Get Paid To Search Online With SwagBucks and Qmee

Today I’m going to show you exactly how you can get paid to search the internet with a few different sites that I highly recommend. As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of making extra income and getting paid for something I already do!

If you’re like me, you probably search the internet every day multiple times! You might as well get paid for it, right?

On this page, I’m going to cover two different options for searching online. One is Qmee and the other Swagbucks. They both are completely different on how they pay you to search, but either is a great option to getting paid to search online!

Please understand that both Qmee and Swagbucks are legitimate, but neither are going to make you a large income online. When searching the internet you’ll earn a few pennies here and there that will add up over time. It’s awesome to get paid to do something you’re already doing, but it will be a tiny income. If you’re serious about making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

I’ll show you how they both work and exactly what you need to do to get started earning!

How To Get Paid To Search Online

Option 1: Qmee


Join Qmee Here

1) Sign up For Qmee

Signing Up For Qmee is completely free and easy. You can join with your email or login with Facebook. Once you confirm your email, you can move to the next step!

2) Download the Browser Extension

Log in to Qmee and download the browser extension. It’s safe and easy to use, all it does is enable paid search results and lets you quickly see your account balance.

3) Start Searching Normally

Qmee works on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. All you need to do is search normally on these search engines. Qmee will not change the results you see. They’ll show their results on a sidebar when searching!

4) Click On Qmee Paid Results

When Qmee has results to show it shows up on the sidebar that doesn’t change the standard results. You can ignore them or click on one of the results to get paid. The results all show exactly how much they’ll pay you to visit!

5) Get Paid!

When you click paid search results, Qmee will update your balance immediately. Qmee has no cashout amount so you can get paid via PayPal with just a few cents in your account!

Option 2: SwagBucks


Join SwagBucks Here

1) Sign Up For SwagBucks

Signing up for Swagbucks is super easy and Free! They let you join with your email or login with Facebook. Confirm your email, and you’re ready to start earning.

2) Visit SwagBucks Search

Visit the search bar within SwagBucks or set SwagBucks search as your default search engine. To earn with Swagbucks, you’ll need to use their search.

3) Start Searching Normally

Begin to search with SwagBucks normally. Occasionally you’ll get paid SwagBucks for your search!

4) Get Paid!

SwagBucks you earn for searching are added to your account balance. Swagbucks has gift cards to hundreds of stores including Amazon and PayPal. You can exchange your points for gift cards at any time!

Do SwagBucks and Qmee Pay?

As many of you know, there are always people out there promoting sites that are scams just to earn a quick buck. Well, I’m not like that, I want to prove that these sites are legit and do pay. Below you’ll find proof that Qmee and Swagbucks do pay!

Qmee Payment Proof

qmee payment proof

I’ve been paid multiple times by Qmee, you can see above one of my last payments was $4.79 and went directly into my PayPal account!

SwagBucks Payment Proof

swagbucks payment proof

Swagbucks is a site I’ve been using for over a year now. I’ve been paid multiple Amazon gift cards and over $100 in PayPal payments. You can see a proof of a $25 PayPal payment above!

Get Paid To Search With SwagBucks Or Qmee!

How To Earn More With SwagBucks & Qmee

Everyone is looking to earn as much as possible online. Here are a few tips and pointers on how to make more with each site!

Earn More With Qmee

There are a few different ways to earn more with Qmee. If you’re not searching normally, Qmee results will not display. Meaning if you search 100 times in a row just trying to get paid ads to click on you’re not going to earn more, and your account will most likely be suspended.

From personal experience, you get the most results by searching for popular items to buy. For example, searching for a business, like Nike, most likely won’t bring up any results. But if you search Men’s Nike Shoes there’s a much better chance of getting many results! Also searching on sites Amazon and eBay seem to yield the most results, I’m assuming this is because if you’re searching on these sites, you’re most likely ready to buy!

Another way to earn more with Qmee is through the refer a friend program. For every friend you invite that cashes out, you’ll earn $1!

Earn More With SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a “paid to do site” this means that searching the internet isn’t the only way to earn! Swagbucks also lets you earn money for taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, playing games, inviting your friends, and much more!

If you want to earn more with Swagbucks, you have plenty of ways to do so!

Start Earning More With Qmee Or SwagBucks

They’re Both Legit Which One Should I Choose?

On this page, I’ve shown you exactly how you can get paid to search with SwagBucks and Qmee. I’ve also shown you that they’re both are legit and do pay! Personally, I use both to make money by searching the internet and recommend trying both.

Both are great options, but it just depends on what you like. SwagBucks won’t give you the same results as Google if that’s what you’re used to. If you’d rather use Google search, Qmee is probably the best option for you, but it is possible to use both at the same time and get paid to search!

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Get Paid To Search With Qmee[/thrive_link]

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Get Paid To Search With SwagBucks[/thrive_link]

Either are great options to get paid to search online! You can join by clicking the buttons above! If you have used either or have questions, make sure to share your experience in the comments below!

Again, please understand that both Qmee and Swagbucks are going to earn you a small extra income but not any more than that. If you’re serious about making a large income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

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  1. Hi Brok,

    I’m Hengki I live in Jakarta – Indonesia could you suggest to me which legit apps to earn much money that can receive or applicable for Indonesian / international peoples ?

  2. Hi Brok,
    Thanks for your effort. I am from India and found many of the works are offered in and around US/UK. Please suggest for other websites which are looking out WAH globally.

  3. Hi Brok…..I wish that bloggers like yourself would state right at the beginning of your suggestions that these sites are ‘FOR US RESIDENTS ONLY’!! I get caught up reading and listening to videos and waste my time, because I cannot use that information!

    This has happened so many times to me…..and is VERY frustrating! Americans seem to think that the internet is only accessible to Americans! There is a huge world out there…..

  4. hello!
    i´m from Portland, OR .
    I have no problem with every US websites , but with qmee an swagbucks there´s no way to sign up- I have no strange add-on or similar.
    Can you tell me why? thank you !

    • I just checked all the links and they seem to be working just fine. If you can’t get it to work open an incognito window and try it in that.


  5. Qmee is only for Americans & blocked in Canada…and with Swagbucks its almost impossible to win/earn any money. I hate living in’s so hard to get online money..

    You may say “get a job” but where I’s nearly impossible 🙁

    so money online is the only thing I can do..

  6. hi Brok i am from Jamaica west indies but most of these offers are not people in my country it is only reserved for u.s. residents only.could you please refer some international jobs
    thank you

    • Natalie,

      I know that PaidViewpoint accepts members worldwide. But surveys are always looking for certain demographics so you might not get many surveys.

      I’d recommend looking for a different way to earn online that doesn’t depend on location and demographics. My #1 Recommendation is a good place to start!

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