How I Made $83,730.04 Blogging In 2018! Plus Where To Learn How To Make Money Blogging


In 2018 I Made Over $83,000 Blogging! Learn Exactly Where that Income came from and if you're interested in making a passive online income with a blog, you can see exactly where I learned to make money blogging!

Welcome to my 2018 yearly blog income report. If you’re new here, I also do monthly Blog Income Report that you can see here. On this page, I’m going to cover Full-Time Job From Home’s income for all of 2018.

Below I’ll list all of the sites I made money with this year, give you a brief description, leave links to my reviews, and show you exactly how much I made. If you have any questions about the sites on this list, don’t be afraid to ask, I’m happy to share more about the site and describe how I promote it.

Before we get started, if you have any interest in making money online with a blog or website, I highly recommend you get started right away. I started this blog in December of 2013 (5 years ago,) and income like this did not happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to get it going and then it’s usually a slow climb to build a large online income.

The training course and community that taught me to blog is called Wealthy Affiliate. They let you join and try out the first module of training for completely free. Again, if you have any interest in making money with a blog, sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account or check out my full Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn more!

Let’s get started with this income report. Here’s the income for for the whole year of 2018!

Full-Time Job From Home’s Blog Income Report 2018

Affiliate Income

Most of my income comes from affiliate marketing, and in my opinion, it’s the best way to monetize your blog. Below is the breakdown of the different sites/programs that I promote and how much I made from each. I’ve left links to full reviews of the sites and a brief description of what the site is. Feel free to leave comments below if you have questions about a particular site.

Wealthy Affiliate – Read Review – $11,419 (Blogging Training & Community: Where I Learned To Blog!)

Panthera Network – Read Review – $2,084.65 (Affiliate Network I Use To Promote Sites Like CashCrateSavvyConnect, and other sites)

Impact Radius/Swagbucks – Read Review – $16,372.50 (Affiliate Program I Use To Promote

Ibotta App – Read Review – $2,860.50 (Grocery Shopping Cash Back App)

Dosh App – Read Review – $6,515 (Automatic Cash Back App)

ShareASale – $1,537.60 (Affiliate Network I Use To Promote HealthyWageGrammarlyCheckout51)

AdBloom – $2,698(Affiliate Network I Use To Promote VIPKid TutorDrop App)

Paidviewpoint – Read Review – $1,180.62 (My Favorite Survey Site)

FusionCash – Read Review – $6,490.50 (One of My Favorite Reward Sites)

Clixsense – Read Review – $603.21 (Reward Site Available Worldwide)

Earnably – Read Review – $425.00 (New Popular Reward Site)

FeaturePoints – Read Review – $700.00 (Paid To Download Apps & New Website)

PrizeRebel – Read Review – $674.39 (Rewards Site)

1Q – Read Review – $604 (Paid To Answer Short Polls)

InstaGC – Read Review – $552.59 (Reward Site Available Worldwide)

Qmee – Read Review – $276 (Paid To Search Using Google!)

Fetch Rewards – Read Review – $460 (Paid To Buy Your Favorite Brands)

GetUpSide – Read Review – $2,289.03 (Paid To Buy Gas)

GiftHulkRead Review$5 (Rewards Site I Just Started Using)

Drop AppRead Review$75 (Automatic Cash Back at Walmart, Target, Uber, McDonald’s, & More)

Panel AppRead Review$75 (Passive Income App)

Sweatcoin App – Read Review – $1,200 (Paid To Walk)

TruNow App – Read Review – 18.90 (Paid To Buy Gas)

Amazon – $333.18 (Amazon Affiliate Program: Link To Relevant Work From Home Products)

Transcribe Anywhere – Read Review – $1,219.20 (Transcription Course & Training)

ZipRecruiter – $1,244.14 (New Work From Home Job Leads)

JaaxyRead Review$48 (Keyword Research Tool For Bloggers)

Proofread Anywhere$650.20 (Work From Home Proofreading Business Course)

30 Days or Less To Virtual Assistant SuccessRead Review$205 (Work From Home Virtual Assistant Course)

30 Days or Less To Freelance Writing SuccessRead Review$174.20 (Work From Home Freelance Writing Course)

PinterestVA – $118.40 (New Course on How To Work From Home as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant)

Uber – $420 (Refer New Drivers)

EbatesRead Review$935.84 (Online Shopping Cash Back)

