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4 Fantasy Sports Betting Sites: Make Money With Fantasy Sports

It's Not A Way I Recommend To Make Money Online, but You Can Still Make Money Playing Fantasy Sports! Here's 4 Legitimate Scam Free Ways To Do it!I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercials of people becoming millionaires because of fantasy sports. Well, today I wanted to cover some sites that you can make money with fantasy sports.

I’m going to include some different fantasy sports betting sites, but before I go any further I’m not recommending betting and gambling as a logical way to “make money online” or to “work at home.”

Betting on fantasy sports is a legit way to make money online, but please know there’s no guarantee of you making money, and there’s always the chance of losing money. Personally, it’s not something I recommend as an online income, but if you win, you’ll get paid on the betting sites I cover below.

With that being said let’s take a look at some Fantasy Sports Betting sites that can earn you some money.

Fantasy Sports Betting Sites

These are all sites that I found online that are legit, but I’ve not put them in any order ranking from best to worst. Some of the sites are much bigger than others, but I’ve done my best to show you what sports you can bet on, any sign-up bonuses, along with some additional information about each site.

Draft Kings

Will match your first deposit up to $600. Has fantasy betting in NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, Soccer, MMA, and Nascar.

They have tons of leagues every day. Each league shows you the 1st prize winnings along with the other winners payments, how much it costs to enter, how many people are in the league, and lets you easily draft your team.

A great option for fantasy sports with a lot of different sports to choose from, easy payments via PayPal or check, along with a lucrative referral program.

Fan Duel (Full Review

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The so called leader in Fantasy Football one week league betting, but also offers fantasy betting in MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football, and Basketball.

Matches your first deposit up to $200. Quickly lets you join leagues where you can see the entry amount, how much each place wins, how many people are in the league, and easily draft your team.

A great option for fantasy sports betting especially football. Offers easy payments via PayPal or check and a referral program to invite your friends.

Victiv/Stars Draft

The site was originally called Victiv but recently switched to Stars Draft. You can bet on the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, and NHL.

Offers a $30 maximum promotion when joining.

A site that seems to be completely legit, much smaller than DraftKings and FanDuel, but still a good option for fantasy sports betting.

Draft Day

Draft Day is a smaller site that will match your first deposit up to $200. Offers betting on the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, and College Football.

Again the site is completely legit, but not as large as Fan Duel or DraftKings. They do offer payments via PayPal and a referral program to invite your friends and earn more!

There you have it, above I listed some of the best sites to bet on fantasy sports and make money with fantasy sports.

Once again, I don’t think of betting as a compelling way to actually “make money online” or “work at home,” but if you enjoy fantasy sports, there’s an income opportunity. Like with all betting there’s always a chance of losing money, so don’t come back here pissed when you lose all the money you deposit! 🙂

If fantasy sports betting isn’t your thing and you’re looking for a way to make money online and not lose it, you can check out some of these awesome extra income sites that I highly recommend.

If you have a sports betting problem, you may need a full-time income to cover all the money you’ll lose. You can learn more about making a full-time income online at My #1 Recommendation!

Have you used any of these fantasy sports betting sites? Made money with fantasy sports betting? Let me hear your thoughts on the sites listed above in the comments below!


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