Checkpoints App Review: Does This App Actually Pay?

checkpoints app reviewI’m a big fan of earning a little extra income everywhere I can, so that’s why I’m a big fan of making money with smartphone apps. Recently I came across a pretty cool new app called CheckPoints. This app will pay you for a variety of different things kind of like a “get paid to do” site, but of course on your smartphone.

I decided to write a review of this app and find out exactly what all the hype was about.

Please understand that CheckPoints and other make money apps will never give you a large income, they usually pay you a terrible hourly rate. If you’re serious about making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

In this review I will show you how the app works, how you can earn, and see if they actually pay.

How Does The CheckPoints App Work?

Checkpoints is a really cool app that allows you to earn points for checking in to stores, watching videos, and much more. All you need to do is visit your smartphone app store or their website to download the app.

Once you’re inside the app you can sign up with Facebook or an email address. Once you’re signed up can you can start earning points. You can earn points in a variety of different ways, which I cover in the next section.

With the points you earn you can exchange these for gift cards and sweepstakes entries.

How Can You Earn With CheckPoints?

In-Store Check-Ins

This is probably the main way to earn with CheckPoints. They call them in store check-ins. All you have to do is check in at different stores in your area to earn points. Once you have the app click on the check-ins page. This will bring up all the local stores you can get paid to check in at and the amounts they pay. Once you’re in the store all you need to do is scan an item in the store. Once you’ve scanned the item you’ll get paid for “checking in”.

From what I can see most stores pay from 15-25 points just for being in the store.

Watching Videos

The next way to earn is through watching videos. This does not require you to be in a specific location, you can watch videos anywhere. CheckPoints seems to have 50 plus videos available at one time. Most are movie trailers or advertisements for products.

When you click on a video you’ll be shown a short 15-second ad. After the ad, your video will begin to play. It seems that most are 1-3 minutes long and pay anywhere from 10-25 points per video.

It does look like there’s a limit of 500 points a day via watching videos.


If you’re familiar with “paid to do” sites, then you have an idea of what to expect. The offers page will have different tasks that can be completed for points. This might be filling out a form to a sweepstakes entry, taking a survey, signing up for apps/sites, and much more.

Offers usually pay a bit higher than the other forms of earning, most ranging in the 15-100 point range depending on what you have to complete.

Refer A Friend

CheckPoints does pay you to refer your friends. You’ll be given a referral code once you join. Mine is bwebb39 if you’d like to earn some extra points when you join.

Basically, you’ll earn 100% of the points your referral earns within the first two weeks of joining.

This does not include any points earned via sweepstakes, but all points from checking in, videos, and offers.

What Rewards Does CheckPoints Have?

CheckPoints offers rewards in a few different ways. The most useful way is gift cards. You can find gift cards to stores such as Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Target, and many more stores. It looks like most gift cards start at $10, but sites like Walmart, Amazon, and Target start at $1 and cost around 340 points.

The second way you can get paid is by physical products. Some products listed are tablets, game systems, and other electronics. As you can expect these items are worth a ton of points, so most will probably prefer to get small gift cards so they can cash out faster.

The third way to spend your points is with Sweepstakes entries. Sweepstakes entries usually cost from 50-250 points and the prizes usually range from 10,000-50,000 CheckPoint points. I’m not really a fan of Sweepstakes, but maybe you’re luckier than me.

You can cash out any of these rewards at any time. For gift cards, you should receive them within 1-3 business days to your email. Physical products will take longer since they’ll be shipped to you.

Is CheckPoints A Scam Or Legit?

The Checkpoints app is not a scam. It’s a completely legit way to make some extra income, but you should know that this app isn’t going to make you rich. The rewards cost a good amount of points and that’s just for the $1 gift cards. If you’re interested in making a few extra bucks each month doing things you already do then you’ll be happy with CheckPoints.

Honestly I feel like it’s worth it because I make money with a bunch of different sites and all the income adds up each month, but I understand some people won’t feel like it’s worth it.

Really as long as you know it’s just extra income, you should be very happy with the CheckPoints App.

