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With the rise of social media, and more people trying to make money through their accounts, link shortening has become a very popular way to make extra money from your content. One company that can earn you some extra money is LinkBucks. You’re probably wondering what is LinkBucks?

LinkBucks is a service that lets you shorten any URL you would like and gives you a new shortened code. Paste this anywhere you would like and when someone clicks on the link you get paid!

This is great in theory, but to pay you for getting clicks on your links the visitor will be shown an ad. This is not a big deal for some, but I will cover this a little bit later on in this LinkBucks Review.

In this Review we will take a look at how the system works, how you get paid, and figure out if this program is really  right for your business.

What Is LinkBucks? Review

LinkBucks is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

Company: LinkBucks

Price: Free

Score: 85 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit (not for everyone)

LinkBucks is very similar to a site that I have reviewed in the past called Adfly.  These sites are basically mirror images of one another, but LinkBucks is still in the beta stage of their company.

I have watched LinkBucks over the last few months and they are doing a great job of getting feedback and really applying what the members are suggesting.

That is why I have given LinkBucks a very high score. The system is proven to work and they are working very hard to make their site the best it can be.

I will say that this opportunity is not right for everyone, so let’s go ahead and talk about that and then we will get into the details of the program.

Is LinkBucks Right For You?

LinkBucks is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

I’ve already mentioned it a few times in this review, but LinkBucks is not right for everyone. Let me explain what I mean here. First I will use my self as an example. LinkBucks is primarily used by people who share links on social media. When ever I use social media I am promoting my websites content, usually reviews of products I want people to join or buy (that’s how I make money).

My main goal is to get those people from my social media post to my post on my website where they can learn more. Why would I want to show them an ad, where they might decided to close the page? I wouldn’t of course. Really to me the amount you get paid for LinkBucks showing an ad is not worth the loss of people not seeing my content.

If you run an online business and your primary goal is to get people to your content, LinkBucks is most likely not for you.

So who is LinkBucks For?

LinkBucks is really for people who don’t have a website and aren’t looking to promote their own content and products. It’s great for someone who uses social media to promote other people’s content, business, or products. For instance if you have a Fiverr gig that entails posting links on social media you might want to use a link shortening service to add a few cents per posts.

What Is LinkBucks? How Does It Work?

LinkBucks is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

In this section we are going to talk about how LinkBucks Works. So first you need to sign up for an account which you can sign up here. Once in your account you will need to create a new link. This process is very simple. I’ve included a screen shot below of the different options when creating a new link.

creating links on linkbucks

When creating a link you can see a few different options.

1) Link to convert: In this section put the URL you would like to shorten.

2) Page Content: In this section you get to choose what type of ad will be shown. The options are clean for all ages and 18+.

3) Ad Type: Choose what type of ad you would like to be shown. Different ads pay different amounts. The options are intermission which shows an ad before your site or locker which requires a form or survey to be filled out before visitors can see your content.

4) Atlas URL: This is the different domain names associated with LinkBucks this portion is not important, but can be changed to domains like and others.

Once you fill out the information discussed above you’re going to be given the shortened URL, which you can past anywhere like on social media or a website.

Example that leads you back to this page. 

Link Types And Pay Rate

LinkBucks is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

As mentioned above there are two types of ads that you can choose from. Below I have shown examples of both and their pay rates.

Intermission ad. 

linkbucks intermission ad

As you can see when someone clicks on your link they are taken to another website with a bar at the top that counts down from 5. After 5 seconds the visitor can click skip ad in the top right hand corner. Theses ads pay around $5 for 1000 clicks. As you can see if you’re going to make much money you’re going to need a good amount of clicks.

Click Here For An Example of an Intermission Ad

Locker Ad:

linkbucks locker ad

Above is an example of locker ad. When someone clicks on your link they will be taken to a page similar to this. For the visitor to reach your website they will have to interact with the page and click on one of the surveys available. They must complete the survey to ever visit your page.

These ads can earn you around $15 per 1000 clicks.

Click Here For A Locker Ad Example

LinkBucks Payments

LinkBucks is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

LinkBucks offers a few different ways to get paid at this time. PayPal and Payoneer are the two options for cash outs. There is a $10 minimum cash out amount and you should see payments into your account within 48 hours of requesting a cash out.

LinkBucks Referral Program

LinkBucks is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

LinkBucks does offer a referral program for advertisers and publishers. Publishers are the people who post links. When you refer a publisher you will earn 20% of their earnings. Advertisers are people who fill the ad space that you send visitors to. When you refer an advertiser you earn 20% of all the money they spend on ads.

LinkBucks Advantages and Disadvantages

LinkBucks is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month


  • Get Paid For Shortening Links
  • Different ad options to suit you better
  • Adult Ads if you’re into it
  • Paid By PayPal
  • Referral Program
  • Program Being Improved
  • Helpful Forum


  • Not For Everyone
  • High $10 Cash Out Amount
  • Need a lot of Clicks To Earn Good Money

Final Verdict

LinkBucks is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

As you can see from the advantages and disadvantages there are a lot of things about LinkBucks that are great and not so good. Really it all boils down to how you’re looking to make money online. Personally I don’t use LinkBucks because it does not fit into my plan of getting people to my website through social media links.

If your way of earning is different then this may be a perfect opportunity for you. They do pay by PayPal and offer some different options on how to create you ad, which I really like. If you’re a complete newbie they do have a forum that can help you get started and they are working hard on the program to make it great.

If this program fits your way of making money online I highly recommend it.

What To Do Now?

LinkBucks is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

If you would like to learn more about LinkBucks you can join here. If this opportunity suits your marketing plan I also recommend checking out Adfly.

If this opportunity is not what you’re looking for don’t worry. You can see my #1 recommendation for making money online and how I make a full-time income online at Start Your Own Online Business. This really is a much better way of making money online than shortening links, but I will let you make that decision for yourself.

Thank you for reading my Review. You figure out what is LinkBucks and saw exactly how it works. If you have had experiences with this company I’d love to hear more about it in the comments section below!

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