Learn How You Can Earn 10 Bucks Just For Signing up to shop at Be Frugal! is very similar to a site called Ebates. BeFrugal is a scam free way to earn cash back on all of your online purchases.

Personally, I prefer Ebates, but BeFrugal is another great option. They’ll pay you $10 just for signing up, offers up to 30% cash back to over 4,000 stores, coupons to many stores, and a very lucrative refer a friend program.

In this BeFrugal Review, I’ll cover how it works, what stores are available, how to get paid, and all of the important details of this cashback website!

How Does BeFrugal Work?

1) Find Your Favorite review scam free way to earn cash back for your online shopping!

BeFrugal offers cash back to over 4,000 stores. Surely you can find one of your favorite stores on the list. You can easily search for your favorite store or browse the full list of stores.

2) Visit The Store Through BeFrugal

Once you find your favorite store just click “visit site.” You’ll be redirected to the site in a new tab.

3) Shop Normally & Make A Purchase

Once you visit the store through BeFrugal, the process is the same as any ordinary shopping experience. You can browse as many items as you’d like, add them to your cart, and complete the purchase. BeFrugal will pay you a percentage cash back on your total purchase price.

4) Enjoy Your Cash Back

After you do some shopping, you can get paid via Check, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Card once your account reaches $25. Review


Price: Free To Join

Score: 85 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit

I marked BeFrugal legit and gave it a decent score in this review. BeFrugal is a legitimate way to get paid cash back for your online shopping, but there’s a few concerns and complaints I have with this site.

I’ll cover them more in detail later, but I wish the cashout amount were a bit lower. I also prefer Ebates over BeFrugal for that reason.

But if you’re looking to get paid cash back, BeFrugal is still a good scam free option.

How Does BeFrugal Pay?

BeFrugal offers a few different ways to get paid including Check, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Card. You can request a payout at any time once your account reaches $25. It says that payments are sent within ten days.

There is a bonus for cashing out via Amazon Gift Card. You’ll get paid an additional 3% when using Amazon Gift Card. It’s not a huge amount, but it’s an easy way to maximize your earnings!

BeFrugal Coupons

BeFrugal has coupons available for online stores, grocery stores, and even chain restaurants. They have coupons to all of the online stores they provide cash back shopping at. Before you visit a store, you’ll see all the coupons available.

They also have a program where you’ll earn a $5 bonus if you print a coupon and it doesn’t work. There are some restrictions on this, but it’s cool to know that you can get a rebate if you find a coupon that doesn’t work!

BeFrugal Refer A Friend Program

BeFrugal does offer a refer a friend program. This is the easiest way to make some extra income without having to buy items. You’ll earn $10 for every friend that you refer to BeFrugal, but there’re a few qualifications.

Your friend needs to join through your referral link, complete their profile, and earn $25 in cash back shopping.

If they use the site and earn $25 from shopping, you’ll earn $10 for referring them.

BeFrugal Complaints

High Cash-Out Amount

There’re a few similar sites out there; my personal favorite is Ebates. On all the other sites you either need $5 or $10 in your account. But with BeFrugal you’ll need $25 in your account from shopping.

This means that you’ll have to most likely spend $250 or more to reach the cashout amount. Also, your $10 sign up bonus and any other bonuses including referrals won’t count towards the $25. You need to earn $25 on your own before you can cash out.

If you purchase a lot of goods online, this might not be a problem for you, but you’ll have to spend a good amount of money before you reach the cashout amount.


BeFrugal has tons of coupons available, and they have a 100% guarantee that they’ll work, but after doing some research, there’s a lot of complaints saying people go to use coupons and they don’t work.

The good thing is that you’ll earn a $5 bonus if you report a coupon that doesn’t work. Unfortunately, there’re a lot of stipulations to reporting coupons, and it’s a bonus, so you’ll still need to earn $25 of cash back shopping before having access to the $5 bonus.

Is BeFrugal A Scam Or Legit?

BeFrugal is not a scam; it’s a legitimate way to earn cash back for your online shopping. I honestly don’t think it’s the best cash back shopping site out there, though. I prefer Ebates because of the $5 cash out amount.

I do like that BeFrugal has tons of stores available and offers some pretty high rates on some websites. But having to spend over $250 just to reach the $25 cash out amount is a bit excessive for me.

But if you’d like to join, you can visit to sign up and earn $10 for joining!

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Do you think BeFrugal is Legit? Let me hear your thoughts on this Review below!

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