Transcription Editing Job At BabbleType Review

transcription editing job at babble type reviewBabbleType is a Transcription company that hires work at home salespeople, customer service reps, and transcription editors. In today’s review, I will cover the Editing Job at BabbleType.

This editing job isn’t for beginners. BabbleType has some strict requirements that make this job only open to experienced transcribers and editors. They offer a flexible schedule and a pretty good rate of payment.

Make sure to check out the transcription editing course at ProofreadAnywhere. For a limited time, they are offering a free webinar you can check out.

If you have some experience in transcription editing, Babble Type might be a good fit for you. Continue reading this job review to learn more about the opportunity.

Babble Type Job Requirements

BabbleType is not a site that hires just anyone. You’re going to need some experience if you’d like to apply and get the job. On their website they say you need to be detail oriented, perform under pressure, and have great communication skills.

You’ll also need a four-year degree and experience in editing and proofreading. They don’t put a numerical value on experience, but I’d say at least three years.

Like most transcription sites, they recommend having a high-quality headset and foot pedal.

Babble Type Application

To begin the application process, you’ll need to send a resume to the email they provide on their website. The resume should include any experience and examples of work if you have any.

If they’re interested, they’ll contact you with additional steps. I can’t find exact information on this, but most likely there will be some test that you’ll need to pass dealing with transcription and editing.

What’s The Job Like?

As an editor, you’ll be the final step in their transcription process. Someone has already transcribed the audio file; it’s your job to listen to the audio, transcribe it, and compare the two. It’s your job to find any errors that the previous transcriber has made.

Here’re some of the tasks you’ll be responsible for:

  • Double checking all documents before they’re sent to the customer
  • Making sure all the customer’s requirements and demands have been met
  • Scoring the work of the previous transcriber
  • Finding errors in the whole production process

As you can see, there’re various tasks you’ll be responsible for. To me, this is the most important position in the company. You’re the person who approves all the work delivered to Babble Type clients!

How Much Does Babble Type Pay?

From what I can see the pay is based on a per file edited basis, since files range in length and difficulty the pay differs. In the forums, most people holding an editing position say it works out to be around $12-$15 an hour. It all depends on what type of files you get and how fast you can edit them. But I’d say the $12-$15 estimate is pretty accurate.

Babble Type makes payments each week via PayPal. You’ll be hired as an independent contractor so you’ll be responsible to report the income and taxes if you make more than $600 with the company!

Babble Type Transcription Editing Schedule

Babble Type is a part time position. In the forums, most people say they work 15-20 hours a week, but there’s no requirement to how much you work. You can work at any time that you’d like.

Some jobs have strict deadlines that might require you to work at a certain time, but for the most part, you can fit this anywhere into your schedule.

Is Babble Type Editing Legit?

From what I can see Babble Type is completely legit. There’s a good amount of feedback in the forums about the position, and it’s mostly all positive. The rate seems to be higher than a lot of transcription sites, but I haven’t reviewed many editing positions.

I like that they pay weekly via PayPal, which is a huge plus. The big thing here is do you have enough experience to get accepted.

At this time BabbleType is accepting applications and hiring for this position. If you like transcription and editing, it’s worth taking the time to send a resume. Who knows, it could turn into a new part-time work at home job opportunity for you.

If you’d like to learn more about the position or to apply visit Babble Type Jobs read a bit more about the Quality Assurance Associate and send a resume to the email they provide.

If you have any interest in transcribing from home, make sure to check out the course at TranscribeAnywhere. The course will teach you how to transcribe and how to find high-paying transcription jobs. You can also sign up for their Free 7-day course just to make sure Transcription is right for you!

If you don’t have the experience they’re looking, for you may be interested in some of the work at home jobs, extra income sites, and be your own boss jobs that don’t require any experience.

Have you held a transcription editing job before? Know more about Babble Type? Let me hear your thoughts on this Transcription Editing Job Review in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Transcription Editing Job At BabbleType Review”

  1. Brok, I noticed that you had this listed under companies hiring for transcribers with experience, but this is a QA job with Babbletype, not a transcription job.

    I briefly worked with Babbletype as a transcriptionist. I did not have to have a college degree, nor did I have to have experience. I did, however, have to pass a test.

    For transcription work, Babbletype generally pays around $0.50 per audio minute, which is fairly low, in my opinion.

    I’m not sure what they pay for QA associates, but I would guess it would be fairly low as well.

    This is just FYI. I haven’t worked with that many transcription companies. That’s why I’m looking at your reviews — to see which ones I’d like to work for.

    But I had worked for Babbletype, so I felt compelled to share with you what I knew.

    Again, thanks for your great reviews. I’m just trying to help.


    • Hey Marty,

      I must have linked the wrong review on that page. Sorry about that.

      The information I found for this job was $12-$15 an hour. What would you say your hourly wage was transcribing?

      Thanks for sharing your experience it’s always great to hear from current and past workers on their experiences with companies.




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