SweatCoin App Review: Get Paid To Walk Scam?

Learn How You Can Use the SweatCoin app to get paid to walk! Exchange your coins for awesome fitness related products and services!SweatCoin is a new app that pays you to be active. Once you download the app, you’ll earn Sweatcoins for every step you take. You can exchange Sweatcoins for awesome fitness related products and services. Today I’d like to write a review of the SweatCoin app to make sure it’s not a scam.

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In this SweatCoin App review, I’ll cover how it works, how you can earn, how to get paid, and make sure this is a legitimate way to make money!

Available in the US, UK, and IE.

SweatCoin App Review

sweatcoin app reviewApp: SweatCoin

Type: Paid To Lose Weight

Verdict: Legitimate

In this SweatCoin app review, I marked it legitimate, but you need to know this won’t earn you much. This is just an extra income app that rewards you for being active and walking.

I wish that it didn’t take so long to earn enough coins to exchange for the awesome products, but they do have cheaper rewards available most of the time. I really wish you could just exchange coins for gift cards, but at this time, it’s not an option.

Overall, SweatCoin is a decent app that is legitimate. It won’t earn you much but can be an easy way to earn some free products just for walking.

How Does SweatCoin Work?

1) Join For Free and Fill Out Your Profile

The SweatCoin app is free to join, and you can do so by visiting

Once you have the app, fill out your profile, it should only take a few minutes to get signed up.

2) Start Walking!

Once you’re signed up, you’ll earn what they call SweatCoins for every step you take. You’ll earn .95 sweatcoins per 1,000 steps you take.

*Most rewards cost 30-300 sweatcoins, so it’s going to take awhile to make enough for most of the sought after rewards.

3) Exchange Points for Rewards!

Once you have some coins, it’s time to exchange them for rewards. I’ll go into more detail in the next section, but most of the rewards are fitness-related products or services. Even the cheapest rewards will take you a few weeks to earn enough coins.

One good thing is the rewards are always changing so if you don’t have enough coins or aren’t interested in any rewards available, new ones will be available shortly!

SweatCoin App Rewards

sweatcoin app review is it a scam rewards you to walkAs mentioned you’ll earn .95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps you take. As you build up sweatcoins, you can redeem them for fitness-related products and services. I’m going to talk about what’s available now, but it seems that rewards frequently change so different rewards might be available when you join.

At this time they have things like a pair of Nike Running Shoes, a few Healthy food alternatives, Fitbit’s, and a few other workout related products.

Most of the products range from 75-300 sweatcoins based on how expensive the product is.

At this time the only way to earn a gift card is by inviting five friends to the app. If you do, you’ll earn a $5 Amazon gift card.

It says when you redeem a reward, you’ll get a code that you can use during the checkout process to discount the product.

UPDATE 10/12/2017

sweaetcoin app gift cards

Okay, so I just opened the Sweatcoin app this morning and found some new reward options. As you can see from the screenshot above they have a few group reward options and $50 gift cards available.

I guess there’s a feature inside the Sweatcoin app that allows you to send other members coins. The idea behind group rewards is a bunch of people send their coins to one person that can purchase several gift cards in one purchase and then can distribute them to everyone that gave them coins. Which is stupid in my opinion.

Luckily they also added $50 gift cards. As you can see it’s going to cost 3,650 sweat coins so it’s not a reward you will reach quickly, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Hopefully, we will continue to see improvements and see $5 or $10 gift cards available soon!

If any new rewards become available I’ll make sure to update the review immediately.

Does SweatCoin Pay?

I’m still waiting for a reward that I’m genuinely interested in, but I have received a $5 Amazon gift card from Sweatcoin which you can see below. I redeemed inside the app, they sent me an email with the code, and I applied it to my Amazon account. When I redeem for a fitness related reward I’ll make sure to update this section!

sweatcoin payment proof

sweatcoin app payment proof

UPDATE 1/22/18

I was finally able to earn enough to cash out a $50 PayPal payment. You can see proof that I was paid below:

sweatcoin paypal payment

SweatCoin App Complaints

No Gift Card Rewards

Unfortunately, at this time, the only way to get a gift card reward is by referring your friends.

I hope this changes, but at least you can get rewarded for walking.

