Is TellWut A Scam? TellWut Surveys Review

is tellwut surveys a scamTellWut is a relatively new survey site that I came across recently and decided to write a review. TellWut is similar to most surveys sites where you take surveys to earn points that can be exchanged for rewards.

They do offer a few other ways to earn such as referring your friends and creating your own surveys, but I’ll cover it all within this review.

Let’s go ahead and get stared, today I’ll answer is TellWut a scam, along with covering how it works, how to get paid, and all the important information about this site!

TellWut Surveys Review

tellwut surveys scamSite: TellWut

Price: Free To Join

Score: 60 Out of 100

Verdit: Legit, But Not Recommended

In this TellWut Survey Review I gave them an okay score and marked it legit, with that being said I don’t recommend this site. They won’t scam you, but there’s better sites out there.

TellWut does have a cool way to earn with creating your own surveys, but other than that it’s not that great. Rewards are lacking a bit and the point system is a bit messed up in my opinion.

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How To Earn With TellWut

Creating Surveys

I was surprised to see you could get paid for creating surveys, the only other site I’ve seen that does this is Instant Cash Sweepstakes.

Now not all surveys will get you paid, but for the ones that do get approved you’ll earn 15-20 points.

There is a limit of submitting two surveys per week and there’s a long list of reasons why your survey might not get approved. Still a pretty easy and cool way to earn some points.

Taking Surveys

They have a list of surveys to choose from that are from third party providers. From the list I see now, most range from 15-30 minutes and pay around 200-400 points.

The survey will open in a new link and you’ll have to qualify before starting, like most other surveys.


Coupons are listed under the special offers tab on their website. Find coupons that you like, print them, go to the store and redeem them.

Earn 1 point per coupon you redeem. Earnings will be updated at the end of each month for coupons.

Refer A Friend

TellWut does have a referral program. Ever friend you invite that confirms there email address will earn you 25 points.

A lot of survey referral programs also pay you a percentage of the earnings, but TellWut does not.

TellWut Rewards

tellwut rewardsAt this time TellWut Rewards you with gift cards that can be bought with the points you earn. They have gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Subway, Home Depot, Target, Starbucks, and Barnes and Noble.

Most store gift cards start at $25, but Amazon gift cards start at $10.

Unfortunately most of the gift cards range in point values even if they’re both worth $25. It seems that the more popular stores may be more expensive.

There are plenty of options to choose from, but there’s no cash payments at this time.

TellWut Concerns and Complaints

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t cover some of the concerns or complaints of other members. Here’s what I found.

Rewards & Point System

One big complaint is no cash option and the fact that multiple $25 gift cards cost different point values. To me this is just taking advantage of gift cards to stores that are more popular.

It’s nothing new, I see this with a lot of surveys sites that have point systems. They usually have one gift card that’s discounted and the rest of them all vary in price.

Accounts Suspended

Most of these complaints came at the end of 2014. I guess some people were reaching the cash out amount, exchanging points for gift cards, then getting an email saying there account had been suspended and that they won’t receive payments.

Now take this with a grain of salt because there’s some reports of this along with a lot of reports of people saying that the support was really good when and if they had a problem. Who knows those people complaining could have done something to violate the terms.

Is TellWut A Scam Or Legit?

Overall TellWut is a decent survey site that’s legit from what I can see. There’s a few complaints about the site, but overall the feedback is positive.

TellWut is not a site I recommend just because I think there’s better sites out there. Most likely if you join you’ll have no problems getting paid, but I think the ways to earn and the rewards are a bit limited compared to other similar sites.

If you’d still like to check it out or to join you can visit TellWut Surveys.

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Do you think TellWut’s A Scam? Let me hear your thoughts on this TellWut review in the comments below.

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  1. i have been doing surveys for over 5 months it is getting so that i get bad external survey when i contact them i am told that i am the only one having this problem i do no much about computers if the problem with look to like if they are sending survey out around the world that other would have the same trouble they are acting like i am the only person in the world that this happening to.I only cash my points in for one only it subway i have 17 that i have not used yet i am about to tell them not to send any more surveys the good ones are the randoms that you can not get screwed on. 4-4-2017


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