VIPKid Teacher Job Review: Scam or $18 Per Hour?

Did you know you could work at home as a english second language teacher? VIPKid hires a work at home position paying up to $18 an hour!VIPKid is a company that puts teachers and young Chinese students learning English together. I decided to write a review of the VIPKid Teacher Job because it’s a newer site that’s growing in popularity. There’s not much information on the work at home job position, so I thought I’d share what I know.

From what I’ve found some teachers are making up to $18 an hour tutoring ESL on this site!

Several VIP Kid teachers have left comments below so make sure to check them out for additional information.

VIPKid is currently Hiring Now, Apply Here

In this VIPKid Teacher Job Review, I’ll cover the requirements, application process, how much you get paid, the complaints, and if this WAH Teacher job is a scam!

VIPKid Teacher Job Review

VIPKId Teacher Job ReviewSite: VIPKid Teacher

Type: ESL Tutoring

In this VIPKid Teacher Job Review, I’ll cover the exact details of what to expect if you apply for this job. Overall it’s a good ESL job that has very competitive pay.

After doing some research, it seems that workers are very happy. There’re some general complaints with communication, but the company has said that they’ve been working on making improvements.

If you’re interested in ESL teaching and can meet the requirements, VIPKid seems to be a very good site to apply to!

VIPKid Teacher Requirements

VIPKid now has more relaxed requirements. Teaching Experience is no longer required:

  • Eligible to work in the US or CA
  • Bachelor Degree in any field
  • 1-year teaching, tutoring, or mentoring experience

Before you get too excited about the teaching job at VIPKid, there’re some requirements you’ll need to meet.

  • Native English Speaker With North American Accent (US or Canada)
  • Experience Working With Children Ages 5-12
  • ESL Teaching Experience or Current Teaching Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Relevant Field (Teaching, Language, or other)
  • Available to Teach At Least 7.5 Hours A Week

The technical requirements include:

If you meet the teacher requirements, you can start the application process.

VIPKid Teacher Application

The VIPKid Teacher job does have a bit of an application process. The first step is filling out an application, which you can find here.

If they’re interested, you’ll have to complete an interview and have a demo class to make sure you fit what they have in mind.

The next step is getting the proof of the information you need to VIPKid and signing a contract to work for them. I’ve been told that your first contract will be six months. After the contract ends, you can renegotiate pay and sign a longer contract with the company.

If all goes well through the interview and contract signing, there’s paid training that all new teachers must complete. I’m not for sure exactly how long the training is or how much you’re paid, but I know it’s paid!

You can complete the application process on their website here.

VIPKid Teacher Pay & Payments

Most starting teachers will make $14-$22 hourly. From what I’ve been told, there’re bonuses that you can receive for completing and getting good reviews on your teaching sessions.

Just so you’re aware, payments are made per session, each session takes around 30 minutes to complete. So you should be able to complete two sessions in an hour.

It looks like payments are made via Direct Deposit once a month around the middle of the month.

VIPKid Teacher Schedule

If you remember from the requirements, VIPKId requires you to work at least 7.5 hours each week. Also, keep in mind that you’ll be teaching students in China. Meaning that you’ll need to be available during the times that students are looking for teaching.

The schedule is flexible, but most of your hours need to fall in the 6pm-11pm Beijing time. Depending on where you’re located in the US, this falls near 5-9 am, basically sometime in the morning hours in the US.

They say that most of your 7.5 hours need to fall in the peak hours, but you can work more than 7.5 hours if you’re available!

VIPKid Teacher Complaints

Schedule Restricted

There are peak hours that you’ll need to teach at VIPKid. Like I mentioned it’s going to be early morning to mid morning for most people in the US.

You also need to work at least 7.5 hours every week. Although they say the schedule is flexible, there’s not much work required outside of the peak hours.

Since there’s a minimum amount of hours you’ll have to work, there’s no way to get around putting in at least 6 hours or so inside the peak hours.

If you can’t work in these hours, VIPKid isn’t the right work at home job for you.


Is the VIPKid Teacher Job A Scam?

Teaching at VIPKid is not a scam, it’s completely legitimate and has some great reviews from current and past workers. The rate of pay is pretty good, but there are some requirements you’ll need to meet and a pretty long application process.

