Is Virtual Bee Legit? How Much Does Virtual Bee Pay?

is virtual bee a scamIf you’re looking for data entry work you may be interested in Virtual Bee. Some of you may know the name KeyForCash. Recently KeyForCash re branded themselves and formed the company Virtual Bee.

I decided to write this review and see if Virtual Bee is actually legit. In this review I’ll cover how Virtual Bee works and some other important information like how much they pay.

One thing to keep in mind is data entry doesn’t pay much, but almost anyone can join and complete this work. Lets get started with Virtual Bee review and see if this site is a scam!

Virtual Bee Requirements

Virtual Bee is a site that does not require any experience with data entry. They accept members inside the US and have an international membership as well. The only real requirements is being at least 18 years old and a computer with high speed internet connection.

For international members you’ll need to be 18 and resided in your country for at least 3 years.

If you meet the requirements you can join at anytime. Creating an account is super simple and only takes a few minutes. But before being accepted you’ll have to pass an evaluation. I actually joined and took the evaluation. It’s basically a few examples of what you’ll be doing in data entry.

As long as you can read and type decent you should have no issues passing the evaluation.

Virtual Bee Data Entry Work

If you’re familiar with data entry you know that the work can vary, but the basic process is the same. Basically you’ll be taking information from one source and inputting it into another. Most of the work at Virtual Bee will be inputting information off of forms. This would included name, address, email, numbers, etc.

Along with the basic data entry work, Virtual Bee now has tasks that require you to do some internet research, but the process is still very similar. You’ll find information through search and put it in a form they provide.

How Much Does Virtual Bee Pay?

Since Virtual Bee pays per task the amount you make can vary. But most pay between $.15-$.70 per 1000 keystrokes. Pay rate is dependent on how difficult the work is and how fast you can complete the job. Since most of this work is unskilled the pay rates are very low and most members make less than minimum wage.

Virtual Bee makes payments once a week via check or direct deposit. You’ll need to reach the minimum cash out amount of $30 before requesting a payment. Don’t worry if you don’t reach the $30 in a week, your balance will roll over.

As you can see Virtual Bee and other data entry sites don’t pay much. I would only recommend data entry if you’re just looking to make a few extra bucks each month in your free time. There’s no way to consider this a full time job.

Virtual Bee Work Schedule

Like most data entry sites, Virtual Bee is one of the log on at anytime and work sites. When you log on there’s a list of available jobs that can be completed.

One thing to keep in mind is that work won’t always be available. Like most industries there’s busy and slow times. This means there’s no set schedule, but work isn’t guaranteed.

With that being said, Data Entry and Virtual Bee is not a work at home full time job. It should be used as extra income, mainly because of the low rate and work is not always available!

Is Virtual Bee A Scam or Legit?

Virtual Bee is a scam free site that does pay you for data entry work. Overall Virtual Bee is a good data entry company, but honestly I don’t highly recommend data entry. The rates are very low, but almost anyone can do this work.

If you’re just looking for some extra cash in your spare time, Virtual Bee is a good option for data entry work. To learn more or to join visit Virtual Bee Jobs.

If you join please keep in mind this isn’t going to be a huge income, you’ll get frustrated very quickly if you expect to make hundreds of dollars every day. But if data entry sounds like something you’d enjoy, feel free to join above, or check out some of my other extra income sites I recommend.

If extra income isn’t what you’re looking for, make sure to check out My #1 Recommendation. It’s how I work from home as my own boss!

Have You Worked With Virtual Bee? Think Data Entry Work’s A Scam? Let me hear your thoughts on Virtual Bee in the comments below!

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