EditFast Review: Is EditFast A Scam?

You Can Work At Home As an Editor for Edit Fast! If you meet the qualifications....
If you have a knack for editing you might be interested in the work at home position at EditFast. EditFast is basically a freelance website that specializes in editing. Although they do send work directly to you from time to time it’s not a guarantee.

I decided to write this review of EditFast, because in the forums there’s a lot of questions and people saying this site’s a scam. Edit Fast is not a scam, but it might not be the best place for all freelance editors.

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In this review, we’ll cover the requirements, how EditFast works, and how much you get paid.

EditFast Requirements

EditFast does have some requirements you need to meet before joining. Here’s exactly what you need!editfast review is it a scam

  • A College Degree
  • Computer & Internet Access
  • Word Processing Program (Microsoft Word)
  • Experience in Proofreading & Editing

Along with the basic qualifications they do have some helpful tips that could make it easier to get accepted. I’ve listed these below:

  • Held a Professional Proofreading Position
  • A College Degree in English
  • Certification/Courses In proofreading & Editing
  • Background Knowledge in a Specialized Field such as Medical, Technical, Etc.

Basically, if you have the basic requirements you can easily get accepted. The extra requirements will help you get work sent directly to you!

EditFast Application

The EditFast Application is pretty simple. You start by completing the Resume Builder. This is basically an application that includes contact information, work & expertise information, along with past work examples.

The next portion is the tests. You’ll need to complete and pass an editing test that EditFast provides. If all goes well and you pass, you can move on to the next portion of the application.

Next, you will build your webpage. I go into more detail in the how it works section, but this is basically your online resume that customers can find and request your work. Your webpage will include all the information you provided in the resume builder.

Once you’ve completed these steps, EditFast will review your application. If accepted you’ll receive an email confirmation, if you’re rejected all of your information will be deleted.

How EditFast Works

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this review, EditFast is basically a Freelance website. The whole point is to get accepted and get your own webpage where you can advertise yourself as a freelance editor.

Once you’ve been accepted you can get jobs two different ways. The first is by EditFast sending work to you. Some clients have EditFast handle the whole process. When this happens they go out and find an editor listed in their database that fits well with the job.

You’ll see when joining that EditFast is not required to ever send you work. If you want work sent to you, you’ll need some completed projects with positive feedback and meet some of the extra qualifications I’ve listed above.

The second way to receive work is through a client requesting work by landing on your EditFast webpage. EditFast has a built-in search that lets clients search by feedback or skills. It is possible to pick up work by meeting the criteria that a client’s looking for.

No matter what way you get work, each project will have an agreed upon price and deadline. You’ll need to complete the work, submit it, and have it approved before getting paid.

How Much Does EditFast Pay?

There isn’t an exact answer to this question. Payment is per project, which will be based on how long and difficult the document is, but the price will be agreed upon beforehand.

EditFast will be taking a cut of the total project price, a whopping 40%.

They pay monthly by PayPal on the last day of the month. One thing to notice is that after each project is complete you’ll have to invoice EditFast for the total project amount to actually get paid!

Is EditFast A Scam?

There’s no question that EditFast is not a scam. If you complete a job and invoice them you’ll get paid. But with that being said, I don’t think I’m a huge fan of how this site works. Personally, I’d rather have a freelance site where you can bid on projects, that way you can at least try to go out and get work.

To me, unless you have an expertise or the extra qualifications I’ve listed above, you probably won’t get any work sent to you. Chances are if you do have those extra qualifications you can or already are successful on another freelance website or with an editing company.

I’d say that EditFast is a good way to get exposure with their website listing, but unless you’re already an editor and just looking for some extra projects this site won’t get you much work.

If you’re trying to become a freelance editor you should probably still apply. If you can get approved you’ll at least have the chance of some exposure through your webpage listing, but don’t expect much work if any.

But that’s just my thoughts on EditFast, overall the feedback across the web is pretty positive, but not much information on how much work people receive. If you’d like to learn more or to apply visit Edit Fast Jobs.

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Have you tried EditFast? Think EditFast is a Scam? Let me hear what you thought about this review in the comments below!

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