As long as you can meet the requirements and don’t mind going through some training, you’ll be happy teaching for VIPKid.

To learn more or to start the application process, visit


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Do you think the teaching job at VIPKid is a scam? Leave your thoughts on my review below!

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41 thoughts on “VIPKid Teacher Job Review: Scam or $18 Per Hour?”

  1. I have been working for VIPKid for 21 months. I love it! My best month I made $1975, and this is part-time work. The application process is confusing for some. That’s why it’s great to have a coach or someone who will help you thru the process. They will get a $100 bonus if you make it through and teach your first class.

    I’m here to help and happy to help you


  2. I did the demo and interview and received an offer for $21 per hour. I was also informed to have a headset with a mic for the upcoming moc sessions. Note: This is money invested for an interview for a job that is not guaranteed. Next, I completed mock 1 which is 2 lessons combined (approximately 15 slides each lesson). I received high praise and a score of 95/100. After such great comments about great props and energy I still had to do mock 2 which was 35 powerpoint slides long. On this interview, my interviewer stated the same but docked me for not having amazing lighting. My lighting was pretty good to be an applicant that is applying for a JOB. There wasn’t any shadows on my face for my lighting or any reason for me not to be seen. Just become I didn’t invest in luminescent lights for the interview process it seems that I failed mock 2. My mock 2 interviewer also made a big deal because I used the word trash can instead of trash bin. The vocabulary word the student had to learn was only “trash” (which I successfully emphasized), but once I was further elaborating examples by incorporating the word “trash can” I was docked because I didn’t say “trash bin”. The word “trash bin” was on the slide as part of the text, but not a vocabulary word. In addition, my mock 1 interviewer said that I need to invest more for my classroom background by adding more even though I had a solid background with a boarder, my teacher name, and reward system present. I feel like this was an appropriate classroom background for once again a job that hasn’t been granted yet. Plus, she didn’t have such an amazing background herself with only 4 animated pictures posted behind her on a board with her name.

    Oh, by the way… your mock 1 and mock 2 interviewers are current VIPKID online teachers. It’s like and who are you again?!?!? VIPKID should use their own interviewers and recruiters to conduct interviews.

    I applied to 51Talk and received my interview, offer, orientation, direct deposit form, and training modules in one day. 51Talk does not waste your time and will have you working as an online teacher ASAP! Plus, they book students for you which is a plus! VIPKID you have to work hard to gain a rapport with your clients to hope for another booking.

    Just avoid at all cost, unless you don’t mind investing a lot of money and time for a 3 part interview that doesn’t guarantee an acceptance by amateur online teachers posing as interviewers.

    • Wow, thanks for sharing your experience Nicole and sorry to hear it was bad, but great to hear 51Talk was a good experience.

      Here’s a link to 51Talk to anyone reading would like to learn more or to apply.


    • Thanks for sharing Jean!

      Yes, Focus on this site. Have also used ignite and rise on a few other sites. Also, utilize the thrive leads plugin.


  3. Rebecca,

    I have been working for VIPKid for over a year. As others have said, the kids are unbelievably smart. You have the interest and support of their parents and all the ingredients for a rewarding teaching experience. With regard to your concerns, you do not have to send them a lot of personal information. When I applied, I had to send them my resume, copies of my diplomas, three pictures of myself, a very short “welcome to VIPKid” video, and of course, my banking information so that I could be paid each month. I have never encountered any problems with this format, and if any of the other 29,999 VIPKid teachers have, I’m sure you would have heard about it by now.

    • Judith,

      Thank you for clearing up Rebecca’s questions. Just so others know. Judith was responding to this comment:

      “Are you aware that VIPKid’s privacy statement states that the company is hosted in China and warns that the information you provide is not guaranteed not to be shared or sold because the laws about privacy in China are different than they are in the U.S. This stopped me from applying. I am not comfortable providing the volume of personal information they require to apply, and in addition supplying banking information in order to be paid, when there is no guarantee the information would be protected.
      Have you heard anything about that?”


  4. I started with VIPKid in September, 2017. I’ve read a lot of career teachers become frustrated with the process and for me, personally, I didn’t try to focus on what I thought I could bring to the table – rather, I focused on what they said they wanted in their teachers. There are cultural differences in teaching styles and in an online classroom, other adjustments must be made as well. Teachers for VIPKid also represent the brand, so while you should be yourself, you should also make sure to work in the brand – such as the specific colors, hand movements and terms they emphasize. In some cases, I think it may be a branding judgment – and no, I’m not a 22 year old blonde!

