Learn How You Can Earn CashBack For Your Online Shopping At ShopAtHome. Has Some Of the Highest Cash Back Rates Available! is a cash back portal that offers cashback to over 3,000 stores. It’s very similar to Ebates, the one that runs commercials on TV.

I’ve reviewed quite a few cash back portals and theirs not much difference between them all. A few things to look at are the rates paid and how good the payments system is.

With that being said, in this ShopatHome Review I’ll cover how it works, what stores are available, the rates, how to get paid, and if this cash back website is a scam!

ShopAtHome Review

shopathome review is it a scamSite: ShopAtHome

Type: Cash Back Shopping

Verdict: Legitimate

In this ShopAtHome Review, I marked it legitimate. It’s a 100% legitimate cash back website, but I do have some complaints. Overall they offer cash back to plenty of stores and do have higher rates than most sites on some stores.

With that being said, I’m not a fan of the payment system, getting paid by mailed check on a net 60 basis isn’t great.

ShopAtHome is a scam free shopping portal, but I prefer others over it. You can see a long list of sites I prefer here.

How ShopAtHome Works?

1) Find Your Favorite Store

ShopAtHome offers cash back to over 3,000 stores. Obviously, I won’t be listing them all here, but you can visit their website and browse the stores before joining. From what I’ve seen they offer some of the highest cash back rates to some of the most popular stores.

Once you find the store you’d like to shop at, you can see cash back rate, any coupons/sales going on, and any cash back restrictions.

2) Visit The Store And Shop Normally

Once you find your favorite store visit it through the ShopAtHome website. A new tab will open bringing you to the store’s homepage.

From there, you can shop normally. Feel free to visit multiple pages, add items to your cart, and when you’re ready, start the checkout process.

3) Make a Purchase

Once you complete the checkout process and make your purchase, you’ll see pending cash back on your account within seven days. It says to submit a missing cash back form if you don’t see it within seven days.

Within 30 days the cash back will move from pending to approved. As long as you don’t return an item, your cash back will be approved.

4) Get Paid!

Once your cash back is approved and you earn $20 you can get paid via mailed check (more details in the how it pays section).

How Does ShopAtHome Pay?

Shop At Home pays all of its members by mailed check only. You must earn $20 before your receive your cash back check.

Checks are mailed 60 days after the month your account balance reaches $20 or more. For example, if you earn $20 by the end of January, checks will be sent out March 31st.

It can take up to 7 days to receive the check after they are mailed.

ShopAtHome Complaints

Check Only

My favorite way to get paid by extra income sites is PayPal or Direct Deposit. Both ways are automatic and usually happen instantly. With Shop At Home the only way to get paid is by mailed check.

I also don’t like that you have to wait 60 days for your check to be mailed. Similar sites like Swagbucks pay out your earnings much faster.

No Refer A Friend Program

With most cash back shopping sites, you’ll have access to a refer a friend program that pays you $10 or so per referral that redeems at least one cash back shopping trip. ShopAtHome does not have a normal refer a friend program so most of you will not be able to make some extra cash referring friends.

*They do have an affiliate program, so if you have a website/youtube channel/way of driving traffic you could promote ShopAtHome still.

Missing Cash Back

Unfortunately, you’ll see this with all cash back sites. Sometimes cookies get messed up, and you don’t get credit for your cash back. It does look like they have a missing cash back form that you can easily fill out and I found some reviews with people saying they got credit easily. As long as ShopAtHome gets paid, you should have no problem getting your cash back.

Is ShopAtHome A Scam?

ShopAtHome is not a scam; it’s a completely legitimate cash back portal that does pay its members. With that being said it’s not my favorite cash back site by any means. I don’t like getting paid by check and waiting 60 days for cash back is a long time. You can see a list of sites I recommend over ShopAtHome by visiting these cash back websites and apps.

If you think ShopAtHome is a good fit for you, you can join for free by visiting

Cash Back is awesome, but it’s not the only way to make money online. Here’s a long list of Extra Income Sites I highly recommend.

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Think ShopAtHome is a scam? Have any other cash back shopping sites you like? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments section below! 🙂

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