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Is SBKC A Scam? Get Paid For Your Junk Mail In This Review!

is sbkc a scamWhen I first heard of SBKC or the Small Business Knowledge Center I couldn’t believe they’d pay you for your junk mail, so I had to do some research and write you a review. My first thought was SBKC has to be scam.

I did my research and it turns out that SBKC is legit and will pay you for your junk mail and emails, but as you probably guessed it’s not a huge income opportunity. With that being said it’s a super cool unique opportunity that can earn you money for junk you receive every single day.

In this SBKC review I’ll cover how it all works and show exactly how much you can make with your junk mail and emails!

How Does SBKC Work?

The SBKC is a company that studies direct mailing to consumers, basically what we call junk mail most of the time. To do this they need to see what businesses are sending out. This makes it possible for you to get paid for your junk mail and emails.

There’s two types of accounts you can sign up for. One’s a consumer and the other producer. Most of us will sign up for the normal consumer panelist account, but the producer account has some extra income opportunities, but only insurance agents and financial advisers can sign up for these accounts.

Just know there’s two options, since most of you will be consumers that’s what I’ll cover in the rest of this review.

As a consumer you can earn by forwarding your junk emails and by sending in your junk mail each month. On the 15 of the month the SBKC sends out a envelope where you can send all your junk mail to them. Emails can be forwarded at anytime to an email they provide.

For your time and information you’ll get paid in points that can be exchanged for gift cards to major retailers.

What Type Of Mail Gets You Paid?

One thing to be aware of is that not all junk mail is accepted by the SBKC. Here’s the list of different industries they’re interested in.

  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Loans & Banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Telecommunications (utilities)
  • Travel

If you’re like me you probably receive 100s of junk emails that fall into these categories.

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How Does SBKC Pay?

For your participation you’ll earn points for sending in your junk mail. Once you reach 2000 points you can exchange these for gift cards to major retail stores, restaurants, and much more. Once you redeem your points gift card codes will be emailed to you within a few days.

On their site they say active members earn 2000 points for a $20 gift card every 6-10 weeks.

They also pay you for some bonus opportunities each month and for referring your friends.

How To Join SBKC

The only real requirements are 18 years or older and a resident of the US or Canada. You can apply by visiting their website and filling out an application. The application is super easy, it’s basically like signing up for any survey site with name, address, and income.

Within a week they’ll contact you and let you know if you’ve been accepted. Not everyone gets in, it all depends on your demographics. Once you’re accepted you can start to send your junk mail in for cash!

Is SBKC a Scam?

The Small Business Knowledge Center is a completely legit scam free way of earning some extra money. One thing to keep in mind is this won’t be a huge income, but currently you’re earning $0 for your junk mail so how could you complain.

I like that they send you an envelope to put your direct mail in and that emails can be forwarded at anytime. I had a hard time finding the exact amount they paid per email or per piece of mail, but to me it seems if you participate you get paid no matter how much you send in.

I just joined this site and will participate so once I get paid I’ll make sure to show proof, but there’s proof of payment throughout some forums. I’d say if you want to get paid for some junk you already receive there’s no reason not to at least apply. You can apply or learn more by visiting SBKC panelist.

I mentioned this isn’t going to be a huge income so if you want a larger online income check out some other extra income sites I recommend. If a small income isn’t your thing, see how I make a full-time income with My #1 Recommendation.

Tried SBKC before? Are you getting paid for your junk mail already? Let me hear your thoughts on this SBKC review in the comments below!

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