    As far as the pay, my initial interviewer offered $20/hour (with incentives), which consists of two classes per hour and a minimum of 45 booked classes in a given month. I began about halfway through the month, so in September there were many days I didn’t have ANY classes booked because I was so new (I was so disappointed!). I ended up making $19/hr. for the 2 weeks I worked in September and was paid as promised. In October, my business really picked up and I finished the month at $20/hr., as offered. November appears to be on track to make the full amount already.

    I did give my bank account info. I’d say if you are worried about digital security, you could open an account at a bank separate from your other accounts just to have the pay deposited there. However, this company has nearly 20,000 teachers, so if there was a systemic problem with pay or identity theft, I think we would be hearing from all of those teachers – on social media, the news, etc.

    I’m still new, so it is possible that the bloom is still on the rose, but I absolutely love the kids and it is so fun and stress free! I have NO meetings, NO parent-teacher conferences, NO lesson planning (they provide all of the lessons – I just run around my house trying to find cool stuff to show the kids related to each lesson) and NO overcrowded classrooms (one-to-one teaching). I haven’t been specifically referring people because I’m not a salesperson, but I can say that I love the job – it is legit for early risers!

    • Please clarify the curriculum that VIPKIDS utilize. Do they push the approach of reading vs speaking? Would I have any freedom with my teaching style and approach to the required lessons?

      How far in advance are lesson plans required to be submitted?

  5. I was appalled at many errors in VIPKID interview-prep systems. A training video was “Not available. Sorry about that” on Youtube, three days in a row. “Check your system” link froze on loading, again 3 days. Schedule mixups due to not understanding *Daylight Saving Time* – in today’s wired world!
    I reported all problems by e-mail. Then even the interviewer had system troubles and needed tech support. So disruptive, it was hard to prepare and present properly; then a msg “… not proceeding with your application”, no reasons given or responsibility taken for its poor system standards. I found the process to be time-wasting and demeaning. I have 49 years of teaching experience (36 professionally) including online work. So it was not lack of experience.
    I must write this as a warning to other potential VIPKID applicants: being ready for possible system troubles may help your prep and presentation.

  6. I have been working for VIPKid for a couple of months now, and I have had a very positive experience. If you are not a morning person, or you like to change your schedule often, this job is not for you. For the money I’m making, I gladly get up early. When you set your schedule (you choose the time slots to open on the schedule), you have to be committed to it. You can’t decide you would rather do something else and cancel. In other words, you have to be responsible and show up. If teachers don’t show up, it reflects on the company, so they have to be tough about no-shows and cancellations. I heard about VIPKid on a teacher website where teachers were discussing their second and third jobs. Most were talking about pyramid-scheme business and retail work. I started checking into VIPKid and it seemed legit, so I applied. I love it. I am a full-time elementary teacher, but this fits perfectly into my schedule. I make about $20 consistently. ($8/25 minute class + $2 in bonuses per class. I have taught 85 classes so far this month, and last month’s money was deposited into an account with no glitches. I highly recommend it because it pays WAY more than most of us would get working in retail or at the local zoo, or something. I control my hours. That is very important to me. The company pays me well, and I work very hard for them. It’s a great gig, and I get to meet lots of kids. It reminds me that this big, blue marble we live on really isn’t so big, after all!

  7. This is a legit job. I have had an awesome experience with the company and paid right on time with no hitches. Never a problem with emails, I get answers back ASAP. Here is a blog about my journey:

    And put a face with my name. Here is my youtube channel with a lot of helpful information about the application process.

    Yes we do get a bonus for helping people with their application and mock classes but I will tell you that I work for it. I skype with people, email and give prepared lesson plans to help them prep for their Mock classes. Its definitely not a scam. We are just teachers recruiting (and helping to prepare) teachers. And for that the company gives us a bonus. I don’t hide it, I am open with the people I refer but I also give them my time and energy to help them get through. It is what I love about my job. I am not just someone who hands out a link and says hope you make it. I think that is where the “commission” idea is wrong. I get to share my job with others and I truly DO enjoy it when someone I have helped emails me and says “I PASSED”.

