the confusion, but that’s actually one of the best things about Receipt Pal and makes it different from a lot of similar apps.

      Your right that rewards are a bit limited, but like you said, most people can find a use for an online gift card some how.

      Hopefully this cleared up the confusion!


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    • Hey Prince thanks for checking out my site and I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I love hearing from readers and it’s great to know you’ll appreciate what I do.

      You’re right that Wealthy Affiliate is a great site. They have the best support and community, which is why I recommend them as my #1 recommendation.

      There is other products out there that do a pretty good job at teaching you how to build your own website and make money with affiliate marketing, but the tools and help that you get at WA is untouched by any other product or site out there.

      Thanks again for the comment and kind words!


  3. hey Brokwebb, l have to commend you on a well designed website, it looks very professional & appealing to the reader.

    I like the idea of an app which pays you for shopping with it, its something that all online customers should have. You review is short but straight to the point which makes it easy for readers to go through your entire article

  4. Hi brok! This is an interesting concept… never heard of such an app before! I must go and check whether there is an equivalent for my country. It’s a pity this app is only for those in the US.

    With smartphones our options for earning cash only seem to be growing. But I wonder where the cash earned from this app is coming from.

    • Hey Regina you ask a very interesting question. Honestly I’m not for sure how this app makes money. With the other apps you’re required to purchase certain products, but this app allows any receipts so they must know something I don’t.

      I might have to do some research and figure out how they are staying a float!

      Thanks for the comment!


  5. Hi Brok,
    Nice review! I never heard about this app before. It seems easy and doesn’t take us long to upload photos. From what I understood, we just need to take pictures to the recipes and upload them, right? Isn’t not necessary to introduce with the keyboard? Like the date, amount, etc. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Hey Sandra,

      That’s exactly right! All you need to do is take a picture of the receipt. There is no need to enter any information manually.

      Someone at Receipt Pal will do all that entering for you!

      Thanks for the comment and hopefully I answered your question.



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