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work at home job reviews september This is my third month providing you all the work at home job reviews I published for the month of September. I’ve divided up the reviews by category and gave you a brief description. You can learn more by clicking on the name and going to my full review.

As always if you have questions just leave comments on this September Wrap Up or the full review. Here’s full lists of all the Work At Home Jobs and Extra Income Sites that I recommend. You can also see how I work at home by visiting Be Your Own Boss.

Enough chit chat here’s all the Work At Home Job Reviews from September.

WAH Job Reviews From September 2015

How To Get Paid To…

How To Get Paid To Receive Text Messages

I’ll show you exactly how you can get paid $.25 for every text message that you receive on your mobile device. You’ll also earn $1 just for signing up straight to your PayPal account. I walk you through signing up and also show you proof that you actually get paid.

How To Get Paid To Shop

On this page I’ll show you how you can get paid cash back to over 1000 stores for your online shopping. I’ll show you exactly how to sign up and get $10 for free.

I’ll also show you proof of payment.

How To Get Paid To Watch Videos

On this page I’ll show you how you can get paid to watch videos and get paid $5 instantly today. I’ll show you how to sign up and exactly how watching videos work.

I’ll also show you proof that this site pays.

How To Get Paid To Search Online

I’ll give you two different options for getting paid to search online. I’ll show you how to join both and how each works. Cool thing is you can actually get paid for both at the same time.

I’ll also show you proof that both sites pay.

How To Get Paid To Listen To Music

I’ll show you an awesome that that will actually pay you to listen to music. Get paid $.10 per matched song that you listen to. You only need to listen to the first 30 seconds to get paid.

I’ll show you that this site is legit and actually pays.

How To Get Paid To Visit Websites

I’ll show you one site I recommend to get paid to visit websites. I’ll show you how to sign up and how visiting websites for cash works.

Of course I’ll show you the sites legit and actually pays!



Hires Translators in over 40 languages in 10 countries. No information on exact pay, but forums say “low” “fair” pay.

One of the log on and work anytime sites.

Language Line

Get paid to interpret on 3 way phone calls. Need to be fluent in English and at least one of the other language they hire for.

Get paid per minute you interpret.



A site that pays $100 for every list post they accept. Most lists are unknown facts or bizarre information about popular topics.


Pays $50 for every top ten list that you submit that’s accepted. Only accepts 30-40 lists per month.

Review Stream

Get paid to write reviews of products. Usually pays around $7-$8 per review. Also get paid to refer friends and answer questions about products.

Get paid to write short summaries of news stories. Set up on a revenue sharing system where you earn 45% of all advertising revenue your writing brings in.



Sign up as a tutor and bid on tutoring sessions. Get paid 85% of the bid price. They have tools to help you earn more and payments are easily made through PayPal.

Errand & Tasks

11 Errand, Tasks, and Driving Jobs

I show you 11 different sites that you can get paid to complete tasks in your local community, run errands  such as shopping for customers, and driving in your city.


Get paid to “go look” at cars with damage or investment property when clients don’t have the time. Most jobs pay $25+.

Agent Anything

Only available for college students. Get paid to complete tasks in your local college community. Most tasks pay from $10-$100. Could be moving furniture, gardening, or helping people edit a paper.

Mystery Shopping


A completely legit mystery shopping site. Get paid $10-$50 per shopping trip. Has a lengthy application process, but is a great site to do mystery shopping with once accepted.

Social Media


A site still in the beta stage that’s not currently available to everyone, but is set up to help you make money with social media and specialized for Pinterest. Get paid to share content on social media and paid per click.

Miscellaneous WAH Jobs

A completely legit site that pays you to receive text messages on your mobile device.


Get paid to buy tickets to popular concerts and sporting events. Get paid a percentage of the total ticket price you buy. You DO NOT use your own payment information to purchase tickets.


Get paid to upload photos of random things on your mobile device. Get points every time you upload photos, points can be exchanged for cold hard cash.

ScreenPay App

Get paid to unlock your phone. Only available on Android. Get paid $1 for signing up and for every 30 days you have the app installed on your mobile Android device.

Naming Force

Get paid to come up with business names. Pays $100-$250 if you win a naming contest. Payments are made via PayPal immediately after winning.

Fetch Shopping Assistant

A WAH job that requires you to find the best deals and coupons on items customers are looking to buy. You get paid hourly.


A site similar to Ebates and Ibotta where you can get paid to shop online and at the grocery store. Payments start at $5 via PayPal.

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