Drop App Review: Is Earn With Drop A Scam?

Learn how you can automatically earn cash back to places like McDonald's, Walmart, Target, and many more with the Drop app!


Drop is a cool new app that pays you to make purchases at some of your favorite stores. This is another app that requires you to connect a credit or debit card, so this might not be for everyone. I’ve been using the app for a few weeks now it seems to be completely safe.

The advantage of linking a card is you don’t have to worry about scanning receipts. The Drop app automatically sees your purchase and applies points for your cash back accordingly.

The Drop app is now officially available in the US and CA.

Although the Drop app is legitimate please keep in mind it’s going to be a small extra income that requires you to spend money. If you’re interested in making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

In this Drop app review, I’ll cover how it works, the rewards available, and see if it’s legitimate or a scam.

Drop App Review

drop app reviewApp: Drop

Type: Cash Back/Rewards

Verdict: Legitimate

In this Drop app review, I marked it legitimate, and I plan on using this app myself. It’s pretty much free money when you make purchases at the participating retailers, which I frequently do.

I don’t have many complaints about the app, but I completely understand if you have an issue linking your card. It seems to be safe, but if it’s something you’re not comfortable with I recommend skipping this opportunity and trying one of these apps.

Overall, as long as you’re comfortable and make purchases at these retailers I recommend using the Drop app.

How Does Drop Work?

1) Sign Up For Free

The first step is to sign up for a free account by visiting When you sign up, you’ll earn a $1 sign-up bonus.

2) Link Card

The next step is to link a card. You’ll earn 500 points for linking your first card and 2,000 for linking a second. Drop works with most banks, and you link your card by logging into your bank through the app.

3) Find Offers

Inside the Drop app, there is ongoing and limited time offers. When you join, you’ll be able to select 5 of the ongoing offers to earn points for purchases. The ongoing offers include:

Target – 10 pts per $1

McDonald’s – 10 pts per $1

Uber – 15 pts per $1

Walgreens – 10 pts per $1

Walmart – 2 pts per $1 -25 pts per $1

Sam’s Club -30 pts per $1

Uber – 15 pts per $1

More offers are being added continuously. Although you can only select five ongoing offers when joining, it seems you can add the new ones without dropping any of the old offers.

You’ll also see limited time offers inside the app. These seem to be more like offers on a rewards site, where you join a service and earn points up front but don’t earn for every purchase.

4) Make Purchase

Once your card is linked, and you have the offers you’d like all you need to do is shop. Once you make a purchase at a participating store, Drop will notice the transaction and pay you points for how much you spent! Within the FAQs, it says you should receive your points within five days of your purchase. I think I’ve seen a range from 3-4 days to see points show up.

5) Complete Bonuses

An easy way to earn more is by completing bonuses. You’ll naturally complete these as you use the app. For example, you’ll earn points when you link your first two cards, follow them on social media, complete your profile, refer five friends, and more. Most of these bonuses pay 30-2,000 points.

6) Refer Friends (optional)

If you’d like to earn more without spending more the best way to do so is by referring friends. Drop gives you a custom link and referral code you can share with friends. When they sign up and link a card, you’ll earn 1,000 points (equal to $1).

7) Get Paid Via Gift Card

The Drop app has several gift card reward options ranging from $5-$100. I’ll cover the rewards in more detail in the next section.

Drop App Rewards

Once you earn points you can exchange them for gift cards, at this time there’s no cash reward option.  Some gift cards start at different amounts, so I’ve listed the available rewards below:

Starting at $5: Starbucks, Aerie

Starting at $10: Old Navy, Dunkin’ Donuts, iTunes, Amazon, American Eagle, Gap, Nordstrom

Starting at $15: Groupon, AMC, Banana Republic

Starting at $20: Whole Foods

Starting at $25: Barnes & Noble, Applebees, Apple, JC Penney

Starting at $50:, Best Buy

Starting at $100: American Airlines

Their FAQs state that once you redeem a reward, you should receive it within 24 hours via email.

Drop App Payment Proof

I recently earned enough to cash out a $5 reward. Below is an email I received from Drop that included a $5 Starbucks gift card. It took less than a minute to arrive in my inbox once I cashed out inside the app!

drop app payment proof

UPDATE 11/7/17:

I received another payment from Drop so I thought I’d go ahead and show proof of it. This time I cashed out an Amazon gift card:

drop payment proof

Drop App Complaints

Linking a Card

The only way you wouldn’t want to use this app is if you’re afraid of issues with your card once you connect it to the app. Most people will be comfortable with it, but if not I recommend just skipping this app, it’s not worth it if you’re not comfortable with the process.

I will say that I’ve linked a Discover and a Visa card and have had some issues with the Discover card staying connected. With that being said there’re not many complaints about that in reviews, so the card linking seems to work pretty well.

