How I Made $4,912.89 Online In January 19 and How You Could Too!

Welcome back to another income report for Full-Time Job From Home. Today we will look at the income for January 2019; I’ll show you exactly how I made $4,912 online in January. If you’ve missed any of the previous income reports, you can see all of my income reports here.

Before we get started, there’re a few things I need to mention. If you’re interested in making a sizeable passive income online, you need to get started right away. I started this site in December of 2013, and it took me a few years to build a full-time income. The awesome thing is this is very passive, so the work I did then is still earning me money now, but it won’t happen overnight.

If you have any interest in making a full-time passive income, I recommend checking out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned to make money online, and they let you try for completely free. You’ll learn how to create your own website and have access to one on one support from a community of thousands of other successful members and me. If you have any interest you can sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account here and see if making a passive income online is right for you!

Next, you’ll see a lot of what I call Extra Income sites on this list where I’ve made over $100. I use all of the sites on this list, and they are all legitimate ways to earn an extra income, but a large income each month is not achievable unless you’re referring a lot of friends. Luckily, this website lets me do that, but a large income with these sites is not achievable for most people.

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s my income report for January 2019!

How I Made Over $4,912 Online In January

Affiliate Income

Most of my income comes from affiliate marketing, and in my opinion, it’s the best way to monetize your blog. Below is the breakdown of the different sites/programs that I promote and how much I made from each. I’ve left links to full reviews of the sites and a brief description of what the site is. Feel free to leave comments below if you have questions about a particular site.

Wealthy Affiliate – Read Review – $748.50 (Blogging Training & Community)

Panthera Network – Read Review – $158.05 (Affiliate Network I Use To Promote Sites Like CashCrateSavvyConnect, and other sites)

Swagbucks – Read Review – $1,285 (My Favorite Rewards Site)

Ibotta App – Read Review – $150 (Grocery Shopping Cash Back App)

Dosh App – Read Review – $60.00 (Automatic Cash Back App)

ShareASale – $200 (Affiliate Network I Use To Promote HealthyWageGrammarlyCheckout51)

AdBloom – $106 (Affiliate Network I Use To Promote SayABC & Drop App)

Paidviewpoint – Read Review – $161.64 (My Favorite Survey Site)

FusionCash – Read Review – $141.75 (One of My Favorite Reward Sites)

Clixsense – Read Review – $62.48 (Reward Site Available Worldwide)

Earnably – Read Review – $10 (New Popular Reward Site)

FeaturePoints – Read Review – $50.00 (Paid To Download Apps)

PrizeRebel – Read Review – $85.58 (Rewards Site)

1Q – Read Review – $37.25 (Paid To Answer Short Polls)

InstaGC – Read Review – $60.83 (Reward Site Available Worldwide)

Qmee – Read Review – $24 (Paid To Search)

Fetch Rewards – Read Review – $50 (Paid To Buy Favorite Brands)

GetUpSide – Read Review – $241.53 (Paid To Buy Gas)

TruNowRead Review$5 (Paid To Buy Gas)

CoinOutRead Review$14.34 (Paid To Scan Receipts)

SweatcoinRead Review$100 (Paid To Walk

Amazon – $33.88 (Amazon Affiliate Program)

ZipRecruiter – $138.34 (New Work From Home Job Leads)

Pinterest VA$18.80 (Work At Home As A Virtual Assistant Course)

Transcribe AnywhereRead Review$25.40 (Work At Home Transcription Course)

Proofread AnywhereRead Review$119.10 (Work At Home Proofreading Course)

My Courses – $10 (My Blogging Course – How To Make More With Extra Income Sites eBook)

Total Affiliate Income: $4,097.47


Ad Revenue

Most of my income comes from Affiliate Marketing, but Ad Revenue is still a profitable way to monetize your blog. Here are the ad networks I use to put ads on my blog:

Monumetric – $739.47 (Main Ad Network Need Minimum 10K page views a month to apply)

Google Adsense – $66.81 (Google’s Ad Network. Available to New Bloggers) – $9.14 (Bing/Yahoo Ad Network Accepts Most New Bloggers)


Total Ad Revenue: $815.42

January Income: $4,912.89

My Thoughts and Expectations

In my December income report, I mentioned that I only posted five times, so I basically took the whole month off, which I felt the effects of again in January. Income was down due to that, and ad revenue always plummets right after Christmas.

I’m back to full force again now though, so I should see some great results in the coming months. I mentioned a few months back that I was trying to make a change to build a more solid base income each month and that’s starting to take off, so I think I’ll only see increases for the rest of the year!

How You Can Make Money Online Too!

I hope you enjoyed this income report and how I made over $4,912 online in January, now let’s talk about how you could make a full-time income too!

If you have any interest in making a large passive income online, you need to get started right away. As I mentioned in the introduction, I’ve been doing this since 2013, and it took me a few years to build it into a full-time income.

Where I learned to make money online, and where I recommend, is called Wealthy Affiliate. The training there teaches you how to build a website, how to bring in traffic, and how to make money.

You’ll also have access to a community of thousands of other successful people and one on one support from me. The awesome thing about WA is they let you try for completely free, to make sure making a passive income online is for you.

If you have any interest, you can sign up for a completely free Wealthy Affiliate account here. Once you join, I’ll contact you with some steps to get started. Again, you’ll get one on one support from me so don’t be afraid to ask for help!


If making a passive income online isn’t for you, no worries, here’re some other ways to make money from home:

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If you're looking to make money online or work from home, check out how I made over $4,912 online last month and how you can get started too for free!

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