If you’d like to learn more or to download the app you can visit the CheckPoints website or download the app in your smartphone’s app store. Enter the promo code: bwebb39 during the sign-up process and you’ll get some extra points just for signing up.


Please remember that Checkpoints is going to be a tiny income, if you’re serious about making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!


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Do you think CheckPoints is a scam? Is the small income worth it? Let me hear your thoughts on this app in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Checkpoints App Review: Does This App Actually Pay?”

  1. I have checkpoints but I am getting a message saying that I have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy. What does this mean. My old phone broke and them got a new one, is that the reason why I am getting the above message?

    • If it’s showing an error like that, has to do with your browser. Most of the time you can click something on the page to bypass error message and view the actual website.

      For example, on Chrome it usually says advanced options and if you click on that you can see a button that says something like proceed to the website.


  2. Hi Brok.

    I wouldn’t normally use an app like Checkpoints because frankly, who knows if it’s legit or a waste of effort.

    Reading what you have to say about it though, it doesn’t sound bad at all, maybe kind of fun!

    What appeals to me is that the things you need to do to earn points aren’t really a great hassle. Of course if you want points quickly then you have to act more often, but it can be done leisurely and before you know it you’ve logged up some points.

    It’s also good to know that it is legit and does pay out. Logging in via Facebook is a nice touch too.

    Is the Checkpoints app quite widely used? I’ve not come across it before.

    Cheers, Tony.

    • What’s up Tony,

      Like you said earning with this app really isn’t a hassel. It’s going to take some time to build up points, but overtime you can earn a few bucks.

      Checkpoints is actually pretty popular, but somehow I’d never heard of it either. Came across it through a social media post with someone promoting it so thought I’d check it out.

      Thanks for reading,


  3. I’m not much into apps, the ones I use regularly use are the social platform ones. This app is a nice little tip for my daughter who is always checking new videos. I’m gonna have to tell her about it. She can always make some money while doing it. I wouldn’t have the patience to do it just for a few bucks. Is this app available for Europe?

    • Hey Ana,

      Checkpoints is not available in Europe. Checking in to stores is location based so you have to be in the US to make money with app.

      But if you’re in the US your daughter could make some extra money watching the videos inside the app!


  4. Thanks, Brok, for this thorough review and info on Checkpoints. The free “giveaway” course you offer is cool, too.

    It seems Checkpoints is a valid app, and a way to make some extra income – at least in the form of perks, gift cards, sweepstakes entries, etc.

    And they pay DOUBLE for new recruits for the first 2 weeks? The sponsor earns a point for every point the new recruit earns during that period?

    Pretty awesome!

    • Thanks for the comment Marvin,

      Checkpoints is a pretty easy way to earn some extra cash.

      You might have misunderstood the referral program. Basically if you refer someone, checkpoints will match every point your referral earns in the first two weeks.

      After that you won’t earn anything from them, and they don’t ever pay double.

      Hopefully I cleared that up!


  5. Hi Brok!

    Nice review, I very new to the concept of earning some extra cash online, and I had no idea of this.

    I like the idea of the points system, It is a little more motivating than earning 0.0001 dollars per action 🙂

    I have a couple of questions:

    Do you know if this service is available for people outside US?

    On the same line, the stores where you can gain points by checking in, are also all from US?

    Thanks for your time and best regards!


    • Hey Fito,

      Thanks for checking out this review. Unfortunately Checkpoints is only available within the US. They don’t have any stores outside of the US at this time. On their support page I found that they might be expanding, but at this time no news of this.

      But there’s some apps that are available outside of the US that can be found on my post 15 apps that pay.

      Hope this helps


  6. Cool review on Checkpoints App! I wasn’t aware there were actually apps that you can use to make money. It seems like there’s an app for everything nowadays. I definitely want to give this a try. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

    It’s amazing you can actually redeem gift cards just from watching videos! What a really cool idea.. I’ll be using the promo code you listed and am looking forward to getting some extra freebies.. Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Pete,

      You’re right there’s an app for everything now days, and a bunch that will pay you. You can see a long list of apps that pay here.

      Thanks for joining and reading this review. Hopefully you can earn a few extra bucks! Let me know how it goes.



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