No Cash

This comes down to personal preference, but I’d rather get paid in cash than gift cards. At this time there’s no cash reward option. Hopefully, they will eventually expand to offering payments via PayPal or Venmo.

Is Drop App A Scam?

The Drop app is not a scam, and it’s actually a very popular app in Canada at this time. They just recently opened it up to the United States so I feel like they’ll continue to grow and add more retailers and rewards.

As long as you’re comfortable linking a debit/credit card I recommend using the Drop app. As mentioned, I’ve been using this app and plan on continuing to.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit to earn a $1 sign-up bonus!


If the Drop app isn’t for you, make sure to check out these helpful links:

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Do you have experience with the Drop app? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this app in the comments section below!

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17 thoughts on “Drop App Review: Is Earn With Drop A Scam?”

  1. Awesome app, works fine haven’t had any trouble.
    I already redeem $20 amazon gift card.
    Use my code : anwng
    for 5000 points( $5), please and thank you

  2. Hey guys I’m working for Drop and we’re doing a 1 time limited offer of 20,000 points for anyone who uses the code “1dei0” when first signing up, that’s a $20 value for free! You can instantly cash out for a Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, or any other gift card! Use quickly we have a limited supply! Best of luck for those who use it early.

    • Viven,

      I also had issues with my Discover card when I first joined. In the first week, it probably had issues 2-3 times. Since that time I haven’t had any issues. The card has been linked and earning points for 3-4 months now.

      Hopefully it will work out for you too!


  3. What do you think is the purpose of this app? How do you see the creators gaining anything from an app like this? Will it become more viral in the future or is it just a trend? I’m having trouble understanding the essence of this app. How many points do you need to get a 5$ Starbucks gift card?

    • Jk, thanks for reading my review. 

      Well the Drop app is already very popular in Canada and just released in the US about a week ago. I think it will continue to grow. 

      For example, Ibotta which is similar but you scan receipts has been around for years and is still thriving. 

      I think the biggest issue for apps like this is linking cards, but it seems people are more willing to give out there card information for convenience and to earn than ever, at least in my opinion. 

      I think apps like these will continue to grow and eventually explode once the word gets out that it’s legitimate and others are earning automatic cash back. Once people know it works the biggest issue the app has to over come should be solved. 

      $5 gift cards cost 5,000 points. You get 1,000 points for signing up and anywhere from 5-20 points per dollar spent depending on the offer. Not to mention you can earn 5,000 points for referring a friend. 

      Hope this helps clarify and gives you my opinion of the app,


  4. This sounds like a great way to earn rewards. You give it a great review and I don’t mind no cash. It all gets spent the same way.The only problem is that I am in the U.K. Does this preclude me from using it all?
    If it does can you recommend one that I could use here?

    • Thanks for reading my Drop review Karen. The Drop app is not available in the UK only in the US and Canada at this time. 

      I do not know of any app similar to Drop in the UK, but you can use a site like Ibotta. You have to scan receipts but it’s still money for shopping and it’s built for the UK. It’s called Shopitize.

      Hope this helps, hopefully Drop will be in the UK eventually, but they just expanded to the US so it will be a bit. 


  5. Wow, you’ve convinced me for sure! It seems like a win-win for everyone. Spend money at places you already shop and get money back. The Barnes & Noble retailer is enough for me to join, I spend way too much money on books and self teaching courses that alone will save me money and arguments with the wife on spending on books haha.

    Thanks for the great review, I’ll keep you posted I’m all in to join drop!

    • Awesome Cameron, and thanks for reading my review!

      As you said, as long as you shop at participating stores you’re earning free money you otherwise wouldn’t get. 

      Thanks again for checking out my site!


  6. Wow I had no idea this app is out there, and I know my wife personally would love this app!

    She literally goes to McDonald about 3-5 times a week, so I can see where this app could help is saving her some money.

    Have you personally used this app, and if so did you find it useful?

    Thank you again for letting us know about Drop App.

    • Hey Michael,

      Great to hear. I’ve used the app at McDonald’s once and Walmart a few times just to make sure it worked. So far no issues other than the initial linking of a Discover card that I talked about in the review. 

      Seems to work pretty well. 


  7. Thanks for good review of this App. While it looks ok, has it been going long enough to have passed any teething troubles. Sometimes things go ok for an initial period, then the bugs start to creep in. Yes, the connection to a card does carry with it some doubts, and the lack of cash payments is a negative. But overall if people are comfortable with it, then it looks a winner. Regards, Chris

    • Thanks for taking the time to read Chris! The app has been available in Canada for awhile now and it’s seemed to work well overall. 

      Like you mentioned, as long as you’re comfortable linking a card it’s a decent side income generator. 



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