SmartPhone Apps That Pay: Earn Money With Your Phone

If you're looking to make money with your smartphone, here's 50 apps that you can use to make money directly on your phone!I’m a huge fan of making extra money anywhere I can. That’s the main reason I started to look for apps that could help me earn money with my smartphone.

Today I have a huge list of apps that will actually pay you money to do a variety of things. On this page, you’ll find apps that pay you to take surveys, complete tasks in your area, grocery shop, unlock your phone, download other apps, and even receive text messages!

All of the apps listed on this page are legit, I either use them myself or have seen proof that they pay. Below I’ve broken the apps down by category and left a brief description of each. It should be super easy to find the best apps to make money with!

Keep in mind that these are just Extra Income Apps, if you’re lookingshop for a full-time income, apps aren’t probably your thing. Check out My #1 Recommendation to see how I made over $13,000 online last month!

If you use apps that aren’t on this list make sure to leave comments so I can update this list!

If you’d like to learn more you can read my full app reviews next to the name. Let’s go ahead and get started learning different ways to make money with your smartphone!

Scam Free SmartPhone Apps that Pay You Money!

Paid To Receive Text Messages

1QFull Review

1Q is an app that pays you to answer short 1 question multiple choice answer polls. You can also set it up to just text you the polls!

You’ll earn $.25=$.50 per poll you respond to, the best thing is that payments are sent immediately to your PayPal account!

FreeEats – Full Review – No Longer Available, join 1Q if you want a similar site!

FreeEats pays you to receive text messages on your mobile device. Get a $1 PayPal payment instantly after joining. Earn $.25 for every text message you receive and $1 for every friend you refer!

All payments are instantly sent to your PayPal account.

Surveys & Rewards


SwagBucksFull Review

Site that pays you to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and much more. But also offers a mobile app that lets you take surveys, answer polls, and more.

Tons of reward options like PayPal, Amazon, and much more. Most start at $5 or less.

Ipoll ReviewiPoll – Full Review

Pays you to complete local missions and take surveys on the mobile app. Rewards start at $10, but the more sought after rewards like PayPal start at $25.

Instant Rewards AppFull Review

Pays you to take surveys, complete offers, and watch videos all in the mobile app.

Exchange points for $10 gift cards to PayPal, Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Use the referral code: HXP09rzoJ9ITb, to earn a special bonus when signing up!

QuickThoughtsFull Review

Pays you to take surveys on your mobile device. Earn points that can be exchanged for iTunes gift Cards starting at $10.



Get paid to take surveys on your mobile device.

Exchange points for gift cards to Amazon starting at $10

TolunaFull Review

An online survey site that also offers a mobile app for taking surveys.

Exchange points for gift cards starting at $5.


Get paid to take surveys inside their mobile app.

Payments are made via PayPal at anytime!


Get paid to answer short polls on your mobile phone. Every so often you’ll earn a few cents.

Cash out via PayPal after reaching $10.

Use the app to answer questions about stores. Anyone can download the app to start earning.

Survey Mini

Take short 10 question surveys on your mobile device. Earn points towards gift cards and free food.

InboxDollars – Full Review

An online site that lets you take surveys, complete offers, and much more. Also offers a mobile app to take surveys.

Payments are made with mailed check after $30 in earnings.


field agent app reviewField AgentFull Review

Get paid to complete local tasks. May consist of checking prices or seeing how items are displayed in a store.

Makes payments via PayPal or Dwolla.

GigWalkFull Review

Very similar to Field Agent, but jobs usually pay more. But you have to apply and be approved to work on every job you do.

Payments made via PayPal.

RewardableFull Review

Has the same easy tasks to complete in store like Field Agent, but will also occasionally pay you to buy items in the store.

Payments are made via PayPal.

CheckPoints –  Full Review

Pays you to check in at stores by completing short tasks. Also earn by completing offers within the app.

Exchange points for gift cards to Amazon and other stores.

Easy Shift 

Get paid to complete short tasks at your local stores.

Pays via PayPal.


