Learn How You Can Earn $10 Giving Your Opinion Of Websites At User Testing!
As most of you have probably seen I’ve been on a roll reviewing Usability Testing Jobs. I ran across another called and wanted to see if it’s a scam.

From what I can see it’s pretty similar to most of the usability testing sites out there and is probably a good join to maximize the number of tests you can complete.

If you’re not familiar usability testing sites like User Testing are looking for normal people just like you and me to give feedback on company websites. It’s usually really easy, takes a short time, and the pay is pretty good.

I’ll go into more detail on how it works below, but for now, let’s jump into this User Testing Review!

How Does Work? scamIf you’re not familiar with Usability Testing here is what to expect. After you’re accepted you will get tests sent right to your email. You will be brought to a companies website and have a series of tasks to complete.

You will be recorded with a webcam and mic as you complete the laid out tasks.

For example you may be asked to add some items to your shopping cart or navigate to a certain page of a website. All you need to do is give your feedback on what’s easy, what was confusing, stuff that you’d like to be added, and so on.

As you can see it’s a really simple process that almost anyone can do! Requirements

As mentioned before these sites are looking for normal consumers just like you and me, but there are a few specific requirements. One you must 18 years of age to apply and be fluent and able to communicate.

You’ll be giving your own feedback so being able to express your thoughts is very important.

You will need a computer, high-speed internet, a webcam, and microphone. If you do not have a webcam, I recommend this high-quality webcam on Amazon. The software does work on PC or Mac.

They also offer mobile tests that can be completed on iPhone or Android smartphones. Application

The application is pretty simple. You’ll fill out a form on their website that is similar to signing up for a survey site. The form includes basic information, demographics, hobbies and interests. It should just take a few minutes to get filled out.

After you submit the form you’ll be required to submit a sample test. The test is really easy and they give you an idea of what they’re looking for. Complete the tasks they have lined up and submit.

As long as you provide good feedback and show that your mic and webcam are of quality you should be accepted and start receiving tests to your email shortly after.

How Much Does User Testing Pay? pays you $10 per test that you complete. All tests take under 20 minutes to complete so it’s pretty good money for your time.

After you submit your test you’ll be paid exactly 7 days after. User Testing pays by PayPal and funds will be automatically added to your account.

Schedule and Potential Income

As mentioned usability testing sites are extra income and there is no set schedule. You will receive tests straight to your email. They are first come first serve and once they get the feedback they need they’ll be closed.

To maximize your earnings make sure to take the tests as soon as you receive them. There is no exact number of tests you will receive, but it seems that most members receive 1-4 a month depending on demographics, since they pay $10 each you could make $40 or so extra each month for about an hour of your time. It’s not a full time income, but can be combined with other sites to give you some extra cash!

Is A Scam Or Legit? is completely legit. I’ve done my research and there is no negative feedback about this site. If you’ve done usability testing in the past you know to maximize your earnings you need to sign up for multiple sites so this is a good option to be added to your list.

No this site won’t make you rich, but $10 is pretty much industry standard. The only site that pays more is YouEye at $12 a test.

As long as you have the required equipment and can speak decent you should have no problem getting accepted and earning some extra cash with this site.

To apply or learn more visit Become a tester.

To see some other ways to make some extra money take a look at my list of extra income jobs! To see how I make a full time income visit Start Your Own Online Business.

Are you already a Tester? Have something to add to this review? Let me hear your story in the comment section below!

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20 thoughts on “ Scam: User Testing Jobs Review”

  1. I’ve been using this site for the last couple of months and they send me several tests a day, so things have indeed picked up in the last few years. I get paid on time through paypal and they provide good customer service. Also, you only need a webcam for some tests. You can do most tests with only a microphone. There are also tests available for iPhone and android that require a phone app installation. Occasionally they offer tests that use a different format and pay substantially more than $10. The only trick is you have to qualify for all tests. But even though I’m older and retired, I was able to clear about $80 in 2 months by just checking their website a couple of times a week.

    • Hey Angie!

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and great to hear you’re making some money!

      I’ll update the review to include some more up to date info.

      Thanks again for sharing,


  2. Hi, Brok.
    Finding a post with such great information is excellent. I am trying to make some money in my free time, and while looking for it, I found many get-rich-fast schemes or scams!
    I will give it a try today and also send your article to one friend who is looking for a job right now.
    Do you know how do they pay?

    • Thank you for reading my UserTesting review!

      Great to hear you’re going to try them out. 

      They pay via PayPal within 7 days of completing the test. 