App Stays Running

For the app to track your steps, you need to keep it running, or it won’t count all of your steps. Luckily it does have a battery saving mode, where it tracks your steps, but isn’t communicating unless you open the app directly.

From having the app on my phone I haven’t seen much of a difference, but of course, keeping an app open all the time will use more battery!

Is the SweatCoin App A Scam?

The SweatCoin app is not a scam, but it’s not going to make you much. I like that the rewards frequently change so you can save up coins until an item comes up you’d like. With that being said, it’s going to take awhile to earn enough coins for most of the products available. Hopefully, they’ll have gift cards as a cheaper reward option eventually.

Of course, this is going to be a small income, but it is a legitimate app. It’s up to you to choose if it’s worth it.

To learn more or to join, visit to join!


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Do you think the Sweatcoin app is worth using? Do you think it’s a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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44 thoughts on “SweatCoin App Review: Get Paid To Walk Scam?”

    • Hey George,

      In the review I showed you proof of the Amazon voucher and the PayPal payment that were both me.

      You can also check out my Extra Income Reports where I show bigger deposits from Sweatcoins.

      With that being said, it’s just a small extra income and in no way will make you rich.

      It’s legitimate but don’t expect a large income from this app.


  1. I have loaded several apps that pay legitimate money – ibotta, shopkicks, etc – and have tried the sweat coins app for months now. It is complete garbage. Each sweat coin is worth a penny or two. The app is a massive battery hog and works terribly. You might put in a 5 mile walk or run and check how many sweat coins that is and find that the app didn’t bother counting any steps at all during your run – but it did manage to drain your battery all the same. That is not a here and there issue – it is more often than not. To get anything at all out of the app you constantly have to check to see if it is working and restart it if it’s not. You can literally find more change on the ground on any given day than the value you will receive using this app – and be prepared to charge your phone A LOT more frequently if you make the mistake of loading it. If I owned the company I would shut the doors and take the product off the market out of complete embarrassment. Awful product.

  2. This app is incredibly worth it and i vouch for it. Making the money goes by alot faster if you’re inviting people as well. I have 400 invites and if u multiply that by 5 , you get 2,000 swc. Help me obtain more invites!

    Check out this app ? … It pays for walking

  3. I began using sweat coin over a month ago and so far I have not been able to redeem my points but they were adding up. My phone was reset and I had to reinstall the app and when I did I lost my coins and I cannot get to anyone to rectify the problem.

    • Keith,

      When you originally joined you should have created an account with your email. As long as you log back in you should have everything.


  4. When upgrading to earn more steps does it cost or can you use sweatcoin for the upgrade?
    Right now my steps only go to 5,000. I don’t want to spend money for the upgrade.

  5. Brok: Most for-profit companies are in business to make a profit. How do the vendors
    who exchange their fitness services/products for sweatcoins make any money to
    cover their costs, and make a profit?

    Skeptic Mike

    • Thanks for reading Skeptic Mike.

      I’m assuming that the companies that put their products on here aren’t giving it away for completely free, but I’m sure it’s at a pretty big discount.

      Most of the rewards available are things that could be a recurring purchase. So companies would want to partner with Sweatcoin to let you try their product in hopes that you’ll enjoy it and purchase at a full price down the road.

      Hope this helps and thanks for reading.


      • I need help with sweatcoin cause i have 50 but it wont let me cash out some people are telling me and dont pay u money it Just give us gift but i see some people transfer money into they account but y it wont let me plus i notice dis app dont have pay Pal

        • Kiesha,

          It all depends on what rewards are available in the Sweatcoin app at this time. They do occasionally have PayPal payments and other gift cards, but most rewards are for free trials or coupon codes for fitness related products and services.

          If you’re not interested in any of the products and want gift cards or cash you’ll need a lot more than just 50 sweatcoins. When those rewards are available they usually go for over 3,000 sweatcoins.

          Hopefully, this helps answer your questions. The app does pay but you’ll need to earn a lot more if you don’t want to exchange sweatcoins for fitness related products or services.


  6. I ordered an item from sweatcoin app, but they wanted my credit card number so I never submitted it. I was under the impression that I was paying with sweatcoins. What’s with that?

    • Barbara,

      Each reward is different if you click on the reward and read the description you can see exactly what you get. Some give you a code for a free trial while others give you a discount or free product.


