GigWalk Review: The GigWalk Scam

Gigwalk ReviewHave you ever wanted to make money through a mobile app just by completing easy local tasks? Well now you can with GigWalk. Welcome to my GigWalk Review where today we will figure out if GigWalk is a Scam.

GigWalk is one of the first apps of its kind and really is a unique opportunity to make money. GigWalk is a mobile app for Apple and Android Devices. GigWalk uses your current location to find local gigs near you. The gigs come up on a map based on your location and usually take 5 minutes to an hour and pay anywhere from $3 to $50. Like I said this is a pretty unique app.

Please keep in mind that Gigwalk and other location-based tasks apps will never be a huge income, and it usually turns into a terrible hourly rate like taking surveys. If you’re serious about making a large online income, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

In this GigWalk review we will take a look at how this app really works and see if the app is worth a download.

How Does GigWalk Work?

1) Join Gigwalk (Download The App)

2) Find Gigs Near You

After signing up visit the Gigs near you map and select gigs you’re interested in completing.

3) Apply For Gig

Once you find a gig that you would like to complete you need to apply and be approved by the gig owner.

4) Get Approved and Get Instructions

After you apply for the gig the gig owner must approve you based on your history and relevance to their gig.

5) Complete Your Work

Review the detailed instructions of the gig and complete the necessary tasks.

6) Gig Owner Approves Work

One you complete and submit your gig work the owner must approve it and may ask you to expand or have additional questions.

7) You Get Paid

GigWalk will pay you directly to your PayPal Account immediately after your work is approved.

GigWalk Review

Gigwalk ScamWebsite:

Price: Free

Score: 90 Out Of 100

Verdict: LEGIT!  No Longer Recommend Check Comments!

I gave GigWalk a 90 out of 100 and marked this opportunity legit because it’s an extremely unique opportunity to give your opinion and complete gigs near you. There were some things that I liked and disliked about this program, but overall it’s a good way to make some extra money.

This is what I like to call a supplemental income opportunity, which means you’re not going to get rich using this app, but if you combine it with a few other opportunities you can make a solid income. To see all my supplemental income opportunities visit all scam free jobs. 

What I Like About GigWalk


Like I have mentioned above this is a unique app and a unique way to earn money with your mobile device. I really like opportunities like that because it’s something different from the normal if you’re already making a few bucks each month on mobile and online money-making systems.


Probably the best thing about GigWalk is once the owner approves your work you will receive payment directly to your PayPal account. There is no waiting period it really is instant. It says within 24 hours, but unless it’s a holiday you will usually receive payment within a few minutes.

Apple & Android

The Gigwalk app is available within the Apple and Android App store so basically it’s available to anyone with a smart phone or tablet. I am not 100% for sure, but at this time I don’t think there is a smart phone that has a different app store so everyone should be good to use this app.

GigWalk Concerns


This is going to be the deal breaker for a lot of people. If you don’t live close or within a major city you can basically forget about using GigWalk. I live in a small town 2 hours away from the nearest major city and I have 1 gig that comes up 70 miles away. Obviously I am not going to complete that gig and there is not enough gigs near me to make GigWalk worthwhile.

Applying & Approval

Another concern with GigWalk is the fact you have to apply for the gig. To me this means that it’s going to be hard to get started with GigWalk. I would think that companies would choose people who have more experience then someone just starting out.

Also the owner of the gig has to approve your work and can ask for more information. i understand why this is necessary, since they don’t want to have to pay for crappy information, but I feel like owners could continue to ask for more information before you get paid.

Final Verdict

I do recommend using GigWalk if you’re someone who lives in a city and is looking to make some extra money for completing simple tasks. I don’t think GigWalk is for everyone, but if you fit the criteria it’s legit and will pay you for your work.


GigWalk has been refusing to pay members recently. Take a look at the comments below. There’s a few people who’ve been screwed over!

What To Do Now?

If you would like to join GigWalk you can learn more on their website or download the app on your mobile device. If you do not fit the criteria of GigWalk meaning you don’t live in the city, but would like to make money on apps or on the internet check out all scam free jobs and companies that have paid me recently.

If you are looking to quit your day job and earn a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

Thank you for reading my GigWalk Review make sure to stick around and use the links above to find other great content.

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7 thoughts on “GigWalk Review: The GigWalk Scam”

  1. Gigwalk is still doing this for peanut shells, not even peanuts.

    A lot of people are going to have to prosecute the people at this company before the service makes fundamental changes or goes out of business. The other half of the problem is the cheap companies that contract to these providers.

    It’s a total scam: the automatic redo requests, the rejected assignments, the low pay.

  2. They’re actually screwing me now! I took a crappy $3 job because I was going to the store in question anyway. It took me 45 minutes to scour the store and figure out that the requested display was not present. I also had to take photos of a very narrow aisle. The instructions said it was okay to take them at an angle, which I had to do because of lack of space. After I submitted the job and went home, I got feedback saying to return to the store because the photos were at an angle and I had taken “few” of them. I took 11 of a 40-foot section of aisle, stopping every few steps to take another one to fit in all requested items. I went back to the store to redo the photos, and guess what, they then sent me a message saying to provide proof that an employee told me the display did not exist. They can stuff it! Way too much work for a lousy $3.

  3. While they aren’t the most consistently profitable app anymore(the bing map photo gig haydays are over) I haven’t been screwed over. It seems that the above comments could be client based and not the entire app. I’ve never had a job that took 150+ photos. it’s usually just 4-5 at the very most. I’ve made close to 3k since I started back in 2013. The only problem I have with gigwalk to date is the lack of gigs. I’d change my position on this app if you haven’t had any problems yourself or don’t have a bigger sample size.

    I’ve had more problems that the other commentators described with Easy Shift. But I’ll give feedback on that app over on it’s page.

  4. Gigwalk is notorious for refusing to pay people. There are hundreds of stories all over the web of people who submitted their gig’s and had them rejected. Myself included. I did a gig and provided the images exactly as was requested. However after they were submitted the client changed their mind and wanted more detailed pictures. The client only gave me 24 hours to submit about 150 more images and was very vague in their instructions. I asked the client directly for more time and was granted an extra 24 hours. However, despite this, gig walk cancelled my gigs (keep in mind these were completed) and refused to pay me. I tried to contact them, but they do not give gig walkers a phone number to reach customer service. You can only use the email on their website. They didn’t get back to me for two days then shuffled me around to other departments. The result is I worked 6 hours for gig walk and was supposed to be paid $60 and I got nothing. This same thing happened to a bunch of other gig walkers on the similar gigs. We are currently pursuing a class action lawsuit against the company. If you have been screwed by gig walk please contact us.

    • Jeremy,

      Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. I had not heard of any issues with this product. I will be keeping my ears open for more problems and will be changing this review around to inform people of these problems!

      Keep in touch about what all happens or if you have any more problems!

      Thanks again for informing me of this problem


    • They did this on both of the most recent gigs I was selected for. I’m refusing to re-do the gig, just because they changed their mind AFTER I had completed the work. Please contact me as to how I can join the lawsuit.


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