Full Time Job From Home: July Job Leads Wrap Up

full time job from homeIf you’ve been following me for more then a month you know that I’ve started sending out Monthly Work At Home Job Lead updates. Basically this post is going to cover all the Work From Home jobs that I reviewed in July.

You’ll probably see a few that you remember, but hey.. you may have missed a few. I went ahead and broke them down by category with a bit of description on each. If you’re interested and want to learn more you can access my full review by clicking on the name of the company.

Here are the Full Time Job Leads I reviewed in July and here are a few list posts as well, 11 Website Usability Testing Jobs65 Legit Extra Income Sites, and 7 Data Entry Jobs.

Work At Home Job Leads July 2015

Virtual Assistant

Contemporary Virtual Assistant

Does not say experience is needed, but they are very selective on who they hire. Application process is pretty lengthy, fill out a form and they’ll contact you if interested. You’ll have to pass skill tests before getting hired.

You’ll be matched with a client and schedule will be agreed upon by both parties. But the company does require you to work 4 hours a day Monday through Friday.

Looks like pay is $10 per hour when starting out. There is room for promotion after a 60 day apprenticeship stage.

WorldWide 101

A virtual assistant company that does not accept beginners. They require at least 3 years of experience in the industry. The application process is pretty lengthy, you can apply at anytime, but it takes them a few weeks to get back with you if they’re interested. You’ll have at least 2 webcam interviews and tests will need to be passed before getting hired.

The pay is good, most VAs start out around $20 an hour with plenty of room for growth. The schedule really depends on your client, but they require you to work at least 20 hours a week.

A very reputable company to work for if you have the experience.

Virtual Office VA Staffing

This company hires people to work at home making calls “for sale by owner” homeowners. Basically you’ll be collecting information about the property and mortgage. You’ll be calling people who have not asked to be contacted so this job is not for everyone.

Pay starts out at $9 an hour, they pay weekly by PayPal. From what I can see some people are doing this part time while others work a full 40 hour week. You can choose how much you work, but sometimes they will require you to work a certain amount.

Red Butler VA

Hires VAs and assigns you to a client. Work can be full time or part time upon request. Will need at least 3 years of experience and a 4 year college degree. Fill out an application and wait for a reply. If they’re interested they will set up an interview.

Most Virtual Assistants start out at $12-$15 an hour based on prior experience. Payments are made once a month via PayPal.

Usability Testing

Erli Bird

Get paid to complete tests on websites, apps, and gadgets. Pay is $5-15 a test on average takes less then 20 minutes to complete.

Pay is $10 per test. Test take 10-15 minutes on average. Will record your face, screen, and voice. No Experience Needed and easy to apply.


A bit different then other sites on this list. Pay depends on size of project and your tester score. No experience required, schedule is flexible. Most members do this for extra income, but room for a large income and even a full-time income.


$10 per tests. All tests take under 20 minutes. Have recorded and written tests. No experience needed. Perfect for some extra income each month.

What Users Do

Available in the US and UK. Pays $10 per test that take under 20 minutes. Will be recorded via webcam and mic.

MyCrowd QA

Only paid when your the first person to find a bug within a website or app. Pay ranges from $2-$20+ based on the size of the bug you find. Probably my least favorite usability testing site, since there is no guaranteed money for your time.


Pays $10 per tests that take under 20 minutes to complete. Pays with PayPal, as soon as feedback is approved. Perfect for some extra income each month.


Transcribe Team

Does accept beginners, application is very short, but you’ll have to transcribe two short audio files to make sure you’re capable of transcription. Schedule is very flexible, no minimum hours worked, you can log in at anytime and transcribe.

Each audio file pays a different rate based on the difficulty. But looks like most pay $.50-$.70 per audio minute transcribed. They do offer bonuses for high quality work and there is room for promotion that pays higher rates. Looks like they pay by PayPal, but can’t find the frequency of payments.


Is a transcription company that hires people without experience. They do not hire anyone with a criminal record and require a $15 background check before hiring you. Schedule is very flexible, like most transcription sites you can log in at anytime and complete audio files.