  3. Hey, Brok. Do you think that they require certain demographics more than others? I am 43. Also, is this limited to people in the USA?

    • Hey, Erwin. It’s available in several countries they just require you to be able to have the ability to “speak your thoughts aloud in English.”

      They are looking for certain demographics on a per test basis, so you’re limited to certain tests. With that being said, every test’s requirements are different so you should be able to qualify for at least some tests.


  4. I do use this Program and have been using it for about 6 months and the most I have made in a day was 50.oo the thing that I have learned is they base their program on a star system and the more stars you have the more reviews you get so if you have a 5 star rating you will receive more then say someone who has 2 stars because the companies will ask for some one who has those kind of ratings ( at least that is how it was explained to me) I receive any where from 2 to 3 reviews a day and I have a 5 star rating .You can also make 3 dollars per peek test which is about 5 minutes long and you can take as many as you want .Now the I phones for each test pay 15.00 per test if you pass the screen You can also make additional amount if the test lasts longer then the usual .Yes it will not make you a fortune but it will definitely help all the best Max

    • Hey Max,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with User Testing. I was not aware of the star system, but makes sense that members with higher ratings get more tests. I was also not aware that they paid more for some tests.

      Great to here that you can make $50 a day if you have a high rating and thanks for clarifying that you receive 2-3 tests per day.

      Sounds like UserTesting is a great little extra income site for you!

      Thanks again for sharing,


  5. So essentially you could earn $30 per hour by just giving feedback about websites? That’s pretty interesting. This is the first time that I’ve heard about this sort of money making online. It’s nice to know that there is something legitimate out there that people can make an honest buck from. What is the required equipment needed though? Is there a program or software to purchase along with it too? It might deter some people if they have to make a big up front investment.

    • Hey Sarah,

      You may have understood, how it works. Unfortunately there’s not enough tests to keep you busy for an hour. You’ll only receive a few tests a month. I’d say max you could make from this monthly is $40, just because the limit of tests.

      You’d be right on the $30 in a hour if they had tests lined up for you, but that’s not the case.

      To participate you’ll need a webcam and some sort of microphone. A mic built in the webcam is perfectly fine. has the program all built into their site so there’s no additional costs for programs, just need a webcam, which most laptops have built in now a days. So as long as you have a webcam it’s complete FREE to join and get started.

      Hope this helps and thanks for leaving a comment!


  6. Thank you for this information. I have never heard of usability testing jobs so this is an interesting thing to look into.
    It certainly pays more than the online paid surveys and most of the surveys companies I have found seem to be scams anyway.
    Are there lots of companies offering usability testing jobs?

    • Hey Lynne thanks for the comment. To be honest I had not heard of usability testing either until a few months ago.

      Since then I’ve done a lot of research, joined a few, and got paid by a few.

      There is a good amount of different usability testing sites, and I’ve put together a list of the 11 best usability testing site.

      Check it out and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.


  7. The review is very interesting. The possibility of earning cash for a critique of someones website or application is right up my alley.

    The cash output as you say is good bu I find it cheap to be honest. Hiring a proper quality person into these companies would cost them much more so they are being typical software/website companies and that is being cheap.

    But the premise is good and your review is very helpful for people who are interested.

    • Thanks for dropping a line Neil,

      It seems that a lot of the websites you’ll be looking at are start ups that don’t have a bunch of money to spend, but if you’re getting paid $10 a person User Testing has to be making some money too so they are spending a pretty penny to get this feedback.

      Either way for 20 minutes or less $10 is worth it in my opinion. Maybe for some people it’s not, but Ill take any amount of money people will give me =)

      Thanks again


  8. For the most part your content was simple and easy to understand. I think the information you provided was a great tool for those who do not know about it. I had no idea about this type of stuff online so nice information. It kept me reading while keeping me engaged. Keep up the hard work.

    • Hey Lorraine,

      Thanks for the kind words about my usertesting review. Sounds like you enjoyed it and I’m doing my job of informing you of new ways to make money online.

      If you have the required equipment it’s worth checking out. Easy way to make a quick buck!


  9. Great review. I was working with them, but as you said they are sending jobs just few time in the month and if you don’t react instantly you lose the job. They are definitely not a scam, but it would be better If they have a bit more tests to offer. Thank you for review.

    • What’s up Igor,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I like hearing from people who have worked with the companies I’ve reviewed.

      You’re right, they don’t have that many tests. Some months you’ll see more then a couple and sometimes just one. If you can’t react quickly you’ll have issues completing any tests as you said.

      But if you have the time on your hands it’s an easy way to make some extra income from home.

      Thanks again,



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