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Axion Data Entry Job Scam: Learn More In This Review

AxionData is a legitimate data entry company. But They Charge You To Hold Your Application On File. Is it worth it? Axion Data is a company that I recently came across that occasionally hires data entry workers. Currently they’re not hiring workers, but I did want to write a review just in case work opens up in the near future. At this time they’re charging a fee to keep your information on file, so I don’t recommend applying, instead check out some of the other data entry sites I recommend.

With that being said I went ahead and put out a full review covering the details of this data entry site. I’ll cover the requirements, payments, and if this site’s a scam.

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Let’s go ahead and jump into this review, but remember at this time they’re not hiring and I wouldn’t recommend paying a fee!

Axion Data Entry Requirements

is axion data a scamLike most data entry sites Axion Data does not require any experience, with that being said they are very selective so having experience is always a plus. You’ll need a computer with high speed internet access.

One thing they mention is that Mac users might need to buy an extra program to access there database, but all Windows computers are good to go.

Other than that there’s really not any other requirements. You can apply at anytime by filling out a simple form. The form includes name, contact information, skills and experience.

How Much Does Axion Data Cost?

Before I talk about cost I’d like to preach that I don’t recommend paying for them to hold your application. Honestly, I think that’s a bunch of Bull, and would never pay for something like that, but some people may feel different about this, so I’ll cover the fee and all the other information about this opportunity.

They’ll keep your information on file for $5, this gets you 60 days. There’s also options of $7 for 120 days and $10 for one year. If you’re still not hired most likely you won’t be interested, but you can renew and keep your info on file if you’d like.

What Type Of Work Is Available

Like most data entry work, jobs are going to vary slightly, but the process will be the same. With Axion Data you’ll be taking information off of forms usually name, address, phone, numbers, etc. and typing it into forms on their site.

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An example of this might be a hand written order form. You’d be responsible to transfer all the personal information along with what and how much people ordered.

All the jobs at Axion will differ, but this gives you a good idea of what’s available. If you’re familiar with data entry, there’s not really anything new here!

How Much Does Axion Data Pay?

Axion Data pays on a per piece basis, so each piece pays different based on how much inputting you’ll need to do and how long it takes. On their site they say that forms that take under a minute usually pay around $.05-$.10 cents per form, while some forms take 30-60 minutes to complete. These forms pay from $6-$9 most of the time.

Unfortunately to get paid you have to invoice Axion Data. Every two weeks you can email them an invoice with all the work you’ve done in the last two weeks.

Axion Data will pay you 28 days after the invoice, so once you get going you’ll be paid every two weeks on Friday. There’s no information on how they pay, but most likely direct deposit or mailed check.

Axion Data Entry Job Schedule

One beautiful thing about data entry and a lot of other work at home jobs is a flexible schedule. For the most part Axion Data is one of the log on and work at anytime sites. There are exceptions where clients need work fast, which would require you to complete the job in a certain time period, but for the most part work can be done at anytime.

Axion Data says that most hired members have enough work to log around 20-25 hours a week. So it’s part-time work that can usually be completed on a flexible schedule.

Axion Data Review: Is It Worth it?

Axion Data isn’t a scam, if you can get hired it’s a legit data entry company that most workers really enjoy. Not thinking about having to pay, I think Axion Data is a bit outdated since you have to invoice the company to get paid, and of course payment isn’t high, but that’s what all data entry sites pay.

Now paying to keep your application on file, I don’t think it’s worth it at all, there’s other legit data entry sites out there that don’t charge you. It’s not like Axion is paying a super high rate that’s better than other data entry sites. Personally I’d stay away from Axion Data until this policy changes.

But if you’d like to learn more or sign up you can visit Axion Data Jobs.

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Think Axion Data’s a scam? Would you pay to apply?  Let me hear your thoughts on this Axion Data Review in the comments below!


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