9 Ways Everyone Should Use To Make Money in 2019 + Proof They Pay!

The new year is here and a lot of us will be looking for new ways to make some extra money online. Today I’m going to cover all of the ways I’ll be making some extra cash in 2019 and recommend everyone else use them too!

On this list, I’m not going to talk about businesses you can start to make extra money, if I were I would recommend starting a blog, but that requires a lot of work. On this list, I’ll be covering easy ways to make a small extra income each month that don’t require much if any of your time.

I’ll give you a detailed description of each site, show you proof they pay, and leave links to join and my full reviews.

If you have any questions about the sites on this list, please let me know, I use all of them so can answer pretty much any question.

Let’s get started with this list of 9 ways I think you should be making an extra income in 2019!

9 Ways You Need To Make Money In 2019

QmeeRead Review

Qmee is a browser extension that pays you to search the internet. The reason it made this list is that it pays you for something that you’re already doing and is not like any other paid to search site. Most sites require you to always be using their search engine, which is usually powered by Yahoo, unfortunately. But with Qmee it works alongside search engines like Google and when you’re shopping at stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Qmee shows results on a sidebar, so it doesn’t interrupt normal searching results. You can see an example below:

qmee search results

When you click on a Qmee result, you’ll earn $.05-$.15 per click. Once you click on one result you can get paid via PayPal with no minimum cash out amount or gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, or Starbucks once you earn $5.

Qmee also has a referral program where you can earn more. You’ll earn $1 for every friend that you refer, once they cash out for the first time!

Here’s proof that Qmee pays:

qmee payment proof

As you can see this won’t be a huge income but since you’re already searching, it works with Google, and you can get paid immediately via PayPal I feel like everyone should be using Qmee in 2019!

To learn more or to join, visit!



IbottaRead Review – $10 Sign-Up Bonus

Ibotta is an app that pays you cashback for your in-store grocery shopping. The reason Ibotta made this list is that we all grocery shop and Ibotta is still the best app to get paid to buy items when grocery shopping.

Once you join Ibotta, you’ll see all of the items they will pay you to buy listed inside the app. They have general offers and item-specific offers that you can take advantage of. An example of a general offer is buying any vegetable or gallon of milk and earn $.25-$.50. A brand specific offer would be buying a certain brand’s gallon of milk and get paid $1.00-$2.50.

Most of the rebates available at Ibotta range from $.25-$5 but some do pay more depending on the price of the item.

Once you earn $20, you can get paid via PayPal, Venmo, and gift cards.

Here’s proof that Ibotta pays:

ibotta payment proof

Since we will all be grocery shopping and Ibotta is the best app to get paid to grocery shop, it’s a perfect app to use to make some extra cash in 2019!

To learn more or to join, visit! You’ll earn a $10 sign-up bonus once you purchase your first item!



PaidViewpointRead Review – $1 Sign-Up Bonus

PaidViewpoint is a survey site that is really the only one that I still use. Surveys aren’t for everyone, but even if you have had a bad experience with surveys, PaidViewpoint is the best option for taking online surveys. If you’ve taken surveys before, you’ve probably answered questions and eventually were told that you did not qualify. You spent time answering the questions but did not earn a cent for your time.

With PaidViewpoint, you only do surveys that you’re pre-qualified for, which means you’ll earn for every answer that you give and will never be kicked out of a survey.

There’re two types of surveys at PaidViewpoint, trait and market research. All trait surveys are 10 questions and pay $.10 each. They are all multiple choice questions, so it only takes a minute or two to do. Market Research surveys vary but usually are longer and pay $.50-$5. The key here is that if you get invited to a market research survey, you’re guaranteed to qualify and get paid for your time, which is not what most of us are used to when taking surveys online.

Once you earn $15 you can get paid via PayPal, Amazon, or Walmart gift card.

Here’s proof that PaidViewpoint pays:

paidviewpoint payment proof

Again, PaidViewpoint and taking surveys won’t be for everyone, but if you’re going to take surveys, you should be using PaidViewpoint because it’s the best site that I’ve found.

To learn more or to join, visit! You’ll earn a $1 bonus once you confirm your email.



