19 Work At Home Translator Jobs: Completely Scam Free

If you're fluent in multiple languages you may be able to get a work at home job as a translator! Here's 19 options if this applies to you!One portion of work at home jobs I’ve not really covered is translation. There are companies out there that will pay you to translate to all kinds of different languages. Today I’ve put together a list of 19 different work at home translator jobs that are scam free.

If you’re not familiar with translator work, companies will pay pretty good money for someone who is bilingual and can translate/interpret well.

From what I can see it’s a pretty competitive industry, but if you have the skills you can make it on with one of the translation companies below!

Lets go ahead and begin, here are 19 translation sites that you may be interested in.

19 Translation Sites That Hire Translators & Interpreters

American Journal Experts

Is a site that hires translators. The requirements are pretty strict and they’re looking for people who have degrees in the translation field. The work mainly consists of translating educational papers and documents. They currently only have a few positions open, and they’re both in Chinese to English.

They do say that openings change frequently so it’s a good place to check often. Pay is based primarily on length of document and difficulty.

Gengo (Full Review

A site perfect for beginners. As long as you can pass the translation tests you’re accepted. Type of files vary, but most are short emails or conversations. The pay rate is $.03 per word for standard members.

They offer room for promotion if you put out quality work. This unlocks more jobs and higher pay rate.

They make payments via PayPal and this is open anywhere you can open a PayPal account.

Certified languages

This company is looking for US based workers who have at least 2 years of experience. Now they say they show priority to applicants that are certified, but it’s not a requirement.

I can’t find much information, but looks like you’ll need to submit an application with a resume attached. They will contact you with more details if they’re interested.


A company that hires a variety of different positions Worldwide, sometimes they have openings in the translation field. They will not hire beginners, so experience is a must.

They don’t disclose the exact rate of pay on this job, but some other positions on their site have rates and they’re pretty competitive. They pay by Direct Deposit every week.


Hires translators along with transcribers. Occasionally has openings for translators.

Very flexible schedule, you can log on at anytime and work.

Payments made quick and easy by PayPal.

Translators Town (Full Review

A bit different than most of the sites on this list. This is basically a freelance site that only has translation jobs on it. When you join you’ll see a full list of jobs. You as a freelancer will bid on jobs.

If you get a job you’ll complete the work inside of the Translator Town’s software and be paid upon completion.

As you can expect, there’s no hourly rate with this site. Payment is by job and price can vary based on length, difficulty, and other freelancers low balling bids.

Language Service Associates

Hires translators in different languages, but also offers sign language and face to face, which makes it a bit different than other sites on this list. They’re not always hiring, but they have a full list of openings on their website.

They say that they require at least 3 years of experience and being certified is a major advantage, but not a requirement.


Now Proz doesn’t actually offer any translation jobs, but they are a marketplace for finding great job leads. I recommend checking them out if you’re interested in translation work.

Along with job leads they have a ton of training that can help you gain experience in the field.

Verbal Ink

A company that hires transcribers and translators. Offers jobs in about 15 different languages to English. They do require you to have at least 3 years experience in the field.

Application process starts with sending your resume to an email they provide. Pay Rate is not disclosed, but from forums they say it’s competitive.


Another site that hires transcribers and translators, but combines it into one job. You’ll need to be able to translate and transcribe at the same time, which sounds pretty hard to me.

The average pay rate is $2.80 per audio minute transcribed. There are other tasks that can be preformed that raise the payment, along with difficulty.

World Lingo

Hires translators and proofreaders world wide. Requires you to have 2-5 years of experience, a college degree, and a certification in your country.

No information on pay, but based on the requirements I’d say it’s industry to above industry standard.


A company that hires translators in 150 different countries. They have a huge list of languages, looks like over 100 that they have work in.

After applying you’ll need to complete the training. Only the top applicants will get accepted.

Payments are twice a month via PayPal.

Language Line

A bit different than most jobs on this list, and it’s actually an interpreter job. Basically you’ll be listening to 3 way phone calls and be translating/interpreting the conversation for both parties.

You will need a headset and dedicated phone line.

No information on how much they pay, but all feedback seems to be positive.


Is a company that hires a bunch of different WAH positions, and also has translation jobs from time to time. They don’t give out much information about the position, but it does look like it’s a fair pay rate and open worldwide to first language English speakers.


This company hires interpreters on a contract basis. Requirements are fluent in two languages, at least a two year degree in interpretation, experience, and professional certification.