Get paid to collect information while you shop. Just look for jobs to complete while your shopping.

Give feedback and get paid.


Find stores near you. Visit the store and answer some questions.

Earn points to exchange for prizes, gift cards, and PayPal payments.

Use the referral code: SPP1 to earn 300 free points when joining!


While shopping take pictures, a “shelfie”, of items out of stock and how items are displayed.

Earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards.

Paid To Shop

get paid to shop with ibottaIbottaFull Review

Get paid to grocery shop with ibotta. The app shows you exactly what items they pay you cashback on. Go to the store and buy the item, upload your receipt, and get paid.

Payments made via PayPal after $10. Use the referral code: xsolsia , to get $10 when you sign up.


Pei AppRead Review

Pei pays you automatic cashback when you shop at participating stores. All you need to do is link a debit/credit card and you’ll earn 1%-10% cashback when you shop.

Once you earn $5 you can get paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards.

Pei is now paying a $5 sign-up bonus when you visit!


ParibusFull Review

Paribus is an app that earns you money by automatically filing price match on your recent purchases. It’s free to join and they take a small fee out of all the price match opportunities they find you.

To learn more or to join visit!


ShopmiumFull Review

Basically the same app as ibotta and another app I highly recommend. See what items they’ll pay you for, go buy them, upload your receipt, and get paid!

Payments are made instantly to your PayPal account or by Direct Deposit. Use the referral code: KUYCGMHP, to earn an awesome freebie!


Snap By GrouponFull Review

Similar to Ibotta where you get paid to upload a receipt after buying certain products at the grocery store. But with Snap you can shop at any store.

Payments are made via mailed check after $20.


CheckOut 51 Full Review

Upload your receipt of items you bought that they pay cash back on.

Payments are made via check after $20 in earnings.


Receipt HogFull Review

Upload a grocery receipt from any store. Get paid coins based on how much you spend up to $100.

Coins can be exchanged for PayPal payments starting at $5.


Receipt PalFull Review

Get paid to upload receipts for shopping, doctor visits, and even utilities. Every 4 receipts earns you 100 points.

Points can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards starting at $1 or 350 points!


JingIt – Full Review

Paid to buy certain items in store and for visiting stores.

Payments start at $1 via Direct Deposit.


StockUp App – Full Review

Get paid to scan items and enter prices at your local store.

Earn points to exchange for entries into weekly gift card drawings.


ShopKick – Full Review

Get paid to visit stores and buy particular items in the store.

Exchange points for gift cards to Walmart, Target, and Amazon starting at $5.



Get paid for completing tasks while you shop. This might be checking a price on an item or letting them know what items you buy.


Similar to the apps like Ibotta, but they only have healthy items listed. You’ll only get paid to buy “healthy” items.


Another app that pays you to shop, but is focused around healthy choices. Pays via PayPal after $20.


Similar to ibotta, but has one major advantage.

Pays you at the end of each week via PayPal with no minimum cash out amount.

Unlocking Your Phone

get paid to unlock your phoneSlideJoy – Full Review

Get paid to unlock your smartphone. Only available on Android devices.

Payments made via PayPal on the 15th of the month.

ScreenPay – Full Review

Pays you to unlock your phone by showing targeted ads on your unlock screen.

Pays $1 for signing up and $3 each month you keep it installed. Payments made via PayPal.


Shows you ads when you go to unlock your phone. Swipe left to interact with the ad which pays 750 points.

Or ignore the ad by swiping right, which pays you 50 points.

Points can be exchanged for PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

Perk Screen

Every time you unlock your phone you have a chance to win prizes and points to exchange for gift cards.

Download Other Apps


FeaturePoints – Full Review

Earn points for downloading other apps on your mobile device.

Exchange points for paid apps or PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

is appbounty a scamAppBounty – Full Review

Get paid to download other apps on your mobile device.

Exchange points for gift cards to stores like Amazon and iTunes starting at $5.

AppNana : Read Review

Earn “nanas” by downloading apps and using the apps.

Exchange “nanas” for paid apps or PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards starting at $1.