1QRead Review

1Q is an app that pays you to answer short polls. It made my list because it’s extremely easy to earn and they pay immediately, but it’s a small income so some might not think it’s worth it.

The polls at 1Q are multiple choice and only take a few seconds to answer. When you get a poll, the app will send you a notification and you can take a few seconds to answer it.

Here’s an example of a poll:

1q poll

Once you answer the poll, you’ll earn $.25 paid directly to your PayPal account. There are usually only a few polls a week, so this won’t make you rich, but can be a way to earn some easy money.

You can also refer your friends and get paid $.25 for every friend that signs up!

Here’s proof that 1Q pays:

1q payment proof

Some might not find 1Q worth it but with the tiny time commitment needed to get paid directly, I find that it’s a fun app that most of my readers enjoy using.

To learn more or to join, visit!



Dosh AppRead Review – $5 Sign-Up Bonus

Dosh is an app that came out at the end of 2017 and became very popular in 2019 due to some heavy promotion from the company. They’ve dialed back the promotion some but the app is still an extremely useful app to earn cash back. One of the biggest issues people have with cashback apps is that you usually need to scan receipts, which can be time-consuming. With Dosh, you’ll earn “automatic cash back” by linking your credit/debit card.

Once you link a card all you need to do is shop at participating stores and you’ll instantly receive a notification that you have pending cash back in your account.

At this time Dosh has a ton of stores and restaurants working with them paying 2%-5% cash back of your total purchase price. Some of the most popular near me include Sam’s Club, Pizza Hut, Forever 21, and many more.

Once you earn $20, you can get paid via PayPal or Direct Deposit. You can also earn by referring friends. You’ll earn $5 for every friend that you refer that links a card!

Here’s proof that the Dosh App pays:

dosh app payment proof

The Dosh app is an easy way to earn cash back when you’re shopping, and once you link a card, it does not require you to do any work. Just shop normally and you’ll earn cashback when you shop at participating stores. Since Dosh is so convenient I had to include it in the list.

To learn more or to join, visit Dosh.Cash! You’ll earn a $5 bonus when you link your first credit/debit card.



GetUpSideRead Review

GetUpSide is an app that pays you cashback when you purchase gas. It’s a new app that’s available on the East Coast of the US and is continuing to expand and should be available to most of the country in 2019. The reason it makes my list is because almost all of us purchase gas, so why not get paid for it.

When you open the GetUpSide app, you can see all of the participating gas stations, see exactly how much gas is at that station, and see how much cash back you’ll earn per gallon.

All you need to do is claim a rebate inside the app before you purchase gas. Once you complete the transaction make sure to get a receipt and take a picture of the receipt inside the GetUpSide app. Most gas stations pay $.03-$.10 back per gallon, but some pay up to $.25.  You can also earn by referring friends; you’ll earn a $.20 bonus for every friend that signs up and gets gas, plus $.02 for every gallon of gas they buy using the app.

Once you earn $10 you can get paid via PayPal or gift cards to several retailers.

Here’s proof that GetUpSide pays:

getupside payment proof

If you purchase gas GetUpSide can be an easy way to compare gas prices and make some cash back on your purchase. It does require you to scan a receipt but it only takes a few seconds to make happen.

If you’re interested visit to learn more or to join.



SweatcoinRead Review

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you points for taking steps. This won’t be for everyone, you’ll need a smartphone and all of the rewards are fitness related so it might not be something you’re interested in. This is another app that only takes a few minutes to set up and then you can forget about it. In the background, you’ll earn points over time. It’s not an app that you can download and be rich, but if you’re interested in fitness products/services, you can exchange points to get them for free.

Sweatcoin pays you points for all of your outdoor steps. As you earn points, you can exchange them for free trials to fitness services or coupon codes for fitness related products.

They do have a referral program; if you refer friends, you’ll earn points for every friend that joins and can get paid via PayPal.

Here’s proof that Sweatcoin pays:

sweatcoin payment proof

Again, this won’t be for everyone, but if you’re interested in fitness and getting paid for your outdoor steps, Sweatcoin might be for you.

To learn more or to join, visit!



