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5 Ways To Make Extra Money Online Available Worldwide!

Anyone in the world can make money online! Here're 5 legitimate sites you can use to make money online anywhere in the world!

If you’re looking to make money online and aren’t located in the US, it can be difficult to find sites that accept your country. Today I’ve put together a list of 5 companies that you can use to make an extra income online worldwide!

Again, these sites are just to earn an extra income. Don’t expect to make a full-time income on these sites.

All of the sites listed below are legitimate. All of them have paid me, and I’ve included payment proof below.

One thing to mention is most of these sites focus on the US, CA, UK so although they allow you to join you won’t have as many ways to earn as some countries. With that being said, you’ll still have plenty of ways to earn with all of these sites!

Let’s get started here’re five companies you can use to make money online worldwide!

5 Ways To Make Money Online Worldwide

InstaGCRead Review – $.10 Sign-Up Bonus

InstaGC is a reward site that I’ve been using for several years and have recommended it to my US readers. Recently it dawned on me that InstaGC is available worldwide and is one of the best sites to use in any country because they tailor the ways to earn and rewards to what country you’re in.

At InstaGC you can get paid to take surveys, watch videos, complete offers, shopping, searching, visiting websites, and much more.

Depending on your country, rewards may vary, but they have hundred of gift card options and cash payments via Direct Deposit, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

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Here’re some of my latest payments via Direct Deposit:

instagc payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit InstaGC.com. You’ll earn a $.10 bonus when you confirm your email!


FeaturePointsRead Review

FeaturePoints is an app available worldwide that pays you to download other apps. Once you’re inside, you’ll see a full list of apps you can get paid to download. Most apps pay $.50-$2 and require you to download and open the app. Occasionally some apps pay more by reaching a certain level in a game or completing a particular task.

FeaturePoints has a ton of reward options which makes it easy to find something that works in your country. Some examples are PayPal, Amazon, and Steam. Most rewards start at $3.

Here’s proof that I’ve been paid by FeaturePoints via PayPal:

featurepoints app payment

To learn more or to join, visit FeaturePoints.com! Or download the app and use code: 4YK9XY  to earn a sign-up bonus!


ClixsenseRead Review

Clixsense is another reward site that’s available worldwide. They’re known for paying you to visit websites, but also pay you to take surveys, complete offers, and more.

Once you earn $8, you can cash out via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, PayToo, and Payza. Some countries offer other payment options and different cash out amounts.

Here’s proof I’ve been paid via Clixsense:

does clixsense actually pay

To learn more or to join, visit Clixsense.com and sign up for free!


PaidViewpointRead Review – $1 Sign-Up Bonus

PaidViewpoint is my favorite survey site because they only send you surveys you’re pre-qualified for. That means you’ll earn cash for every answer you give. PaidViewpoint is available in any country you can sign-up for a PayPal account.

You’ll get paid $.10 for every 10 question profile survey and more for every market research survey.

PaidViewpoint pays via PayPal once you earn $15.

Here’s proof that PaidViewpoint pays:

paidviewpoint proof of payment

To learn more or to join, visit PaidViewpoint.com!


EarnablyRead Review

Earnably is another reward site that lets members join Worldwide. Earnably pays you to complete offers, take surveys, watch videos, complete tasks, play games, and download apps.

Earnably pays via PayPal, Amazon gift card, or Bitcoin starting at just $1.

Here’s proof that Earnably pays me via PayPal:

earnably payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit Earnably.com!


UPDATE 10/25/17: I’ve added four more legitimate ways to earn that are available worldwide. These sites are a little bit different the other sites on this list so make sure to check them out!


BitcoinGetRead Review

BitcoinGet is a new reward site that’s available worldwide. The only thing that differs from this site is that you get paid via Bitcoin instead of cash and gift cards. They pay you to watch videos, take surveys, complete offers, visit websites, and refer friends.

Once you earn 1,000 bit, they transfer money directly to your Bitcoin Wallet. Here’s proof they pay:

bitcoinget payment proof

bitcoinget payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit BitcoinGet.com!   You’ll need a Bitcoin Wallet to join; I recommend CoinBase.com if you don’t already have one!



BitcoinRewardRead Review

BitcoinReward is another reward site that pays you via Bitcoin. You can get paid to watch videos, take surveys, complete offers, refer friends and more.

Once you earn 1,000 bit, they will automatically send money to your Bitcoin wallet.

To learn more or to join, visit BitcoinReward.com!   You’ll need a Bitcoin Wallet to join; I recommend CoinBase.com if you don’t already have one!



BaymackRead Review

Baymack is a site that gives you lotto entries for watching and categorizing YouTube videos. You’ll earn an entry for every 5 videos you watch.

Each day Baymack has a lotto that has a grand prize winner of $20-$100, 5-50 mid-level winners that pay $1-$20, and thousands of small prize winners that pay $.01-$.20.

You can get paid via PayPal, Bank Wire, and gift cards. PayPal payments start at just $.02, so I recommend using that.

Here’s proof of a PayPal payment, Baymack is owned by Snuckls so it shows getting paid by them:

snuckls payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit Baymack.com!



SnucklsRead Review

Snuckls is a site very similar to Baymack that lets you earn lotto entries for watching YouTube videos. Instead of getting an entry per 5 videos you get a lotto ticket per 5 videos. If you match two or more numbers to winning lotto ticket, you’ll earn a percentage of the total pot.

They pay via PayPal and Bank Wire. PayPal starts at just $.02, so again, I recommend using PayPal.

To learn more or to join, visit Snuckls.com!

More Ways To Earn Money Online

I hope you enjoyed this list of sites that you can make money with worldwide! These are not the only sites I recommend, but a lot of my recommendations are focused on US readers. If you’re in the US, UK, or CA, I highly recommend checking out these extra income sites.

No matter where you are in the world, you can make money blogging! Learn how to start a profitable blog here!

Do you have questions or use any of these sites? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


My name is Brok and I am the Owner of Full Time Job From Home. I started making money online in 2013 and created this site to teach others how they can do the same. To see exactly how I make money online visit Start A Profitable Blog

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