    • Jose,

      It’s going to take a year. They call the $50 gift cards “Yearly Rewards” and say if you walk 10k steps a day for a year you’d earn enough points to redeem the gift card.

      Of course, you can earn more by referring but still going to take a while. That’s why I really wish they had gift cards starting for less. I understand it taking awhile but it would be nice to reach a gift card within 3-6 months.

      Hope this helps,


  7. Hi Brok, great post! Quick question, how long did it take for your $5 amazon or $50 paypal to arrive? I heard from some it can take up to four weeks. Was this true for you?

    • Hey John thanks for reading!

      I can’t remember exactly on the Amazon gift card. I do remember they sent me an email with the gift card code. I know it was quicker than 5 days but can’t give you an exact answer on this one.

      With the PayPal payment. I redeemed it in-app. Within a few minutes, I received an email with a code and was instructed to email the code to a sweatcoin team member with my PayPal email address.

      Within 24 hours the PayPal payment was in my account. I’m assuming they do this because some people use a different email than their PayPal email so they want to make sure you send them the correct email.

      Hope this helps,


    • Hey Donie, sorry must have missed the question before. Here’s info taken right off their FAQs page that wasn’t there when I first joined and wrote this review.

      Put simply: They only track outdoor steps because those are much harder to fake. So it’s a way to try to keep people from cheating.

      Here’s what they have to say about the app working correctly having to do with indoor/outdoor steps: “For the algorithm to work, I need you to allow me to see your pedometer information as well as GPS/geolocation data which works outdoors and rarely works indoors. It is not to say that some indoor steps will not be counted”

      It goes on to basically say that counting all steps is in the works, but still trying to find a good way to make the algorithm work and prevent cheating.

      So to summarize, steps are only counted when sweatcoin is receiving pedometer and GPS location information. Which is the best way they’ve figured out to differentiate indoor/outdoor steps and still prevent cheating.

      If you’re a member of the app click bottom right tab (profile), click on the gear in the top right (settings), and scroll down to FAQ. There’s a lot of information there on how it works and how to improve how many of your steps are counted.

      Hope that helps,


    • You’ll earn points that you can exchange for fitness related products/services, and now they offer gift cards starting at $50. Hopefully they’ll have cheaper gift cards eventually.


    • No you have to spend coins on the rewards they have available. They now have gift cards and PayPal payments so that’s really the only way to get “Cash”


  8. How do I see the offers for fitbits and shoes? All I see is three-four offers up top. And every time I check the offers, it’s nothing I’m in too.

    • Taylor,

      The offers are always changing. At the time of the review, those offers were available. They might come up again, but the rewards available change every few days.


  9. Hi Brok,

    Do you know if it’s possible to use a Gearfit tracker to track the steps instead? I can’t always have my phone on me when I do my steps.

    • Alexis,

      The sweatcoin app does not connect with any other apps or fitness devices. For the steps to count, you’ll need to have either your phone or another supported device (some tablets). At least for now, you’ll need to have your phone on you to get points for your steps.


  10. Has anyone else had any problems with the app not counting any steps at all? I have done everything they say to do and have given them the info they ask for. Gps is on and everything ok’d. Still not tracking any steps. What’s a fix for this ?

    • Hey Shelly,

      I’m not having any issues at all. I recommend going to your profile inside the app, clicking on setting in top right corner and scrolling down to FAQs. They have some detailed reasons why steps might not be counting. Under the settings, you can contact support by clicking on send feedback if you still can’t get it to work.

      Hope this helps let me know if you’re still having issues.


  11. How does Sweatcoin know whether you’re walking inside or outdoors and whether or not to attribute Sweatcoinage to your steps?

    • Hey Jenny,

      If you rode slowly, I think it would work because it uses GPS to track outdoor steps. If you were riding much faster than a jog, I don’t think it would work.

      It’s free to join, so probably worth downloading and giving it a shot!

      Hope this helps,


  12. Hi
    For the sweatcoin app, on the offers page, do the first week specials expire after a week because it is very confusing? Thank you

    • Hey, Oliver.

      They do expire after the first week, but I’ve seen several of them come back through occasionally. As you said, the app is pretty confusing. It seems they have 4 or 5 rewards available at one time with a limited quantity. Once they sell out they add a new reward, so you’ll see new items available all the time.

      Hope this helps,



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