Transcribe Team Review: Transcription Job Information

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If you’re interested in making a living from home doing transcription jobs, Transcribe Team may be a good option for you. I ran across this company recently and decided to write a review about the jobs they offer.

The cool thing about Transcribe Team is they don’t require you to have any experience. Yes, you still have to apply and get accepted, but there is no requirement for how long you’ve been transcribing.

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Let’s go ahead and jump into this Transcribe Team Review if you’ve read some of my other transcription reviews you’re going to see a lot of similar information.


Transcribe Team Requirements & Application

transcribe team reviewAs mentioned above Transcribe Team does accept beginners, so there aren’t any requirements other than the technical ones of a computer, high-speed internet, headset and foot pedal.

In my experience with transcribing, you also need to be a pretty accurate and fast typist. This isn’t a requirement, but it does make it much easier to get work done fast, which means more income!

The application is incredibly simple. It looks like you will be filling out a form, just like you do when you signup for almost any website. After you submit your form, you will need to transcribe two short audio files.

They are pretty simple, and they teach you how they want it done before hand. As long as you look over the workbook, you should have no problem passing the test and getting accepted.

Transcribe Team Work

If you’re familiar with transcription, there’s nothing new here. Transcribe Team has a list of different audio files that you can transcribe. It seems that most are between 1-15 minutes. You will be told the rate per audio minute up front and can listen to a preview to see how difficult it’s going to be to transcribe.

Transcribe Team does have a style that they want you to follow, which they teach you when you apply and have plenty of reference material to help you along the way.

It looks like they have editing transcription jobs as well once you prove yourself and have been with the company for a bit.

How Much Does Transcribe Team Pay?

There is no exact rate of pay since different levels of audio files pay different rates, but it seems to be around $.50-$.70 per audio minute. To clarify it’s per audio minute transcribed, which will most likely take you several minutes to complete.

It does seem that they offer bonuses if you turn in high-quality work and all customers have the option to pay you more if they feel it’s necessary.

I could not find information on how they pay, but most likely it’s by PayPal or direct deposit, but I’m not sure on this.

They do give some stats out on their homepage that says the average member makes $132 a month and have members making over $2,000. How much you can make is all dependent on how much you can work.

What’s The Schedule Like?

One of the most important details about work at home jobs is the schedule. Transcribe Team offers a very flexible schedule with no minimum requirement. You can log on and work anytime as long as they have audio files to be transcribed.

This offers a very flexible schedule and it seems like they have a good amount of files at all times, but they do go through dead months where they don’t have as many files like most sites.

Is Transcribe Team Legit?

I don’t see any signs of Transcribe Team being a scam. When looking back at forums to write this review, there was some negative feedback when this company started back in 2013. From what I can see the company handled it very very well and was responsive to the issues that had been brought up.

I can’t find any negative feedback since the rough start, so I have to believe most people are pretty happy with their jobs.

I do like that they take people without experience, and they give you some tools to learn and become better at transcription. The rates they pay seem pretty fair compared to the industry, so I have to say this is a good option if you’re looking to transcribe from home.

To learn more or to apply, visit Transcribe Team Jobs page.

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Have some additional information for the Transcribe Team Review? Done Transcription Job work in the past? Let me hear what you have to say in the comments section below!

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10 thoughts on “Transcribe Team Review: Transcription Job Information”

  1. The site is no longer operating or accepting workers as of late 2015. You should update this, and notify as many people as possible… Unfortunately, they went belly up. Although the website itself is still lingering on the web.

  2. WOW that’s cool! So you get paid to type things you see on the screen and get PAID? Too easy, i’m going to check this stuff out… ever got any bigger checks when you put in the work? I’ve seen some of these programs where you’ll only make a few cents- turns into like 8 bucks an hour- BLEH!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Hey Matt,

      With transcription you’ll actually be typing what you hear. They will give you audio files and you type out the words you hear in the audio files.

      The rate they pay is pretty good compared to the industry so it’s worth applying if your interested in this type of work.


  3. I have been quite keen to do this work after seeing a lot of YouTube videos being transcribed. As a user, I felt it add values to the viewing experience.

    Before I read this article, I tried similar work in Amazon Mechanical Turk. It was actually tougher than I thought. The two minute audio actually took me about 10 minutes to complete. Even so, I believe I did a lot of errors.

    Probably I will do better with practice, but the rate isn’t that attractive. It feels more like a task than building an online business.

    • Cathy,

      I agree that transcription is a lot harder then most people think. I’ve also had some experience transcribing YouTube videos and it’s not an easy tasks.

      You’re right that this is nothing like building your own online business. This would be a job where you work for a company just like an offline job.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  4. Thanks for this post. I do transcriptionist work from home for another company but I am going to definitely apply to Transcribe Team. It seems they may pay better than the company I currently work for. Do you know if Transcribe Team is accepting transcriptionists all the time or only if there are openings?

    • Hey Veronica,

      If you don’t mind me asking what’s the company that you currently transcribe for?

      You’re right that Transcribe Team does pay a pretty decent rate for the industry and from what I can see they accept applications at anytime.

      They are not always hiring, but they will let you know if not. Plus if you apply they will let you know if positions open up!

      Hope this helps


  5. Transcribe Team seems to be a good place for people who want to do a transcription job. However, I personally prefer to do online marketing. It is a much better opportunity where I get to build a long term revenue and perhaps have more time freedom in the future. What would you recommend for newbies if they want to embark on online business?

    • Hey Edy,

      Thanks for leaving a comment and I also prefer internet marketing, but it’s not for everyone. There are a lot of people looking for a steady work at home job, which transcription falls into.

      But to answer your question, I prefer Wealthy Affiliate to learn about internet marketing. They let you try for free, have a really good community full of support, and give you some extra freebies that can really help you start your business for a cheap price!

      There are other options, but WA is top notch and best in my opinion.

      You can see exactly how I make money with internet marketing at my #1 recommendation.

      Hope this helps



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