Blog Income Report February 2018: $7,622.61

Welcome back to another Blog Income Report. Today we will take a look at Full-Time Job From Home’s income in February 2018.

If you’ve missed any of my past reports, here’s a link to all of my income reports.

February was another good month, but my income did drop quite a bit, more on this later. With that being said, I’m still happy with the income so I thought I’d share another income report and try to inspire you to Start Your Own Blog.

Below you’ll see the exact sites I’m promoting, a link to a review if I have one, how much I made, and a brief description.

Before we get started a few things to note. I started this site in 2013, so income like this didn’t happen overnight, it took a few years to start seeing a good income really, and it’s continued to grow from there. Also, you’ll see what I consider “extra income sites” on this list. Most of the income on this report is from referring others, I did not make over $100 scanning receipts or taking surveys just by myself.

Now that we have that out of the way, enjoy the income report and if you have any questions at all feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this page!

February 2018 Income Report Breakdown

Affiliate Income

Most of my income comes from affiliate marketing, and in my opinion, it’s the best way to monetize your blog. Below is the breakdown of the different sites/programs that I promote and how much I made from each. I’ve left links to full reviews of sites and a brief description of what the site is. Feel free to leave comments below if you have questions about a particular site.

Wealthy AffiliateRead Review$678.00 (Blogging Training & Community)

Panthera NetworkRead Review $175.20 (Affiliate Network I Use To Promote Sites Like CashCrate, SavvyConnect, and other sites)

SwagbucksRead Review$1,792.00 (My Favorite Rewards Site)

Ibotta AppRead Review$210.00 (Grocery Shopping Cash Back App)

Dosh AppRead Review$905.00 (Automatic Cash Back App)

ShareASale – $56.00 (Affiliate Network I Use To Promote HealthyWage, Grammarly, Checkout51)

AdBloom$364.00 (Affiliate Network I Use To Promote VIPKid & Drop App)

Paidviewpoint – Read Review$71.24 (My Favorite Survey Site)

FusionCash – Read Review$535.50 (One of My Favorite Reward Sites)

Clixsense – Read Review$35.14 (Reward Site Available Worldwide)

Earnably – Read Review$35.00 (New Popular Reward Site)

PrizeRebel – Read Review$38.75 (Reward Site)

FeaturePoints – Read Review$50.00 (Paid To Download Apps)

1Q – Read Review$58.00 (Paid To Answer Short Polls)

InstaGC – Read Review$27.84 (Reward Site Available Worldwide)

QmeeRead Review$13 (Paid To Search)

EbatesRead Review$220 (Paid To Shop Online)

Fetch RewardsRead Review$110 (Paid To Buy Favorite Brands)

Drop AppRead Review$30 (Automatic Cash Back)

GetUpSideRead Review$1.22 (Paid To Buy Gas)

Panel AppRead Review$25 (Paid To Keep App Installed)

Amazon$24.39 (Amazon Affiliate Program)

Transcribe Anywhere – Read Review$285.80 (Transcription Course & Training)

Uber$85.00 (Refer People to Drive For Uber)

ZipRecruiter$74.93 (New Work From Home Job Leads)

PinterestVA$62.40 (New Course on How To Work From Home as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant)

Total Affiliate Income: $5,963.41

Ad Revenue

Most of my income comes from Affiliate Marketing, but Ad Revenue is still a profitable way to monetize your blog. Here are the ad networks I use to put ads on my blog:

Monumetric$1,564.93 (Main Ad Network Need Minimum 10K page views a month to apply)

Google Adsense$70.84 (Google’s Ad Network. Available to New Bloggers)$23.43 (Bing/Yahoo Ad Network Accepts Most New Bloggers)

Total Ad Revenue: $1,659.20

February Income: $7,622.61

Compared To Last Month

First, let’s start with some new sites that weren’t on last month’s income report, here’re the links to the reviews of the new sites Qmee, Ebates, Fetch Rewards, Drop App, Get Up Side, Panel App.


Now let’s take a look at how the income compared to last month. Last month I made $13,841.39, so as you can see a big damn difference, which I was expecting.

Last month an app called Dosh blew up. They gave $15 per referral that downloaded the app, which made the app go viral. Luckily I had the top review, so I had a ton of traffic and made a ton of money off of referrals. In February they went back to their normal $5 per referral, so the hype stopped and not as many people were searching for the app.

I knew this would be the case, so I wasn’t surprised by the huge drop in income. I made over $4,000 with Dosh last month and only made $900 this month. Take into account the extra traffic that the post brought in due to it going viral and it all adds up.

I would love to say that I expected to make $13,000 again in February but knew that wasn’t obtainable.

Predictions For Next Month

After a slow February, I didn’t work much on my site, and that’s why I’m just now getting around to publishing an income report (now three months late.) So I actually already know the numbers for the next few months and they continue to go down a bit.

But if I look at my income over the last few years, January is always a high month then a decline over the next few months, and then everything starts to pick back up in July throughout the end of the year.

I wish I could say I maintained my high income, but that’s not the case over the next few months. I’m still making a substantial income with my blog but am ready for it to pick back up again!

How To Start A Blog

I hope you enjoyed this income report and if you have any interest in making money with a blog I urge you to start one right away. I started this blog in December 2013 and income like this doesn’t happen quickly even if you know everything there is to know about blogging, it still takes time.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, I highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s where I learned how to create a website, how to create content, and how to make money. They focus on affiliate marketing which is, in my opinion, the best way to monetize your blog. They let you try for completely free, so there’s no financial commitment or risk up front. Give it a shot for free and see if it’s right for you. To learn more visit my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


Thank you for checking out our income report, if you have any questions feel free to leave comments below! We are here to help you make money with a blog too so feel free to ask any questions you have!

In February I Made Over $7,000 With My Small Blog! Learn Where Every Cent Of My Income Came From And How You Can Start Learning How To Blog For Completely Free!

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  1. This is more of what i am looking for and hopefully you might help me, i am currently hosing my websites with Wealthy Affiliate and i have been on it for about almost 6 months and still learning i will say.

    You have many ways of Affiliate Marketing witch you have done well to show your income and reviews from all of them, i will like to learn from you as i find it difficulty as i am new to this Online Business, and i like the fact you made something with Wealthy Affiliate and you recommend them for starting a Blog.

    I would like to know more about making that first pay using Wealthy Affiliate as i am using them and taking it from your site you have experience in this business? Thank you.

    • Otis,

      Thanks for reading and glad to hear you’re already a member of WA!

      The key at the beginning is creating great content and getting traffic. To make any money you need traffic so that should be your primary focus. 

      Targeting low competition keywords relating to your niche is key for ranking well in Google SERPs. 

      Once you have traffic you can start promoting great products that you believe in. If you can show people the value of a product most are happy to use your affiliate link so you earn a commission. 

      Hope this helps,



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