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Rewarding Ways Scam Review: Is this GPT Site Legit?

rewarding ways scam reviewRewarding Ways is what I like to call a “Paid to Do” site. Basically you can earn money by complete surveys, offers, tasks, and much more.

Rewarding Ways is a pretty good site that gives you many ways to earn, pays well, and is a good join for anyone looking for a site like this.

This site is very similar to sites like Fusion Cash, CashCrate, and SwagBucks, but continue reading on to learn more about Rewarding Ways.

Rewarding Ways is not a scam and I will be showing you why within this review.

Rewarding Ways Scam Review

rewarding ways reviewWebsite:

Price: Free

Score: 75 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit

In this Rewarding Ways Scam Review I gave this product an okay score and marked it legit.

Rewarding Ways is not a scam, but out of all the “paid to do” sites that I have reviewed I’ve found there are better sites then this one. Although there is nothing wrong with this site, the ones I’ve ranked higher are better.

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If you’re already a member of this site don’t worry, this program does pay, but you may want to check out the products I prefer at All Scam Free Jobs.

How To Earn With Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways has multiple ways to earn, it gets a bit confusing when you get into the members area because most tasks come from third-party providers, but here is a breakdown of most of the tasks you will see.


From what I can see Rewarding Ways surveys work just like an other survey site. They tell you how much you will earn and how long it will take to complete before you start the survey.

Overall the surveys seem to pay pretty well, $.50-$5 is what all the surveys available fall into.


Rewarding Ways has two types of offers, free and paid.

Most of the free offers pay $.50-$2 and require you to fill out some forms and give your email out. They don’t take very long and are pretty simple, but you will have to give out information.

The paid offers pay more, usually $5 and up, but do require you to use a credit card. Some paid offers are free trails where you won’t actually spend money as long as you cancel the membership before you’re charged. Others do require you to buy a product and pay the most out of all the offers.

Paid To Sign Up

This section is usually part of the free offers tab of most sites. Within the Paid To Sign Up tab you will find a ton of survey sites to join.

When you join these sites, confirm your email, and fill out your profile you earn a cash reward.

Paid To Click 

This section pays you to visit website or what most sites call ads. All you need to do is visit a website, stay on it for 10-30 seconds and then close the window.

These Paid To Click ads don’t pay much, but also don’t require much of your time and can add up over time.

How To Get Paid By Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways offers a few different ways to get paid. Here is a list of the payment options and their cash out amounts.

  1. Amazon Gift Card $5
  2. PayPal $1
  3. Skrill $1
  4. Payza $1.50

Payments with PayPal are instant, but all the other forms take 1-5 business days. With all of these payment options there is one that works for you.

Rewarding Ways Information

Referral Program

Rewarding Ways does offer a referral program so you can invite your friends to earn as well. It’s very simple, you will earn 25% of all your referrals earnings for life.

If your referral earns $10 you will earn $2.50. As simple as it gets.

Rewarding Ways Concerns

Low Income

One thing you need to know is Rewarding Ways is not going to make you rich. It’s a supplemental income opportunity that can make you some extra spending money each month, but not much more than that.

If you know this going in you will be happy with “paid to do” sites, but if that’s not what you’re looking for check out How To Start An Online Business.

Poor Design

One of the biggest concerns for me is the design of the site. The site looks pretty amateur compared to the sites I’m used to making money with.

There are sidebars on both sides of the page with a lot of information, all in different size text.

To me this is annoying, you’re going to be on this site a lot making money, why join one that’s not easy to follow and navigate.

Is Rewarding Ways A Scam?

Rewarding Ways is not a scam. It’s a completely legit site, but I feel like there are much better options out there.

If you would still like to join this site you can do so by clicking Join Rewarding Ways.

Believe in what my review says? You may check out the sites that I rank higher than Rewarding Ways by visiting All Scam Free Jobs.

I mentioned that Rewarding Ways is a small income opportunity. If that’s not what you’re looking for take a look at how I make a full-time income online by running my own online business.

You have the potential to earn much more than with “paid to do” sites, but it does require work.

Thanks for reading this Rewarding Ways Scam Review, hopefully you enjoyed it and decide to become a subscriber. Like always if you have any questions about this site leave comments below.

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