AchievementRead Review

Achievement is another fitness-related app but if you’re into tracking your steps this could be an easy way to earn $30 or more this year. Achievement links to your Fitbit or Apple health and rewards you points for your daily steps and logging workouts. The reason it makes this list is that once you join and set up your account, you don’t need to do anything to earn. This won’t be a huge income, but a fairly active person can earn at least $20-$30 via PayPal each year just by having this app.

Once you have your account set up just live life normally and you’ll earn points. Eventually, you’ll earn enough points to cash out $10 via PayPal.

I’ve been using the app now for a few years and have been paid a few times. Here’s proof that they pay:

proof that the achievement app pays

You’ll at least need a smartphone to make this work and a fitness watch works better, but either will still help you earn. This is really just an app to download now and get paid later. The reason I recommend it is because of the very little work to earn.

To learn more or to join, visit!



SwagbucksRead Review – $5 Sign-Up Bonus

Swagbucks is a rewards site that pays you to watch videos, take surveys, complete offers, play games, visit websites, and more. But the reason it’s included on this list is the cashback online shopping. Most of you have probably heard of Ebates now known as, it’s an online cashback shopping site, which is excellent but they only pay four times a year and Swagbucks pays out at any time. The theme for this list has been easy ways to make money and although Swagbucks has tons of ways to earn the shopping is the easiest because they have a browser extension that reminds you to activate cash back when you visit a website that they will pay you to shop at.

All you need to do is visit the store you’d like to shop at through the link on Swagbucks and you’ll earn 1%-10% cashback of your total order price.

Once you earn $5, you can get paid via gift cards to 100s of stores or via PayPal.

Here’s proof that pays:

swagbucks payment proof september

Swagbucks is one of my favorite rewards sites with tons of ways to earn and get paid but not all of them are as “passive” as online shopping. If you join Swagbucks, there’re tons of fun ways to earn but it’s not required to use those to earn and get paid. Since Swagbucks lets you cash out anytime instead of just 4 times a year, it’s a great site to use over Ebates.

To learn more or to join, visit to earn a $5 sign-up bonus!

More Ways To Make Money Online

I hope you enjoyed this list of 9 ways everyone should be making extra money in 2019. On this list I tried to focus on some easy ways that don’t require much work or is something you’re already doing that you could get paid for.

If you have any questions about the sites on this list, feel free to check out my full reviews or leave comments below!

If you’re not interested in an extra income, I highly recommend checking out the helpful links below to other ways to earn:


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Are there any ways you’ll be making an extra income online in 2019? I’d love to hear your thoughts on my list and any recommendations that you have in the comments below!

Are you looking to make some extra cash in 2019? I've put together a list of the 9 ways you need to be making money in 2019. They are all extremely easy and do not take much time to get set up and you can earn all year long! I'll even show you proof that they pay!

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  1. One of my resolution for this year is making more income from sidejobs, and I must thank you for your suggestions above. I’ve heard about Swagbucks, but amazed that there are actually many other platform or application with similar concept (getting paid by doing small things). 

    Is it possible to do everything at once? I love to earn extra incomes but imagining that I need to do a lot of small tidbits sounds… exhausting in the long term. Thank you

    • Thanks for reading Alblue. 

      There’re several other sites that are very similar to Swagbucks. Really I don’t recommend joining a lot of sites that are the exact same due to splitting up earnings making it more difficult to reach cash out amounts.

      But on this list I really didn’t include any repeats. All of these sites are different so it’s completely fine to join multiple sites. 

      For example, joining Qmee to get paid to search, Ibotta to get paid when buying groceries, and joining Dosh to get paid automatic cash back are all examples of different ways to earn that are all unique. 

      Hope this helps and thanks again for reading. 


  2. Wow that’s probably one of the best “make money” blogs I’ve ever read, you seem to know how to diversify your earnings really well, and I am a big fan of rebates and cash back programs, because it’s money you would spend anyways, but it gets returned to you from shopping purchases and it’s like being given a cash reward for shopping which is what we have to do in a big family, and it gets expensive, so knowing about Dosh App and these other rebate programs really helps me!

    • Awesome to hear you enjoyed the post Marshall! And you’re correct. There’re a lot of other ways to earn that I use but on this list, I tried to only include things that were easy for busy people to incorporate into their life and earn without much work. 

      Glad to hear you’ll be using the Dosh app!

      If you need anything please let me know. 



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