    I am no blonde haired blue eyed girl. I’m a 50 something grandma and there are tons more just like me and older. My 73 year old friend is teaching just as a retirement income. It really is a great job. Email me and I will do what I can to answer your questions. ZERO strings attached.

    • Carol, thank you for offering a passionate and personal perspective about the program’s teacher assist feature☺. If I persue VIPKIDSZ, I’ll seek your help; if you still perform this function.


  8. As someone who is quite interested in applying to work for this organization, this blog has been VERY helpful. I greatly appreciate this resource! Thank you!

  9. Just to let you and your readers know, the reason why the teachers here are so ‘helpful’ and posting referral links and offers of coaching is because they get a commission on every person they recruit. It’s not immoral, but I’ve noticed that not one of them have been open about it or mentioned it. Important to know. If you’re going to choose someone to give the money to for recruiting you, make sure you like them, trust them, and that they work for it.
    (Consumer watch).

  10. I am a seasoned teacher in my district who has taught for 33 years K-12. I have a Bachelor Degree as well as a Master’s Degree. I practiced nonstop for the Mock 1 AND 2 practicums in preparation for my VIDKID application and then even more additional hours and hours of preparation. I am a sought after teachers in the state. I am the Elementary Language committee chair for the district. I really DO know myself. I could and have made a difference in the young children I am a very hard worker. I put my whole heart and energy into everything I do. I am patient and warm to the students. (I promise I’m not being braggy… just giving background)

    I also feel that my second Mock lesson was interrupted numerous times by the evaluator and of the 60 minutes I had to present two lessons, she talked for 40 minutes of it and then cut me off on my last demo because she had to get to another interview. I was also told that I was amazing and did an excellent job of adjusting my teaching based on the feedback that was given me. In short, I did everything and then some, to work toward working with VIPkid.

    I, too, am a teacher evaluator. I coach struggling teachers to be better for their students. I would never just dismiss them without giving full disclosure of the things they could do better. I received an email the next day letting me know they would NOT be hiring me. I feel that your company dismissed my application in a very abrupt way without telling me the specifics of why my “mock class was unsuccessful” when both interviewers raved about me.

    VIPkid, please give applicants the courtesy of sending them a reason for not hiring. After watching many Youtube channels post ideas and lessons, it is clear that VIPkid is looking for blonde hair, blue-eyed, young teachers (in most cases). I’m 53, maybe THAT’S why. Experience means nothing to them.

  11. I have been working for VIPKID for a long while now. They are constantly making changes and surveying us as employees to see what they can do better or what we want from them. They are expanding at an very fast paced and with that comes some growing pains. They are working hard to improve their policies and reach out to us as employees to see what they can do to better improve. I have also seen them actually implement these policy changes quickly. There are now “soft cancellation” policies in place for those last minute emergencies and they have improved their own technology so that teacher/student IT issues aren’t as common. I have seen them work to settle disputes generously especially when the teacher has a good reputation with the company. I have also seen them terminate when a teacher does not fulfill their contract. I think that is fair. Its a great company to work for and I love my work. I work full time hours and still have my entire day after 10AM. I work weekends and make about 4,000 a month. Not shabby for a stay at home gig.

    Email me with questions or use my link to apply and I’ll walk you through the process as well as provide lesson plans and documents to work with you through the application process. Im happy to skype and show you what you need to do to get the job. I consistently make $22 an hour! Its a great company and often the people you hear from are complaining because they didn’t hold up to their end of the bargain and fulfill their contracts. I have not had that problem! BUT I’m there every day doing my work and enjoying the appreciation I receive. its a win win for me. Contact me and I’ll help you get a great job

  12. As two teachers who have been with VIPKID for the last year, we can confidently say this is not a scam and is a great job you can do from anywhere with a good internet connection. It’s flexible, easy, fun, and well-paying. We used to live in China and love the fact that we can keep our good ESL jobs without having to be tied to the mainland. We’re currently living in Mexico and planning to travel through Central and South America thanks to our newfound freedom with VIPKID. We’ve recently written a blog post detailing our experience for anyone who is interested:

