Cash Back Shopping Websites And Apps: Get Paid To Shop!

Check out these 17 different sites and apps that will actually pay you to shop online and in store! Are you still shopping and not getting paid for it? Well if so here’s a big list of sites and apps that can change that!

On this page, you’ll find all kinds of ways you can earn cashback for your online shopping and even in-store shopping.

All the sites and apps listed below are scam free and legit. You can easily join by clicking the name, but if you’d like to learn more, you can read by the full review of each.

Some of these apps only offer in-store cashback, but others also offer cashback online. Read my description of each to see which cashback shopping site/app is best for you!

Start getting paid to shop with this list of cashback shopping sites and apps!


Get Paid To Shop Sites and Mobile Apps

Online Shopping Cash Back

RakutenFull Review

Pays you to shop at over 1,000 online stores. Receive up to a $30 sign-up bonus when you join. Visit stores through Rakuten, shop normally, complete your purchase, and get paid a percentage back of what you spend!

You can see exactly how Rakuten works here.

Payments are made four times a year by Direct Deposit, Mailed Check, or PayPal!

Giving Assistant 

Offers cash back to over 1,000 online stores. You’ll earn $5 just for joining. Visit your favorite stores through Giving Assistant, shop normally, make a purchase, and earn a percentage of your total order.

Giving Assistant makes payments after $5 in earnings via Direct Deposit, PayPal, and Mailed Check.

You can also choose to donate your earnings and they already donate a meal for every purchase you make!

Saving StarFull Review

Pays you to shop at over 500 online stores, but also has a mobile app where you can get paid to shop in-store. Online shopping is exactly like Ebates where you visit a store, shop normally, make a purchase, and get paid a percentage back.

In-store shopping shows you a list of items they’ll pay you cash back on. You won’t earn money back on all items you buy, just the ones they pay you for.

Payments are made via Direct Deposit, PayPal, and Check once your account reaches $5.

Top Cash BackFull Review

ExtraBuxFull Review

Shop At HomeFull Review

Mr. RebatesFull Review

SplenderFull Review

BeFrugalFull Review


SmartPhone Apps

get paid to shop with ibottaIbottaFull Review

One of the most popular apps that pays you to shop at your favorite grocery stores. Download the app and find the store you’d like to shop at. See what items they pay cash back on, go to the store and buy them. Upload your receipt by taking a picture on your phone, and get paid.

Payments are made via PayPal once your account reaches $10.

Earn a Special Bonus when you sign up and use the code: xsolsia


Pei AppRead Review

Pei pays you automatic cashback when you shop at participating stores. All you need to do is link a debit/credit card and you’ll earn 1%-10% cashback when you shop.

Once you earn $5 you can get paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards.

Pei is now paying a $5 sign-up bonus when you visit!


ShopmiumFull Review

Very similar to Ibotta where it shows you what items they pay cash back on and what stores. Find the items you’d like to buy, go to the store, and upload your receipt to get paid.

The cool thing about Shopmium is there’s no minimum cash out amount, so once your earnings are approved they’re automatically sent to you via PayPal or Direct Deposit.

Special Bonus When you sign up and use the referral code: KUYCGMHP


Snap By GrouponFull Review

Another very popular app. Very similar to Ibotta, but most items can be bought at any store instead of the stores listed on the app.

Find items they’ll pay cash back for, go to the store and buy them, upload your receipt, and get paid for your shopping.

Payments are made by Check only once your account reaches $20.


Checkout 51Full Review

Get paid to buy products that Checkout 51 put outs every week. See the items you’d like to buy, go to any store and make the purchase, upload your receipt, and get paid.

Payments are made via check once your account reaches $20.


Receipt HogFull Review

Get paid to upload your grocery shopping receipts. You can upload a receipt from any store that sells groceries no matter how much you spend or what you buy! Each receipt earns you five coins or more depending on how much you spend.

Exchange coins for PayPal payments or gift cards staring at $5 or 5000 points.