Ultimate Bundles$58.80 (Bundles Work From Home Related Products & Courses)

ScribieRead Review$311.81 (Work From Home Freelance Transcription)

My Courses – $100 (My Blogging Course – How To Make More With Extra Income Sites eBook)

Total Affiliate Income: $64,816.86

Ad Revenue

Most of my income comes from Affiliate Marketing, but Ad Revenue is still a profitable way to monetize your blog. Here are the ad networks I use to put ads on my blog:

Monumetric – $17,557.04 (Main Ad Network Need Minimum 10K page views a month to apply)

Google Adsense – $958.98 (Google’s Ad Network. Available to New Bloggers) – $222.16 (Bing/Yahoo Ad Network Accepts Most New Bloggers)

Sponsored Posts – $175

Total Ad Revenue: $18,913.18

2018 Income: $83,730.04

My Thoughts On 2018 Income

Overall I’m pretty pleased with 2018. I had a huge January due to a new affiliate program that basically went viral but that only lasted a few months and after that income did fall back to expected earnings.

I can’t complain though. I usually try to meet three new posts a week, and there were several times throughout the year where I didn’t meet that and didn’t even publish any content for a few weeks. It’s unfortunate to not keep up with your goals, but it’s incredible that an online business can continue to bring in a great income even if you don’t have time to do the work needed to keep it going.

2018 was a great year for Full-Time Job From Home, and I’m excited to continue to grow and bring new great content in 2019 and beyond.

Now that you’ve seen my income let’s talk about how you can get started on your blogging journey.

Where I Learned To Blog: Wealthy Affiliate

Overall 2018 was a great year for Full-Time Job From Home, and it’s been a long journey. I haven’t always published income reports, but I really wish I had because although this blog made money within three months of starting it, it didn’t make much for a while. But that’s how blogging works, you learn, apply what you learn, and keep repeating the process. It takes a long time to gain traction and build an audience, but once you do it’s a process that you continue to repeat to grow.

For that reason, I recommend anyone that has any interest in starting a blog at any time to get started right away. Even if you just learn the basics of how it works and create your first website today, you can give yourself a huge advantage if you decide you’re ready to give blogging a shot a year from now.

The place that I learned to blog and the place that I recommend is called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a blogging training course and community. The course is 5 modules that cover everything from how the money making process works, how to create your first website, how to create content that brings in traffic, how to monetize your site, how to promote your content on social media, and much more.

The course is designed for complete beginners, taking you step by step with text and video training. If you find that you’re stuck or don’t understand a concept you have one on one support from me along with a community of 1,000s of other members ready to help.

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is they let you try for completely free. You can sign up for a free membership and work through the first ten lessons plus have access to the community (which includes me) for completely free. The first lesson is going to teach you the money-making process, which means you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to do to make money with a blog before you pay anything. If you’re familiar with most “Make Money Online” products, this is usually not the case. It’s usually huge unrealistic claims with no real mention of how you’ll be making money until they already have charged your credit card. With Wealthy Affiliate they let you try for free to make sure it’s right for you. Blogging isn’t for everyone; there’s no reason to be charged if blogging isn’t your thing.

So if you have any interest in making money with a blog, make sure to sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate Account. Once you do, I’ll send you a welcome message, and you can reach out to me if you need anything. Work through the free lessons to see if it’s right for you and if it’s not, no worries!

If you’d like to learn more about everything Wealthy Affiliate teaches and the tools included in your membership, you can read my Full Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

Making money with a blog isn’t easy but is extremely rewarding if you learn and put in the hard work to make it happen. If you have any interest, go ahead and sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate Account here.


Thank you for reading my Blog Income report for 2018! If you have any questions about the sites I promote or have questions about starting a blog with Wealthy Affiliate feel free to leave comments below! I really am here to help so don’t be shy!

I know that blogging isn’t for everyone, if it doesn’t sound like your thing, here’re some helpful links to other ways to make money online:

Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now

All The Extra Income Sites That I Use


Visit to get signed up for a completely free account and see if blogging is right for you!

In 2018 I Made Over $83,000 Blogging! Learn Exactly Where that Income came from and if you're interested in making a passive online income with a blog, you can see exactly where I learned to make money blogging!

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36 thoughts on “How I Made $83,730.04 Blogging In 2018! Plus Where To Learn How To Make Money Blogging”

  1. Hi Brok!
    Just jumped in to congratulate you on a fabulous year! I am your subscriber and a WA friend. I learn from you a lot.
    Love your ability to be the first to find new gems.