Taking Pictures

iconzoomer reviewIconZoomerFull Review

Get paid to take pictures of things around your house. Take a picture of what they’re looking for and upload it on the app. You get paid points for every picture you upload.

Exchange your points for Amazon Gift Cards and PayPal payments.


Download the app and submit your photos. You’ll get paid $5 a picture that’s accepted.


Upload your photos on SnapWire or bid on photo requests from clients. Get paid a percentage of sell price every time one of your photos sells.


Upload your stock photos and get paid a percentage of the sell price. Average photo sold on StockImo is $90 and payments are made via PayPal monthly.

Lose Weight


Healthy WageFull Review

Choose how much weight you’d like to lose and make a bet! If you meet your goal get paid more then your bet. But if you don’t meet your goals you’ll lose your bet.

DietBet – Full Reviewsmartphone apps that pay

Join A weight loss challenge and make a bet. If you meet your goal split all the winnings with others. If you don’t meet your goal you won’t get any money that you bet.


After completing workouts inside the app you have the chance to win prizes. Most prizes consist of coupons or gift cards.

Pact App – Full Review

Set your workout and healthy eating goals, track your weekly progress inside the app. If you meet your goals split all the bets with others, but if you don’t you lose your weekly bet.



qustodian app reviewQuestodianFull Review

Mobile app that pays you to view ads. Only available in the UK and Spain at this time.

Pays every week by Direct Deposit or PayPal.

App TrailersFull Review

Get paid to watch short videos on your phone. Typical video is for a movie trailer or app advertisements, but can get paid to watch short clips from TV shows.

Exchange points for PayPal payments or Amazon gift cards.

ViggleFull Review

Get paid to watch videos or listen to music inside the app. Usually earn 1 point for every minute you use the app.

Rewards are a bit limited, but you can exchange points for gift cards.

Elusive Stars

Get paid to complete short usability tests on your smartphone.

Payments are made via PayPal after $10 in earnings.

Enroll AppFull Review

Get paid to give your opinion and test out apps. Falls in the category of usability testing.

Almost anyone can join and get paid.


Sign up to see a full list of mystery shopping jobs near you. Available in many countries!

Payments are made via PayPal after you complete a mystery shopping job.

Chameleon No Longer Available

Get paid to check in at local stores. Earn 1 point for every check in. 

Exchange points for $5 Amazon gift cards, costs 20 points.


Get Qriket Codes off of local grocery store receipts. Use the codes to earn spins. Spin the wheel to earn a cash prize.

Is location based, but does pay via PayPal at anytime.


Get paid to play games like slots and other games. Playing games gives you entries into drawings for the jackpot and other rewards.

Games are free to play and gives you a chance to win cash prizes.


Get paid to rate local businesses. Build a group of friends and earn when they do.

Points can be exchanged for cash at the end of each month!


Get paid to eat at your favorite local restaurants. After dining write a private review with constructive criticism to get paid!


Get paid to complete tasks on your phone. Tasks include calling businesses for hours, rating photos, taking surveys and more.

Super easy tasks that pay under $1, but only take a few minutes.

ESPN Streak For The Cash

Use this app to pick winners of sporting events. Compete to build a streak that gives you a chance to win over a million dollars in prizes each year.

Perk TV

Get paid to watch videos on your phone. Earn points for every video that you watch.

Exchange points for PayPal payments and gift cards to popular stores!

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Hopefully you enjoyed this long list of SmartPhone apps that pay. There’s a ton of different ways to make money with your phone listed on this page.

Personally I use the Swagbucks app for surveys, Ibotta to shop, and 1Q to get paid to receive texts. But all the apps on this list are legit and will pay!

If you’d like to see some other great ways to make money online, take a look at these awesome extra income sites.

If a small income isn’t for you, here’s how you can work at home and make a full-time income as your own boss!

Have you made money with any of these smartphone apps? Make money with your phone a different way? Let me hear your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below!

Did you know you could make money with your smartphone? Here're over 50 apps you can use to make money on the go. All scam free, legitimate, and pay!

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