Receipt PalFull Review

Get paid to upload your receipts of shopping trips, doctors bills, and medical expenses. This app pays you for almost any receipt no matter how much you spend.

Every four receipts you upload earns you 100 points. Points can be exchanged for Amazon Gift Cards starting at $1 or 350 points.


Walmart Saving Catcher

If you shop at Walmart, this is a great app to have. Walmart wants to match and beat competitors prices. After you shop at Walmart, use the app to take a picture of your receipt. The app will automatically search for competitors prices, and if they have a better price, Walmart will match it and pay you the difference.

There are some serious limitations on this, but still, a good app to have if you shop at Walmart often.


JingitFull Review

Get paid to check in at stores and for buying particular items at stores. Look for items on the Jingit app, go to the store and make the purchase, get paid after you upload the receipt.

Jingit pays via Direct Deposit or with gift cards. Payments start at $1.


ShopKickFull Review

Similar to Jingit where you can get paid to visit stores, but you’ll also see items in a particular store that they’ll pay you to buy. Find the products you’d like to buy, make the purchase, and upload a receipt of the purchase to get paid cash back.

Exchange your cash for gift cards to stores like Walmart and Target. Gift Cards start at $5.


ShopPrize App

With the ShopPrize app you’ll earn coins for uploading pictures of your food and beverage receipts. It does not matter what items you buy, any receipt with food or drinks on it will work.

Exchange coins for sweepstake entries or gift cards.


Shrink AppFull Review

The Shrink app pays you to buy grocery items and scan your receipt. The focus with this product is healthier grocery items, and you must buy the exact product listed in the app to get paid.

Payments are made via PayPal or Venmo once you earn $10.

Visit or just download the app and enter the code: HBGRBH, to earn $1


Yaarlo AppFull Review

The Yaarlo app pays you to upload pictures of your receipts from almost any store. You do not have to purchase certain products, you’ll earn around 1% of the receipts total purchase price.

Yaarlo pays via PayPal after $20, or gift card after $10 in earnings.


Zweet AppFull Review

The Zweet app is very similar to Ibotta but is only available in Canada at this time. You must purchase the products listed inside the app to earn cash back.

Pays by mailed check after $20 in earnings.

Mobi SaveFull Review

MobiSave is similar to Ibotta, it only pays you for the products listed inside their app. At this time, it’s only available on IOS devices.

MobiSave pays via PayPal only. There’s no cashout amount so you get paid once your earnings are approved.

Reward Sites That Pay Cash Back

get paid to shop with swagbucksSwagBucksFull Review

Currently Offering $5 Sign Up Bonus!

Get paid to shop online on over 500 stores. You get paid in SwagBucks per dollar you spend. Swagbucks also lets you earn cash other ways like surveys, offers, and watching videos.

Exchange the Swagbucks you earn for gift cards to sites like Amazon, PayPal, and other stores starting at $5.

FusionCashFull Review

Pays you to shop at around 50 different stores! Pays you in cash and also pays you to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and more.

Pays via Check, Direct Deposit, and PayPal once your account reaches $25.

InstaGCFull Review

Get paid to shop online at over 180 stores. Pays you points that can be exchanged for cash payments via Check, Direct Deposit, or PayPal. You can also exchange points for gift cards starting at $5.

Also pays you to take surveys, complete offers, and much more!

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Thank you for checking out these sites pay you to shop. On this page, I’ve listed a few sites that pay you to shop online and a few apps that help you earn cash back on your in-store shopping.

All of these sites are completely scam-free and legit. Personally, my two favorite sites on this list are Ebates and Ibotta, I use them all the time and have been paid multiple times.

But all of these sites are great options to get paid to shop!

Getting paid to shop isn’t the only way I recommend to make money at home. Here’re some of the other ways I suggest to make an Extra Income Online.

Don’t forget to check out how I work at home and make a full-time online income as my own boss!

Are there any other sites that pay you to shop that you recommend? Let me hear about them in the comments below, so I can add them to this list!