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full time job from homeAnother month has passed and I’ve put out over 25 work at home reviews in the August. Today I’d like to look back at the month and give you an easy way to find everything I reviewed. You’re going to see a diverse list of translation, transcription, writing, and much more.

I went through and gave you a bit of information about each, but you can learn more and see my full review by clicking on the name of the company.

If you have any questions either leave comments on this post or one of the reviews below.

Lets get started, here’s all the Work At Home Job Reviews I posted in August 2015! Oh and here’s a few lists I put together, 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses19 Work At Home Translation Jobs. 6 Mock Jury Job Sites.

Work At Home Job Reviews: August 2015


Net Transcript

A site that specializes in law enforcement transcription. Does prefer that you have some legal transcription experience. Offers part and full time work. Does want you to work a set numbers of hours, but you can put these hours in how ever you’d like.


A site that offers an editing position. Do need experience in transcription and editing. Will be responsible for finding errors in other transcriptions before they’re sent to the client. Most people are making between $12-$15 an hour.


Translators Town

Basically a freelance site that only has translation jobs. To bid on jobs you’ll need to pay for a premium account. There’s a free version that does get you listed in the directory, but to really get work you’ll need to pay for the membership.

Site is legit, but might not be the best option for all translators.

Verbal Ink

Get paid to translate from 15 different languages to English. They do require at least 3 years of experience in the field, application process starts by emailing over a resume. If they’re interested they’ll contact you back with additional instructions.

Not a ton of feedback on this company, but seems to be completely legit.



A site that almost any US English speakers can join. You’ll be talking to international English students via webcam. You get paid $.17 every minute you’re tutoring.


A site that requires experience along with a college degree. You’ll need to pass a background test and a English proficiency test. Will teach a group of 6 international English students via webcam. Most members are making around $10 an hour while tutoring.

Writing & Editing

Edit Fast

Does require a college degree and proofreading experience. Basically a freelance site where you get a listing in the directory. You can’t bid on projects, but clients can find you and request work. Once you become a high ranking member Edit Fast will start to send you work directly.

Probably not the best option for beginning freelance editors, but having a directory listing is always a plus.

Data Entry

Virtual Bee

A site that hires US and international members, there’s not really any requirements. Will be transferring information from order forms. Payment is per form and rate is dependent on how difficult the job is. Most pay between $.15-$70 per 1000 keystrokes. Pretty much industry standard for data entry. You can’t make much with these sites.

Axion Data

A data entry site that’s not currently hiring. But will hold your application on file for a fee. I don’t recommend this and think you should look for data entry work elsewhere.

Mock Jury


A site that pays you to participate in mock juries. Signing up is very easy, most mock trials take 30 minutes to an to complete and pay around $10.

Jury Workshop

Another site that pays you to complete mock trials. These usually take much longer than eJury, but pay $25 to the first 16 people to sign up for each mock trial.

Extra Income


A site that pays you to listen to music. Join and set your music preferences, get targeted music sent directly to your email, listen and get paid. Payments are made via PayPal. Not a huge income, but the best site to listen to music and get paid.


A get paid to do site that is very new, just a few months old. They pay you to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and more. You can exchange points for gift cards to stores such as PayPal and Amazon starting at $2.

A good site that’s continuing to grow rapidly.

Earning Station

Is a paid to do site that pays you to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and much more. Points can be exchanged for gift cards to Amazon and other major retailers starting at $25.

The Forum Wheel

A unique site that pays you to post in forums. Has no minimum cash out amount and pays via PayPal. You’ll have to get accepted, but you can then earn points for posting on forums.


A company that pays you for sending in your junk mail and emails. Accepts people based on demographics. Most members earn enough points for a $20 gift card to major retailers every couple of months.

Quick Thoughts

A survey site that’s available on mobile devices only. Take surveys, earn points, and exchange points for $10 iTunes gift cards.

Instant Rewards App

Basically a paid to do site that’s available on your mobile device. Get paid to take surveys, complete offers, and watch videos.

App Bounty

An app that pays you to download other apps on your smartphone and other mobile device. Sign up, download apps listed, use the app for a few minutes, and get paid points that can be exchanged for gift cards.

TellWut Surveys

A survey site that will pay you to take surveys and create your own. The site is decent and scam free, but not one that I highly recommend.


Instant Rewards

Is a site where you sign up and become active by completing offers. It says it’s free, but to become active you’ll need to spend at least a few bucks to complete offers. After your active you can begin to refer others. If they become active you earn $20.

This site is not a full scam, you can make money with this system, but you’ll be misleading your referrals to get them to become active.

Paid Survey Authority

A product that claims to have the secret of making more money with survey sites. They have a misleading sales page with an earning expectation that’s much higher than you can make taking surveys.

Once you get inside you’ll see they’re basically getting you to pay for the product and just giving a list of survey sites to join. These sites aren’t special and don’t pay more than any other survey sites.

Thank you for checking out my August wrap up. I reviewed a variety of different sites over the last month that includes work at home jobs and extra income sites. If you’d like to learn more about any of the sites I reviewed, simply click on the name for my full review.

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