Offers a very flexible schedule where you can set your own hours and work where and when you want.


Some of you may have heard of LionBridge, known for search engine evaluator jobs, but they also hire translators from time to time.

Has a short 5-15 application process that includes past experience, your skills, and a short test.

Language Scientific

Has some strict qualifications. Since you’ll mainly be doing technical translation, they require you have a degree in the field or at least some background information on the subject.

No information on pay, but based on the expertise needed I’d say it’s way above industry standard.


Company hires various positions, but also hires freelance translators and interpreters. Must be fluent in two languages and have a high school diploma.

You’ll need to pass a few tests in the languages that you provide.

Transparent Language

Hires translators around the world in a ton of different languages. Also hires in other positions such as language tutors.

Large company with a very good reputation and positive feedback from current workers.

There you have it, 19 different scam free work at home translator jobs. To be honest I haven’t fully researched every company and soon I’ll most likely have a link to a full review of each company. But I’m confident they’re all scam free and legit.

Translation work is a pretty targeted job, since you have to be bilingual, but there’s still a ton of competition and it’s not easy to get a job. For this reason I always recommend checking out my #1 recommendation. It’s not a job where you’ll be hired by a company, but it’s a good way to build something for yourself and earn a living as your own boss from home.

If that’s not for you, check out some of the other work at home jobs or extra income sites I recommend.

Hopefully you enjoyed this list of sites to get translation work. Have you worked for any of these companies? Know of other translator jobs hiring? I’d love to hear more about your experiences in the comments.

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  1. Hello..
    Thanks for the entire list. For translator there is a lot of translation company available and it is really difficult to find out a scam free company. such a nice information, thanks for sharing

  2. Wow, you have a lot of resources here for people who want to freelance translate. I’ve always wanted to learn new languages. Started on Russian, but never got very far.
    So, if I were to become advanced enough with Russian, would that be a practical language to try to create an income stream from? Thanks!

    • Hey Paul thanks for checking out my translator job list. I’m in the same boat, I won’t be doing any translating anytime soon with what I know.

      But I’d say there’s at least some demand for russian translation so if you get fluent I think you’d be able to make some cash doing so.

      Hope this helps,


  3. I have been looking at many ways to make money, but translator jobs are definitely up my street 🙂

    The trouble is finding a legit one that actually pays, and your post has just answered the question for me.

    With so many great translation websites here, I am now spoilt for choice. I will start with American Journal Experts, and take it from there.

    Thanks very much for your help with these work at home jobs.


    • Hey Neil,

      Thanks for checking out my list of legitimate translator jobs. As long as you have the required skills, which it seems you do, it’s a great line of work to get in to.

      WIth more and more international business being done online the need for translators is at an all time high.

      Hopefully you can find a site that works for you and get hired on!

      Let me know how it goes


  4. Hi Brok!
    Amazing article, just what I needed!
    The thing is that I’ve been freelancing here and there, and my primary area is translation-related. So, when I came across your article, it was like a gem for me! Amazing that you’ve provided an extensive list of the sites who hire translators, as opposed to two-three.
    Definitely bookmarking it.
    Once again, thanks a lot!

    • Hey Zarina thanks for checking out this list of translator jobs.

      I did my best to provide you with a ton of translator job options.

      Hopefully you found what you were looking for!


  5. Hi
    Like most of us, my wages never go up but the cost of living keep going up so lm looking for easy ways to make money online.
    l do not have many talents so was thinking of something thats easy to do and that`s how l got to your site.
    Glad l did because im sure l can be a translator English to german.
    I will apply to the sites you suggested and who knows maybe they will accept me.I want to improve my income but only working from home.
    Thanks for great tips.

    • Hey Roamy,

      Sorry to hear about the income troubles. I understand that cost of living keeps going up!

      If you do have the ability to translate check out some these companies. The industry is continuing to grow and this could be a great way for you to make some extra money to keep up with those expenses!


  6. Hi Brokwebb great presentation so are you saying that all the translator agency are really scam free. I don’t know I wouldn’t know if I should join or not. Your site does look promising and there is such a large database of translators out there that is highly competitive. I think in this industry this problem is growing more and more with time. Probably when you go through more research there may be even more in the industry what do you think?

    • Hey Nigel,

      I know that all the sites on this list are scam free and like you said I think I’ll find some more once I dig deeper into the industry.

      I know that this industry will continue to grow so if you have the skills required, it may be a great line of work to get into!



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