For most files they pay 1/4 cent per word. On medical files they pay 1/2 cent per word transcribed. Payments are made through PayPal weekly. They do offer room for promotion that pays a higher rate per word.


Is a very reputable company that hires beginning transcribers. The pay is 1/2 a word which is pretty typical for most sites that hire beginners. You’ll need to transcribe 3 test audio files during the application process and there’s no guarantee they will contact you if you’re not hired. There is a program you’ll need to buy to complete any work, runs around $250.

Similar to other transcription sites where you can log on at anytime and transcribe as much or little as you’d like assuming they have files available.


Hires transcribers from around the world and has files in multiple languages. You’ll need to pass a test with two short audio files to transcribe before being accepted.

Is one of those sites where you can log in at anytime and complete files as long as there’s work available. All audio files pay a different amount based on length and difficulty, but it seems to break down to $.005 per audio word transcribed. Which is around industry standard for sites that hire beginners.

They pay by PayPal every two weeks.

3Play Media

At this time they’re only hiring transcription editors. This is similar to transcription, but you’ll be going back through files that have already been transcribed to check and correct errors. They do like you to have at least some experience transcribing and you’ll need to pass a test before getting accepted.

The pay is per project, so no exact rate. On their site they says editors make from $10-$30 an hour based on speed. In the forums there are a few people that say there speed isn’t that fast and they make $15 an hour easily and usually higher.

A site that does hire beginners, but requires you to have your own transcription software and foot pedal to apply. This may keep most beginners away since it’s a $75-$100 investment just to apply.

Once you’re hired you’ll have projects sent to you. No exact rate of payment, but each project clearly shows how much it pays. Pay rate depends on length of file and difficulty.

Pays by PayPal daily, so it is possible to get paid for transcription you did that day.

Verbal Ink

Is a company that only hires transcribers from the US. They require you to have some experience in the field, but do not say exactly how much. From what I’ve heard it’s very hard to get hired on here.

Schedule is flexible where you can request how many hours you work every week. If they have work they’ll send you enough work to fill the amount of hours you requested.

No information on how much or how they pay. But does pay per audio hour transcribed and rate is more than most sites that hire beginners.


Content Divas

A site that hires all levels of writers, but will need to submit two writing examples that fall into the categories they provide. If accepted you’ll be sent writing assignments when they come available. From what I can see most projects may be a total of 10,000 words, but will be broken up into smaller posts ranging from 250-1000+ words.

All project do have deadlines, but you can complete work at anytime.

Pay rate depends on the type of writing and how much research is required to finish the project, but the average rate is $18 for 1000 words. Like mentioned some topics that require more research pay a higher rate.



A site that hires translators from the US. There’s no experience required, but you’ll need to pass their language tests. Once accepted you can log on at anytime and complete translation work.

Normal pay rate is $.03 a word/$.0018 a character. Payments are made via PayPal or Skirll on the 10th and 25th of the month.

Projects do have deadlines so make sure to get your work done. Does offer promotions as a senior translator if you put out high quality work.

Extra Income

CheckPoints App

A smartphone app that pays you to do a variety of things like a paid “to do” site. Get paid to check in at local stores, watch videos, complete offers, and refer your friends.

Get paid in Amazon and other popular store gift cards.

More Work At Home Job Leads

Thanks for checking out this July Work At Home Job wrap up, all of these jobs are scam free and good leads if it’s something your interested in. I have a diverse list of different types of jobs on this list, but if you’re interested in seeing more, you can check out all the work at home jobs I’ve reviewed at work from jobs I recommend.

Some of you might not be interested in a work at home job, that’s no problem, I have plenty of extra income sites and my #1 recommendation that you may want to check out.

My job is to help you make money online so I like to be diverse with the companies, products, and site I review. Everyone is looking for something different, but one of the three pages above should give you what you’re looking for.

Once again thanks for reading if you have questions about any of these sites make sure to leave comments. You can see my full review of any of these work at home jobs by clicking on the name.

Hopefully you didn’t miss anything this month, but this list should help you if you did!


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