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Is A Scam? Find out in this eJury Review

ejury scam reviewThe other day I came across a super cool way to make some extra cash online. The site is called eJury, and you’ll get paid to participate in a mock hearing as a jury member. Honestly I’d never heard of anything quite like it so I had to write a review.

To me, eJury looks completely legit and scam free, but I’ll let you decide after reading this review. In this review, I’ll cover the qualifications, how it works, how much you get paid, and how you can apply.

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There are a few qualifications you need to meet before joining. Here’s what you need:

  • At least 18 years old
  • US Citizen
  • Good Morals & Solid Mind
  • Ability To Read & Write
  • No Criminal Background

As you can see the qualifications are very similar to a normal juries, if you can meet these you can apply!

eJury Application Process

The eJury application is pretty simple. There are three portions to the application, but they’re all very short. I’ve listed the parts below:

  1. Oath
  2. Identity Verification
  3. Demographic Information

The oath is very simple it’s basically four yes or no questions that say you’re not affiliated with any attorney or any part of the legal system and that you’ve read there TOS.

The identity verification is very simple. It includes basic information like you name, address, etc. Don’t worry you don’t have to give you out your social, but you’ll need to provide your drivers license.

The demographics portion is just like signing up for a survey site where you provide your date of birth, race, gender, household income, etc.

After you’re through you’ll submit your application. If you’re accepted eJury will contact you via email.

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How Works

eJury is possible because attorneys want to hold a mock jury before the case actually goes to trial in front of a real jury. Normal cases get reviewed by at least 50 people, this gives the attorney tons of feedback about the case. For this reason, mock juries are pretty popular.

The process is pretty simple. After being accepted you can log on and see if there’s any new cases to review. You can also choose to get email notifications.

If you’re interested in the case you can join in.

The attorney will prepare the case with facts from each party, jury questions, and some additional questions to get more feedback.

It’s your job to review all of the information, then at the end submit a final verdict. After you submit your feedback and it’s approved you’ll get paid.

How Much Does eJury Pay?

Each case will clearly mark how much it pays. Payments depend on how long the case is. Almost all cases pay between $5-$10.

Payments are made via PayPal. I can’t find when they pay, but I’m assuming within a few days of completing a case. Complaints

I did some research and there’s some complaints that members do have. I’ve listed and explained some of the larger ones below.

Not Enough Doe For Your Time

In the payments section, you saw that each case pays between $5-$10. Now on the eJury website, they say that the average $5 case takes an average of 35 minutes to complete. In the forums, people are saying that it takes them closer to an hour or more to complete.

Of course everyone is different and your first few cases will take longer, but either way this site isn’t going to make you rich. It’s a way to make some extra cash in your spare time.

It’s probably not something I’d spend my time on, but if you’re interested in the legal system this might be considered a fun experience.

Where’s The Available Cases?

Another complaint is that there are not very many cases available. On ejury’s website, they clearly state that there’s no guarantee of work. They do say that large cities in Texas, where ejury was started, average around 1 case a week.

They do say that other parts of the country may only receive 1 a month or less, depending on how popular ejury is in your area.

To me this is just some extra income, you’re not going to get enough cases to make a full-time income off this no matter where you live, but do know that the number of cases is dependent on your location in the US.

Is eJury A Scam or Legit?

eJury is 100% legit. There’s nothing that makes this site a scam. I will say that payment isn’t huge and this site won’t make you rich. It seems the negative feedback is from people trying to make a bunch of money online, which isn’t what this site is intended for. Most of the positive feedback comes from people who just enjoy the legal process. Personally, that’s not my thing, but if it’s yours eJury might be a fun way to make some extra money and enjoy your free time.

There haven’t been any complaints about not getting paid so I have to recommend eJury if you enjoy this kind of stuff. To learn more or to apply you should visit Become a Juror on their website.

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Think eJury’s a Scam? Have information to add to this review? Let me hear your thoughts on eJury in the comments below!


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