Quick Thoughts Survey App Review

Learn How You Can Earn $10 iTunes Gift Cards Take Surveys On Your Phone with The Quick Thoughts App!
Recently I came across a new app called Quick Thoughts. I’m a big fan of making extra income with sites and have started to use my smart phone to make an income as well. I decided to write a review of this app because just like online survey sites all these apps are not equal.

Within this Quick Thoughts Review, I’ll cover how to earn, how to get paid, and how the app works. Stick around till the end and I’ll show you some of the other apps I recommend that can make you some extra money each month!

How Does the Quick Thoughts App Work?

1) Download the App: quick thoughts app review

The Quick Thoughts App is available to download in the Apple and Google Play App stores, directly on your mobile device. You can also download the app on the quick thoughts website.

The app is completely free and easy to download just like any other app these days.

2) Start Taking Surveys:

Once you download the app you can start taking mobile surveys at anytime for cash.

3) Redeem Your Points For Gift Cards:

Once your account reaches $10 you can redeem you cash for gift cards!

How To Earn With Quick Thoughts


Taking surveys is super easy and the main way to earn with the Quick Thoughts App. Open the app and click on find me a survey. They’ll ask you a few screening questions, usually about 5 and then a survey will be found for you.

The survey will show the estimated amount of time to complete and how much each pays. From using the app for a bit, I found that most surveys are around 20 minutes long and pay from $1-$2 each.

Complete the survey and you’re reward will be added to your balance.


I live in a small town so I don’t have any activities available to me. Activities are location based. Quick Thoughts will find activities near you to complete. This could be checking in at a store, or completing a survey while in the store.

Like I said, this is location based so if you live in a large city you’ll probably have activities nearby, but if you don’t you’ll have to stick with just taking surveys for now.

How Does Quick Thoughts Pay?

At this time the only way to get paid is with iTunes gift cards. Personally I like Amazon or PayPal, but some people still use iTunes a bit to purchase music. The minimum amount to cash out is $10.

Once you reach $10 you can redeem your cash for a gift card. Gift Cards codes will be emailed to you within 3 days of cashing out.

There’s no limit to how much you can earn with this app.

Quick Thoughts App Review

how much does quick thoughts payApp: Quick Thoughts

Price: Free

Score: 70 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit!

In this Quick Thoughts App Review I gave them a 70 out of 100. The app is 100% legit, but taking surveys on your mobile device is nothing new.

There’s plenty of other apps that allow this, such as SwagBucks. To me Quick Thoughts is a good app, but it lacks other ways to earn and the rewards are extremely limited at this time.

I personally don’t use iTunes, so getting a $10 gift card there is pointless to me. I will say that the surveys through this app are easy to complete and payments are simple.

If they add some other payment methods like Amazon or PayPal I’d give this app a much higher score! No matter my opinion Quick Thoughts is a scam free app that can help you make some extra cash taking surveys on your mobile device.

Is Quick Thoughts A Scam?

Quick Thoughts is a scam free app. If you’d like to learn more or to download you can visit their website here or search for Quick Thoughts in your mobile device app store.

I gave this app a pretty good score, but the rewards are limited. Here’s some other apps I recommend, and if you really just want to take surveys  check out SwagBucks, they have an app that allows you to take surveys and you have access to 100s of different reward options! As always here’s some other sites that can make you some extra income each month that I Highly Recommend!

If you’d like to see how I make a full-time income at home, check out my #1 recommendation.

Have you used the Quick Thoughts App? Taken Surveys On Your Mobile Device Before? Let me hear your thoughts on my Quick Thoughts Review below!

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7 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts Survey App Review”

  1. Hi! I like your review of Quick Thoughts. Entirely accurate, although I’d have rated it higher than 7/10. I think you might have the Apple version. I use it on Android and the only payment option I have is an Amazon gift code every $10 earned. I’ve gotten ink for our printer, books the kids needed for school, a Kindle download, a battery for my phone just last week, a handheld ham radio…I even recently funded the decorations for a Sweet 16 entirely with purchases made on Amazon with credit earned from Quick Thoughts.

    • Inez,

      Right now the only way to get paid by Quick Thoughts is through iTunes gift card. They do not have Amazon gift cards available so if you try to use it any where other then on iTunes it will not work!

      Hope this helps,



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