  2. Good afternoon Brok,

    I started to read your post with interest to see what one has to do to earn this kind of money. I am impressed by the long list of your activities and somehow also overwhelmed by it. I now realize that to reach this level I would have to change my life considerably and I do not think I want to do that yet.

    I  have been writing for my 2 websites for 2 years now and like it. It provides the platform where I can talk about things that catch my attention or worry me. It is not a real sales site, it is more the spreading of news which might help people. 

    Congratulations on your success. I am sure all the links you give your readers will be very helpful.

    Regards, Taetske 

  3. First of all, i must confess that your earnings are scary and at the same time motivating. The thousands of dollars you earn in a month, most bloggers haven’t earned that for years. Thanks also to Wealthy Affiliates who taught you blogging and made it possible for you to earn as much as your earning. I would love you to share to us your experience on how you were able to promote as much as over thirty-four  sites/programs and combining that with your other day-to-day activities. Anticipating your future posts. Thanks

    • That’s the great thing about blogging the work you do in the past brings in passive income over time. I really only spend 10-15 hours a week working on my site, but I’ve been doing this for 5 years. Work I did in 2013 is still bringing in traffic and earning me money!

      In regards to how many programs I promote, in the niche I’m in there’re tons of options, in other niches you wouldn’t be promoting very many because it just really wouldn’t work. 

      Luckily with long list posts and separate reviews of each sites I’m able to promote several different sites that are a bit different but can all make you money online. 

      Thanks for reading and if you have any other questions let me know!


  4. Hello Brok,

    Searching the Internet I found your site and the truth first I want to congratulate you on the great work online that you have been doing. My query is: all the different activities that you carry out online the only ones or you have collaborators? 

    The company that you recommend “Wealthy Affiliate” from when is it in the market? How is your training and above all your support, in terms of quality and speed of response? I thank you very much for all the help you can give me. 

    Greetings from Argentina.

    • Thanks for reading and glad you found my site!

      At this time I have 1 writer that does a few posts a month for me, other than that I do all the work myself. 

      In regards to Wealthy Affiliate, the community is active 24/7 so you can usually get help instantly if not within a few minutes. 

      A direct response from me can take a few hours but I do make sure to respond to everyone’s questions and point you in the right direction of some training that would be able to help. 

      I spend most of my time creating content, but do stop and answer peoples questions several times a day!

      Thanks again for reading and hope to see you inside WA. 


  5. This was an excellent wrap-up of your income totals ($83,730.04) and where you earned it from, plus HOW you earned it. I see that you have used a lot of affiliate programs both big and small, in combination with posting fresh valuable content regularly. This seems to be the right combination indeed!

    I read often that people will be able to make thousands almost immediately, and there are many offers out there for ‘instant cash’ or ‘push-button’ profits, and in almost all cases, this is simply not true. In fact, none of these that I have reviewed have been worth the often high entry or monthly cost.

    As you say, you have been at this for 5 years, and obviously, you have learned what works and what does not. One resource you expand on is Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member and can vouch for the viability of the training and many features available on that platform.

    In my case, over the past 4 years, I have expanded from affiliate marketing (which I still do) into several other online marketing segments like training, drop shipping, and even selling my own digital and physical products. What you learn within Wealthy Affiliate will also be applicable to other means of earning an income online.

    You mention that you are posting content about three times a week, which is not an inordinate amount, in my opinion. Some people may have problems posting this often, but with some planning and research, it can be done. How long are your articles and are they all posted on one website or more?   

    In my case, the income earned over the last year has increased almost monthly, and I have realized about $40k in net profits. It could have been more, but I have chosen to reinvest in the business to scale it up, increasing the number of stores and also investing in creating digital products.

    This post definitely is proof that you can earn significant amounts of money online, without paying an inordinate amount of money to learn how. I actually make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate to others, and the platform is free for me to use. This works out for the new members (they learn how to make money online) and for me (I get access for free). There are no losers!

    Wrapping up, you have had an amazing year and I congratulate you for this. It is also remarkable that you are sharing the amount you have earned and how you are earning it. People reading this can do the same, and I urge them to give Wealthy Affiliate a try, they will not be disappointed.

