Naming Force Review: Is Naming Force A Scam?

is naming force a scam or legitDid you know you can get paid to come up with names for businesses? Well with Naming Force you can!

Naming Force is a site where business owners can hold contests to find a perfect name for their business. Of course, they need people to come up with names, which is where you can make some money.

Please understand that Naming Force will never be a full-time income, it’s more of a site you can use to make for fun. If you’re serious about making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

I’ve had a lot of people asking if this sites a scam so I decided to write this Naming Force Review. In this review, I’ll cover how it works, how much you get paid, and is this a legit way to make money online!

Naming Force Requirements & Joining

Anyone who is a US resident and 18 or older can join Naming Force. The only other requirement is having a PayPal account because this is the only payment method.

Signing up only takes a few moments, fill out a form with your personal information, confirm your email, and you’re all set and ready to start naming.

How Does Naming Force Work?

The process is a bit more detailed then I thought it was going to be. Once you’ve joined you can start to submit names on “contests”.

Each contest has 3 phases. The first phase is namers submitting names for the business. The second phase is users voting on all the names that were submitted. The third phase is the client picking a winner from some of the top names voted on by other namers.

Each contest takes 7 days to complete and a winner is chosen.

Each contest clearly shows how much the winner will receive and details about the business so you can come up with a good name for the business that makes sense.

If a client chooses your name as the winner you get paid!

How Much Does Naming Force Pay?

Each contest is different, but from what I can see most contests pay $100-$250 to the winner. Payment is made instantly after you win via PayPal.

One thing to keep in mind is you’re hired as an independent contractor so if you make more than $600 a year you’ll need to report the income come tax time.

Naming Force Namer Levels

This really isn’t something super important in finding out if Naming Force is a good opportunity for you, but I did want to cover the scoring system or “Namer Score” and the levels of namers.

When you first join you’ll have a limit of how many names you can submit per contest. Raising your Namer Score can unlock some advantages that can increase your odds of being picked as the winner. The levels are listed below.

Cadets: Have a score of 0-24 and can submit 4 names per contest.

Corporals: Have a score of 24-69 and can submit 8 names per contest. At this level, you can also chat with clients and have some additional features in the voting process.

Sergeants: Have a score of 70+ and submit 15 names per contest, have the same advantages as Corporals and can mark their names as a “medal of honor” which highlights the name to the client.

As you can see increasing your namer score can have some major advantages and give you a better chance of being a winner and getting paid!

Naming Force Concerns & Complaints

Although Naming Force is a legit way to make money, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t talk about some concerns with the company.

Is it worth the time?

As you’ve probably figured out, Naming Force does not guarantee you any income for participating and submitting names.

The only way you get paid is if your name gets chosen as the winner, luckily it is a good chunk of change.

I’ve never used this site, but my main concern is how hard is it to actually win and get some money back for your time. I guess if you’re creative you could make some decent money just by winning one contest a month, since it only takes a few minutes to submit a name.

I know that I would not be good at choosing unique names so this isn’t worth the time to me, but it might be for you!

Is Naming Force A Scam Or Legit?

Naming Force is a legit way to make some extra money online. The major concern I have with this site is the fact you’re not guaranteed any income.

Personally coming up with creative names isn’t a skill of mine, so I know I’d just be wasting my time. It does look like there are tons of names submitted for each contest and they have multiple contests going on all the time, so there’s a lot of chances to win.

If you’re creative and you think this might be for you, you can learn more at Naming Force Namers. If it’s something you’re good at you can make a good chunk of change on this site.

If you’re not creative, just like me, here are some other great ways to earn some extra money online.

Even if you’re not creative you can make a huge online income by checking out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!


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Do You Think Naming Force’s A Scam? Ever won a contest? Let me hear your thoughts on this Naming Force Review in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Naming Force Review: Is Naming Force A Scam?”

  1. I would like to know the accountability for businesses such as namingforce cuz I have been with them for over 5 years and submitted some really good names and often when I am sure it is a good name for a product and it gets an immediate A and when someone has already picked the name it will show red but mine stays green until a few min pass and then it stays green but a message below says already picked. To me and seeing the same creative’s winning makes me wonder if those creative’s have an inside as friends or family to owners checking the site. Not accusing just questioning. If anyone know how these sites are held accountable I would appreciate knowing.

  2. Reading the fine print I found where it says that your submissions can be “restructured” by the voters. Meaning, say a company is looking for a name for a video game console and a cadet submits vidbox…the voters who can see the submitted names can play off of that…so if one of them submits videobox and it is picked it was more than likely not from their own idea but from the person who submitted vidbox. I also found it interesting that a client liked two of my submitted names and had an A next to them only to have a C+ once the “voting” began by the other namers. Also of note, you sign a disclaimer before entering a contest for confidentiality reasons and once completed a header over the contest reads Congratulations to (so and so) for winning. The winning name is being kept confidential because it is a private contest. The site is set up so that only select people have access to certain areas, so why cannot they share the winning name with all of the people who signed disclaimers? Also, the site states names are not protected once submitted, so, if 600 names are submitted then there are 600 possibilities not only for the requested name, but for future products or companies in the making. Granted, of those 600 perhaps less than 25 might be acceptable, yet those are 25 unprotected names, of which could very well hold value.

  3. I am also very sceptical to join but I need to try it first before making a conclusion if it is scam or not. I will let you know soon. I am thinking that this website just wants to get available domain names to be sold??? Who knows!

  4. I don’t think it’s a scam, but it is a real waste of time. BECAUSE whenever I checked out a contest, there were already 600 different entries (and growing) so my chances were 1 in 600, bad start.

    Then you only have a small paragraph describing what the company is and that doesn’t even tell you what they are thinking of. SO you’re basically blind submitting not really knowing your client. In the end, you’re spending 20-30 min thinking of a clever name, searching to make sure there is an available domain and then submitting for a 1 in 600 chance of earning $50.

    That’s why in my opinion it’s a waste of time. This is was a nice overview post, but if you want my personal experience trying it out for a month, here is my review:


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