Verbal Ink Transcription Jobs: Detailed Job Review

verbal ink transcription job reviewAs many of you know, I’ve reviewed a lot of transcription jobs lately. Today we’ll be taking a look at Verbal Ink. Unfortunately, this is a site that doesn’t disclose much information about the transcription job they’re hiring for.

I’ve done my research and tried to compile as much information about Verbal Ink as possible and think I have the details needed to write this review.

I will say if anyone has any information about this job or has worked for Verbal Ink I’d love to hear more about your experience in the comments.

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Let’s go ahead and get started with this Verbal Ink Transcription Job Review.

Verbal Ink Requirements

Verbal Ink only hires transcribers from the US. From what I can see on their site, they are looking for experienced transcribers.

It doesn’t say how much experience is needed, but if you’ve never done or held a transcription job before Verbal Ink isn’t going to be right for you.

You’ll have to pass a test, which is very hard, so if you’re not experienced check out some of the sites that hire beginners on this work at home job list.

*You’ll also need a high-quality headset and foot pedal.

Verbal Ink Application Process

Verbal Ink’s application process is a bit different than most of the transcription companies I review. If you’re interested in the job, you’ll need to send a resume to the email they provide on their website.

They say that the resume must contain a cover letter or they won’t accept it. Like most resumes include any work experience you have in the field.

If they’re interested, they will get back with you with additional steps to complete.

You’ll need to pass a transcription test, which most members say is very hard. If all goes well, you should get hired and be able to work immediately.

What’s Working At Verbal Ink Like?

Once you’re hired, you’ll need to let Verbal Ink know how many hours you’d like to work each week. As long as they have work, they’ll send you enough to fill the hours you request.

When you work does not matter. Once they send you the work you can complete it at any time, but you do need to meet all the deadlines they set for you.

Like most transcription companies work is not guaranteed and they do have dry spells throughout the year. For this reason, if you’d like to work full time as a transcriber, you’ll probably want to join multiple sites to make sure you have work all year long.

How Much Does Verbal Ink Pay?

Unfortunately, Verbal Ink does not tell how much they pay, but I was able to find that they pay a higher rate than other sites that hire beginners.

They do pay by Audio Hour transcribed like a lot of transcription sites.

If anyone has additional information about payments, please leave a comment!

Is Verbal Ink A Scam?

Verbal Ink is not a scam. They’re a very reputable company that also hires translators. I could not find any real alarming information from members that says Verbal Ink isn’t legit.

It does suck they don’t put out much information about the job and the exact requirements, but just remember you’ll need to have some experience.

It seems like it’s a tough company to get hired by even if you do have some experience.

But if you have experience Verbal Ink looks like a good company to work for. To learn more or to apply, visit Verbal Ink Jobs and send your resume to the email they provide.

If you don’t have experience this isn’t the site for you, take a look at some of the sites that hire people without transcription experience.

If you have any interest in transcribing from home, make sure to check out the course at TranscribeAnywhere. The course will teach you how to transcribe and how to find high-paying transcription jobs. You can also sign up for their Free 7-day course just to make sure Transcription is right for you!


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Have more information to add to this Verbal Ink review? Please leave me comments, I’m still missing some important information about this company!

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15 thoughts on “Verbal Ink Transcription Jobs: Detailed Job Review”

  1. VerbalInk is a legit company. They pay okay. They specialize in lousy audio and multi-speaker files… these days. They WERE a great company to work for. If you do not excel in either of the above-mentioned, don’t bother. They have little work now that they sold out of Equiqus.

  2. Thanks for the review. But would like to know more about it. As i have worked for one of the Indian transcription company called Hazelnut group but it turned out a scam as they did not pay for the work to many employees.

  3. I’ve done different type of freelance jobs in the past but never verbal ink transcription. It doesnt seem like it’s ideal for me as I don’t think much freelance jobs are anymore.

    The internet is full with freelancers which makes it quite difficult as you are competing with a lot of people that are offering the same type of services.

    • I completely agree Yunier, freelancing is not easy to get started, and there’s a lot of people out there that offer there services for such a low amount that’s impossible to get work and if you match their price you’ll be losing money.

      But once you’re established you can make great money as a freelancer!


  4. I have never done a transcription job before so I guess its not for me. Theres many opportunities available I found in the world on internet. Maybe one can look out for upwork and look for freelancing work? But you may have to compete with many freelancers to get the job.

    • Hey Adrian,

      Yeah you can try to do transcription as a freelancer, but like you said there’s many freelancers out there so you’ll have to compete. It’s pretty hard to get started as a freelance anything.

      Hopefully you enjoyed this review and thanks for leaving a comment


  5. Hi! Brok,
    Interesting review on Verbal Ink Transcription Jobs. I’m one of those person who’s been trying to find an online job for a long time, but I keep coming up with scams every which way I turn. I’ve gotten so that I don’t even bother anymore. This Verbal Ink company sound like it’s legit, however it sounds like their pretty difficult to get into. I’m not a transcriber, so I wouldn’t be trying them, I also don’t think I would recommend them. I mean being a scam is one thing, but being a difficult company is another thing all together. Good review.

    • Hey Terry thanks for checking out my VerbalInk Review.

      Sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with scams in the past. I completely understand had that struggle for a few years.

      I’m not exactly sure what you meant by being a scams one thing, but being difficult to get into is worse,

      Working for Verbal Ink is a legitimate job that’s scam free,that’s much better then getting scammed by a crappy company.

      Anyways thanks for reading my review


  6. Hi Brok,

    Verbal Ink are definitely a legitimate company as I’ve used them before for transcription services. There service was exactly as described so the people who work for them must be skilled.

    I think that working for them represents a real job opportunity, it’s certainly no scam.

    One thing I did pick up from their site was that they expect their transcriptionists to have transcription software and a foot pedal – thought I would mention that in case that helped!

    Best wishes

    • John thanks for sharing,

      Great to hear from someone who has actually used the business. Like you said I couldn’t find any bad feedback about the company.

      You’re right that they do have some requirements that some sites that accept begineers don’t, so this might not be the best opportunity for a complete beginner.

      Thanks again for sharing,


  7. Hey Brok an acquaintance of mine applied at Verbal Ink and said it didn’t seem to bad. She’s worked for several of these at home transcription places in the past.

    She didn’t take the job because she had a better full time opportunity come up.

    She did say that the company is not that old and relatively small. She said it was a spin off or rebuild or something like that of another transcription company.

    I asked her about pay and she hadn’t gotten to that phase of interview though through she offered that she figured about $10 bucks an hour was about it.

    Heck 10 bucks an hour without the overhead of traveling to work each day isn’t too awful I guess. not my thing though.


    • Thanks for the information Eric!

      I was a bit unsure on the pay, but the $10 an hour is kind of what I’m thinking as well. Glad to hear she found something that was more full-time too!

      Like you said if working from home is something you’d like to do, $10 starting out without over head might be enough for some peeps!

      Thanks for sharing,


  8. Excellent review on this rather suspicious looking verbal ink transcription online job. First things first, it’s a shame it only hires for the US – manages to cut out a world full of talented workers. Secondly it’s very worrying that they are not so transparent. What would you suggest as an effective transcription business to this?

    • Thanks for checking out my Verbal Ink Review Chris.

      I have a full list of transcription jobs that I recommend on my Work At Home Jobs page. Verbal Ink is still a good company and scam free, but I’ve been able to uncover more information about these sites and a lot of them except complete beginners.

      Hope this helps!



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