    There is work involved, as you mention, and this is not some push-button fake platform. It does take time to build up a library of content that uses keywords that people are looking for, and then get traffic from people finding your website via searches…  

    It IS cumulative, and I have experienced this as well. Your income results are real and possible for everyone! Thanks for sharing this, you have opened a lot of eyes to the potential a simple blog can offer. Best fo luck for 2019!

    • Thanks for reading Dave and awesome to hear you’re a WA member and have made over $40k online!

      It’s 100% not an instant income and takes a lot of hard work to get it going but really anyone can do it once you learn how. 

      Most of my reviews range in the 800-1,200 words but some list posts turn into over 2,000 pretty easy. Most of the reviews I can write in 30 minutes (not including any research time) because I have a pretty simple outline that I follow for all reviews. 3 posts a week is extremely do able once you have some experience, but as a new blogger, it’s not an easy task to keep up with. 

      You don’t have to post 3 times a week though and there have been several times where I did not meet that. My advice is always to do what you can. If you can do 1 a week great, if you can do three that’s great. The key is staying motivated to keep working and not giving up. Don’t over do it and then be burnt out a month down the road because you probably won’t see much results yet and it can be discouraging. 

      Thanks for the kind words and best of luck to you in 2019 too!


  6. Hi Brok,

    Thanks for writing a true success story from your experience with all related source information. I would not even know these truth if I did not read your article. Now I believe that everything is possible through our dedicated work and step by step guideline. I have already bookmarked your site for my future use. I may ask you more question later when I face some problem in my journey of blogging. 

  7. Hi Brok – wow, this is amazing and very encouraging for someone like me who is very new to blogging.  You have provided a lot of potential thoughts and ideas as far as affiliate marketing.  Thank you for sharing.  

    I have a few questions for you.  How long have you been doing this?  How do you get so much traffic to your website?  And how long did it take for you to start making sales?

    Thanks for this great post,


    • Hey Michele, thanks for reading. 

      I started this site in December of 2013 so a little over 5 years now. 

      I made my first few bucks through Google Adsense once I started to get a few visitors a day about a month in. Consistent income of a few bucks a day didn’t start until the end of the second month. By end of year one was making around $100 a month. $500 a month by year two. Then I started to really see the potential and have been making at least over $1,000 a month since then. In 2018 my income ranged from $5,000-$13,000.

      The key is targeting low competition keywords and getting ranked high in Google search results. I actually have a course on this you can see here

      If you’re interested in getting free traffic from Google I Wealthy Affiliate Review: My Updated 2019 Review it’s where I learned how to drive traffic to my site and I still use what I learned there today. 

      Hope this answers your questions and hope to see you inside WA!


  8. Wow! You have got to be really proud of your accomplishments, Brok! I appreciate that you broke things down so completely and didn’t clump things into vague categories. This really shows both how many options there are for making money from blogging online, and why it is not a “get rich quick” type of thing. It takes time to build up to the success you have achieved. That said, five years time, and not even meeting your goals every week (I can, unfortunately relate to that, sigh)…and look where you are now! Truly inspiring! I look forward to your report for 2019. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for reading Cheri and glad you enjoyed the yearly report broken up by each company. 

      Keep at it and you’ll see results, best of luck in 2019!


  9. Hi Brok,

    Wow you are so transparent at sharing your online income – I like that. I didn’t know that blogging could be such a rewarding endeavor. You also mentioned that one of your affiliate products went viral, but do you personally offer any training or coaching services? or is it all part of Wealthy Affiliate? thanks.

  10. This is very serious money you are talking about  and I would love to learn more on how I can turn my blog into Money minting machine okey I know hard work is one of them and for that you done really well  and you deserve apat  on the back but still you are an inspiration to  me and many other who are willing to learn to get where you are or even better.

  11. Hi Brok,Wow, I am impressed! I am a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2014, and I still didn’t reach this amount of money.I was wondering if it’s possible to earn so much money with any niche? I would love to know your opinion about this:) I think the money niche if extremely profitable, but I was wondering, how long would it take to earn this amount of money with the money niche? I ask this because there are a lot of competitions too. If you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take you to reach this goal? Oh, and how many times per week do you post?Thank you very much in advance!

    • Daniella, 

      You can make money in any niche. I have other websites that I make money with, but just like the make money niche you need to be putting in a lot of time, and right now I don’t have enough time to spend on my sites in other niches (I still have a day job). 

      You can even if you’re starting today, make this kind of money within a year or two as long as you learn how and have a plan to make it happen. You’ll have to focus on reviews of products with low competition keywords. Which is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches. That’s the method that works even if there’s a lot of competition. 

