Is Quibids Legitimate Or Another Penny Auction Scam

is quibids legitimate Is Quibids Legitimate

Website: QuiBids

Price: $27 + More Bids

Score: 70 Out Of 100

Verdict: Legit (Not Highly Recommended)

There has been a lot of hype about these new sites that hold penny auctions. You have seen the commercials on TV that show people getting iPads and other expensive items for a few bucks. This whole penny auction idea is completely legit, but a lot of the companies are not and the big question is can you actually win any auctions.

QuiBids is probably the most popular penny auction site out there. They do the most advertising out of all sites and honestly are one of the better penny auction sites. So you already know the answer to, is QuiBids Legitimate or another penny auction scam. It’s a scam free way to get products at a discount, but I will be covering the details of how it works and why it’s not my #1 recommendation in this QuiBids Review.

How Does QuiBids Work?

1) Join and Purchase Bids

The first thing you will need to do to get started is join and purchase bids. Some penny auction sites give you free bids, but you’re hit with a big fee at the end. With QuiBids you purchase bids up front and then don’t have a fee when you do win an auction. I have included a visual of the pricing for bids below.

how much does quibids cost

You can see from the visual above that it costs $27 to get started with Quibids. They do offer bigger packages that give you more for your money, but I would just stick with the mini/starter pack at first.

2) Read the Get Started Guide

This is basically a beginner’s guide to how penny auction sites work and how QuiBids works. This is a very important part of joining because a lot of people do not understand the in and outs of how it works and this will give you realistic expectations on how to win auctions.

3) Find an Auction

The next step is to find an auction to bid on. Quibids recommends starting with auctions for more bids. These auctions usually go for pretty cheap and you can get a pretty good sense of where the price stops by watching a few auctions end before hand.

Each auction has its own countdown and once a new bid is placed the clock starts over. The more bids placed on an auction means the countdown is shorter. Here is an example in pictures below.

quibids auction proccess 2

quibids auction proccess


You can see from the picture on the left that when the price of the auction was just at a few cents there was a lot of time left in the auction. The picture on the right shows that once the price of the item builds up the auction time reduces (lowest I’ve seen in 8 seconds). Every time someone bids on an item the count down resets.


4) Win an Auction

Once you have won an auction of any type of product you will then need to pay for the item. Basically you’re already out how much money you spent on the bids it took for you to win the auction plus the ending price of the auction you won. All you need to do is checkout and the item will either be applied to your account or shipped if it’s a physical product.

5) Get Paid!

Once you have completed checkout the only thing left to do is wait for your item to arrive. I have included proof of payment below from QuiBids. I recently won a $10 gift card while messing around to write this review. I basically used all of my bids just to win, but did save some money on the ending price of the auction. (really I lost money because I used all my bids which cost me $27.)

quibids payment proof

QuiBids Positives


As you can see from the section above QuiBids does actually pay. I received a $10 gift card to Walmart that I won. It seems that you receive your prize within a week if they have to mail and prizes such as bids are updated to your account immediately after checking out.

Tons of Items

One great thing about QuiBids is that they do have a ton of different items in a lot of different categories. All the products they auction off are Brand New, which I’ve seen a few penny auction sites that auction off some used products which is pretty scammy.

Some of the product categories are gift cards, electronics, home & garden, Jewelry & Fashion, and Sports. Within each main category there are at least 10 different categories.

QuiBids Negatives

Lose Your Bids

One major negative about QuiBids is once you bid on an item you lose your bids even if you don’t win the item. For example if you bid on an eBay item and don’t win you are not out anything other than maybe some of your time. With QuiBids your paying around $.60 a bid and are loosing money on items that you bid on and don’t win.

The next negative is how hard it is to win an auction, but for this section know that you’re going to give up a lot of bids just to win and item which can really cut into the deal you get when you do win an auction.

Can You Actually Win

Here is the big kicker with QuiBids and penny auction sites in general, it’s extremely hard to actually win an auction. Yes I did win a $10 gift card, which is the lowest amount available and one of the easiest auctions to win, but it required about 30 bids to do so.

So basically to win a $10 gift card I spent $18 to do so. If you really got it down to a science you could win auctions with less bids, but your really not going to save that much money after you pay for your bids, unless you get lucky.

Penny Auction, but it cost more than a penny

One major misconception about penny auction sites is the what the penny means. Yes every time you bid the price of the auction goes up one penny. What most people think is that they only pay a penny too. As you can see with QuiBids it’s close to .60¢ for each bid.

This means that you’re paying a lot more for an item than the actual price you win the auction for.

What To Do Now

If you would like to learn more about QuiBids visit To me penny auction sites are really not that great of a deal and you end up spending a lot more money then you actually think.

If you’re okay with that, QuiBids is a completely legitimate company that will pay you with the items that you win at auction. But I think you will find that its way to hard to win an auction and that you’re going to spend more money then you really want to.

Since you know I don’t recommend QuiBids it’s time to talk about some products I do recommend. If you would like to see all the scam free online jobs that I recommend visit All Jobs

If you would like to learn more about my #1 Recommendation and how you can start your own online business and turn it into a full-time income visit Start Your Own Online Business.

If you have dealt with this company I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Thank you for reading this post on is QuiBids Legitimate or another penny auction scam.

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2 thoughts on “Is Quibids Legitimate Or Another Penny Auction Scam”

  1. Excellent review of QuiBids! I also wanted to say that I had joined QuiBids around 4 years ago and can vouch that it is legitimate. At the time I’ve joined, I’ve gotten hard drives, video games, gift cards, and a PS3 for really great prices from auctions there and I’ve won one big ticket item there which was an LG 55″ 3D Television.

    At the time, that television retailed for around $2,500 dollars and in total I spent $237 in that auction where I won the TV (which includes the bids I bought for the auction). The auction ending price was just slightly over $14. After 4 years, that television still works extremely well and have not any complaints over it.

    As you can see, it is possible to win big ticket items, but if you are wanting to join just to participate in the big ticket item auctions to try and win one for a really great price, DO NOT do it right off the bat!

    As QuiBids will tell you when you first join, start participating in the smaller item auctions first so that you can get a feel for how the auctions work. You are certainly free to participate in the big ticket item auctions at anytime, but it tends to be harder to win those especially if you are newer and don’t have any auctions under your belt yet. Trust me, I tried winning other TVs before I won that LG one and had no luck. Sometimes if you’re lucky you might win one right off the bat where the winning bid might be $1(It has happened before), but more often than not, the auction will go for awhile as each bid raises by a penny. I had participated in the auction I won the tv on for nearly 4 hours before I won and used A LOT of bids for it, so you’ve also got to figure the cost and time factor for it as you have to buy bids as well which Brok mentions.

    The good news is that whatever dollar amount of bids you used to bid in the auction, but did not win the auction, you can use the dollar amount of those bids minus the full retail value of the item to purchase it outright. Ok, I think I’ve gone on long enough, but I just wanted to share my experience with it and what you should do if you decide to join.

    • Brian,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’ve only won one auction which is the gift card I’ve included in this review, but I have not tried any big ticket items and not messed around with this site much.

      It’s good to hear that it is possible to win big ticket items, but like you said it can be a big time commitment and you’re going to have to spend some money on bids. But great to hear that it’s possible to win!

      Thanks again for sharing!



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