  13. Hi,
    I am currently employed with VIP KID and so far so good! I tried several online teaching sources and VIP KID has been the only company that has paid and been super transparent. I have had no issues and my students are easy to work with and I have a lot of fun teaching them. Depending on your time zone and availability, it really is a great way to make money. I was in Nicaragua and I am now in Canada and hoping to move to Thailand for a few months. Working for VIP KID has actually allowed that freedom 🙂

    Follow the link to get set up. You can PM me and I will get back to you with any questions you may have. It is super easy to get started. You can be working within a couple weeks. What do you need? A bachelor degree, a North American accent, an orange t-shirt, mic and headphones and a computer with WIFI (good quality)
    Warm regards, Anna Pye <3

  14. I love working for the company. It’s true that there are inherent problems in working for a company overseas, mitigating language barriers, and being your own boss. But I believe it can be perfect for the right person. I made a video describing what it takes. I hope it will help others figure out whether the company is right for them.

  15. At first this sounds really tempting and legit. I just can’t see me getting up that early to teach English, I can barely speak that good at that time in the morning. You also have received some positive comments from people that are making really good money.
    It sounds like a wonderful work from home opportunity. I’m looking for more passive ways for my money to roll in. That’s just me but if you’re looking for a god paying job, this seems like a good start and no commuting.
    Great review on this company, thanks for this.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my VIPKid Teacher review Peter and I agree not my line of work, but I’ve had some great feedback from current teachers that seem to enjoy the work! If you’re looking for passive income check out these posts below:

      Start A Passive Income Blog

      Passive Income Apps

      Hope this helps,


  16. Hello All,

    I have been working with Vipkid for about 2 years now. I have experienced the growing pains and a lot of changes. Even though I had my own issues with them at first, I am so happy I chose to stick with them.

    For those of you who are interested in applying here are some changes you can look forward to. First, they no longer require minimum hours so, you can work as little or as much as you choose. I have gained enough students that I work with them fulltime while traveling the world with my family. I was able to go fulltime after only 30 days of working.

    Second, they offered a scholarship to teachers in their second contract or beyond to get their TESOL certification. I am happily a recipient of one myself!

    Third, Vipkid now offers teachers the opportunity to work within Corporate AND teach at the same time. Some of the new partnerships include lesson planning, teacher mentor, liason, practicum evaluators, recruitment partner, and a few other positions. What this means for teachers is you now have the opportunity to gain extra $$$ ON TOP OF your teaching salary. I have taken on an added position and consistantly make $5,000+ per month.

    Fourth, from what I have seen with all of the teachers I have brought into Vipkid they have all started off with $8/lesson ($20/hour with incintives). I am sure me being their reference has something to do with it because their credentials varied greatly. I have come to believe this as truth because I thoroughly prepare each teacher before their interview. So, Vipkid has come to know what to expect from the teachers I refer. Also, the rate I have heard a lot of other teachers start with was $7 or $7.50 per lesson.

    Lastly, I heard it thru the grapevine Vipkid is moving forward to expand their base to teaching Adults. Don’t quote me on this because it was an idea being kicked around in a meeting that is being looked further into. Just know if it is announced you heard it from me first. 🙂

    I am sure many people have many questions or simply want some guidence on how to pass the demo and practicum. Feel free to email me at

    Want To Apply?? Click The Link Below.

    ( ).

    Good Luck Guys!!

  17. I have been working for VIPKID since November 2016. They are legit, forward thinking, and super, super supportive. There are some glitches they are working through, mostly due to their incredible growth. There are lots of Facebook forums for new and experienced teachers. The hours can be difficult, but the students are amazing. The pay is quite decent, and if you consider you do not have the costs of commuting and the attendant expenses of working outside the home, the pay is quite good. I do VIPKID as a second job, and it has been very lucrative.

    If you want to get in on the ground floor of a great opportunity, apply to teach with VIPKID today!

  18. I tried to email them couple times with some questions I have for not getting my pay. no answer so far, it’s been over two weeks..

  19. Are you aware that VIPKid’s privacy statement states that the company is hosted in China and warns that the information you provide is not guaranteed not to be shared or sold because the laws about privacy in China are different than they are in the U.S. This stopped me from applying. I am not comfortable providing the volume of personal information they require to apply, and in addition supplying banking information in order to be paid, when there is no guarantee the information would be protected.
    Have you heard anything about that?


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