Is Paid Survey Authority A Scam? Learn In This Review

paid survey authority scam reviewMost of you have probably seen people and sites that say you can make a full-time income taking surveys. The truth is you can’t. Surveys are an excellent way to make extra money online, but surveys simply don’t pay enough to earn you a huge income.

One site that claims to have the secret to making more with surveys is Paid Survey Authority. I’ve seen sites like this before. Their sales page is full of false statements on how much you can make and how easy it is to make a large income with surveys.

You can probably already tell that Paid Survey Authority is a scam, and in this review, I’ll show you exactly why.

Paid Survey Authority Review

Product: Paid Survey Authority

Price: $37 plus upsells

Score: 10 Out Of 100

Verdict: Scam

In this Paid Survey Authority Review, I gave them a terrible score and marked it a scam. First, let me say that taking paid surveys is not a scam. If you can find a legit site to take surveys, you can earn extra money each month.

With that being said Paid Survey Authority does nothing but give you misleading information, makes you pay for a list of survey sites, and what they call training.

There’s no reason to purchase this product, what they tell you to do in the member’s area can be done without ever having this product.

My Recommendation is to stay far away from this site. If you want to take surveys, find a scam free survey site and join. Just know that it’s some extra income, not a full-time income.

Why Paid Survey Authority’s A Scam

The Sales Page

The sales page features a video with a ton of people saying that they’re making thousands of dollars taking surveys each month because of Paid Survey Authority. The BS doesn’t stop in the sales video. The rest of the page goes on talking about huge incomes, high paying surveys, and the secret to making more.

paid survey authority legit

paid survey authority scam secret list

Above are screenshots directly from the sales page. You can see they talk about a “secret list” of the highest paying surveys available.

I cover this later, but this is not true. Paid Survey Authority doesn’t even provide surveys, all they do is give you a list of survey sites to join that are the same you’ll find anywhere else!

paid survey authority sales page

One thing on the sales page is how much you can earn. Multiple times they show people making over $4,000 a month taking surveys. The truth is surveys don’t pay enough to make this possible. You can see from the screenshot above that the surveys they list are all extremely short and pay over $10, one even paying $55.

The truth is almost all surveys range in the $.50-$5 range and can take from 5 minutes to over an hour. Usually, pay is related to how long the survey takes to complete.

Yeah, you may find a few surveys that pay more than $5 or $10, but they are very rare, usually take over an hour to complete, and have super specific qualifications.

Showing a ton of surveys paying over $10 is a bunch of BS and is not true.

how much can you earn with paid survey authority

On the sales page, they have an income calculator that follows along with the false information they provided before on how much surveys pay.

If surveys did pay $30 a piece you could make a large income, but they don’t. Using this calculator in the best case scenario of a survey paying $5 a piece gives you a weekly income of $150.

I’m not saying $150 is impossible, but it’s very unlikely and would never be a consistent income.

As you can see the sales page is full of BS that gives you the wrong idea about paid survey sites.

The Members Area

After you go through all the Up Sells that they push on you during the purchase, you’ll make it to the member’s area.

The first thing that jumps out to me is on the sales page they have a secret list of surveys that pay more. Once you get inside the member’s area, that list is just a list of survey sites to join.

The big issue here is these survey sites aren’t special or secret; they’re sites you’ve probably heard of and can join for free at any time without being a member of Paid Survey Authority.

Some sites on the list are Fusion Cash, and Paid Viewpoint. These sites are 100% legit and sites that I recommend, but why do you need to pay $37 to access a list when all the sites on the list are available anywhere on the internet for free?

You’ve just joined a site since they said they have the secret to making more with surveys, which is not true. What you got was a list of survey sites that are free to join anywhere and anytime, you might as well save your money and join the sites without Paid Survey Authority.

Is Paid Survey Authority Legit?

Paid Survey Authority is not legit; it’s a complete scam. On the sales page, they fill you with a ton of BS that’s simply not true about online surveys. The member’s area is basically worthless since they don’t have any secret surveys that pay more.

When purchasing this product you’ll be wasting your money, getting a list of survey sites that can be found anywhere, and when you join a site and take surveys they’ll be earning a commission off you.

My Recommendation is to stay far away from Paid Survey Authority. If you’re still interested in survey sites, that’s great. There’s a lot of scam free survey sites out there. But know, they won’t make you a huge income. Survey sites are what I call extra income sites that can earn you some extra money each month. If extra income is okay with you, check out the legit survey sites I recommend.

If you’re looking for a substantial income, like the one Paid Survey Authority lied about, don’t take surveys. Take a look at My #1 Recommendation to make a full-time income at home.

Do you agree Paid Survey Authority’s a Scam? Disagree and think it’s legit? Let me hear your thoughts on this Paid Survey Authority Review in the comments below!

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