      This blog is 5 years old, it took me 3 months to make real sales, and by year 3 was making a full-time income. 

      I post 3 times a week. But there have been several slips over the years where I didn’t meet that and have even been a few weeks where I didn’t post, the latest being in December of 2018. 

      Hope this helps and feel free to connect with me more inside WA!


  12. Hi Brok, first of all, congratulations on a great year for you, these are impressive figures! Second, thanks for an insightful article breaking down everything. I’m an aspiring blogger myself, still in the early phase of learning and this post will definitely help me to find the right affiliate programs for me.

    • Thanks for reading and glad I could help give you some ideas on affiliate programs to join, if you’re not in my niche, an easy way to find affiliate programs is search google for ” your niche + affiliate programs “

      That’s always a great place to start to see what’s available. 

      If you need anything let me know and hope to see you inside WA!


  13. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really awesome information.I was inspired to blogging through your article.I learned how to do blogging by read your article.This information is very helpful for me.I like this information very much.I will share this information with my friends.Thanks for sharing this informative information with us.

  14. 2018 for me was not a great year, financially. I lost so much money to cryptocurrency as it was my only sources of income.Out of this fear that I may gk broke completely, I was referred to wealthy affiliate. I am currently on level 3 of the training, but the experience has been amazing ever since. I made my first blog post today and I hope that I will be able to build a robust website like yours in the next 10 months.Your experience has greatly motivated me, and it is worth sharing with the world. In 2019, I pray that you will double your 2018 financial achievement.

    • Thanks for reading and I’m sorry to hear that you were scammed. There’re a lot of crappy programs and systems out there and they it all boils down to it takes real work to make money online and a system or program isn’t going to work. 

      I’m glad you found WA and keep at it. Best of luck in 2019. 

      If you need anything you can reach out to me on my WA profile here


  15. The truth is that I can’t stop appreciating this great platform called wealthy affiliates. I have never come across such a platform that has built multi thousands and millions of great men.  Though I newly joined but I have started seeing greatness in this platform already.

    I know it won’t take long when am going to write my own success story here

  16. How sweet reading this post. I am so thrilled because i love processed way of making money. Not as if someone is explaining on how to drive traffic to his website by saying “How i made 83k in one week”. by just misleading people just for traffic gain. There is never and there will be no shortcut to success. It’s just a matter of time after you started, and keep going that will make you grow in wealth making. That’s so much i love Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks

    • Thanks for reading Kehinde and no you won’t see me ever saying that here. It takes real work to make money online and making that kind of money in your first week is not realistic at all. 

      If you’re ready to put in the work, signing up for Wealthy Affiliate is your best option for making a real income online. 

      If you’re not ready to work, then you’ll continue to fail at making money online. 


  17. Wow!  What a great blog.  Your story is truly inspirational.  It’s really great that you actually put your numbers out there for the world to see.  I also like that you talk about the hard work that it takes to get there.  As a new blogger, it can be frustrating to put in work and not see any results.  It’s nice to b reminded that it takes time, and that results aren’t instantaneous. Thanks for the great post!

    • Thanks for reading Nate and yes I remember the struggle when you first start out and it honestly sucks. 

      I recommend setting small very obtainable goals at first. Once you see that first visitor and that first dollar earned, it’s just a process of getting more traffic and making more money. Meeting small goals, in the beginning, can give you a ton of confidence to keep at it!

      Once you get the process down you can start to set bigger goals that you might not reach. Even if you don’t reach your goals you still build a website that’s making money and what’s cooler than that!


  18. Greetings to you

    you have chosen very nice web site is also very much like me and the posts are very valuable how to earn money and many other things I read that you have a popular website that many people bring to your website and this one is worth a lot for you As far as I’m concerned, everything is fine, but I wish you success cheers Bajram

  19. This is a really wonderful post you put up there, am so inspired. When I thought I’ve seen it all in Wealthy affiliate, then you come around to show what awaits if I put my back into affiliate programs. This is really helpful, am sharing the post with my friends so they can also benefit from these sites as long as they are ready to take the bull by the horns. 

    • Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, affiliate marketing is the way to go to monetize a blog. Ads are a great way to earn money but you can earn way more promoting products and services. 

      Get back at the training at WA and apply what you learn to your affiliate programs. You’ll see your income skyrocket if you’re not using affiliate programs now. 



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